Alright this one is short. Obviously. But only one left until the final prologue chapter and its going to be a lot crammed into that one so it'll be the longest one yet. After that, say hello to mister fishpaste and friends.

His eyes went from both ends of the room more times than he cared to count. His gaze fixed on the controlled argument taking place between all the adults he never knew he'd ever meet, he was beginning to get dizzy. The bald one, Nick, head director of SHIELD and General of the organization as well, was whispering words he couldn't hope to hear.

The other adult, a much taller man with short white hair casually sat back in a really shiny chair spouting rebuttals while being verbally attacked by a red headed woman dressed in an equally shiny black outfit with a strange dot on her head. He peered from the doorway, only noticed by the only silent participant in the room, a man with a large gash on his nose and a badge on his chest.

He ignored him for the most part and wished the man would do the same, but he wouldn't. Whispers went through his head in a distorted tone, beckoning him to attack or yell or some things he didn't even know what they were. They were ignored to, despite the constant feeling of his clothing bristling against his skin like a worm, occasionally flicking him in the neck swiftly.

Every few seconds he'd look to the man, who was as expressive and moving just as much. He said nothing, revealed his location to no one, and merely stared, and it was beginning to get disturbing.

Underneath his dark blue jacket was a white shirt stained with a dark red substance, which was washed out in blue. Confusedly, he looked elsewhere, at the badge on his chest. 'Policeman,' the distorted voice whispered inside of his head, causing pictures of guns and cars he had sometimes seen outside his home to rapidly flash through his mind. There were shootings, walkie-talkies, motorcycles and helmets, really big things that looked tough, and much, much more.

Unknowingly, he whispered, "They can't do all of that alone." He'd been referring to the big, tough things, like that gigantic green guy that they'd tried to shoot a few months back. He hadn't seen it, but he felt like he was there. Falling from the sky and knocking the green monster into the ground with amazing strength, and throwing it down the street like it was a baseball. He touched his chest- the badge was etched in there, in a faded red substance that melted into blue as it came closer to his legs. The eyes were almost non-existent, only showing up as small white slits from the back of his head to his nose. He felt himself moving in a blur out of the way of bullets, some of which embedded themselves in his back, but fell out onto the ground without hurting him.

And then… it was gone. The images- No, it was like a video being played from first person, ended like a light being dimmed until it turned off. He blinked rapidly and found himself staring at the argument that the head of SHIELD was having with those people, Nebo and Natasha if he remembered right, and tilted his head, confused when he realized that they had stopped arguing and were instead staring somewhere else – him.

Something told him to duck behind the doorway and to the side where he had come from, though it wasn't that little buzz in his head. Instead it felt like the right thing to do. Common sense was what it was called, but unfortunately he had acted to slow and missed his chance.

The red headed lady across the room turned to look at Nick, frowning as she asked, "That- He's the one that found it?" Her eyebrows raised pass the clean cut bang she had and Nick nodded solemnly. "Well I'll be damned. What is he?"

"Not human." The badged man muttered under his breath, just loud enough for everybody to hear him.

Natasha brushed her read hair back and gave him a look. "What's that supposed to mean?" The badged man looked back with a somewhat impatient look and sighed. "He's not… normal. "

"Are you saying he's a mutant? Because we don't need any more mutants right now!"

"Nope, but those other two brats are." Natasha gave the white haired man a look as well, as if to ask him how he knew it. A second later, she slumped her shoulders and relented. "Yes, it's my specialty."

They sat and stood in silence before Natasha looked over at him confused. "What the hell is he standing over there for?" He backed up a little bit, his eyebrows knitted together as he held the wall close, slowly edging behind it until all that was visible was his head.

"Ha! And you said I was bad with kids, old man! I think he's scared of you, Natasha!" The woman scoffed and crossed her arms stubbornly. "Don't be stupid."

"Don't worry, if I was him, I'd be scared of you too! Ow!" He couldn't help but laugh when Natasha hit Nebo over the head swiftly, without even opening her eyes. It made her smile. Nebo rubbed his head and glared at the little boy. "Sadistic little bast-"

"Nebo!" Nick yelled timely.

"What?" The white haired man shouted back. "Ow!" Nick smacked him upside the head on his temple, causing him to swivel a little. "Son of a-" Nick and Natasha held their hands over his head menacingly, ready to strike. Nebo sank back into his chair, muttering things Peter couldn't hear under his breath. "Never mind. Damn old bastard…"

Nick pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Kid, get over here." He beckoned, waving his hand in his direction. The boy stared at him and the others for a second before his eyes fell on the man with the badge. "Come on kid, no one is going to hurt you." Under his breath he muttered, "Doubt any one could at the moment anyway…"

It wasn't until the man with the badge nodded that he walked from the doorway, only three feet into the room, standing as still as a statue. Nicholas rolled his eyes. "Kid, what's your name?"

Peter waited until the badged man nodded. "Peter."

Nick grunted. "Last name?"

Peter fidgeted a bit, looking almost guilty until his clothes bristled against his skin. "Um, it's not mine. I-I borrowed it."

The adults of the room shared looks and the majority of them turned to the badged man, who shrugged stoically. "Doesn't matter. What is it kid?"

Despite the fact that he'd been asked that question three times that day, Peter felt obliged to answer. "It's Parker. Peter Parker."

Natasha turned to look at Nicholas with wide eyes and Peter looked on curiously as she whispered under her breath something he couldn't hear. All he caught was, "Parker?" To which Nick nodded and replied, "Now you see my problem." Natasha slapped her sides and turned away, blowing her hair up with a large exhale of air. "Great, not only are we facing kidnapping charges but we could get reprimanded by someone I'm in charge of, get sued by the city, and have to deal with child endangerment charges too!" She pointed to Nick. "This is your fault! Fix this before it gets out of hand damn it!"

The head of SHIELD seemed to ignore her angry demand and turned back to Peter after waving Natasha's hand from him face. "Kid, do you know who I am?" Peter nodded. "I'm Nick. I'm the head of SHIELD. I deal with stuff you could never hope to understand, and hopefully you won't have to." Peter felt that somehow, he was wrong. "And now, you're a part of one of those things."

When he tilted his head in confusion for the umpteenth time, Nick looked to Nebo, who stood up and patted his legs. "How do I put this delicately? Ah, okay. You saved two children from being crushed to death in a horrible, gory demise in a rusty shopping cart and proceeded to, what was it? Oh yes, throw one child from the cart to land in a net of webbing, and flip from said cart and adhere to a nearby wall, before dropping twenty feet down safely." Nebo looked to Nick. "Is that about it?" The bald dark skinned man nodded.

"As such," Nicholas continued. "I have to ask, what the hell happened to you?"

The badged man interrupted with a cough. "He's not a mutant. Even if he is, he's too young for his abilities to activate."

"Well those other two brats sleeping in the back sure as hell are mutants! The other little brat turned into an ugly ass pitbull thing and tried to rip this one apart!" Nebo protested, pointing to the back of the room.

"Kid?" Nick asked, looking at him expectantly.

"I still say we should hall their asses off to Xavier's and let him deal with it." Natasha broke in, scoffing. "He's the most experienced with mutants anyway."

"He is not a mutant, Ms. Romanoff." The badged man said once more, but with a slight edge to his voice. Peter backed away just a little as he looked up at her with his head down, showing the bags in his eyes.

"I didn't say that he was! I was talking about those other two dammit!"

"Whoa, there's still at least a three percent margin of error on my part that they could be human, well not human but something else, and at the most, five percent" Nebo added, raising his hands to call the attention of the red headed woman before she broke a vessel.

"With you predicting anything there would be much more than just a 'three percent margin of error'!"

"An educated guess is better than anything else we have, sweetie." The tall man smiled, only to be smacked upside the head and pushed aside.

Peter looked to Nicholas who had struck Nebo just before Natasha did and she was left with her hand hanging in the air as well as a surprised look on her face. She blinked and let it fall, muttering under her breath that she wasn't a sweetie.

"Now as I was saying," Nicholas glared at the other occupants on the room, causing them to remain silent just as they prepared to speak again. "Kid, do you know what happened to you?"

Peter was about to say something but apparently Nicholas' glare hadn't been enough to keep Natasha at bay. She scoffed again. "You're asking the kid? What we should be doing is taking them all in to be tested for an X-gene or modified DNA strands! They could have been edited in the fetus or placenta for all we know, hell, they could be double agents from HYDRA!"

Nicholas simply stared at her. "Do you hear a damn thing you're saying? DO you?" He tapped her on the head and she stumbled a bit. "Since you're so vocal about it, you can be the one to test them. You're the best when it comes to medics and all that other stuff, so you test them. If they are positive, we might send them off to Xavier's after finding their next of kin, and then you can do the paperwork for the donation to add a new lodging to Xavier's mansion so they'll have a place to sleep. Good? Great."

"W-What? That's completely unfair!" Natasha sputtered.

"That is an order, agent Romanoff. Now go attend to your duty before I have you clean up the mess hall on the Helicarrier."

In that instant, Peter felt a shiver go down his spine as the woman glared at him. He suddenly felt that she no longer liked him anymore. He looked after her as she briskly walked out of the room and then a few seconds later a door slammed shut and he was quite sure he could hear her talking outside. Looking at the rest of them, he noticed that they all could. After that, he idly shifted from side to side, his eyesight mostly remaining on the badged man who hadn't even been looking at him, yet he felt as if he was being watched by something else. Venom was strangely silent throughout all of it as well.

"Kid," Nicholas snapped him out of his daze. "What happened to you?"

Knowing exactly what he met from the conversation that he had awkwardly observed, Peter gulped. "I was bit… By a spider."

The one-eyed man raised his eyebrow and briefly looked at Nebo and the badged man and the former shrugged. "A spider. Really?"

Peter nodded exuberantly, innocently mistaking the man's sarcasm for genuine interest. "Oh yeah mister Fury! It was this big too!" His stretched his arms as wide as he could. "And it landed straight on my hand! And it left this really big bite on it too! It hurt, but it didn't bleed though, and it was all puffy too!"

Peter held out his left hand, which up until then nick hadn't noticed was more pink and looked to be inflamed compared to the red one. He focused his attention on it and immediately saw the sight of two fang marks right by to joint to Peter's forearm. The pits inside were crusted with dried blood and puss from what he could see, but there was indeed no obvious or rather, visible sign of blood anywhere else on his hand.

He made a grab to bring his hand closer, only to find his hand about to be enveloped by a sheet of sharply edged black tar that was rising from the hand like it was water. Scowling, he glanced at the man with the badge, who Peter noticed rolled his eyes and backed away. Or, in the gesture the creature on the kid was giving, he did as he was told and 'Backed off.'

This went unnoticed by Peter, who stiffened his arm and grinned. "Now I can do this and a whole other bunch of stuff too!" He pressed his innermost fingers to his palm and straightened the others. Nick jumped out of the way as a thin strand of white webbing came forth from his wrist, hitting and engulfing the lamp across the room on his $200 stand.

Having already seen it and filed it away for later study and contemplation, he was unhindered by the fact that his $300 lamp was now covered in webbing. "And what about your," he took account of Peter's laughing as the sheet of tar reduced itself to a small pillar and receded into his hand and filed it away for later, "friend here? Where did it come from?"

"It came after the spider." Peter said, looking at his hand as if trying to get the creature to pop up again. "It almost ate it too." With his attention distracted he sounded just a little better than disinterested, but it was to be expected. I can do this too." He turned his hand over so his palm faced the floor and twitched it a little and the head of SHIELD watched as a black line of what he surmised was still 'webbing' shot from the small gray patch near his knuckles. It hid the curtains in a small net and stuck them to the window. Nick looked at Nebo and the badged man again and both of them shrugged. He turned back around and pinched his nose.

Kneeling down, he placed his hand on Peter's shoulders slowly, so as to not set off the damned parasite on his. Hopefully it wasn't in him yet. Getting his attention, he looked him directly in the eye, knowing he wouldn't be able to later when they pulled the thing off. "Peter, I want you to tell me where you got bit by the spider, where did your friend come from, where your family is and where do you live. This is of the utmost importance."

He saw his eyes dash to Patrick Mulligan, who nodded in confirmation and the red tendril set down his glass of tea and receded into his shoulder. Peter nodded as well and his clothes seemed to bristle under Nick's hand like a bag of worms.

"Well, a few days ago, I went to this exhibit…"

"Alone?" Nebo asked.

When the boy nodded, Nick asked, "What about your family? Your father, mother?" His expression became hardened. "Your aunt and uncle?" He hoped he wasn't right. He sincerely did. This could be a different one, he thought to himself. He wouldn't have to pin those two with child abandonment. But if he was, he'd be a ward of SHIELD and then…

"I don't have any." Peter said without hesitation, causing the man to wince just a little. He had loosened up though.

"And where do you live?" He pressed on.

"By myself." Peter grinned up at him a little. He seemed to be proud of that. Nick smirked a little and rolled his eyes. "Where?"

After another moment of looking at Mulligan, Peter continued. "This old store on the corner of fity- fify.. uh…" He paused and lowered his head only to pop back up once more. "Fifth street and Johnson by the docks!"

Sighing internally, Nick nodded. "Alright Peter, I want you to tell me everything now."

Again, the boy looked one last time at Mulligan, who Nick noticed had his attention trained on him as well and he nodded at the both of them. The kid coughed a little and said, "Well, it was an exhibit on geni-er, 'genetically enhanced arachnids'." He stated with almost perfect pronunciation. "And one of the spiders went missing…"

Nick had a feeling that he was going to need a drink later. But nevertheless, he didn't allow his attention to wander as the kid did as he was told and told them everything.