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*Detroit City Two Miles Out, 7:00 Am*

"Can you just be quiet?" Destiny snapped near the shadows beside her. A sheepish grin appeared followed by an equally sheepish face of one man by the name of Eric, creped out slightly from under the brush.

"Sorry!" Eric whispered back. Destiny shook her head in aggravation and crouched closer to the ground. The black haired young man beside her began studying Destiny intently. Since the speech Huntress had given not barely twelve hours ago, the girl before him was now changing. Destiny had not once smiled at Eric, nor given a giggle at any of his lighthearted jokes. She seemed intent, no obsessed, with catching whatever animal had taken Abigail. He had overheard her once tell that it was the "same monster" from long ago. Eric didn't understand what significance that was, but Destiny was certainly acting strangely. He gave her a once over before crawling closer whispering

"I'm just kind of freaked out, you know? Of what Huntress said….about them."

Destiny sighed slightly, looking back at him and nodded replying "Yea, it's….weird."

"We'll at least we know so when they do strike up a conversation on a whim our jaws won't crack in half." Eric wise cracked, smirking slightly. It struck a funny cord, leaving the reason why a total mystery. Destiny finally allowed herself a brief grin to him. However the sarcasm flowed right in as she turned away, staring off to the distance stating "Yes, but the way I see it is this….So what they can talk? They just went from animals to cold hearted, son of glitch, murderers. Congratulations to them."

Eric knew the sarcasm and venomous attitude was not directed to him. However the tension still hung in the air so thick the young man thought of the old saying. Yea, a knife would have worked great right then. Especially since that "mission" both teens were sent out on was a very odd one that neither ever experienced before. When told they were going to both track down a Pack dog and question it, Eric didn't know how to react. They went for years running away from the danger but now they were expected to go full steam ahead to face it. It wasn't Eric was apprehensive or even remotely scared. This was just, different, that's all. Destiny on the other hand acted like this was just another way closer to tracking down the "monster" from her past.

Now both teens were hiding behind a thick broken down wall, knee deep in brush. Eric felt an urge to scratch all over after being in the brush for nearly an hour. He knew part of it was his imagination and other was frizzled nerves so Eric tried his best to ignore it. Instead he focused on getting Destiny to lightened up from all the seriousness surrounded them from every direction. As he could see, it wasn't working. Eric never noticed, Destiny was studying him also.

"How can he be still alive but act like such a child at times?" Destiny mulled around in her brain. She was looking irritated at her partner who seemed lost in thought. Slowly though, Destiny softened thinking "Maybe acting like a child at times keeps him from going insane. Still, if what Riana told me was true, then I don't understand why he is not looking for justice."

The sun began rising and Destiny directed her eyes to a stir from the shadows. She found it was a false alarm when a dirty single piece of newspaper, tattered and ripped, floated out from the dark corner. Destiny rolled her eyes questioning her scouting techniques going on a brink of paranoia. Her eyes again drifted to Eric and she began to wonder about something. Maybe, if Eric had caught the one responsible, then maybe this was why he acted so care free. Maybe he had justice. A word Destiny desired for.

"You ever lose someone?" Destiny asked staring forward. Eric glanced at her but quickly realized she was asking him the question. He shifted uncomfortably in the brush and came looking behind the wall just as Destiny.

"Yes." Eric answered, also not looking Destiny in the eye. His jaw was rigid while he held his back straighter.

"Did you ever catch the one who did it?" Destiny questioned, her voice hinting a thin vocal of curiosity behind the toneless words. Eric looked down at the ground and pinched his nose slowly. He remained silent for a while till Destiny looked at him. She felt a wave of regret flow in, thinking it might not have been such a good idea to ask him this. Finally though Eric lifted his head stating

"No, not yet."

"Tell me when you do." Destiny replied. This time she was looking Eric deeply with her eyes. She too held her jaw rigid but gave Eric a soft touch on the cheek. He smirked up at her the look never reaching his eyes. Destiny's eyes slowly went cold as she said passionately

"I'd like to know how it feels."

Eric gazed at Destiny feeling his efforts to see reason falling down around him. He watched her turn her head around to the right and begin to look at the tired out area. Eric, after seeing her attention directed from him, he began to shake his head slowly. He had tried his best, Destiny would just have to make the choice now and live with it. Suddenly Destiny began to smirk hatefully and lightly tapped Eric on the shoulder. He raised his eyebrow at her and Destiny smirked wider, pointing to where her eyes had just seen.

"Look what we got over there." Destiny purred smirking. Eric craned his neck in the direction she was pointing and too began to smirk. A lone Pack dog, about the size of any normal Wolfhound, was sniffing around an abandon shop. It was an apparent runt of the liter, from its obvious small frame, and seemed to be foraging for food. Destiny could see it was so intent on whatever it was the animal had not noticed an apparent "prey" watching it's every move. She glared haughtily, the tables were about to turn. Eric snorted humorously saying

"I think we just found our Moby Dick."

Destiny scrunched up her nose and tilted her head sideways confused of what Eric said. The young man sighed and shook his head adding annoyed

"Read a book."

Destiny rolled her eyes and began creeping out from the bush. Eric shook his head but decided to go with her and stalk the Pack dog.

Meanwhile the smallest was getting clearly frustrated. All this tracking and following scents was getting him nowhere. All he had found was a couple of tattered papers with black letters scattered across them. The smallest knew little of how to read human language but could talk very well. In fact many of his siblings harassed him, calling him part human. He despised them calling him that. The smallest could not wait till he was stronger, then his siblings would step back and take notice. In all his frustration the smallest never noticed Destiny sneak up with a strong thick rope with Eric behind with a large sack.

The smallest did notice however, the movement of Eric's hands as he poured a liquid sedative onto the inside of the sack. The smallest began acting like he had not noticed the young man, sniffing around peacefully. Then as the boy made it forward he snapped his jaws and growled near the boy's feet. Sadly, for the smallest, Destiny had snuck around from behind just as both humans had wanted. As soon as he was distracted with Eric, Destiny, threw her whole body weight on the animal, tying its clamped jaw together. The smallest began bucking like a horse, fighting off the brave female and found success when she rolled her body off his. The smallest found though, the female human had tied a very tight knot and he was having trouble getting the bristling rope to come off. He shook his head violently, trying to call out for his siblings to come help. He could not make a sound. Eric then did a small fancy step, zipped forward at lightning speed, and placed the sack hard over the smallest head. The sentient animal shook his head once then relaxed, succumbing to the blackness.

*Detroit's Abandon Precinct, 8:00 AM*

The Smallest woke up to a single blinding light blaring straight at his eyes. The grogginess weighed heavily on his body and if he had been human, the smallest could have associated this as the worst hangover of his life. Instead the smallest could think of it as a very bad but dull pounding in this head. The light didn't help much either.

The smallest tired to move but found he couldn't. Upon further study the smallest could see his front and hind legs were both bound in strong, rough, rope. The smallest tried wiggling his feet loose from the hold but could feel the rope had been put on very tightly. He wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon. The smallest felt a small drop of fear begin to flutter in his chest.

Suddenly a figure stepped out part way from the shadows and gave a mysterious dark smirk. The smallest's brain remembered him as the young boy who but the bag over his head. But in this lighting, the boy was very intimidating with arms crossed and glaring down at the smallest Pack dog.

"Ahh, look, Sleeping Beauty finally woke up." Eric wise cracked, holding his glare. The smallest growled at the boy, trying to hold whatever intimidation he could muster. That and dignity. If he didn't at least escape and kill these humans to keep them from talking, the smallest would end up the laughing stalk of the Pack. Eric smirked bigger. Riana's idea of questioning the Pack dog here was genius. The bright light was working like a charm. However Eric did have the odd feeling he was in an old black and white detective show.

"Good." Destiny's chilling voice echoed through the room. She too stepped out of the darkness but was closer to the Pack dog. Destiny smirked seeing the smallest become hesitant as she leaned down on one knee and looked straight into it's blood red optics.

"Cause we got some questions and…" Destiny stated smirking, fueled by an power over the Pack she had not experience before. Destiny liked it. She pointed at the Pack dog and cocked her head closer to the animal's face, adding

"Pretty sure you got the answers."

The smallest growled savagely at Destiny and snapped it's jaws dangerously close to her face. Eric reacted by coming forward but Destiny waved him off. She pulled off the best poker face while inside she was shaking like a leaf of the near death experience. Destiny then tried to nurse her pride and prove she was the alpha female here by slapping the Pack dog hard in the face. Eric shot a dangerous look her way, signaling her not to push her luck, but Destiny rolled he eyes in response. She would never hit anyone normally but Eric didn't understand. This was how you handled with these animals.

"Stop with the act! We know you can talk!" Destiny hissed aggressively. The smallest couldn't hide his stunned look at the female's comment. Destiny glared at the Pack dog not wavering on her bluff the least. Finally the Pack dog gave a low gruff sound followed by a gravely


The smallest glared daggers at Destiny, suddenly depicting sentient emotions. It even began to move and struggle under the restrains differently. The smallest eyes began to change from bright red to having a deeper red. It began to show intelligence.

Eric had been preparing himself for this moment. The second he learned the Pack were living, thinking, sentient beings, Eric had tried getting ready for this. All his mental preparation paid off, it kept him from falling on the floor. Still his heart pounded and adrenaline began pumping from the weird vocals the Pack dog had voiced. It was very creepy, with a deep electronic undertone.

"Sure I got answers but who says Im telling you?" The smallest sarcasticly replied. It gave off a very human like smirk and acted haughty towards Destiny. Eric looked down at her, pulled right out from his deep thoughts. Funny, Destiny was acting as if this talking was nothing new. She shook her head, giving a low chuckle, then glanced at the Pack dog coldly stating

"Oh trust me, we will."

"We'll make you an offer you can't refuse." Eric wise cracked. He pulled the whole comment off with a slightly fake Italian Accent. Destiny was not clearly amused by giving Eric a angry sneer. He shrugged his shoulders and face went blank. Destiny slipped a silent tsk in disapproval turning back to their hostage. The smallest's feet began shaking violently and beads of moisture formed its face as its internal engine began to boil over in fear. It shook its head panicking, stating

"You can't do that!"

"Oh? Prey tell why?" Destiny replied sneering at the smallest. Eric even gave the Pack dog a *You kidding me?* look and crossing his arms over his chest. The smallest stiffened his resolve asking shakily

"You hang out with those large alien robots right? The Autobots?"

Destiny narrowed her eyes, wondering what the Pack dog was thinking. It finally struck her and Destiny couldn't hide the large sarcastic grin as she stated "Yep, we do."

"We'll they are sworn to protect life! So since you live with them, that means you have to go by their rules, so you can't touch me!" The smallest shouted haughtily. It began to small, its sharp razor edge teeth seemingly brighter from the reflection of the light. Eric mocked a defeated look, coming closer, laying a hand on Destiny's right shoulder. He shrugged his shoulders saying

"Ooh he does have a point there."

"Right, but you see…" Destiny responded quietly. She let the smirk slide off her face as her whole face put on a very cold, dangerous, air. Destiny crept closer to the animal and slowly went on her knees. She stretched her body a little stating non chalantly

"We may hang out with Autobots, talk with them, live them but here's the thing…"

The smallest looked at her oddly, beginning to believe what others of the Pack said when they said humans were crazy. Suddenly the pack dog heard a loud metal sound followed by feeling a sharp object next to her throat. The smallest looked down with large red optics to see Destiny had put a thick two inch, hand sized, knife blade next to her throat. She had acted so fast the smallest hardly heard the sound of the weapon coming out from its holster. The smallest gulped, breathing shallowly. If Destiny's threat wasn't bad enough Eric came out from the shadows, aiming a large Adamantium arrow, dangling barely an inch near its head.

"Were not Autobots." Destiny and Eric said in unison. The smallest glanced at each human. It began to have a sinking feeling she was going to be the first, and possibly last, traitor of her species.

*Sumdac Tower, Main Lobby, 10:00am*

Huntress looked onward as a thin layer of dust formed along the outstretched land. Her whole body was leaning against a edge of the entrance as her hair blew freely in the wind. Anyone could tell by the look in her eyes, she was thinking and thinking deeply. She could hear faintly the others in the background. Some were talking of what would come next, others were arguing of what to do and most had apprehension splattered all over their faces. Huntress had to, no needed, to be strong for her people. It was the only way their species would survive. Strangely though, she felt her whole life was boiling down to one insane, suicidal, move. One that either her species living and her daughter coming openly back to her arms, or, a invincible monster to wreck havoc and finally destroy their lands. She noticed out of the corner of her eye movement and turned her head sideways to see Optimus, in hologram form, walking towards her. No words of encouragement were expressed, no kisses of understanding. Optimus had been in this same position before, four years to be exact. But then, the mech not only had his species but another new, unfamiliar, species to go along with it. Optimus would be the only one who could understand the turmoil going on inside of her.

The mech slowly came to her side, wrapping his arms delicately around her waist. Huntress grinned softly, turning her head back to the horizon. She laid her head on Optimus' chest and took comfort in his closeness. A familiar memory of one little girl came to Huntress' thoughts. She was laughing and reaching her hand out for Huntress to take it. Instead Huntress had grabbed the hand, jerked her body around softly, and laid a sherbet on the child's cheek. The woman now wanted more than anything to be able to hold her child like that again and have Optimus cradle her just as he was doing to Huntress now. The image faded from Huntress' mind as a slow single tear slipped from her eye and down her scared cheek.

"What should a leader do to save her people?" Huntress whispered hoarsely. Optimus laid a soft kiss on her cheek and whispered back

"Listen to them, guide them and protect them. It's all you really can do."

Huntress grinned once again and softly turned to face Optimus. She playfully squeezed his arms asking

"And you were kicked off the Elite Guard, why?"

Optimus smirked leaning in closer to her. Just then Destiny came in, a victourious expression written along her face. That and a small smidge of revenge still buried beneath her eyes. Eric followed behind with only a blank expression and one stiff smirk. All attention went to their entrance and Destiny stood proudly in front of Riana.

"Up in the mountains, near an old cave, south of here." Destiny stated confidently. Eric zipped behind her not glancing at anyone in particular saying urgently "I'll get the coordinates typed into the map so we can see what were dealing with."

Riana nodded Eric's way but came closer to Destiny with Prowl standing close by. Huntress turned back to Optimus and slowly nodded. The mech understood and his hologram quickly disappeared, his robot body showing up next to Prowls. Huntress jogged up to where Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Ratchet were, along with the others, who began to crowd in half a circle next to Riana.

"Are you sure?" Riana asked forcefully. Destiny nodded, slowly beginning to smirk haughtily, wise cracking

"Yes, the bloody glitch sang like a canary!"

Huntress went to correct her about language but Eric was making his way from behind her. He gave Destiny an impatient glance and shook his head. Huntress rubbed his arms affectionately as he passed, trying to sooth whatever frustration he must have experienced dealing with a revenge consumed Destiny. She had been just like her not so long ago, Huntress could understand his frustration of just losing one but now gaining another. Especially one he seemed clearly attracted to. Eric nodded and grinned her way, it helped.

Eric clicked a button and suddenly a large hologram picture of a map was brought to life in the middle of the room. He pointed near a collection of mountains near Detroit explaining "From what we could gather, the collection of mountains the Pack dog was saying, was this."

Bumblebee turned his head around to look at his old team confused asking "Hey! Isn't that the old mountain place we beat the slag out of Megatron the second time?"

Huntress looked closer at the map with the Autobots also imitating what she was doing. Prowl was the first one to widen his optics, point at the map, exclaiming "It sure is! I'd remember that tree pattern from anywhere!"

"Tree pattern?" Bulkhead replied confused. He stared at Prowl adding "What the spark is that?"

"It's a simple term for what we did to the environment after fighting Megatron. The tree's grow much slower than anything on this plant so our last 'meeting' with the Decepticons is still noticeable! Can't you see the tree's ripped in half?" Prowl explained then ended it with sarcasm.

Bulkhead went closer to the map image then suddenly shouted "Yea I see it!"

"So why would the Pack ever want to go to that spark forsaken place? It was totaled after we caught Megatron!" Ratchet asked impatiently. Eric pointed to him grinning, saying "That's exactly what I asked!"

Eric clicked on a button on his handheld console and the image responded by coming up closer to where the whole cave with five miles out could be seen. Destiny came up to Eric, turning to the others, stating "Apparently, it was the only place available that could hold all their species in one place. From what the animal told us, it is about 436 meters long, the equivalent of four human football fields."

A tense hush fell upon the room as everyone digest this bit of news. Eric and Destiny both started to shift their feet uncomfortable, not enjoying what they would have to say next. Each of the Autobots glanced slowly at each other then down at the two female humans who did the same. Finally Ratchet was the one to ask,

"How many of these…..Pack are we dealing with here?"

Eric turned his head to Destiny and stared her way for a moment. Destiny nodded getting the hint, facing the group emotionless. She kept her voice under control while stating coldly

"Around Two hundred, maybe more."

The news hit the team like an iron bat. No one spook a word for a good five minutes. Huntress couldn't help but feel hope begin to fade. One hundred was do able, but twice that much? Could they even handle something that strenuous? Can any of her people take such a big chance? She pinched the bridge of her nose feeling, once again, she didn't know where to turn next. The image of her daughter coming back to her arms was beginning to be just that, an image.

"How the pit are we going to defeat that many when three gives up so much trouble?" Optimus asked for Huntress. Some of the team glanced a stunned look his way for Optimus slipping a curse. However his question was legit. The same question weighing on all their minds. Destiny examined each of her families' faces, noticing how lost they seemed to feel. She turned her head to Eric and mouthed "I think it's time"

Eric cocked his head, raising his left eyebrow. Suddenly his eyes widen, earlier events coming to ahead. He then bobbed his head, the image mimicking a classic baseball collectable. Destiny cracked a grin his way finding humor at his antics. The old side of her quickly disappeared as she faced the rest of the team stating loudly

"There is one way."

All eyes directed on her. Destiny's back went rigid and her eyes held firm. She saw Eric disappear from the room. Riana came closer to her, the hologram map flickering slightly.

"What are you talking about?" Riana asked her cautiously. Huntress was not far behind sizing up the youngest female with guarded eyes. Destiny faced both their silent, and vocal, questions head on. Eric came reappearing from behind, holding Destiny's Semi Automatic 92 handgun. He placed the weapon carefully into her hands and Destiny patted his hand tenderly in thanks. Riana and Huntress raised their eyebrows in unison, portraying quite a funny picture. Destiny wasn't laughing. Instead she slid out the clip from the holster of the gun and showed the older women her invention. The familiar glimmer came from the newly developed 9x9mm bullets. Eric smirked in victory and pride. Huntress noticed this right off as Destiny looked them all in the eyes stating

"I'm talking about these, Adamantium Bullets."

Huntress stood frozen in place, her heart beginning to quicken in her chest. Riana's lips went into a thin line and she grabbed a single bullet out of Destiny's outstretched hand. She examined it closely, trying to see if the girl was telling the truth. Eric came from behind, placing one hand over Riana's holding the single bullet.

"I know this sounds crazy…" Eric began, then stopped. He focused his gaze hard into Riana's eyes then turned to look at Huntress. Eric slowly finished "But it works. Trust me."

"So, we can use any type of gun now?" Riana asked shakily. Eric nodded and she placed a free hand over her mouth, eyes wide. Then she quickly put the bullet back in Eric's hands, turning away, and brushed her hair back from her face. Huntress felt her hand grab the bullet from Eric's hand, that held in place like a statue, and turn to Destiny. She walked up to the girl, each foot feeling like lead under her heels. Then Huntress slipped the bullet into Destiny's hand, closing the girls fingers softly. The Autobots all watched in stun, but confused, silence. They didn't realize the magnitude of the situation going on.

"Do you know what you have done?" Huntress asked the youngest female softly her head down. Destiny felt a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had never seen Huntress act this way. The woman lifted her head while a grin formed on her lips. Huntress looked on with pride at Destiny stating "You have just won the war."

Destiny's heart surged with pride at Huntress words of endearment. They meant more than the fellow woman would ever know. Eric stood back and crossed his arms, grinning. Riana studied the two who exchanged sincere grins. Finally she had enough stating "Yes, but we not out of the woods yet."

"She's right, but I think we got a way out." Eric replied from behind, making his way to the front again. He clicked a button as once again the hologram map zoomed in, this time, showing a internal view of the cave. Optimus examined the map closely, his optics changed a crisp blue.

"Is that what I think it is Ratchet?" Optimus asked pointing to the map. Eric stole a confused glance interrupting "I was getting to that."

"Ah slag it is!" Ratchet replied, clearly ignoring the young male human. Eric furrowed his brow stating "What…"

"I didn't think Meg's was that stupid!" Bumblebee exclaimed, coming to the map. By then Huntress, Riana, and Destiny were giving the three gawking bots funny glances. Riana turned to Prowl, about to demand an explanation, but the mech was too staring intently at the screen. Eric tapped his crossed shoulders impatiently stating "Can I speak now?"

"Do you think the Pack realize what they have on their hands?" Prowl asked Ratchet. Again Eric was ignored. He frowned and stomped his foot hard on the tile floor. When no optics feel on him Eric waved his hands in the air dramatically. Destiny stifled a giggle with Huntress and Destiny smirking slyly. Finally all of Eric's antics brought the optics to face him and Eric asked, clearly annoyed "Since I have your attention! What are you all talking about?"

"You see that collection of yellow and black barrels to the right? About two thirds in?" Ratchet asked surprisingly patient. Eric studied the screen again, pressing his face close to it. Then he nodded and Ratchet replied in an urgent, but slight grumpy, voice "That is a cybertron toxic waste. Much of it was used in chemical warfare centuries ago! We, and the Decepticons, used in battle but only in emergencies! The stuff was so potent and unstable that if either side was not careful about lighting it up, they would go offline right alongside the people they were trying to kill!"

"So they just left a poison in a cave? A potent, mass murdering chemical, for what? Someone just to find it?" Eric asked flabbergasted. Ratchet waved a correctional finger stating

"Not poison, toxic waste."

"Same thing." Eric replied rolling his eyes. Ratchet narrowed his eyes at the boy but Eric shrugged it off. The old bot for once decided to drop the subject of the young mans attitude and finished plainly

"Anyways, Megatron must have thought he could use it if he pushed into a corner so to speak. However since he got tossed into the Space Bridge Megatron must have left the toxic waste behind!"

"The old battleaxe probably didn't give the stuff a second thought after what happened, probably just assumed it all got sucked away to some other galaxy like the rest of his junk." Bumblebee added in, smirking. Huntress shook her head at the youngest Autobot but she froze. Her pupils dilated as one single idea hit her brain. It seemed the same idea struck Riana because both women glanced up and stared at each other at the same time. The same inspiration easily caught on to Optimus who said slowly

"You know, that could give us an advantage."

Huntress jumped off the large desk she had been sitting on, nodding her head. She walked briskly up to the map, pointing to the toxin, while saying

"If we somehow released the toxin into the air while most of the Pack was inside…."

Riana then caught on to what she was saying and rushed up beside her finishing with excitement

"Then they would perish will we could finish off the rest with Adamantium bullets or any other weapon we have our hands on!"

"It's brilliant!" Optimus exclaimed, his optics bright. Huntress and Riana took a few seconds to both gaze at Destiny proudly. The youngest women fell to her old habits, blushing deeply and shrugging her shoulders.

"One problem." Eric interrupted, holding his left index finger up. The grins on all there human and none human faces drifted as Eric continued,

"Is the toxic waste poisonous to humans? If so we need to change our game plan from bring the fight to them."

Optimus shifted his gaze to Ratchet as all the others in the team did as well. The old medic shook his head explaining gruffly

"I'm not sure. The toxic waste is designed as an old chemical warfare weapon for Cybertrons. We never tested it on organics."

Huntress began to feel unsure about the plan as doubt crept into the room. However the old bot quickly brightened, strange for his personality, while saying loudly

"However, there is a ten minute delay on the gas. Like grenades are to humans, this thing won't go off until given a spark and even then it takes time to set off."

Excitement replaced the doubt in the room as fast it took to blink. Ideas, plans and loud shouts began filling up the room as everyone tried to talk at once. After a few minutes Riana put her two fingers in her lips, blowing outward. A shrill, loud, whistle was the result and the talkative voices died down. She put her hands on her hips stating

"So simply put, if we push the plug, we got ten minutes to trap the Pack, escape the cave and make sure everyone is a safe distance away."

"You really think we could pull this off?" Prowl questioned solemnly. A couple of hesitant looks passed between the group before finally Huntress spook up again stating "Maybe, if we plan this right."

All brains, and processors, started thinking up ways to infiltrate the cave. Ideas, plans and strategies came out in such blur it seemed hardly anyone could understand what was going on. After nearly an hour of talking, a detailed plan began to surface. Riana would take the team of warriors to the front, with Prowl, Bumblebee and Bulkhead to give back up. There, this would lure a good two- thirds of the Pack out into the open, causing a distraction. Then Eric and Ratchet would split up and try to find a way to climb to the top of cave while not looking suspicious, meeting together at the designated mark. There both would find a way to sneak in and find the toxin waste.

"That only leaves one thing." Huntress stated her head down, arms crossed and her body leaning back on the desk. She slowly lift her head up showing the glistening eyes and thin lined mouth.

"Where's Abigail?" Huntress asked plainly. Worry and fear dripped from her voice. Eric glanced at Destiny who hesitantly looked back at Huntress. The woman sensed all was not well asking more forcefully "Where is my daughter?"

"The Pack dog explained that the head leader…" Eric slowly explained, hesitant. Destiny interrupted stating coldly

"One they call Mother."

Huntress stiffened while her eyes slowly glowed cold. If this was the one Pack dog she thought it was, Huntress had some "things" to tell that monster. Things she had done would no longer stand. Taking things and not getting punished was over. Huntress was the one who was going to get it all back, with a heavy dose of payback wrapped up in the bundle. Eric shifted slightly from her gaze, turning to point at the area on the map to get away from the frightening look. He finished, pointing,

"She is holding the child in an enclosed room next to her courters on the right side of the Cave foundation."

Huntress uncrossed her arms and came close to the map. Optimus watched her every move, also holding a very angry look. Surprisingly, Huntress shook her head at him after spotting his look. Anger was not welcomed here. They need to focus on getting their daughter back. Anger would only cloud their judgment. Optimus understood as his optics softened and body relaxed. Huntress looked upward at the map, calmly studied the area that, supposedly, her daughter was being held. Huntress imagined the sweet girls little face and gritted her teeth as that was replaced of the animal from her past.

"So if I sneak in to the right side of the cave, break in, I can bring back my child. Is that what your telling me?" Huntress asked after a cold, long, silence. Destiny and Eric nodded in unison. If the mood wasn't so solemn, the action might have been comical. Huntress was far from laughing at anything but she did nod, more relaxed. The earlier aggressive and vengeful look was gone from her face. She did however state quietly

"Okay but on one condition…"

Huntress pointed to Optimus first then to Destiny. She then explained

"You two are coming with me."

Optimus and Destiny didn't question her decision. Honestly, they were more than ready to help retrieve the child. No one else spook up against it. Huntress slowly turned around the room, gazing into each pair of eyes or optics. After that was done, she froze her body. Slowly a smirk appeared on her lips. Others followed suit. The plan was made. It was time to instigate it.

*Inner Cave, Right Flank, 12:00 noon*

Abigail was in a nightmare. She tried countless times to close her eyes, wanting it to go away. Sadly every time she opened her eyes, the nightmare was back. Her wrists and ankles were rubbing raw from the splintering rope, causing the eight year old great distress. Abby fought to slip her hands through the rope but the wood table she was pinned against would stab her every time she moved.

The mother could see the girl was fighting the restraints again. A vindictive smirk flickered on the leader's lips. The child's mother had been the same way before the mother had "quieted" her restraints. That sadly had backfired when the mother was tossed clean out of a window. The Pack dog glanced again at the child wondering if this girl had the same unbelievable strength her mother possessed.

"That will only make it hurt worse." The mother chided. Abigail froze in fear from the large animals voice, staring at her wide eyed. Slowly the eyebrows furrowed and the brown eyes darkened in tint as Abigail asked accusingly "Why do you want me? You got the key!"

The mother didn't answer the girls snappish remark, reading a few things on the opposite side of the room. She fiddled with a couple of lab equipment, one specifically designed to hold a spark. The mother's smirk turned into an evil grin as the containment field box was ready. Abigail's voice carried to the other side of the room with more gusto shouting "Hey! I'm talking to you!"

"Do you know your mother?" The Pack dog asked out of the blew. Her voice held no emotion, her back turned to the girl. Abigail snorted in annoyance, hiding her terror quite well, replying "Duh! My mom is Sari Sumdac."

"I did not ask if you knew your mother's name." The mother stated coldly. She turned to the girl her red eyes, so bright, casting a light upon the girl. Abigail felt her body tremble faintly and her pupils grew large. The mother was easier to back talk when her face wasn't staring at you. The mother folded her hands delicately in each other saying soothingly "Let me make myself clearer."

Abby couldn't stifle the moan as the large human like animal, came closer. The mother towered over the child, her shadow covering the whole table. Her folded hands separated and clasped behind her back. Abigail was grateful, the long razor sharp claws frightened her more than the large bulk of the sentient animal. The mother then began explaining, in a soft, manipulating voice,

"I meant this, do you know your mother? What she really is?"

Abigail eyed the large female before her. She seemed unsure about the question the leader of the Pack was asking. Abby knew that she might be trying to trick her but still, the question befuddled her. Finally the little girl slowly shook her head. Abigail instantly wanted to shy away from the grin forming on the mother's face as her bulk came closer to her. The sentient animal was pleased the young human was cooperating so willingly. She decided to up the soothing tone of her voice and back off the girl a few feet. The mother continued explaining,

"In the stories I have heard from years pass, Sari was one of the greatest heroes in Earth's history. Rising, from adolescence into a warrior, given talents her two species could not imagine."

Abigail slipped a small grin at the short tale. She liked imagining her mother as a hero. In Abby's eyes, she already was one. It just was nice to hear that others thought that way. The mother turned her face away from the young child, stifling the evil, vindictive, sparkle in her eyes. She was playing the girls emotions like a fiddle. Good, the spark needed to stay was calm as possible. Having it erratic and racing would cause the open spark surgery to be difficult.

"Sari was all things in one word…power. A techno-organic. Like you." The mother voiced. The way she threw her voice made the story seem so much more exciting and important. The young techno organic before her was soaking it up like a sponge. Abby's eyes allowed the animal to see a glimmer of pride from hearing how much she was like her parent. The mother paced to the left, crossing her arms behind her, adding

"She is also, in many ways, like me."

Abby's eyes quickly darkened and the fear dissolved away. Her body tensed and the young girl spat out

"My mom is nothing like you!"

The mother turned on the girl, coming to the table with lightening speed. She threw both her arms on the table, grabbing each end tightly with her sharp clawed fingers. Abby began to shake again as the long, curved, dagger like fingers dug deeply into the wood as a pair of deadly glowing red eyes glared down at her. The mother bared her teeth slightly hissing to the girls face

"Your mother can transform her body into a totally different species. Your mother has powers not any of her species truly understand or know. She has become a great warrior and a leader of a dying species. Sari in these last four hardship years, successfully kept alive her fellow people. Should I go on?"

Abigail shook her head slowly, not making any sudden moves. The mother seemed satisfied by her remark because she roughly pulled out her claws from the table. She didn't back off from the table though, continuing to glare to the small youngling in her presence. Then Abigail watched as the mother tenderly reached her hands up to her chest plate speaking darkly

"But sadly you are right. I am not like your mother any longer. I have grown weak in my aging years."

Abigail watched in silence as the large sentient beings fingers touched the dented and scarred metal that contained her chest. With a gentleness that was unknown to her kind, the mother slowly dug her fingers through the crevasses of the chest plate, pulling it apart! Her face was distorted in pain and a look of hurtful pressure as the mother pulled the chest plate apart. It began to open an inch at a time. Little by little Abigail began to see a bluish light in the middle of a circular chamber. It was faint, barely noticeable, if not for the glowing element it contained. Even that a dull blue compared to a bright flourishing new spark. Abigail could see it was beating a slow, steady, beat. The irony of the cold the spark was similar to the animal it kept alive did not slip the young eight year old child's mind the least The mother spook in soft, pained, words,

"My spark is slowly extinguishing. My creator did not give my body enough energy to sustain life. I am now in constant pain, my body deteriorating and consuming energy from whatever source it can find."

A twinge of pity crossed over Abigail's spark. She had no idea that the monster in her nightmares was the same one who was slowly dying in a cave, alone. However images of what she had let her "children" do, some from her very hands, came to the child's mind like a silent film. Abigail's pity was replaced with smugness. The mother got what she deserved. The young girl watched with what could only be described as a sense of detachment as the mother closed up her spark chamber. Her teeth, once clenched tightly in agony, loosened as the mother closed her mouth in a thin line.

"But you my dear are my last hope." The mother spook, surprisingly, in a desperate tone. She laid a hand delicately against the child's right cheek. The child shuddered from the cold metal touch. The mother seemingly ignored this while stroking the young girls face and hair. Abigail then saw a evil grin appear on the large animals face. The mother then growled in a deep throaty tone

"With your young spark, my body will become invincible. I….will be reborn."

Abigail breath caught in her throat. She felt the sensation of being dunked in a pool full of cold water. Her spark? The mother would TAKE it? Meaning, if the mother had to live, then Abigail would have to die. Painfully. As much agony it would take for the Pack's leader to rip out her spark, her very life source, right from her chest. Abigail didn't no if she should scream or break down in hysterical sobs. The image of her worst nightmare was quickly replaced by this memory. It would take a long time before the eight year old could get over this.

Abigail felt a few tears of terror slip down her cheeks. The mother turned from the near to a basket case child, reeling in her genius plan. She slowly growled in a satisfied undertone. The mother's vocals was very similar to a cats purr. Abigail only half listened as the mother began to monologue, her lust for power dripping from her lips,

"Then once I am the way I was before, there it will be time to pick my spark mate. A mech who single handedly became a legend amongst his rivals. Who constructed a whole new fraction ruled by survival of the fittest. A mech with a strong body, a genius mind and a name that echoed respect.…."

The mother turned to the frightened girl purring the name with more lust,


Abigail felt a weird sensation slip into her mind. She couldn't explain it, but that name seemed to cause a new knot in the pit of her stomach. Abigail sensed she needed to fear the name, however never hearing it once in her life. The mother ignored the girls puzzled expression. She pulled off the key dangling from her neck, allowing it to glimmer in the fluorescent lighting cascading from the monitors in the background. The mother finally spook in victory

"I can have all this at my finger tips with the help of one small key. Then, my plan will be complete. I, along with my mate, will take my place as ruler."

*Front Cave, First Line, 2:00 pm*

"Are you in position?" Riana asked tensely. Her body was beginning to be covered in a thin layer of dust. Riana held her left hand up to the comlink while fingering the AK-47 in her right hand. It had been so long since she had used this type of weapon, she was unsure of how to start. Prowl's hologram slipped in next to her in the fox hole, the coverage barely able to block both their foreheads. At least it was something to hold up against the two hundred Pack dogs that would come pouring out of the cave in front of them. Riana felt a chill run down her back at the thought. She gripped the long, unused, weapon more tightly in her hand.

"Yes ma'am, north of the left flank. Two clicks out from your position." Was the reply given by a nineteen year old male warrior. Riana nodded absentmindedly giving a stressed glance at Prowl. He smirked comfortingly at her. Prowl had been through this kind of situation to many times to count. Or to willingly remember. The males voice came back on the comlink speaking "We are ready and waiting for the signal."

"Don't move till I give the go." Riana instructed. She let go of the comlink, already knowing the warriors reply. A deep, stressful, sigh escaped her lips. Her body shifted around in the dust and grim around her. Riana felt her body move by its own accord as it stood up, her face showing amongst the foxhole. A calloused by tender hand slipped into her free left hand and Riana looked with a start to see Prowl as the culprit. He gave it a tight squeeze and a soft smirk drifted across the oldest leaders face. They left a peaceful moment pass by, knowing a lot more violent and chaos filled were to come after. With one last look, their hands parted. Riana then turned to the cave, lifting her body up from the fox hole. She lifted her fist up in the air, shouting


Then came a chorus of voices out from the hidden flanks. Some were of excitement, others, a deep savage vocal not heard in a humans tone in centuries. Riana extended her arm outward, grabbing the AK-47 in both hands. The distraction went underway. If only cameras still worked. The look on the Pack's faces would have been the epiphany of what the old commercial said. Priceless.

*Inner Cave, Right Flank, 4:00pm*

"No, please! Wait!" Abigail wailed in a pitiful cry. The mother advanced on the youngling emotionless. However her eyes snapped with a look of greed as she growled impatiently

"Calm down little one, I only want to look."

Abigail tried fighting off the restraints, arching her back and thrashing her hands under the rope. She began to scream shrilly, calling out desperately

"Mommy! Optimus! Can anybody here me!"

A large clawed hand swiftly silenced the cries of terror with one quick slap on the dainty loud mouth. Abigail grunted in alarm, glaring at the large Pack dog for quieting her voice. The mother sneered at the girl clearly annoyed. Abby tried to continue her valiant fight but the mother pinned down her flaying frame with ease.

"Your just like your mother! Stubborn and spiteful!" Mother snapped hatefully at her. Abigail rolled her eyes at the comment, fighting off the terror filled screams that were restrained. The mother growled like a savage dog at the girls body language snapping her jaws once. Abigail couldn't help but shake in response. In a delicate fashion the mother let go of the girls mouth and neared her small chest cavity. Abigail wanted to scream shrilly but only hoarsely whispered

"What are you doing?"

The mother didn't respond, only continuing on with her work. She pushed hard on the girls chest, which Abigail groaned in reply. However she stopped her cries and looked on in a daze as her chest…began to open. A new kind of pressure came over Abigail she had never experienced before. The pain was so great her breath wasn't able to scream out a retort. The small girl choked on her own lungs while the chest cavity continued to creep open. Then suddenly, it was open. The mother peered down with glowing wide optics and Abigail's pupils dilated to the max. She coughed out a cry in alarm upon laying down and seeing her spark open to the elements. The delicate organ was the total opposite to the Mothers. Whiles the mothers was dull, small and glimmering, Abigail's was strong, good size and created a blinding light. It beat steadily, illuminating the room with each steady pump. Abigail gawked down at hers spark, entranced by each rhythmic beat.

"Perfect in every way. I deserve no less." Mother purred remarkably. Abigail was in such shell shock her eyes never once rolled from the haughty comment that had slipped from the Packs leaders' mouth. The mother was quickly overtaken with a sense of panic over the organ. Such long doses of the outside, compared to being protected by the young child's body, was not good for the spark. Tenderly she closed the chest cavity back over the spark chamber. Abby only cried out once in pain when the chamber clicked shut.

Suddenly Silverwolf came barging in robot mode. Her chest heaved as her voices breathed out loudly


"What is it? What is so important that you must share at my time of need?" The mother replied curtly, clenching her fists. Abigail was plunged into a fuzzy feeling all over her body and her eye lids struggled to stay open. Her body was quickly beginning to weaken. The young girl however willed herself to listen to the two bickering animals.

"The humans! Their…" Silverwolf croaked out. She stopped, unable to speak anymore from that breath. Silverwolf allowed a few seconds to fill up her lungs back with air. However when she spook, the organic could still hear a faint rasp in her voice. Silverwolf shook her head adding


"When did they start this foolish charade?" The mother haughtily asked, crinkling her nose upward. Silverwolf wringed hands nervously stating

"Two hours ago."

The mothers eyes shot open and she stumbled back a few steps. She recovered in a flash, barring her teeth and roaring out

"TWO hours ago! Why was I not alerted sooner!"

"We thought that it was not necessary!" Silverwolf blurted out, holding her ground. The mother's red optics glowed a deeper red as she hissed sarcastically

"Not necessary! So the leader of our race doesn't need to know what's going on every second!"

Silverwolf's eyes narrowed and her face mimicked disgust. She snorted replying

"Our hunters thought they could easily take them on and finish them in an hour! But…"

Silverwolf crossed her arms, smugly adding "Their winning."

The mother gritted her teeth as she glared at her haughty daughter. Then her gaze fell upon the organic girl absentmindedly. Abigail's eyes glimmered with a one thing that disgusted the mother. Hope. It might calm down the spark but the mother loathed that look. She had spent a long time erasing that from the human's minds forever, now, seeing back on a organics face put her anger through the max. She was able to tear away from the organic hissing darkly

"I must see this 'invasion' for myself."

The mother shoved Silverwolf aside, the daughter stepping away with a growl. The mother marched away but was able to turn back and point to the girl in the heat of anger. She then said in a aggressive tone

"Stay with the girl. But don't touch her."

"What if I do?" Silverwolf spat back hatefully. She spread her feet apart and firmly dug her feet in the dirt. The mother narrowed her optics growling more aggressively


"Don't Silverwolf me! We deserve the spark just as much as you!" Silverwolf shouted back furiously. She extended her whole hand outward to where Abigail was adding accusingly

"Our bodies are weakening! Our sparks are dying! We can no longer create any more of our own! But you are the one who gets the spark!"

"Silverwolf!" The mother boomed. Her electronic undertone voice echoed off the walls. It silenced the accusations as quick as they appeared. Silverwolf's face went blank and she turned her head to the ground below her feet. The mother took in a cleansing breath, unclenching her fists. She then glared at her daughter saying curtly

"Remember your place."

Silverwolf didn't answer, only looking down at the dirt. The mother left the room swiftly and with an empowering air. Leaving behind a room covered in a thick layer of resentment by one, a scared but hopeful for another. The smallest one silently encouraging her family and imagining running into their warm embraces. Abigail held onto the image with all her might.

*Above the Front Line, 5:00pm*

Eric held on as if his life depended on it. He glared as Swoop snickers could be heard above the billowing wind surrounding them. When Huntress had ordered both of them to work together, the first instinct was for Eric to throw a fit. No WAY was he riding the two winged maniac! But when Huntress mentioned Abigail, Eric put aside his fears and heroically hopped on the metal bird. Now, Eric was having second thoughts. He pulled upward closer to the winged dinosaur's ear socket shouting

"I told you! Don't try anything funny!"

Swoop batted his optics showing he was innocent as a young kitten. Eric snorted in response. Swoop took a crescendo higher above the battle going on underneath and Eric franticly reached for the reins. Luck was on his side that day when cold metal came underneath his sweaty palms. Eric was begging his hands to hold on for just a moment longer. Falling, screaming like a banshee, as the clouds zipped past him was not what Eric called a "good" time. Swoop came upon the top of the cave without a sound and not one Pack dog looking upward. Why would it? They were not looking for humans in the sky. It was preposterous. Yeah, right.

Swoop did a quick roll in the air, landing gracefully on the rock below. Eric bit back the cry from the deliberate move, settling for hitting the big eagle on the top of the head. Swoop shook his head but mimicked a smirk as Eric leaped off hissing sarcastically "Oh, thanks for being so compassionate! Really appreciate it!"

Swoop snapped near this collar shirt and Eric batted it away grunting out angrly. The bird shook its beak back and forth snickering at the young boy. Eric's green eyes sparked with fury and his fists balled up. He pushed up his shirt, coming at the bird with raised fists, hoarsely growling "Fine! Bring it on you metal winged smart-aft! I am so ready to beat that smirk right of you're…."

"Don't waste your energy, kid!" Ratchets gruff voice curtly reprimanded. Eric froze, fists in mid air and Swoop still holding a haughty smirk. The boy glared back at the metal bird, then back at the old medic. Finally he sighed deeply letting his hands drop downward. Ratchet nodded in satisfaction and turned away to investigate the top cave. Eric went to follow him but turned one last time to the bird, pointing a finger, mouthing "You just wait! The pain is coming!"

Swoop gave a *bring it on* look and Eric debated on giving that request. However a scream in pain tore the young man away from his petty squabble. Eric went on his knees and leaned over the cliff to see many of his fellow warriors fighting for their very lives. He knew he should be looking for a way in as much as Ratchet was. But Eric couldn't look away. Some of the warriors were going against, two, three, some FOUR Pack dogs at a time! Sure, Destiny's guns were popping the animals as so many flies, but the others were running out of ways to escape the Packs massive paws.

A familiar figure he knew from the base, one little girl he specifically nursed back to health, tripped backward on a rock by mistake. A truck sized Pack dog came stalking towards her and Eric instinctively reached for an arrow. His back arched and the young man balanced the arrow on the long bow, ready to strike if need be. Suddenly a large white servo blocked the young man's vision. Eric turned back to see Ratchet sternly glaring at him.

"I know you want to help, kid." Ratchet said, a twinge of compassion undertone by the grumpiness. Eric lowered his bow as the old medic showed a face of understanding. Ratchet lifted away from the boy adding "But it's not worth the risk."

Eric glanced back at the battle, looking for one specific girl. He breathed a sigh of relief to see one large dead dog, and one valiant girl fighting her way to the others. Eric watched as more Pack dogs came pouring in. Quietly Ratchets words stirred inside. The only way to end the madness for good was to end it from the inside. Them being spotted now would make all the warriors brave, heroic, deaths and victories, in vain. Eric was for sure NOT going to be the one who was the cause of that.

"Your right. Let's go." Eric replied. Ratchet nodded, then pointing to a crack in the rock. Eric bolted over to it, peering over the ledge suspiciously. The hole seemed big enough for both organic and machine to slip in without little or no sound. Eric wiggled his body over the ledge, slipping his hands to dangle him. The young man then smirked at the old medic, saluted, saying

"Okay, here it goes."

Ratchet shook his head at the young man's antics and Eric let out a short chuckle. Then he let go of the ledge. Eric's drop was short, barely long enough for the boy to give a shout. He bit back the grunt as his body hit soft dirt, grateful it wasn't more rock. Eric was barely able to move out of the way as Ratchet came in after, his feet touching the ground with grace. Eric let the smart retort slide and only motioned the comlink on Ratchets head. The old medic boy obliged, pushing the button, stating "We in."

"Good. How's it look?" Riana's voice ran out in reply, her voice sounded scratchy on the comlink. Eric pushed his comlink wise cracking "Dark. What you expect?"

"He means, the path looks clear from here." Ratchet added, giving Eric a *this is no time to joke* glare. The young man shrugged. The old medic let go of the comlink and put his hands on his hips. Before Ratchet could add another reprimand a low voice chuckled from the darkness. The hair on Eric's neck stood on edge as an aggressive and sarcastic voice echoed "I would have to disagree on that."

*Front Lines, 5:50 pm*

Riana felt the distraction was quickly getting out of hand. Sure many bodies of Pack lay scattered on the ground, but so were a few humans wounded and moaning. They needed medical attention, which Riana silently cursed her stupidity for letting the only two medics on a secret mission a million miles away from the real action. The explanation of why they had not comlinked back in nearly an hour was also weighing quite heavily in her mind.

Riana was quickly jolted out of her thoughts as a behemoth Pack dog pounced on the ground a few inches from the fox hole. Prowl went to run to her but was slammed back by a large missile missing its target and slamming near a the fox hole wall next to him. She cried out to him concerned, her mind not catching up that he was not harmed the least. Riana reached for her AK-47 but retracted real quickly when large jaws snapped near her hands. Riana growled frustrated as the animal barred its teeth near her ears, its drool seeping into the dirt below. She glanced it's way, glared with hate filled eyes at the behemoth before her. Riana then saw from the corner of her eye, Prowls hologram become cold with rage and disappear out of nowhere. She wanted to snap at him of what the pit he was thinking. Riana didn't have to wait long.

A sound of a motorcycle engine barreled through the brush and came zooming out of the greenery. The small vehicle revived its engine and shot through the distance between it and the animal. It then used a small hill as a ramp flying through the air with amazing speeds. Prowl came up to the Pack dog, transforming in mid air! He slammed into its side, slicing it's flesh with an Adamantium plated throwing star. The Pack dog howled in agony, flipping backward into the dusty ground a foot in front. Riana shook her head at the mech's antics and murmured "Show off."

She jerked her hear up quickly though to see the same Pack dog, bleeding and injured, get up to face them once again. Prowl readied to attack again, holding his fists out bravely. Riana smirked, grabbing a large weapon from her left. She wasn't about to let some large robot ninja have all the fun.

"Prowl…" Riana stated calmly from behind. Prowl looked her way and was shocked to see a missile launcher in her hands. She looked up at him with patience stating "Move your aft."

Prowl stared wide eyed but moved out of the launchers way. The oldest woman of the group grinned to see him actually listen for once and moved her eyes on the targeting range. The Pack dog stalked nearer and Riana flicked open the red blinking button. Her finger wavered over it.

"Eat this glitch." Riana hissed venomously. She pushed the red button and three seconds went to a crawl. In that time the oldest female was thrown back slightly as the missile exited the weapon, shot through the dusty sky and barreled its way into the Pack's body mass. It never even had time to blink.

A loud explosion erupted and Riana felt a cool pair of metal hands pick her up, and shield her from the flying debris. Riana instantly was brushed against the sensation of Prowls warm, metal chest against the upper part of her body. The faint whirl of his racing spark sent thrills up and down Riana's spine. She could have stayed in this embrace forever.

When the dust cleared the black and gold servos gently placed Riana back on the ground. She hesitated of what to do in thanks, finally settling for a quiet "Thanks."

"Your welcome." Prowl replied back, giving a short warm grin. Riana couldn't help but catch his contagious but rare grin with one of her own.

"Bring it on you slaggin….AHHH!" Bumblebee's voice rang out then ended in a short yelp in pain. Riana and Prowl's heads jerked in unison to the direction of the cry. Their bodies moved way before their minds could register what was going on. Riana dodged around the craters and scuffed up grasslands, leaping over one dead Pack dogs massive body. Prowl was right behind, making sure to have one servo close for if Riana's feet dared to trip over the winding maze set before them. The oldest female came upon Bumblebee's figure seeing instantly he wasn't worse for ware. Only a slight bit mark near the middle ankle could be seen among the few scraps on his metal armor. That danger was the large car sized Pack dog, came lunging at the yellow Autobot.

"Bumblebee!" Riana screamed out, pushing her legs to the max. Luckily Bulkhead heard her cries of alarm and quickly came to his little buddies aid. Riana slide underneath the green behemoths girth coming to a stop upon hitting Bumblebee's side arm. The small bot grinned down at her stating "Nice move."

Riana shook her head at the comment but felt her heart swell anyways. She began to investigate the length of Bumblebee's injury as Prowl came to help fight off the one Pack dog whose brethren was coming to its aid in a hurry.

*Depths of the Forest, Two Feet North of Right Cave Entrance, 6:40*

"Were close," Destiny whispered in a soft growl. She brushed past the limb in her way, holding it so Huntress could slip through. The older woman obliged the gesture by swinging her body under the branch in one quick motion. Destiny let go off the branch, turning her sharp green eyes forward adding "Their stench is everywhere. It's revolting."

Huntress studied the hard looking girl in front of her. Destiny's once sparkling green eyes, one thing that made her so beautiful, were now clouded in anger. In revenge. It turned this once humble beauty, into a cold hearted beast. Huntress wouldn't let her become what she allowed herself to be. Sadly the older woman realized that Destiny was only living by her example.

Huntress knew that no better time would come than this. She had asked Optimus personally to hold back two clicks so not to alert anyone what was going on. He had agreed to the plan. This meant that both women were alone. Perfect to bring up the subject that was really bothering Destiny.

"You know, I never blamed you for what has happened to Abigail. It was an accident." Huntress began, in a soft voice. She didn't let any emotion seep in for fear any sudden moves could close Destiny up like a clam shell.

"I know." Destiny breathed out. Huntress thought she even picked up a tone of fear. Her eyes were glistening and red as Destiny gave them a rough wipe. Huntress laid her right hand on her shoulder comfortingly. She tried to ignore the thought that slipped in about how she use to do the same thing to Abigail when she began to cry.

Destiny got control over herself quite quickly and breathed in deeply. She faced Huntress caring eyes stating forcefully

"But this has got to end. That…monster has taken people who are very important to me. This is not the first time…."

Huntress didn't say a word. What could she say? No comforting words would bring back her brother. Destiny's burned cold once more as she spook passionately "But I will make sure this is the last."

Huntress finally saw the reason for this plunge into revenge and violence. Destiny had allowed the animal to live after the first time it murdered someone close to her. The Pack dog was an animal; it was in its nature. But now finding it was sentient, a thinking, breathing, being. That changed things. Top that off with the SAME Pack dog grabbing another person close, one she allowed to seep into her heart, was too much. Destiny finally broke. Sadly Huntress could not longer help her. Destiny would have to make her own choices.

Huntress left foot slipped a little from the moss underfoot. Destiny quickly grabbed her from plunging head first into a greenly mess. Huntress grinned in gratitude, Destiny just kept going. They walked only a few feet in silence before pushing aside a contortion of branches. Destiny and Huntress teamed up, giving the blockage a good hard push. It broke away revealing the target area. The right wall.

Destiny turned to Huntress, silently giving the go ahead to tell the others. Huntress did so by slowly reaching her hand upward on the right side of her ear. She pressed the button and as static cleared, she simply stated

"We're here."

*Ten Minutes before Huntress and Destiny, Inner Cave*

"You're not like the others." Abigail spook up. Silverwolf jerked her head in the lab tables direction and glared at the young organic. She got up from leaning against the entrance of the den and came stalking over to Abby.

"Be quiet." Silverwolf growled. Abigail should have been afraid to speak after that. Sadly the Pack dog didn't know Abby. The young girl wrinkled her nose and continued bravely "I think your just acting mean."

"I said QUIET!" Silverwolf barked out, her eyes blazing. Abigail faced on her bellowing head on shouting back

"You don't scare me! I bet you don't even want to hurt me OR the others!"

"Don't push your luck." Silverwolf hissed sarcastically, crossing her arms. Abigail studied the animal before her. She should be terrified, shaking violently from the closeness of Silverwolf's face. But now all she felt was pity. Silverwolf had to pretend to be an animal in order for her family to accept her.

"Why do you listen to them?" Abigail asked innocently. Silverwolf readied to growl out another remark, but felt herself at a loss of words. How could she explain to a youngling about her life? That while the others hunted and killed for sport, she had hide amongst the brush as a pup watching the world around her. What could Silverwolf put in words that she was born into the wrong race? That she never wanted to kill while her sisters and brothers breathed, drunk and slept the kill. Why was she given this curse? To hide under an animalistic form with her family while yearning to join the other side. Silverwolf wanted to scoff at the idea. Who human would believe a Pack dog as nothing more than a manipulative monster? They were raised hating her while Silverwolf was raised hating them. It would never work.

"I must." Silverwolf finally answer. It was more for her benefit than the girls. She let down her animalistic charade and looked deeply into the girls eyes adding "There is nothing else I can do. You are too young to understand."

The Pack dog could tell the response didn't sit well with the organic. She could also see that Abigail was quickly deteriorating, a product of no water or food for almost two days. Silverwolf turned away from the girl just as a blood thirsty howl flowed through the room. Abigail gasped under her breath, Silverwolf perking her ears. What came next was a loud, pained, shout that was recognized immediately by the young child.

"Eric." Abigail whispered franticly. Silverwolf picked up the name but only focused on the one going through her processor. Her optics grew wide and she exclaimed "Savage."

Silverwolf turned to the girl, debating if she should stay. Mother had given strict orders. But…Savage was told to lay low for trespassers. Not gallivant around on a killing spree. Silverwolf had to stop her. She looked left, then right, seeing no way out for the organic to go. Silverwolf face then grew blank as she stated "But just so you know….your right. I am not like them. I never wanted to be."

Silverwolf then bolted out of the room, leaving the statement hanging thickly in the air. Abigail's heart strings felt a sense of anguish for the strange Pack dog. She couldn't say she felt the same for the others. It just was this one. A silent hero amongst thieves. Abigail's eye lids shut as exhaustion grabbed hold of her. The dehydration gave the girl a sense of flying as darkness wafted into her conscious.

*Outside the Den, Right Wall*

"How in the pit are we suppose to get in?" Destiny asked rhetorically. She stood facing the wall, hands on her hips. Huntress busied herself feeling along the walls, tapping it with her upper knuckles. She pushed off the rock a smirk playing on her lips.

"I think I got something that'll work." Huntress replied. Destiny looked her way too see Huntress transform into her alter robotic mode. She faltered back a little bit, still not use to the sudden change from organic to machine. Huntress, after in full mode, stretching her arms and shaking her head from side to side. Destiny watched in amazement as she spook determined

"It may have not worked against the Pack…"

Huntress held out her hands, transforming them into familiar cybertron weapons. Destiny's pupils dilated to the size of quarters. Huntress grinned at the look of shock plastered on her face. She then set the barrier cannons giving off a loud click. They began to whirl in preparation, Huntress then added

"But I bet I can knock this down easy."

She released the energy out of the weapon, and held her ground as it billowed into two good size spheres. Destiny's body was quickly shadows in a blinding blue light as she stared dumbfounded. Huntress gritted her teeth, releasing the old energon spheres, they rocketing out from her hand weapons, slamming into the rock. It fall apart it in three seconds.

"Wow…" Destiny stated in a squeak, mouth wide. Huntress smirked in satisfaction whispering

"Yep, still got it."

She entered the cave entrance going back into human mode, Destiny coming to her side after. Huntress watched as Destiny took off ahead into the room, searching it up and down. It allowed her to study the room. It wasn't much, just dirt and walls. That is, until Huntress spotted the far left side. She let out a small intake of air, jogging up to the area. It was like a makeshift Laboratory! There was blinking monitors, all static filled from not having a receiver. Bellow that was a long, black, lab table. It was covered in all sorts of tubes, needles and other assorted equipment. Huntress noticed a thick, hardback book on the far right. It was dirty, stained with an substance she could only picture was dried blood. She raised her eye brow.

When did the Pack pick up reading? That was the one track thought her mind decided to go for that moment. Huntress reached out and grabbed the book with one hand. She examined the front cover which stated "The Basics of Open Heart Surgery". Huntress' curiosity increased ten fold.

"Huntress…." Destiny voice came from the shadows. Huntress could tell right off, she was not happy. That wasn't good. Destiny's voice came again, but this time, held a quiver, adding "I think you need to see this."

Huntress dropped the book back on the table, sprinting to Destiny. She regretted it. What she saw ignited her fury like nothing before.

Abigail was laying spread eagle on a long, narrow, table. Her face, arms and legs were covered in a inch thick layer of dirt. However the grim splotches didn't hide the pale sheet skin covering her body. She was clearly dehydrated and weak, holding her mid side upward off the splintering wood. She struggled to find relief from the micro sized wooden spears jabbing into her skin. The dark, rusted, chains holding each leg and arm down separate wasn't helping either. It seemed to only cutting the circulation, causing more pain than the little girl was in. Finally the most disturbing image was Abigail's chest plate looked like it had been disturbed. Huntress and Destiny could see the spark was beating erratically. The girl was terrified. She had every right to be, until now. Abigail was safe now.

Huntress came up to her daughter's frail body, swallowing the down the billowing anger inside. She knew this image of her daughter would forever be seared into her cerebellum. Huntress tenderly brushed her hand across the girl's forehead, stroking down to her cheek. Abigail instantly shied away from the touch. However she recognized the familiar skin opening her eyes partway. Destiny came rushing up to her side then, hot tears brimming on her eyelids. Abigail grinned weakly up at the duo speaking hoarsely

"I knew you'd find me."

"And I always will." Huntress tenderly spook back. Destiny grinned, focusing on breaking the chains tightly digging into the child's flesh. She broke them with ease, the rusted chains crumbling the instant she slammed a short staff down just right. Destiny broke the last of the chains with a small grunt, it being the toughest. Huntress slipped off her hand and then turned to comlink Optimus. Destiny then put both her arms under the girls small frame. Destiny cradled Abigail in her arms, gazing down at the girl. The little girl noticed the hot tears streaking down, quickly asking "Can we still go to the playground?"

Destiny part sobbed, part laughed at the innocent comment. She nodded her head, the words choking her throat. Finally they came out in a hoarse statement "Yea, and I promise we'll make it home next time."

Abigail grinned wider and nuzzled closer to Destiny's chest, exhausted from the short exertion of talking. Huntress felt a warm feeling bubble into her spark seeing the touching scene of the older sister cradling the younger in a protective embrace. When Optimus worried voice came on the other line she was almost to touched to croak "We found her….alive."

Destiny glanced up at Huntress, a look of relief sparkling in her eyes. It replaced the one Huntress thought would be on the girls face till revenge was satisfied. It was good to see she was wrong. Huntress then added "Were heading out. Go to the right flank and meet us at the entrance."

She ended the comlink, not waiting for an answer. Huntress then reached out her hands, wanting to hold her child. Destiny gave her the request, placing the fragile child in her arms. Abigail didn't stir, she was to tired to do so. Huntress gazed down at her daughter, finally feeling things were going to plan. Abigail looked up at her, moving her lips to speak. She came closer, giving the girl her left ear. Abigail then quietly murmured "She wants Megatron."

Huntress was about to ask the girl if she heard correctly when Abigail blacked out again. Destiny cocked her head frowning up at her. Huntress didn't know what to think. She was afraid if she did, things would not come out pretty. That's when the metallic, blood curdling, scream decided to fill the room. Destiny and Huntress gave each other a glance. Quickly they ran to where the noise came from.

*Front Lines, Cave Entrance, 6:20pm*

Riana covered her head as another clip of bullets shot over her head. Bumblebee's armor was barley skimmed by and he shouted "Hey! Watch it!"

No one apologized or gave any sign they had heard him. All went on was the same constant thing that had been happening the last fifty minutes, war. Riana finished up what she had originally come to do, closing up the last crack in Bumblebee's armor. He grinned down tensely in gratitude and Riana gave him a playful punch. She turned to see Prowl and Bulkhead keeping up the fight valiantly. They were trying so hard to push off the Pack till one of their fallen teammates was back on his feet.

Riana left Bumblebee's side, reaching for her AK-47 to the left laying in a haze of airborne dirt. She froze, hand in midair. Something had caught her eye. It was a warrior in the distance, injured. Badly. Riana knew the young man was maybe sixteen, if that. A woman around her age was aiding the boy but it wasn't what set her into immobility. It was their age and the background that surrounded them.

Riana suddenly could hear every shot, every metallic howl, every scream. She picked up voices of both woman and men giving out brave battle calls, only to be silenced by louder cries in agony. Riana knew many of those voices were barely over the age of fifteen, thrown together in a fight for survival. Trained to kill before they were of legal age to drive. Their innocence, gone. She smelled the Pack's foul odor, the stench of murder. Riana felt their sharp razor claws swipe at one of many of her species. Then heard the loud screams, horrific screams, as the Pack dogs gave their last breathes. It came from both sides, the cry of battle. The sound of war. Riana had heard this most of her young adult life. But now, it was deafening. Riana couldn't take it anymore. She began to shake and shy away as bullet shots cascaded all around. Riana held her arms to her chest as more screams and cries echoed in the air. She felt hot tears slip down her cheeks and looked forward, staring at the chaos created by a simple experiment.

Prowl slit the Pack dog's left leg, smirking as it cried out. It backed off, yelping as it ran off to the others. He turned smirking, watching for any looks of pride or encouragement. What he got was something her never expect Riana to go through. She was half cradled on the ground, watching the battle going on with dazed eyes. Prowl knew the minute he laid eyes on the organic what exactly was going on. Riana was experiencing shell shock. It happens when soldiers, in the midst of a battle, suddenly cannot take the chaos anymore. It became to much. Prowl had seen this first hand; knowing instantly Riana could die if she didn't wake up from her daze. He sprinted towards her, only to be pinned down by a Pack dog. Bulkhead was coming to his aid as Prowl struggled under. He then reached out a huge hand outward shouting


Riana blinked, coming to reality in seconds. Her eyes widen as she dropped the gun in her hands. Riana took another hard look around, studying the Pack instead of the war. She could see the bulk of the species was thrashing wildly on the battlefield. However, more were pouring in from the cave, like locust. Riana did noticed something. With all their snapping, growling and pacing she noticed many weren't killing. Riana wouldn't ever speak anything on her group, but come on! NO human's dead? Hardly a scratch on some? Not even the introduction of a new weapon could make them act this bad! So there had to be a reason….

Riana felt her gaze drift along the line of Pack once again. She began to see they were not acting defensive, nor brutally attacking. They just dodge, snapped jaws when humans came to close, then lay submissive. Almost like they were the distraction, not the humans. Riana also saw the Pack only died when Adamantium bullets hit their exposed metal. Other than that, it was if they were bored with them. Waiting for something. Riana's last conversation in private with Huntress came speeding into her mind. Huntress said the mother wanted Abigail for an "experiment" of some kind. Ideas popped in her brain faster than she could decipher. So if the mother was intent on having Abigail, then she needed protection. Which also meant if the humans attacked, lets say most in the front entrance, have most of your species keep them at bay. Then leave a few to keep the inner depths of the cave guarded. Riana tried to catch her breath, failing measurable. The gravity of the situation hit her. Eric and Ratchet were in the cave…alone. So was Huntress and Destiny with Abigail. Riana didn't know how many there were in the cave but she did know the number that would take to kill half of her teammates. She leaped out from her cradled embrace and faced the direction of where the three Autobots stood. Riana pointed to the cave shouting

"Our distraction has been compromised! They KNOW what we're doing! We have to warn Ratchet and Eric! NOW!"

She reached her hand upward to turn on the comlink when a large tree was uprooted by the roots. It came crashing down towards Riana like a freight train. Bumblebee screamed out "NO!"

He turned on his wheels on his feet, shooting towards the young woman. Riana was picked up, given the sensation of a large rag doll, as Bumblebee swiped her up with one hand. The tree crashed harmless to the ground, claiming no victims. She half coughed up the allergic spores sputtering "Nice."

"You're Welcome." Bumblebee stated smirking. Riana rolled her eyes, hiding the shock of what could have happened. He placed her into the relieved arms of Prowl. Riana grinned upon the touch of his arms servos and accepted the embrace. She did however give both a blank look stating

"I think we need to make that call now."

*Second Floor, Outer Cave*

The mother watched the battle with distain. She was impatient to show her children what fighting really was but bit off the urge. The mother realized the "battle" was only a distraction. But good grief! Make it a little bit more convincing! She yearned to have the feeling of power in her claws once again. Then her children would see. The mother could already imagine Megatron by her side, they both ridding the world of pesky humans and persistent Autobots. She grinned evilly as the image of the girl and her flourishing spark settled her urges.

A hard cough rattled her body sending the mother to lean forward in pain. This, and much worse, symptoms had been happening consistently. She had little time left. The mother needed the young spark this instant. She noticed a familiar black haired twenty one year old cradling in the dirt. The mother laughed vindictively croaking

"You finally cracked fleshling."

She saw the black and gold bot try to reach her, only to be foiled by one of her children. The mother made a mental note to give that specific female a reward. She sat down and watched with pleasing eyes as the girl covered her head and waited for death. The mothers lips thinned and her brows forward to see the girls head suddenly snap open upon hearing the bots vocals. She slowly pushed her body of the ground, leaning out the hole in the cave. The mother saw the sparkle in the girls eye, studying the battle onward. She growled deep and throaty to see the girls eyes stretch open for a long two minutes. The mother scrapped her claws along the cave rock as Riana turned to the three Autobots screaming

"Our distraction has been compromised! They KNOW what we're doing! We have to warn Ratchet and Eric! NOW!"

"No," The mother spook teeth gritted. Humans, in here? Trying to get…the girl. The mother fought off the pain reaching for the door. While making her way to the inner cave she thought that it was strange the one called "Huntress" was not in the middle of the war. The mother quickly realized that she…was in here. Trying to froth her long, thought out, plan. She roared out even more, booking it out the doorway. The mother would NOT let this happen! Not when she was so close!

*Middle Cave, 8:00pm*

"Ratchet!" Eric shouted out. He was trying to pull of Savage off Ratchet. The word "trying" the key phrase. No matter what he did, the slagging animal wouldn't back off the old bot! She kept reaching out snapping towards his feet, then barreling to grab his throat. Eric was amazed by the concentration and skill the medic had. So he really was a trained soldier in some Great War. Eric would bet any person here a lot of money that Ratchet knew a lot more than he put on.

Eric reached out for his bow and arrow, fumbling with the arrow to hold on the bow. He finally succeeded in keeping the arrow steady and furiously positioned it directly towards the Pack dogs head.

"Back off glitch!" Eric roared venomously. Savage stopped her attacks at Ratchet, turning her muscled frame to face the boy. Her tail flicked in quick motions, her teeth barred. Savage turned the aggressive look to an evil smile. She took on large step forward, Eric backing off slightly. Suddenly the sound of beeping came from Eric's side head. He glanced at Ratchet then at Savage, slowly clicking the comlink to on. Riana's frantic voice came on the line, loud enough for everyone to hear,

"Eric! The Pack KNOWS what were planning! I don't know how but…"

Her voice trailed off and Eric snorted. He sneered at Savage hissing into the comlink "No slag,"

"Your timing is impeccable." Ratchet sarcastically input. He pushed his body on the rock, resting is old creaking bones. His optics kept a close on every movement of the sadistic dog. Eric grinned, which Savage frowned upon seeing she's was being ignored.

"Yea when Ratchet has a spark attack, we'll let you tell him after he's already recuperating." Eric wised cracked. Riana's frantic voice turned to a deep sigh and a frustrated "So I guess that means they already spotted ya."

"You can say that." Eric replied. Savage hissed, grabbing the young mans attention. He flicked off the comlink with a quick "Can't talk now…"

He readied to play a violent dance with the Pack dog. Sadly, she wasn't in the mood. Savage attacked straight on, slashing both front paws. Eric shouted out in alarm, slipping on the wet rock to his backside. Savage came in for the kill, striking her whole head down towards the boy. Eric quickly dropped the bow and arrow, grabbing her upper and lower jaw. He felt sweat pour down his backside like running water as his body screamed from the heavy girth in his lap. Ratchet went barreling to him shouting concerned "KID!"

Eric pushed off Savages long jaws, watching out for her huge hind legs. She was intent on killing him, one way or the other. When Savage saw that killing him straight on wasn't working, she went or his legs. Eric kicked wildly pulling his fingernails along the rock to get away. He had just pushed his body up a few inches when searing, pain shot through his ankle. Eric looked down horrified as Savage's behemoth left paw was crushing on top of his right foot. He cried out, fighting to get away. She pulled him back, beginning a sick game of cat and mouse. Savage grinned evilly as the young man started to panic, just like a tiny mouse. But what she didn't know that Ratchet snuck from behind, slowly making his way to her backside. When Savage leaned forward to snap her jaws on top of the boys flailing legs, Ratchet made his move. He grabbed her lower body roughly, thrusting her roughly to the side. Savage felt the sensation of being weightless as Ratchet swung her to the right wall. She cried out as the wall smacked her on the side, splitting her lip.

Eric quickly scrambled over to Ratchet, grabbing his bow and arrow as he went. He could stand on the ankle thankfully, but other than walking sent a wave of torture Eric never could explain in words. Ratchet pushed him on the ground gently but with persistence stating "Don't push your luck."

Savage shook her head violently, ridding the ring her ears. They quickly went back against her forehead and Savage showed all her teeth. She stalked over where Ratchet and Eric hissing "You crotchty old gezzur! He's MY prey! I'll make your pay for that!"

Ratchet stood his ground, protectively putting himself in front of Eric. The young man reached for his bow and arrow, ready to help the old medic. Savage growled, coming closer. As both men braced to strike a loud shout echoed inward as a blur of silver slammed into Savage. She grunted as the silver being held her against the wall. Eric's eyes widen as he saw…a Silver Pack dog! It was ATTACKING another! For them!

Savage growled aggressively up at the intruder but froze seeing a hard looking Silverwolf pinning her to the wall. She was in robot mode, digging her claws fingers into Savages throat. Savage's eyes went a blaze as she too transformed. Silverwolf was ready for this and grabbed her throat with both hands as soon as Savage was in full mode.

"You traitor.." Savage choked out, fighting off her sister's death grip. She was amazed of how strong her sister had become in a short time. Silverwolf seemed so different. She pushed harder on Savages throat hissing "Rather a traitor than a murderer."

Ratchet and Eric stood in a daze as Silverwolf's heavy breathing filled the room. It was the only noise. Savage glanced at the duo then at her sister. She ignored the short intake of air her body was beginning to have to go through and laughed despite it. Savage then haughtily spook "Ahh so you want to be a hero now? Think the humans will take you in?"

She thrust out her hands to Silverwolfs shoulders, digging her claws a inch deep. Silverwolf's face distorted in pain but she gritted her teeth. Savage slowly pushed her away hissing vindictively "They will kill you on sit. They will never accept you. Not like us."

Silverwolf stared into Savages eyes, closing her face next to hers. She sneered at her sister, her spark filling with disgust over what mother had allowed her to become. What Savage had allowed herself to become. Silverwolf stated "I'll take my chances with them."

Savage's face went blank and she let go of her sister's body. Her body went like a noodle and Silverwolf slipped off her death grip around her sister's neck. Savage said "We'll I guess if that's what you want…"

Silverwolf stood straighter and set her jaw. Savage suddenly struck out! She slammed her razor sharp claws into Silverwolfs mid side, and jerked them deeper. Silverwolf gasped out, unable to scream from the searing fire in her body. She placed both her hands on Savages shoulders, holding on as her body lowered to the ground. Silverwolf looked on to her sister with confusing eyes and shock. Savage sneered down at her, lowering her lips to Silverwolfs ears.

"You forgot, I kill them. So you want to be a hero? Then die like one." Savage hissed low. Silverwolf swallowed back the energon slipping out her throat and weakly held onto her sister's body. Savage thrust out her hands roughly from Silverwolfs mid section. Silverwolfs body stayed airborne for a few seconds and she quickly grabbed her stomach.

She fell backwards, staring into the cold optics of her sisters. They held only distain and hatred. Silverwolf coughed out as her hands were covered in thick mixture of energon and blood. She applied pressure to the wound but it was coming out to quickly. Silver was dying. She laid her head back, defeated. However she thought this way. Yes she was dying, yes it wasn't fair. But, Silverwolf was no coward. She would not scream, wail and thrash like the others of her species. She would as Savage said, die like a hero. Her eyes closed peacefully and her last breath slipped out in a whisper. Silverwolf knew that she'd rather die a hero than live long enough to become a villain.

"Good Riddance." Savage growled turning away from her dead sister. Eric felt sadness weigh on his heart, though he didn't understand why. He needed to hate her, she was a Pack dog. But seeing her laying there, not acting wild like the others, dying gracefully with one hand over her head, sent something through his heart. She wasn't like the others. A hero admits monsters. Eric looked down at the ground, having a moment of sorrow for the outcast. He heard Savage come towards them, in Pack mode, again but didn't react.

*Towards the Middle Cave*

Destiny ran in front with Huntress in the back holding Abigail. They were very close to where the sounds were coming from. She had heard more, disturbing, things go on while running towards this area. What concerned her was it was suddenly very quiet. She wanted to know why.

Destiny barreled into the large area, stopping on a dime seeing three figures suddenly in sight. She felt relief seeing Ratchet and Eric. However fear seized her heart strings as Eric's ankle was slightly swollen and Ratchet looked like he had gone through the ringer. She was about to ask what was wrong when Destiny saw her.

Savage smirked seeing the familiar black hair, green eyed girl. She chuckled low and faced her. Destiny's fist balled up tightly and fiery hatred flickered in her eyes.

"You…" Destiny hissed tensely, eyes growing hard. Savage smirked and her optics glowed a bright red. Huntress felt movement in her arms and looked down to see Abby stirring. Abigail's eyes flickered and then open wide. Huntress watched in amazement as the girls changed before her. Abby looked over to where a simple robotic Pack dog lay dead. However the girl splurged out a few tears whispering "You killed her…"

Savage shrugged her shoulders and growled "Couldn't help myself. It's in my nature."

Abby stepped towards her with a look of anger and Huntress held her back. She looked down at her daughter confused, picking her up again. Abigail didn't fight her embrace but still glared daggers at the animal before her. Destiny stood frozen the whole time.

Eric stood in shock as Destiny's face was unrecognizable, covered in the ugly glare of hatred. He limped over partly to her saying uneasy "Destiny…"

"Get him out of here." Destiny hissed glancing at Ratchet. Eric frowned saying "I'm not going…."

"Eric, I think you should." Ratchet interrupted. He picked up the young man who fought his hand away stating louder "I'm not leaving her!"

"Trust me Eric," Destiny growled glancing his way. Eric was taken aback by the animalistic glare in her eyes as she added "This won't be pretty."

Eric stiffened his back but Ratchet grabbed him from behind. The young man fought cursing slightly but the old medic held firm. Ratchet did however send a warning look to Destiny, silently telling her to be careful. Destiny averted her eyes, not giving an answer back. Ratchet understood, heading out of the exit with one perturbed patient.

Huntress cradled Abigail on her hip, coming to Destiny from behind. She reached out a free left hand saying calmly "Come on, let's go home."

"No." Destiny stated emotionlessly back. Huntress frowned saying forcefully "I won't let you do this."

"Let the girl alone." Savage purred studying the girl before her. She sized up her small frame adding "She wants her revenge. I say, let her try."

Huntress glared at the monster growling "Of course you would you little…"

"Get. Out." Destiny stated, brushing her hand away. She pushed Huntress towards the door, her face still hard. Huntress waited a long time before whispering "Remember what I said. This won't make things better."

"Let me decide that." Destiny replied coldly. Huntress stood frozen for a moment before finally nodding. She backed away, turning to leave. Abigail's wide fearful eyes suddenly realized they were leaving WITHOUT Destiny and she franticly cried "NO!"

Huntress sprinted to the exit, covering her daughters head protectively. Abigail still continued to scream wail fully "Destiny!" as both disappeared from view. Destiny waited till they were out of sight before facing her enemy.

"Long time no see." Savage taunted. She circled the girl adding "How's your brother?"

Destiny's face grew beat red as she hissed "You know exactly how!"

She raced forward to attack, Savage embracing for impact. Suddenly though Destiny did a quick swirl, releasing out her two short staffs! She flipped over the Pack dog and landed gracefully to the other side. Savage was unaware of this new style. Destiny connected the two weapons into one long one, twirling it in blaze above her head. She then held it to her side, posing for an attack. It was if the girl was fighting herself for control. Destiny really only wanted to get her revenge, without losing herself to it. She was having a hard time fighting the urge.

Human and monster fought neck and neck. Destiny dodged every snap of the jaws, every slash of claws, that came her way. She slammed the long staff into Savage's flesh every time the animal got to close. Destiny then would push her into the hard unforgiving rock wall, using all her strength to move the giant dog. Then Savage would escape the hold. The deadly dance would start all over again. While the debacle went on, Destiny was shown without a scratch as Savage was covered in many bruises and wounds. Each one softly oozed out energon. Suddenly when Savage aggressively lunged at the girl, Destiny flipped backward into the shadows.

"You coward, face me!" Savage growled, shaking off the excess energon. Destiny unhooked her staff into two short ones, her face enveloped in shadows. Savage felt a small smidge of fear of how intimidating the girl look as she hissed "Gladly."

Savage came towards to where the girl voice had been and leaped with claws forward. She landed in hard ground with no human to speak off. Savage hissed glancing all around for the girl. If she only just looked up. Destiny swung out from her spot, plunging both staff into Savage's shoulder blades! The organic feed off the cry of agony coming forth from the Pack dog. Destiny only wanted one time. Just one, to see the murderer suffer. The rest was only icing on the cake.

Savage felt pain she had never experience before. She had always been the one to give the torture. Never once, in all her killings, had she been subject to such treatment. Now Savage began to see what her prey felt. She was angry but fearful at the same time. Savage's sparked raced erratically and her eyes glanced all around for the female. Her mind raced with fury to see the organic beating her not by brawns but by brains. She now was bucking like a horse to get that pain to stop. It was a maddening rush of excruciating pain, fear and yearning for it all to stop. Savage regret ever touching the boy.

Destiny finally stopped. She pulled out the staffs, bracing her body along the rock wall. She positioned her feet and pushed Savage to the ground. The Pack dog landed in a heap.

Savage breathed in shallow breathes, energon pouring from everywhere. Destiny gripped her staffs drown in the animals fluids and glared down at the animal. She watched the animal suffer, wanting so much to feel exhilarated. All she felt was disgust. Of what this animal was, of what she had allowed her hate to lead her too. The "all powerful" Savage was suppose to be better than this. She was supposed to be the monster among animals. Savage was the killer of her brother, the one who slaughtered her race. Now, all Destiny could see was a big bully getting the beating they deserved. So fighting the animalistic urge gave Destiny a feeling of heroism, as she dropped the staffs covered in energon.

"So who's the animal now?" Savage spit out, glaring at the girl. Destiny smacked her face saying close "I am only giving you the pain I felt when my brother lay dead in my arms."

Savage didn't answer, to full of furious confusion. How could some young bratty organic BEAT her? She was the stronger one! Savage was the one who obeyed no rules. Suddenly a girl who obeyed every law of fighting was now towering over her? Ready to kill her? Savage had never felt this side before. She was the prey now. Savage felt panic cease her spark. She began to thrash around, backing off from the female. Her whimper was pathetic.

Destiny grabbed the Semi Automatic Beretta 92 handgun out from the right holster. She slowly raised it up into the air. Her eyes burned of a anger Savage had never seen. Destiny's hands shook slightly, her forehead sweating little droplets.

"He was just a little boy…" Destiny sobbed out, unable to control the pain in her voice. She thrust the gun barrel into Savages forehead screaming

"A sweet, seven year old! He did NOTHING wrong! His only crime was to trust and love everyone he met! But you KILLED HIM!"

Destiny let the ammo enter the barrel with a loud click. Savage howled out like a wild dog, ready to attack again. Her limbs refused to work as she collapsed on the hard dirt. Savage refused to go out like her sister did. She would act like the others she slaughtered. Maybe it could produce more compassion than she used to give.

Destiny's eyes frosted over and she froze in place. She watched the animal act like a lowly coward, limping away from her. She placed her index finger over the trigger, aimed, and growled "This is for Jimmy."

The gun went off. Savage jerked once, quick and sudden. Her body then collapsed into the dirt, laying still. The shot was clean mark. Right through the forehead. Destiny's fingers stayed locked around the weapon as tears pooled down her face. The gun slipped from her fingers and Destiny dropped to the ground on both knees. Her hands covered over her face, hiding away from she had just done. She sobbed openly.

Destiny cried for innocence, a word now lost. She wailed for the younglings of her species who never knew life without chaos and death. Destiny body shook in grief as the image of Jimmy, smiling and his contagious laugh, played in her thoughts. Then the image of his body, slaughtered and cruelly laid to die. The last image was her standing over his grave, swearing to get the monster who did this. And she had. The job was done, revenge had been satisfied. The monster would never kill another life. Hundreds of brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and parents were safe from the slaughter. Destiny had done what she had sent herself to do. It was over.

However the undenying grief stayed in her heart. It billowed forth and flowed upon the floor covered in both her and the animal's fluids. Destiny knew now, understood what Huntress spook of. The pain, the yearning for her brother, did not go away. The hole missing, one that her brothers love use to reside, could never be filled again. No act of revenge would plug up the hole. Yes it kept more from feeling the pain she felt, ended the line of hurting. However only time, and family would heal the wound. Destiny saw that now. She got up from the ground, her arms shaking from the pressure. Her heart ached for the comfort of Eric's arms. He would understand her pain, the loss.

Destiny stared down at the dead Pack dog. She wiped away the tears and tossed away the gun. A loud clapping echoed from the shadows. Destiny jerked to the noise, embracing for another attack. She neared to where her recently thrown gun lay dormant a few inches away. Destiny went on her knees, reaching outward. A clawed foot, the size of her head, slammed down on the weapon. Destiny swallowed hard hearing the hard metal crumble under the pressure of the behemoth foot. She looked up with growing pupils as a demented face waffled out of the shadows. The face was terrifying, with long razor sharp teeth hanging outside her closed mouth, the large ears laying back and the worst part, the evil red optics. Destiny could only see the red, the color partly covering her body. She opened her mouth, her voice carrying an ear shattering scream.

*Near the Exit*

Huntress placed Abigail higher on her hip. She cradled her daughter, never wanting to let go. Ratchet stayed in front, bickering with Eric over a simple matter. The young man didn't want to be carried around like a sparkling, Ratchet didn't want any pressure on the ankle till he had time to wrap it. You do the math from there.

Huntress drifted back to earlier, the cold hard look of Destiny staying in her thoughts. She had never seen that girl so determined to go against orders. It was as if this one specific Pack dog had….then it hit her. Huntress sighed, cursing her stupidity. Of course! The slagging one who killed her brother! She saw the scar on the paw, she should have recognized it. We'll shoulda, coulda. Woulda. It was Destiny's choice on what to do to the monster. Huntress got the answer as a loud gunshot echoed off the walls. She paused from walking, turned her gaze to the darkness behind her. Eric sat up straighter in Ratchets servos, quieting his complaints. He looked at Huntress just as she did. Their faces grew cold. Destiny had gotten what she wanted.

A few moments passed as Huntress had Ratchet wait for Destiny to catch up. She began to get suspicious as time marched on, with Destiny out of sight. Huntress was about to advise she needed to go find her, when she heard the scream. A chilling, ear shattering, scream stopped Huntress spark. She absently mindedly placed Abigail in Ratchets servos as Eric fought to get back on solid ground. The old medic glared at him sternly but Eric was frantic as he shouted


Huntress cringed seeing Abigail stir from the noise. She was able to tear herself away from Abby, pointing to the exit.

"Take them out. Now." Huntress stated calmly, running away before she got an answer. Ratchet hoisted the girl in one left palm and a squirming Eric in the other. He then decided to outsmart the young man by sprinting the rest of the way. Eric felt the sensation of being tussled around, He grabbed on to solid chest and continued his ranting as the old bot sprinted to the light. Huntress would have found the situation humorous if not for the racing spark telling her that things were about to go from bad, to worse.

*Middle Cave*

Huntress came upon a very terrified Destiny crawling on hands and knees. She was franticly trying to escape the left shadows, her bruised body tense. Huntress went to her side, bringing up the girls upper body into her arms.

"What is it Destiny?" Huntress asked concerned. She held both of Destiny's shoulders in her hands. The girl's pupils covered the whole stretch of her eyes and she shook violently. Destiny reached out for her murmuring "Monster…"

Huntress raised an eyebrow but held the younger girl closer. Then she heard the sound of feet dragging. Large feet. Huntress began to have shakes of her own as the owner of those large feet stepped into view. Her mind began to calculate as she frustrating thought of why this slagging monster was so familiar. The legs, the upper torso, the claws….

"Impossible." Huntress breathed, flashbacks corrupting her vision. The same claws, the face coming towards her, Sari screaming….the slash….

Huntress reached out for her scar, touching it with a jerk. The frame of the mothers bulk took over the left shadows, basking in the darkness. She smirked evily, towering over the humans. The mother was getting enjoyment over the girls predicament. Her red optics shown brightly as she growled "Sorry to disappoint my dear."

Huntress let go of Destiny, placing her safely behind her. She stood up rigid, her chest breathing rapidly. Huntress eyes lit up with a new kind of anger, yet, familiar. She reached for her blades along her waist and gripped them till her knuckles turned white. The mother walked closer growling aggressively "Where is the key to the future? Where is the girl?"

"Abigail is safe. Away from you." Huntress stated back, biting down the uncontrollable rage. The mother grew furious, pacing the floor. Huntress pushed further adding "Why do you want Megatron?"

The mother glared at her question. However she calmed down, facing the girl. The mother looked down the a haughty air at Huntress smart mouthing "Everyone needs a mate."

"Someone to control you mean." Huntress spat, her body firm. The mother turned to her stating low "He deserves to release is full potential. I can give him that."

"He's dead." Huntress hissed. Destiny crawled away from the duo, calming from her hysteria. The mother crossed her arms smirking evilly. She acted like the humans were nothing but sparklings explaining "Your key will fix that. I am his true mate, he is mine. We will rule this planet as one."

"Megatron will take one look at you and become disgusted. You will be nothing but an animal to him." Huntress venomously spat. The mother balled her claws into tight fists as Huntress finished the killing blow "You will be HIS glitch, HIS play toy, HIS slave."

The mother growled deeply her gravelly voice bellowing an unearthly roar. Huntress smirked at her fury. Huntress dodged to the left as the mother came lunging for her. She sadly over judged the animals intelligence as the mother struck her, backhanding the girl in the face! Huntress reached both hands to her face as the mother pinned her down on the ground. More flashbacks of the time before spilled into Huntress' brain as she screamed "Destiny! Call for help!"

Destiny stood in a panic, unable to move, unable to breath. Huntress terrified scream of remembering a past she never wanted to remember came crawling into Destiny's ears. It was enough to jerk the girl and reach her fingers frantically upward for the comlink. Destiny watched as Huntress fought off the mother as the dial tone achingly dragged on.

* Depths of the Forest, Right Cave Entrance*

Optimus paced nervously, fighting the heroic and reasonable voices inside him. He knew, just knew, that it had been too long. They all should have been back by now. Optimus also knew Sari had said that the last step would take time. She had given strict rules of Optimus to NOT come to her rescue. He was to stay at the break in site, period. Optimus there insured that if any Pack decided to "investigate" he would be right there to give them a not so pleasant greeting.

However, with that in mind, Optimus also knew that things could unravel any second. Their plan was thought out well yes, but it was fragile the same. One wrong move, one slip of miscommunications, and the other side would know what was happening. Know that they needed to be stopped. So excuse the young mech for being overly concerned over just a few hours delay.

"I said I was FINE! It's just a SPRANE! Let me DOWN!" Eric's voice bellowed out from the darkness. Optimus turned quickly to see Ratchet running for dear life. Eric was in his right arm, face perturbed and eyes sharp. Optimus looked around for the others. No Huntress or Destiny in site. What he did see stopped his spark cold. His daughter, laying limp in Ratchets arms, bleeding.

Ratchet stopped short of the crumbling wall and laid the fragile body of Abigail in the grass. He too let down Eric, who proceeded to run the opposite direction. He didn't get far before Ratchet grabbed his collar as the boys "runnning" only involved a few limps to the cave. Eric was pushed up close and personal to a large pair of blue optics glaring at him. Ratchet then pointed to the girl growling "Abby first, you help. Now."

Optimus came in hologram form to the girl, sliding down to her on both knees. He dared not hold the girl, knowing the others needed to examine her first. Optimus settled for a desperate look up at Eric saying "Do as he says."

Eric's eyes narrowed, his body tense. He glanced back at the way he came, then at the innocent girl below. His friend, his adoptive sister, his little buddy. Hurt. Eric quickly reached for his medic tools and came to the child on his knees. He slightly pushed Optimus' hologram away, surprised how well built it was. Eric began to feeling the girls head and pulling out the bandage. Abigail's eyes fluttered open slightly, then her lips quivered in a grin. Eric stroked her head, acknowledging he was there, before concentrating on the task at hand. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration as he whispered "Just hold on little buddy. I'm gonna get you back to annoying me in on time."

Ratchet grinned proudly and sincerely. He looked at Optimus' hologram and raised an eyebrow. Ratchet finally noticed that strange man before him was familiar. The mech grinned sheepishly stating "Borrowed it from Soundwave."

"Figures." Ratchet stated dropping the subject. Eric was just ending the last bandage on Abigail's head when Bumblebee came running up. He took on look down at the little girl, than his face turned red. Bumblebee hissed "When I get a hold of that glitch…"

Optimus went out from hologram form, stepping into the clearing confidently. He laid a comforting servo on the youngest teammates shoulder. Even though Bumblebee's opinion was "voiced" more loudly than Optimus, the leader felt the exact same way. Anger crept into his spark and fueled him to lash out. Optimus was just wise enough to control it. Meanwhile Bumblebee came up to the girl, reaching one finger down to her body. Abigail reached for it, holding the finger with strength. Eric eyed the interaction but deemed it safe. Bumblebee grinned down tenderly at the girl, who responded with a weak grin back. Riana came up from behind, hearing the yellow bots voice, stating worried "What happened?"

"Look for yourself." Eric replied coldly, helping Abigail up on her feet. Her legs were wobbly but other than that, the girl was no worse than for wear. Riana's eyes bulged and she franticly knelt down to the child. Showing tenderness unknown to her, Riana began to act like a nervous hen mother shooting out questions rapidly.

"Are you alright? I've been so worried….what did they do? How DARE they do this!" Riana's words shouted forth. Abby smiled weakly at Riana being oblivious to how she was acting. It reminded her of the old, worried, Aunts. The child patted the oldest woman's head stating hoarsely "I'm fine. "

"Your far from fine, but you are alright." Riana replied correctively, then ended with a satisfied once over at the girl. Prowl came upon the noise of Riana's squawking then smirked as she protectively held the little girl in a hug, before finally letting her be. Eric came up to the girl but with less handling. He proclaimed her weak, needing rest but mostly fine, getting a glare from Riana. Eric smirked and shrugged his shoulders. Suddenly Bumblebee spook up asking "Where's the others?"

Ratchet stiffened from the question and Optimus turned to him suspiciously. Eric looked away, anger creeping on his face. Abigail's eyes began to water. Optimus went very stern as he asked more forcefully "Where's Huntress and Destiny?"

Abigail began to faintly cry as she choked "The monster has them."

Riana knelt back down to the girls eye level, brushing her hair, asking softly "What monster?"

Optimus' rage quickly flickered into fear as he looked down worried at his adopted daughter. As the tension wafted into the atmosphere, a buzz went off. All others looked at each other in turn before finally all sights focused on Eric's comlink. He pressed the on button curiously asking "Hello?"

"ERIC!" Destiny's stressed cry screamed in his ear. Her screams were loud for everyone to hear. Not they wanted too. Eric's heart quickened in speed as he replied "Destiny…"

"GET IN HERE NOW! MON….." Destiny continued screaming. Static began hissing in Eric's ear, causing interruption in the message. She continued to rant unaware of what was happening

"Monster….has…..help….before….late.!" Eric heard, feeling it harder to breath. He was able to shouted back reassuringly "Calm down…say that again."

Optimus, with the others, stayed near concentrating on the message. Abigail knew what Destiny was talking about. She had seen her, felt her, smelled her. Abigail would never forget the mother. She also knew the monster wanted only two things. One, the key on her neck, two


Abby, in her youthful look of the world, began to believe this would all stop if she gave in. If she just let the mean thing have her, she would stop hurting her family. The pain, the death, would stop. Abigail made a decision at that moment. She didn't care what happened to her. Abigail was going to turn herself in. She started walking backward, careful not to be noticed. Abigail made her footsteps soft and her breathing shallow. No one seemed to notice her retreating absence. That's what she thought.

Optimus fought the panic welling inside as Destiny's frantic hollers continued to speak "HELP! Monster…..has…Code Red!"

Suddenly, the line went dead. Eric tried to comlink her again. He heard nothing. Eric turned on both heels to Ratchet eyes wide. Riana gasped in short. Commotion filled the forest, everyone trying to give their two sense. Optimus listened but noticed one familiar figure not beside him. He darted his optics to each teammate, seeing the cute pigtailed girl still missing. Optimus' face turned to a frown and a blank expression as he heard a twig snap behind him.

Abigail jumped slightly hearing the noise. Knowing she had been heard, Abby quickly twisted her whole body and bolted to the cave. She was just at the edge of the rock when Abigail was suddenly hoisted upward. Abby yelped in reply as a firm, blue and red hand picked her up by the collar with two fingers. She felt the sensation of moving backwards rapidly then was face to face with Optimus. His optics flickered with anger and his mouth was turned down to a frown. Optimus then gave her a "the look". The one all children know when they were caught. Abigail smiled sheepishly, laughing half heartily. Optimus rolled his eyes, placing her in both his hands. He turned to the group.

"I'm going in!" Eric said passionately, marching up to where the cave was. Riana pulled him back replying curtly "Are you crazy? You can't go in there alone!"

"I don't care! Either move your afts and join me or I'm goin alone!" Eric shouted back, shoving her hand off him. Riana narrowed her eyes growling "You're pushing it…"

"SO WHAT!" Eric suddenly cried out. Riana backed off a little as Eric's face went red. He pointed to the cave saying passionately "Their in there Riana! ALONE! I am not gonna stand around arguing about WHAT were gonna do! I am gonna ACT! We are their friends, family! Were all they got and I'm gonna make SLAG SURE I'm always there to BACK THEM UP! And no STEROID PUMPED DOG or any other glitch that comes around is gonna stand in my WAY! Got it?"

Riana folded her arms and looked him over. She smirked, as the others stared with wide eyes looks and others of just plain shock. Eric breathed out roughly, wiping off the sweat gathered from his "tantrum". Riana chuckled once, clip and stiff, stating "Took you long enough."

"For what?" Eric asked, the anger still resonate. She patted his shoulder, walking past him, adding "To become a man."

Eric pivoted on his heels, staring blankly at the retreated woman. She twirled her nun chucks in her left hand, facing the group. Ratchet still was staring mouth partly open at the young man who had suddenly flickered a man. However he, like the rest, stared dumbfounded at Riana. She smirked stating "So we gonna take his advice or sit around whining like a bunch of pansies?"

Optimus was the first to look at the others. He then set Abby gently down on the ground and held up his fists up in battle position. Optimus smirked saying "Let's go."

Bumblebee, Prowl, Bulkhead, Eric and Ratchets faces brightened, then turned to smirks. They followed the leaders point and went to the entrance of the cave. Abigial pumped the air shouting "Let's go kick some Pack AFT!"

Eric's eyes went into saucer size as turned to gawk at the young girl behind him. He didn't remember teaching her THAT! His last sentence came back to him, causing Eric to laugh sheepishly. The other Autobots mouth went partly open at the girl and Riana frowned. She looked Eric's way, her foot tapping. Ratchet caught on and gave the boy a stern look. Eric turned red again, for a different reason. Abigail turned puzzled, lowering her arm slightly, asking "What?"

Optimus stepped to the girl, clearing his throat partly. His eyes stayed wide for a bit and he stared at his daughter for a second. Optimus then shook his head, looking stern.

"No, you're not going anywhere." Optimus said firmly. He picked the girl up and placed her in Bulkhead's hands. The green mech down casted but hide it well as he stepped away from the group. Bumblebee noticed the leader was serious, quickly stepping by Bulkheads side. Optimus came close to Abigail's face adding sternly

"And we'll talk about your language later."

"Yes, we will." Ratchet added. He turned to Eric, crossing his arms. Ratchet sternly glared at the young man. Eric turned from the glance, whistling quietly, becoming very interested in the rock next to him. He did though feel the burning red sensation return to his cheeks. Abigail was feeling this sensation as well, sheepishly nodding at Optimus. She was so confused of why she was embarrassed that she never spoke a retort as the others went to the cave. The others ran right onto the cave, disappearing into the darkness.

Awkward silence followed their leaving, as the threesome glanced at each other. They were clueless of what to do. However Bumblebee was perturbed upon being placed as "guard" forgetting he had placed himself there in the first place. Bulkhead shrugged saying "We'll at least were not under attac…."

His sentence was silenced out by a deafening roar. The two mechs looked to the left, seeing a large Pack dog pounced out from the fog. Their faces harden and Bumblebee swiped Abby out of Bulkhead's hands. She made a grunt noise as the speedster zoomed to the upper cliff hanger. He placed the girl roughly on the edge, hissing "Stay there."

Abigail went to huff "As if!" when a Pack dog slammed into the yellow bots backside. He cried out, extracting his stingers. Abby watched with large, fearful, eyes as her two older brother like friend's began to fight off a wave of Pack dog. Bumblebee stiffly pushed off the Pack dog from his body and glanced at Bulkhead. He shook his head stating "Only us."

*Upper Cliff*

Abigail couldn't watch anymore. She was having a spark attack from the chaos of the battle going on in front of her. Abigail felt along the rock, trying to find a way in. She also knew, she had a deal to strike.

Abby felt a soft, burning, sensation on her chest. She glanced down to see the key, glowing. Her pupils dilated seeing the key float to where it was a good five inches away from her chest! Abigail slowly felt a…sensation. A wisdom. She grabbed the key, suddenly knowing what to do with it. Abby got up, her body slightly shaking from the narrow ledge. She ignored this, reaching towards the right side of the cave ledge. Abigail obeyed the feeling that told her to push the key into the rocky crack in front of her. She pushed it in, watching in amazement as the rock glowed a fluorescent blue. Abigail eyes flinched, hurting from the bright light. The key then stopped glowing. Abigail studied it curiously but leaped to the left side as a loud boom echoed close to her ear. She gasped in shrill breathes and Abby looked where the crack was. Abigail mouth dropped open. The crack was gone, but the rock was blown clean through! Like dynamite!

Abby tensely stepped near the hole in the cave wall, peering inside. She grabbed the key, gazing at it with wonder filled eyes, than pushed back into her ripped shirt. Optimus' corrective face showed up in her thoughts. She cringed slightly. He might not like her doing this, disobeying him and all. Abigail slowly frowned though.

"Yeah? We'll I don't like my mother and sister in there because of me! So he can't just go kiss old grumpy Ratchets on the lips! I'm ending this stupid fight!" Abigail thought bravely. She never noticed how similar she sounded to one long ago eight year old and now stubborn blue and red leader. It never crossed her mind.

Abigail put on foot into the darkness, holding both hands on the crumbling walls. She leaped downward, waving her hands madly as she almost fell of the inside ledge. Abigail fell back on her bottom, staring into blackness. Her eyes took time to adjusted to the sudden swipe of light. Abby climbed back on her feet, feeling along the wall for support. She was making her way to the room where she had been. Abigail fought off the shaking terror that screamed at her to turn around and run! This was crazy! She was a little girl! Abigail couldn't possible think this would work! She was tempted to turn around and flee when she heard a clamber of footsteps below her. Abigail peered downward as the ground vibrated and figures came into focus. Her eyes suddenly widen and she placed a hand over her mouth.

Optimus looked around the darkness, thankful that his optics shed some light in the dismal room. He frowned, concentrating on the heat signatures of the two missing woman. They were faint but readable. The others stared at each other. Eric was the first to ask "So what's your heat signatures picking up?"

Abigail was going to listen in, to make sure she knew where to look for her mother and sister. She accidently slipped on the wet rocks. Abby gasped loudly, gripping tighter to the wall support. Ratchet's answer was cut off as the girls small figure came into view from the shadows. The others stared stunned and Abigail grinned waving a little. She grabbed the support again as her foot slipped once more on the rock. Optimus' large frame came into view. He glared much like any parent would at the little girl. Abigail's face washed out to white. Optimus crossed his arms growling


"She's my mother!" Abigail shouted, her face surprisingly angrily. The mech jumped slightly at her outburst. Abigail's face went angry, straight to furious. She turned from Optimus and ran to the other room. The mech cursed under his breath as she disappeared from view, her voices yelping in some instants as she slipped on the wet ledge. He wanted to scream at her "But I'm your father!" But it didn't seem appropriate. This was not the time to tell her.

"You come back here!" Optimus shouted sternly, running to the where the girl had fled. He heard a faint but rebellious, word of "NO!" as Abigail ran further into the Inner caves. Optimus ran back to the others ordering "Stay here."

He went barreling back to where he had recently been. Optimus felt a panic losing sight of her and shouted "You better listen to me!"

"NO!" A faint rebellious shout came of yards away. Optimus smirked, using his earned intelligence against the girl. Any other person would have found this quite comical. Optimus wasn't laughing. He continued to chase the girl into the blackness.

Eric studied each of the others with his eyebrows furrowed. He made a pffh! Noise with his mouth saying "As if! I got a job to do!"

Ratchet gave him a glare replying "Don't you dare…"

Eric grinned mischievously, his eyes holding a deep seriousness. He bolted to opposite of where Optimus had run. Ratchet growled irritable, running after the boy. He waved his fist in the air shouting "You're not suppose to split from the group!"

"But look what you're doing smart one!" Eric wise cracked, his voice echoing as he went along. Riana shook her head as another irritable shout of cybertron curses sounded off the walls. So Eric wasn't the only one who Abigail learned the "bad" words from. Prowl leaned down curiously at her asking

"Who should we follow?"

"Just follow the screams." Riana replied blandly, her gaze cold.

*Inner Cave, Near the Mothers Den*

Huntress let out another scream as excruciating pain shot up her leg. She felt her whole body wobble and fought to stay on her feet. Huntress took a weak step forward breathing "Is that all you got glitch?"

"Your pety attempts of bravery amuse me fleshling." The mother humoursly purred. Huntress turned around slowly, trying to find her opposing figure in the darkness around her. She glanced at Destiny, who stared back with wide eyes. The girl must have thought it was amazing how she had thrown the mother off her after she had desperately tried to call the others. Frankly, Huntress had been as much terrified as she. More so when those….horrible memories replayed in her mind. She was lucky she didn't go crazy with that kind of trauma thrust upon her. It was amazing even still with Huntress standing up to fight, than in a fetal position.

"Bring it on." Huntress replied with clenched teeth. The mother low, resounding, chuckle sounded off to her right. She swirled her body quickly as the mother came out of the darkness. Her whole bulk came barreling to her. In a matter of ten seconds, four things happened.

One, Huntress felt her hands reach her old blade weapons, thrusting them outward from the holster, oddly feeling everything move in slow motion. Two, the mother's arms come dangerously close to her small frame, claws curved like hawk talons. Three, Huntress slammed both blades towards the mother's chest. Four, the mother grabbed both weapons, crushing them together in her left hand, and swiped Huntress with the other, her claws slicing through her armor.

It came so quickly for Destiny that she only had time to blink before Huntress' wounded body hurtled to the wall. She hit the rock with a sickening thud, crumbling to the ground. Huntress didn't move.

Silence followed, filling the room with a eerie stillness. Both human and monster stood frozen in place. Their figures waited for the techno organic to make a move, a sound. She did neither. Destiny's breath caught in her throat as she choked "Huntress?"

The mother sneered smugly at the limp figure. She stalked up to the bleeding woman gloating "Ah, so brave. But weak…"

Destiny's whole world went red. She began to feel a familiar feeling of hatred. Her heart was consumed by it. Destiny's common sense then decided to flee at that moment. She didn't care how big or who smart that glitch was. She was still a big, hairy, glitch. Destiny was going to teach that mongrel how to behave. She looked around, spotting a shattered glass tube. Destiny leaned on her knees, studying the mess. She could see the equipment had been made for larger alien beings. The tube was almost half her height, or was. Now it lay in pieces. Destiny delicately picked up the largest sliver, coming up slowly to full height. She glared daggers of hate towards the mother, stepping forward.

The mother's imposing figure went down, her hands on both her knees. She half stood Indian style, cocking her head at the girl. Huntress was beginning to stir, the world coming to a hazy fuzz. The mother flicked her body roughly. Huntress yelped short, the claws slicing her armor more. The mother grinned evilly gloating "Pity your origin contains those filthy organics. You could have been a very, promising, protégée."

Destiny walked closer to the distracted Pack dog. Her eyes were a blaze, hair on edge. She felt her blood trickle down the glass, noticing she had gripped the shard more tightly in rage. However, Destiny's adrenaline pumped through her veins. She felt no pain. Destiny came to the mother's backside, seeing the exposed flesh underneath the metal wiring. She held the glass shard high.

The mother smirked, smelling the girl. She turned on the girl sharply, barring her teeth. The mother grabbed the girl's hand holding the shard, and twisted it. Destiny screamed out as her bone thankfully did not break. The makeshift weapon slipped to the ground, crashing into a million pieces. The mother wasn't done, thrusting the girl upward by the bruised wrist. Destiny wiggled in the war, kicking madly. The mother grabbed both feet with on free paw, shaking the girl in venomous thrusts. Destiny refused to show her fear, stopping her restraints. The mother growled, nearing her long jagged teeth near the girl. Destiny shied her head away from the stench and cringed.

Before she knew it, Destiny was thrown to the other waiting lab tables. She crashed into the glass tubes and metal equipment. Her body went limp as her whole being skipped along the table like a rag doll. Destiny's body mercifully skidded off the table, ending her constant beating. Glass shattered around her as Destiny weakly covered her head.

The mother smiled evilly from the girls sufferings. She battled ending the girls life as a short pain embedded into her left ankle. The mother turned savagely, looking downward. Huntress had slammed a single blade into her ankle. It was dug in deeply, energon and blood gushing in unison. The mother smugly pulled the weapon with two fingers, hissing "I see your spirit is not broken yet."

Huntress spat at her direction. It was her only venomous retort. The mother growled in sonic deep vocals. She reached out for her old foe, ready to end her miserable existence.

"Leave them alone!" Abigail's young voice ran out shrilly. Huntress' feebly gazed up to see her daughter, standing firm, holding her key outward from one hand. Her eyes were in slits, and mouth in a deep frown. She glared daringly at the mother, gripping the necklace. Huntress would have found it astonishing how much she mimicked Sari at that age, if not every fiber of her being was screaming inside in fear for her daughter's safety. Destiny's eyes dilated to the max and her lips went thin as she saw the girl bravely stand two feet from the monster. The mother eyed both objects, key and child, hungrily. However she still glanced at Huntress, growling aggressively.

Abigail suddenly threw her arm out to the left, dangling the key over a chemical poison. It had crashed after Destiny's unfortunate incident, spilling in a thick puddle of green mush. It radiated and let off a few wisps of steam. Abigail's voice hardened into a threat unlike her as she stated "Back off my mother or Ill drop it."

The mother, in suspicions that the girl was serious, slowly two steps away from the scared and bruised figure of Huntress. Abigail nodded in satisfaction, still holding the key over the radioactive slim. She continued to glare at the monster, stating coldly "Good, now leave. It's me you want. Me…and the key."

"So what is my reward for sparing their insignificant lives?" The mother challenged, coming closer to the girl. Huntress panicked as her large footsteps closed the gap between animal and child. Destiny too felt her voice catch and she crawled down on her knees. She slowly pulled her body through the dirt, heading where the innocent girl stood. Abigail never noticed this as she tensed up and her mouth thinned.

"You can have both me and the key, if you just leave my family alone. Forever." Abigail bargained, her voice cold. The mother smirked and sized up the girl saying "You know, I like your bravery. "

Abigail grinned, the look not reaching her eyes, slowly letting her arm holding the key come to her chest. The mother grinned also, but in a much vindictive and haughty way. She hissed "Stupid, but brave."

Abby frowned. She had three seconds before the mother came lunging with claws ready. Abigail covered her head, embracing for impact. Destiny meanwhile judged her position and shakily got up from the dirt. She grabbed her large staff behind her back and leaped just as the mother did. Destiny swung the staff out from her backside, straight down on the mother's hands. She slammed them down hard, for once, the mother crying out in pain. Destiny smirked and hatefully spat at the mother.

"Good glitch." Destiny venomously replied. The mother's optics glowed a crimson red as she withdrew her hands out from underneath the organics staff. She stood frozen in place for a split second. Destiny let her guard down, thinking the mother had enough. It was her biggest mistake.

The mother lashed outward, grabbing the weapon from the girls hands. She broke it in two, throwing them aside. Destiny went skidding backward as the mother reached for her throat. She dodged the first attack but exposed herself for the other. The mother thrust her cold, metal, right hand around the teenagers throat. She lifted her upward to her face. The mother squeezed tighter around her neck, watching as Destiny struggled for air. Destiny's face began to turn a sickly white as she reached her hands out franticly to find a weakness in the mothers armor. She kicked her legs, gasping for a whiff of air into her lungs. The mother watched her struggling with sick pleasure.

Abigail stood frozen in place, shell shock coming on at the wrong time. Huntress say her in distress, wanting to come aid the child. She also could see Destiny was fading fast, although she was going down kicking and somewhat screaming. Huntress fought off her muscles screaming in retort as she picked her body off the ground. She made her way to Abigail with wobbly steps, each on becoming more balance with each step. Huntress placed her body in front of her view, noticing the key still in her left hand. She tenderly grabbed the key away, Abby not giving any fight. Huntress felt the girl gripped her waist and bury her head into her side. She stroked the girls head, while facing the mother. She breathed in deeply, letting out "Let her go. You got what you wanted. Abby is here now."

The mother ignored the vocals of reasoning. She let the girl slip out of her grip, only out of spitefulness. Destiny gasped inward, her body half flopping the ground like a fish. Her throat burned and her body shook from the coughs that rattling her body as air now cut off, came pouring in. The mother smiled evily at her distress, transforming back to her true animal form.

Huntress eyes widen as the mothers imposing figure only went half the size as her body morphed into the Pack. Her height reached three shoulders high above a humans, her length stretching as long as a school bus. Destiny, her mind clouded from lack of oxygen for so long, cried out in fright. She went pushing her body backwards against the wall, her hands and feet making indentions into the dirt. The mother feed off her fear, basked in hearing her heart race. An old feeling, one she didn't believe she would ever feel again, came slipping back. Her mind hazed over as her animalistic side took over. In that instant mother only wanted to do one thing. Kill. And Kill Violently.

Ideas of past tortures came to her mind and the mother laughed evilly in pleasure. It sent into a sensual high as the perfect idea came to her. The mother stepped closer to Destiny. Huntress shouted out pleads to let her go. Quickly it switched to a high pitch screaming of clicks in whirls, a long sophisticated line of Cybertron curses. Huntress voice then turned into one furious howl as the mother neared the girls cowering body. The world slowed down as Destiny screams echoed off the walls….

A blur or red and blue flashed pasted Huntress. She covered Abigail in a protective embrace as the gust of wind blew their hair and clothes in different directions. The blur slammed into the mother's animal body in a blaze. Huntress watched as she saw Optimus, in speeds she couldn't believe his body could reach, pick up the mother and slam her into the wall. Destiny's body lay still cowering underneath Optimus' tense armor as he wrapped his right hand around the mothers throat. His voice dripped a uncontrollable rage as he stated tensely

"No one…touches my girls…"

Destiny's eyes opened apprehensively and she looked upward. She saw field of blue, red and white, uncovering her head. Destiny's mouth went agape as Optimus smirked down at her. She half grinned, her mouth still open. Huntress, in her slight state of shock, was able to ungrip Abigail's embrace and run towards Destiny. She reached a gently but firm hand, pulling the teenager in her feet. Destiny accepted the embrace as Huntress half dragged her to where Abigail was. Just as the woman leashed Destiny as the girl feel to her knees, a pair of franctic arms gripped half tackled her to the ground again. She held Abigail as the girl held a death grip around her shoulders. Huntress grinned warmly down at the duo, noticing the key still in her hand. She slipped it around her neck, feeling its familiar weight. Funny, it use to be heavier than that. However the last time she wore it, things were a lot different. One was when she was eight, the other, when she had just begun to build real muscles.

Huntress focused back on the group, tears forming her face. Destiny felt Huntress lean down and brush her hair aside the face. She saw surprisingly tears slip down her face as Huntress said protectively "Don't ever do that again."

Optimus grinned warmly towards the group, holding the mother easily. She struggled more, furious that such a lowly alien life form could hold her with such minimum strength. Optimus was just a good bluffer. In realty, his muscles screamed with each movement the mother could muster from his tight grip. However he formed his mouth in a tight lin and glared daggers at the mother. Optimus pushed harder against her body, watching the mother struggle in pain. He smirked but replied coldly "So you're the one."

*Two Feet Above, Cliff Edge*

Eric ignored the pin needles punchering his bare skin. He was amazed her had run that far on a sprained ankle when dodging Ratchet. Eric thought of marking it up as an adrenaline rush. Something this dramatic would make anyone loss the sense of pain.

"Or their sense of direction." Eric thought humorously. As his body scratched along the rock, rubbing his lower half raw, his thoughts turned dark "Where the pit am I going?"

His "top of the line" heat signature reader, borrowed from Ratchet, kept telling him that the so called toxin was just ahead. The thing had made him climb a ledge, while swinging to the side to prevent Ratchet's furious optics spy him, and slide around the ledge like a snake. Now it was going crazy, not of the what was in front of him, but was going down below. Eric slapped it confused just as a rock below vibrate beneath as someone slammed into it. He gripped the narrow edge tightly, keeping his body from toppling over the left side. Eric glared down but slipped into shock as he saw Optimus holding a huge animal by the throat. His face was so human like, even tinting red and optics glowing a deeper blue. Eric swallowed hard, mentally taking a note not to push Optimus buttons anymore.

With relief, Eric spotted both Destiny, Huntress and Abigail safe. He thought of calling out but decided not too. Eric was close, if the stupid machine was correct, and he didn't need to be spotted. Not with Ratchet scowering the halls for his escaped patient. He settled to crawl forward, picking the heat signature reader up, and listening to the conversation going on below.

*Inner Cave*

"Nice to meet your acutance." The mother haughty spat. She smirked as Optimus glared harder. The mother felt his hand squeeze harder as she added

"I see the feelings mutual"

"Go to pit." Optimus hissed. The mother grinned evilly replying

"You first."

Optimus pushed her deeper into the wall. He ignored her struggles as he read her energy signal. Optimus smirked upon finding her weak spark. It was the mothers turn to glare. She knew exactly what he was doing.

"So that's why you put up the wall." Optimus stated coolly. He acted as if he had won a fighting match as he finished

"Your whole bunch was too weak to take on more humans. The effort would have killed you all."

"Invading my privacy is something new from your side." The mother coldly hissed back. Optimus ignored it, wanting answers. He pinned her head closer to his stating

"But I still don't understand why you needed the key. Open Spark surgery is a common procedure."

"She wasn't going to use it on Abigail." Huntress' voice came from behind. Optimus looked her way to see Huntress glaring with a new kind fury. She stood rigid but held a quiver of fear as she added

"She's gonna use it one Megatron."

The mother felt Optimus' grip go from holding her, to downright strangling her. She began choking for breath as both is blue optics, cold and bright, bored into her flesh.

"Why?" Optimus growled, his body shaking in anger. The mother grinned haughtly choking out

"Someone needs a mate."

"I told her he would never accept her…." Huntress went to add when The mother interrupted her with a loud cry of

"No you idiot! He could never deny me!"

"What makes you think…" Optimus spat back but the mother wasn't finished. She pushed back shouting

"Because I will be the one who brought him back! I will be the one who saved him from the Pit!"

Optimus felt uneasy as a new side of the mother came to front. She laughed with a cruel twing, going aggressive, adding

"So if he dare try to deny me or worse, try to challenge me, I will simply return him back to the Pit. Painfully."

"You're perfect for each other." Optimus spat back venomously.

*Two Feet Above*

Eric felt another vibration as Optimus threw the mother into the wall, walking backward. The young man peered down to see the mother coming at him. Eric wanted so much to stay and watch the whole scene play out. But he found the toxin.

It was a hundred yards away, completely in another room. Eric could see the bright purple radiation from where he lay. Ratchet said the toxin would strange to an organic. It was designed to match what energon looked like. What foe would think the tub was anything other than what they were raised for decades on? No Decepticon, or Autobot, would give it a second thought. Spelling out their demise as someone detonate it from the outside, filling the room with a deadly gas. Eric knew Ratchet said the same thing would happen here. He came upward on this knees. Eric reached back and took a arrow from his backside. He brought it to the front, pulling his bow to the front.

Eric took a cleansing breath in and let the world around him go to a crawl. This was the feeling he always got before he released the shot of an arrow. No longer was he Eric the joker, or Eric the scardey boy, he became what his Grandfather had raised him to be. A man.

Eric slowly put the arrow in place and looked ahead. From his point of view he could see the large tank marked in cript Cybertron that he knew must read "Hazardous Chemicals" from his right. If he could just position the arrow just right, Eric would release a deadly gas into the atmosphere. Then him and the rest of the organics had about five minutes to lock the Pack in, get everyone out to safety and blow the place half to Pit. That's what he reasoned anyway. Ratchet said it would work and he had to trust him now. Eric sighed whispering "Hope it is that easy."

He quickly lifted the bow upward and let the string go taunt. Then Eric waited for just the right moment.

Meanwhile Ratchet was looking everywhere for Eric. He was ready to give that stubborn boy a lecture of a lifetime. The old medic could see Optimus was fighting tooth and nail with some large animal. He also knew that he needed to get the others. If he could only find that stupid kid! Ratchet just then heard a rustle upward.

Ratchet looked up ahead to see Eric on the upper ledge. The old medic realized the boy must have found the chemical toxin. He also was shocked of how the teenager had changed in appearance. Eric's body was tense, pulled back in the shooting position and his eyes were steeled over, totally committed to the task at hand. No more playing around, no more jokes. Right before all their eyes Eric had changed from the fun loving teenage boy, to the fierce and determined man before them. Ratchet smirked slightly saying "Always knew you had it in you, kid."

Eric faintly heard Ratchets comment and smirked. He let go of the arrow, watching as it shot through the air in slow motion. It hit the toxin dead center. Eric checked the time. 5:10 am. So at 5:20 the Pack was going to be just a horrible memory in America's History books.

*Inner Cave*

At that moment Optimus was surprised he had not been born of Decepticon rankings for the beating he was giving this animal. He punched, kicked and thrashed his axe at the mother. She meanwhile, took back her thoughts of him being a weakling. This "Optimus Prime" was certainly a warrior. No wonder her future husband had gone down in such a humiliating fashion. With a mech like this as your foe, you were rendered almost worthless.

The mother slashed her claws but Optimus backhanded her chin, sending her skyward. She landed in heap. Optimus, veins pumping, neared the injured animal. Suddenly Huntress shouted "NO!"

He looked back to see her cold. She held a blank expression, Huntress gazed up at him stating "I want to do it."

Optimus nodded and stepped aside. The mother breathed in jagged coughs as Huntress walked to her imposing figure. Destiny shielded Abigail's eyes behind her back, watching the scene with steeled eyes. The mother slowly looked up to see Huntress fire cold blue optics glare at her. The mother took on her glare hissing

"So you had your boyfriend fight your battles? You are a weakling."

Huntress' eyes glowed a brighter light of blue. The mother saw a thick piece of metal shaped like a square near her forehead. She realized, it was the front of a Semi Automatic Beretta 92 handgun. Huntress pressed the cold metal further into her skull. She didn't say a word.

At that point in time Prowl and Riana decided to show up at the party. Prowl stopped upon seeing Optimus scarred up and optics cold. Riana froze seeing Huntress in position that she never thought would come to reality. She felt an old hatred bubble up as the image of her father came back both Fanzone alive and smiling his rare smile, then his unrecognizable face at the funeral. Everything in Riana at that moment wanted Huntress to pull the trigger.

"Look at her Riana. The one who started all the pain, all the deaths, all the chaos." Huntress stated, her voice void of any emotion except one. Hate. Riana neared closer, just to the point of stepping beside Destiny and Abigail. Huntress continued her finger over the trigger dangerously as she hissed "Now the same monster is under our control. Our choice to let her live…or end the war."

Riana felt her body work on its own as her hand reached for the handgun on her holster. It was the same make as Huntress and equally as loaded. Prowl watched her cautiously as Riana's face filled with hot tears, flowing downward. Her hands shook and Riana started a battle inside herself. Everything in her, the one who controlled her rage, screamed for her to pull the trigger. It wasn't fair HER father was killed when Sari's was spared! She had to go through life knowing these monsters took away the family she had left. It deserved for her to end its life.

However Riana knew this. With all his rough edges and smart remarks, her father taught her this. The ones who face the monsters better make sure they don't become one. Those words echoed in her mind. Riana slowly lowered the gun. She stared at the weapon. It was the same one her father used to help save lives. Now she was using it to end them. Her father would not want it this way. Fanzone would not want Riana, a warrior who buried her heart in an iron prison of safety. He would want Rachel, the stubborn but kind woman who loved the people around her. Fanzone would want her free. Riana slowly held her head low. She stepped aside willingly as her true self, Rachel, stepped forward. Rachel was back to stay. For good.

Huntress looked back to see Riana throw the gun to the ground. The noise seemed loud in the silent room. The dust it collected with the impact half covered the gun in a waft of brown fog. Huntress stared as Riana transformed into front of her eyes. Riana's eyes grew softer and her face lighter. She lifted up her head, a familiar fire catching in her eyes. Riana was no longer there. Rachel was the one who stared forward. Even the black hair seemed to go lighter to the old brown it once was. Huntress slowly felt her grip loosen on the gun. Rachel stared firmly at her stating "No. She's not worth it."

"What?" Huntress asked angrily. Rachel shook her head, tears forming her face. She pointed at the mother saying softly

"If we do this…were just as bad as them."

She came and picked up Abigail from outside Destiny's backside. Rachel softly grinned at the perplexed child and tenderly put her forehead against the girls. She faced Huntress saying firmly

"This is ends now."

Huntress watched as Rachel placed the girl on her hip and Abby laid a tired out head on her shoulders. She felt her spark strings give a tug as her daughters bit eyelashes batted innocently her way. Huntress glared back at the mother, still undecided. Riana's voice rang out clear as she added "That wars over."

Eric came running into a very solemn group, with Ratchet hot on his heels. The old medic STILL was wanting the boy to stay off his ankle. Eric had just won the race against the bot once again. He came huffing in puffing behind the young man. Eric smirked fighting off the wise crack of his age. Instead he turned to the group serious saying "We got about seven minutes before we all go up. Without Jet packs if you know what I mean."

Huntress didn't face him, her eyes focusing on the animal before her. Eric glanced between each hard, cold and angry face in the room. His gaze turned to the animal before him. Besides noticing it was one huge Pack dog, no ties of revenge were seeded. Eric didn't even seem to know who the mother really was. Just his luck, he never wanted too.

Destiny spotted him just as Eric spotted her. He whispered her name faintly just she whispered his. They ran to each others embrace. Both man and woman hugged each other in relief. Rachel watched them smirking faintly, holding Abigail toddler style.

"Optimus, take Abigail out of here. Now." Huntress' firm voice interrupted the reunion. Optimus glared at her and came towards her. The mother gave a growl, the mech stopping in caution. Eric's smile disappeared and he let go of Destiny, walking forward.

"What's going on." He asked firmly towards Huntress. Riana sent a stern look her away, placing Abigail down on the floor, replying

"She's refusing to leave."

Eric half snorted and reached for her saying

"Oh you're going!"

"No Eric." Huntress stated in a loud, firm, voice. It was so firm Eric stopped in his tracks to reach her. She sent a confident glare to the young man then sent a hate filled one to the mother. Huntress stated venomously

"This….monster and I have some unfinished business."

Huntress took long enough to look sternly at each face in the room. She pointed her free hand to the exit stating firmly


Optimus stood frozen in place, debating over the issue. Huntress stood her ground, never once wavering in her resolve. She wanted to be alone, this was her fight, her past. Optimus no longer had a part in it. Neither the others.

Optimus finally sighed, his shoulders lowering. He walked up to Abigail, gently picking her up. The girl grasped his fingers, gazing with fearful eyes at her mother. She spook not a word. Optimus looked back at her saying

"Remember what I told you. Don't change who you are because of what they are."

Huntress nodded. She understood and took his advice to heart. Optimus stood for a good five minutes before finally leaving with Abigail shaking and keeping her eyes focused entirely on her mother. Huntress grinned reassuringly at her. Abby's innocent eyes disappeared as Optimus transformed and rolled out of the cave.

Ratchet crossed his arms and glared at Huntress. He stubbornly snorted and readied to say a comment of he she thought he would simply leave, she had another thing coming. However Eric caught his attention while looped Destiny's arms into his hands. He pointed downward and Ratchet leaned down. Eric pulled Destiny to his hands and began to push her into them.

"Take her." Eric stated calmly, beginning the explain what he thought her obvious injuries. Destiny waved a perturbed hand in front of his face interrupting

"No way am I.."

Eric grabbed her into her arms and closed his face close to her. Their eyes connected and arms looped together intertwined as one. Destiny stood in shock. He had never willingly brought her this close. Eric eyes pleaded along as his voice choked "Do this, please, for me."

Destiny nodded in a jerky fashion. Eric smirked at her comeback, sadly, the humor not reaching his eyes. He laid her down gently back on Ratchets out stretched hands. Eric delicately stroked her cheek and held her right hand with his. Then he glanced up firmly at Ratchet ordering "Go. Now"

Ratchet glanced at Eric, then to Huntress. Finally his medical training outweighed his personal issues. The patient came first, no exceptions. He gruffly stood up, gently bringing the wounded Destiny closer to his chest. Ratchet took one last look before barreling out the door, transforming, his lights flashing. Rachel gave Prowl a look. He stiffened up glaring back at her from his blue visor. She lifted her eyebrow up to him whispering "I'll be fine. Now move."

Prowl smirked at her feistiness. Rectuantly he left, stealing a worried glance at Huntress. She in returned gave her old sensei a reassuring smirk. He taught her that a long time ago. Prowl left without another word.

A tense chill followed the groups absence. The mother breathed irregular, devising plans of escape as the "sappy" farewell had transpired. She found by glancing around the room her children were coming from the everywhere to aid her. The mother grinned evilly, the humans would die painfully. She was sure of it. This embarrassing charade would end. Huntress watched her actions, pretending to focus on the two remaining others. It made her nervous to see the mother so cocky. Their presence of the two though gave a nagging feeling in the back of her thoughts. She couldn't focus with them in here.

"Get out. It's too dangerous for you." Huntress said simply and cold. Riana replied firmly "You should talk."

"I have to do this alone. This is my past." Huntress stated back. Eric stepped in unison of Rachel replying calmly "Our past are just intertwined with this as you. Were staying."

Huntress turned their way, holding the gun to the mothers face. She pleaded with her eyes for them to leave but they were not listening. Riana stepped closer to her, only three feet away. She said "If you want it this way, then were going down with you."

Eric came to and firmly dug his foot into the ground. His eyes carried a fire never seen before. Huntress recognized it and faltered in her resolve. He had become a man. Eric clenched his fists finishing "We are your family. We've been this way for almost four years. You, Riana, me, only had each other during this monsters reign. We have and always will….got your back."

Huntress stared at them numbly for a moment. She began to see their point. For almost four years they had shed blood, sweat and tears together. Saved lives together. Mourned for the ones who couldn't be saved. Listen of each other's past, learning from them. They had become of every sense of the word. Family. She had been to blinded by rage to see it.

Huntress' hands began to shake as she turned back to the mother. She had a choice now. Kill the mother and risk the chance of her two closest family members slaughtered by her endearing children. Or, throw away the rage the drove her for so long and walk out with her brother and sister. She stood in slow motion. The gun slipped from her fingers.

The mother flinched as something dropped down hard next to her face. She studied it to be the gun once held in the Huntress hands. She gazed up in disbelief as Huntress stood looking down at her with cold eyes. She leaned close to the mothers face growling low "I am not an animal. Not like you."

Huntress then come back up away from her face. The woman turned from the monster. Huntress' whole body seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. She grinned sadly at the encouraging faces of Eric and Rachel. Huntress walked up to them saying softly "Lets go home."

Rachel and Eric nodded, walking away from the monster. Huntress was in the middle, with Riana looping her hands reassuringly around her arm. Eric held a firm grip on her other shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze.

The mother bubbled out a vindictive chuckle. She got up from her knees saying "Family? Over? No fleshlings…nothings over. Not while I am STILL ALIVE!"

She charged at the organics. The mother readied to strike. Huntress faced her again. Instincitvly she held out her hands. To her surprise, Sari's old blasters transformed from her hands. She watched with wide eyes as a bright, pure, blue light charged from her hands. Huntress pushed her feet into the ground to steady herself as the energy grew! It lashed out with blinding speed, shooting to the mother. In seconds the room was envloped in pure blue light!

Huntress felt Eric and Rachel grip her body as the lost of sight escape all three. She closed her eyes, the light burning her optics from the intensity. Huntress faintly heard a strong excruciating howl in agony with a familiar undertone.

The light lifted, the humans able to see again. Huntress blinked harshly, her eye sight slowly returning. She gasped and faulted upon the sight she saw as her optics adjusted. Rachel stared blankly and Eric swore, giving a slow whistle.

The image was of the mother. She had a two fist size puncture hole….

Right through her spark.

The mother stood in suspension, her body not comprehending what had happened. She took a few steps backward, closing both hands on the wound. The mother looked down at the energon gushing from her chest. It slipped down her body in buckets as her faint spark could be seen pumping erratically. She glared hatefully at the others, taking a step forward to attack again. It was a far as she got.

The mothers face quickly distorted in agony and fear. Her body quivered, then gave up on her. She fell on her knees gasping and choking for air. The mother fought for the air her body so desperately needed. More energon gushed as her blood pressure quicken from desperation and fear. She was dying, slowly.

Huntress walked up to her tortured body, staring coldly down at her. The mother reached to grab her, knowing if she had to die, then her enemy would go with her! Sadly the mixture of internal and external bleeding caused her muscle to be nothing but liquid. Huntress pushed it away, slamming the claws hard on the ground. The mother howled in frustration and pain.

The young woman thought it ironic the way she was dying. The mother had been born with a lust for power, driven to control it. In the end, the most powerful artifact known, had stopped her life. It had denied her the responsibly of its great power. The mother had searched for power, only to be consumed by it. All because of an innocent child gave back her mother the past that would help change the future.

"I see it's going to end now." Huntress smart mouthed back, her tone emotionless. The mother glared up at her, the optics beginning to dull. She waited for the human to end her life.

Huntress gazed down at the pitiful form of the mothers frame. She no longer felt the need to end her life. It was taken out of her hands. No need to finish it. Huntress turned away, looking into the equally cold faces of Eric and Rachel. No one said anything.

"We….will…return…." The mother choked out, energon slipping out her side mouth. Huntress turned back to her, smirking. Her eyes held a hidden victory. So did the others.

"Your wrong. You, see…we planned all this." Huntress explained, her voice purring. The mother blinked a few time before choking out, confused, "What?"

"We knew you couldn't resist to face your old enemy." Rachel replied walking upward where Huntress stood. Eric came behind, adding "So we strategized to distract you with Huntress. The add on of Destiny only furthered the reality."

Riana pointed to Eric explaining further "Leaving him to detonate the old chemical toxin that your so called husband left to rot."

Huntress leaned forward and her stare bore into the monsters optics. She glanced partly to see a heard of Pack start to pour into the room. She grew tenses saying venomously "So as your children come to your aid, their lungs will breath in the toxin, spelling their doom. My family and I will then stand back, watching your species die. One by one."

The mother gave off a defeated look that borderline pitiful. She looked on to her children as more came pouring in, snapping and growling. The mother tried to warn them, energon replacing her vocals. She could do nothing. The mother had failed her children. She had failed herself.

Huntress stepped back from her hissing viciously

"That's why this war, is over. Forever."

The mother's gaze lifted to the organics one last time. It faintly held the hatred as they pooled with energon. With her dying breath she howled like an animal. Her children answered her calls. The mother fell back, dead on impact.

Huntress did not look at the body. She didn't want too. The mission had been done. Huntress was freed from her hate filled prison. She didn't need to see the one who put her there. Huntress walked past Eric and Riana. Huntress knew they would follow and by the footsteps she heard, she was correct. The three heroes ran out the cave without a sound. None of them ever looked back.

*Outside the Cave, Right Flank*

Bumblebee dodged another snap from the muscled jaws of one ticked female Pack dog. After the others had died, many by the combine actions of both young Autobots, she had sudden froze in the middle of the battlefield. Now the female seemed intent on getting past these two annoying bots and race to aid whoever was inside. It really ticked her off to see the yellow alien blocking her path.

The Pack dog clamped down on Bulkheads left arm, he crying out in return. Seeing that caused something in Bumblebee. It made him see all the pain and destruction Sari had gone through. Alone. Bumblebee felt a new kind of anger boil inside him and roughly grabbed the lone animal by the scruff of the neck. The dog kicked and hissed from the sudden lift off skyward. The yellow speedster glared at its direction, bringing his free stinger to its throat.

"This one's for Sari." Bumblebee hissed. He unleashed a high voltage, which was replied by a wiggling of the Pack dog. It then suddenly lay still, limp in his grasp. The yellow bot glared coldly at the dead dog, with Bulkhead eyeing it uneasy. Bumblebee quickly tossed it away, just like the animal it was. He wiped his hands off, smirking in a fashion that made him seem more grown up.

"BB!" A cheerful youth voice rang out. Bumblebee turned to see Abigail running his way, a huge smiled plastered on her face. He grinned seeing her and picked her up delicately by both hands. Abigail giggled slightly as he examined her, worriedly looking at her wounds. She batted his finger away, giving him the *I'm Fine* glare. Bumblebee noticed the others walking from behind, tense looks on their faces. That's when he saw the missing persons.

"Where's Sari?" Bumblebee asked, concern in his vocals. Optimus gave a tense, worried look about to answer his question. Just then Huntress, Rachel and Eric came running fast pace out of the cave. After catching her breath for a second, Huntress smirked mischievously wise cracking "Miss me?"

Ratchet, after giving the finishing touches on Eric's leg, turned to her with twinkling eyes. He smirked mocking a gruff voice "No, we just didn't want to go back and save your sorry aft. Again."

The others looked at him partly stunned. Huntress mocked a gasp and put her hand dramatically to her heart. She smirked, turning back to the cave, saying non chalantly "We'll then I'll just go back inside…"

"Oh no you don't!" Eric replied grinning. He grabbed her by one arm, pulling her away from the cave. Huntress playfully swiped at his face. Eric ducked and swerved around, pinning her arms behind her back. Then playfully Eric twisted his left arm around Huntress' upper shoulder, placing her in a head lock. He rubbed her head with his knuckles lightly adding "You aint goin nowhere!"

"What great use of grammar, Eric!" Huntress muffled voice came from his pits. She threw him off, pinning his arms up adding "And you stinky!"

Rachel rolled her eyes but go in the fun too saying "He just wanted to knock you out! Make sure you didn't go back."

"So you wanted my sorry aft to stay? Huntress wise cracked smirking wider. Optimus grunted shaking his head. She laughed slightly letting go of Eric. Rachel put her hands on her hips finishing "Yes."

Huntress laughed more from her comment. Eric even cracked a big smile which Destiny too mimicked their actions. Ratchet, who had started on her wounds, rolled his eyes in very human gesture. The others started talking in rapid questions to each other, relieved that this was over. Sadly, one last thing had to happen. And it was happening now.

*Inside the Pack Cave*

A green smoke filled the room. It waffled by a Pack who lay whimpering and growling in intervals as his body became paralyzed. Then it slipped past another who shakily tried to get up, collapsing as its legs gave out. Finally it went past the dozens of dead or dying animals, as many softly howled to the sky as they took their last breathes.

It came upon an old oil tank, long forgotten from the species who originally put it there. It had been no use for the Pack, so many had simply ignored it. The oil barrels had become a invisible background to them. Now, it would spell out their final doom. The green radioactive fog drifted to the barrels scattered around. It lit on contact. Dead silence followed for two seconds.

*Outside the Right Entrance, 7:00am*

"Are you sure…" Optimus was about it ask Huntress when a noise deafened his reply. The group turned to see a huge explosion! It covered the cave in a circle of flames in the mildly warm morning. Engulfing it in a tangled color or red and orange.

Eric caught Destiny giving him a sarcastic smirk. He looked at her confused and she pointed to the flames.

"Nice shootin Tex." Destiny wise cracked. Eric grinned and shook his head. She giggled half heartedly.

Huntress watched in silence as the cave lay waist. As the Pack went into ruins. Turning, slowly, into a horrible memory. Heat pushed into her face, stirring her hair. Huntress felt sweat pour from her sweat glands. Huntress never knew they were there. She felt as many say, a weight lift off her shoulders. The Pack had started this war, Huntress, and the others, had finished it. She breathed in slowly. It was over. If felt good.

"I counted, their all in there." Eric stated. His voice filled up a time of long silence. Eric also felt the same wave of relief the co leader had. So was everyone else, in their own way. The cackling of the fire as lone branches from trees crashed down, filling up the vacant noise. The others didn't respond for a long time, watching as the flames died down. Rock charred and boulders feel. No one flinched from the noise.

"What if your wrong?" Rachel asked softly. Prowl, in hologram mode, had slipped in from behind her. He gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze, she holding his hands softly. Her adrenaline was lingering, however, she still couldn't believe it was over for the Pack. Not just yet. Not until given proof. Blame her father for instilling that kind of cop thinking. Ratchet turned away from Destiny, replying

"If he is, it won't matter anyway. The toxin will only take minutes to take effect. A few days for the strong."

Destiny picked her body off the ground and pushed away Ratchets hands. She shakily came up beside the others, especially to Eric. He grinned as she shyly came to where he stood. They both slightly blushed, looking away. Optimus spook up as the others watched the coals of the fire die away, besides Eric and Destiny who only had eyes for each other.

"On top of that, it's been proven the poisonous gas kills any way of breeding." Optimus explained. He leaned down on one knee and focused his blank face to Huntress. She turned to him with a soft expression on her face. Huntress then sighed, victory as contagious as the flames going on behind her. She grinned, tired both physically and mentally. The others, covered in grim and scars, also grinned. Huntress looked towards them saying

"The war is over."

Those words, simple four words, changed the group. Sincere looks of relief shown on each face. Rachel and Destiny seemed to holding off the urge to weep. Shoulders sagged, others rested on their knees. Their bodies finally, after so many years, felt true rest.

Many saw their loved ones long past. Memories played like silent films. Tears slipped down both human, techno organic and Autobot face. Now they could say their loved ones had found justice. Vengeance. But they had discovered more than that. What Huntress said was true. The war was over. What they all truly found, was peace. It caused a good feeling but a solemn one.

Abigail studied the adults curiously. She didn't see why everyone seemed so sad. Shouldn't they be shouting and being happy? The Pack was gone! Forever! Abigail didn't get it. There was something else she didn't get too….

"What's breeding?" Abigail asked innocently. Her head was cocked in the cute fashion Huntress had found downright adorable. Her lip was the first to wobble and her laugh was the first to ring out. Optimus' was the second. The others rang out seconds after. It was cleansing, lifting off most of the solemn mood.

"We'll tell you when you're older." Optimus replied easily. Abigail studied them, then shrugged.

Huntress held out her arms to the girl, hands open. Abigail bounded up to her, snuggling close other waist. Huntress grinned tenderly to her, picking her up by the waist. She swung the child to her hip, wrapping both arms securely around her. Huntress put her face close to Abigail's. The little girl's large brown eyes showed her what innocence there was left in the youth. Unlike the others past, it would not be taken so early in life. They could be children again.

Huntress stroked her gently, kissing the top of her head. Optimus grinned warmly at the interaction. Huntress slowly drifted her gaze to everyone in the group. She said quietly "Let's go home."

*Two Miles towards Sumdac Tower*

"You taught her what?" Huntress asked sternly. Eric blushed deeply stuttering "She just….overheard….me say…that."

"And you didn't tell her it was a bad word…why?" Huntress replied, eyebrow lifted. Abigail, perked on top of Bumblebee's shoulder, watched with a few giggles. Eric shrugged saying "It slipped my mind?"

Huntress slapped him upside the shoulder. Eric flinched back giving out a loud "Ouch!"

He glared at her, then focused his gazed upward to where Rachel sat comfortable on Prowl's left shoulder. Eric made a *Did you see what she did?* glare. Huntress non chalantly slapped him again which intensified the tattle tale look. Rachel however didn't turn back stating "You deserved it."

Eric's mouth partly went open then he shot a glare to his adopted sister. Huntress smirked, walking further ahead. Abigail by then was smiling down at them. Optimus rolled his eyes as the antics didn't stop there.

Eric playfully came from behind, putting her in another headlock. Huntress then pushed upward, sending his feet kicking in the air. Eric quickly let go but slapped her head. She glared at him but he smirked "There was a mosquito on your back. He went straight to your head. Fast little boogers."

Huntress snorted and rolled her eyes. She pushed him away muttering annoyed "Brothers."

"Oh your both such good influences for Abigail." Rachel sarcastically pointed out. Prowl grinned at her comment. Abigail furrowed her brows retorting "but I think it's funny."

"Her point exactly." Optimus replied. He gave Huntress a mocking stern look. She simply smiled sweetly, giving Eric another shove. Optimus shook his head, finally chuckling. Ratchet even did a slight snort in humor.

The mood was light and easy. The morning had been cool, the air calm. Everyone was in a good mood after finding even more good news. Only two people had been killed during the whole battle. Others were just wounded or scarred up. Ratchet and Eric had their work cut out for them. They didn't mind though, wounded was still alive. That could be fixed. As home came closer Huntress had felt more like herself, so far as to tease her adopted brother when finding her had taught her daughter a not so "nice" word.

Optimus watched Huntress laugh again and smile as Eric slinked away from her muttering "You're not nice, I'm going home."

Ratchet glanced back to see Eric leave Sari's side, going straight over to Destiny's. He mouthed the word "Hi" shyly and she did the same, hiding her face so her blush wasn't seen. Destiny glanced back at him pushing her bangs off her face. Eric continued walking dangerously close to her, giving quick looks once in a awhile. Finally his right hand moved to her left one. Eric slipped in his good size hand to hers. Destiny's left hand quickly became unseen in Eric's. She glanced down with wide eyes then up at Eric. Destiny and Eric both blushed at the same time, but did not pull away. Destiny held Eric's hand tighter, pulling his body over where no one could see. Quietly they began to whisper to each other. Ratchet grinned warmly down at the couple. He could see a new romancing blossoming in it's own quiet way. Ratchet approved of the match.

Prowl only focused on Rachel. He found her sarcastic, stubborn and guard. But he also found her to be fascinating and truly loving when given a chance. Rachel glanced his way, frowning slightly, asking "What?"

"Nothing." Prowl replied. Rachel's guarded face turned soft and she laid a gently hand on his helm.

"Never is anything with you, nothing." Rachel spoke, grinning. Prowl chuckled slightly, Rachel returning with a soft laugh. They continued onward, in peaceful silence.

Optimus grinned warmly as Abigail cuddled closer into Bumblebees hands. He spotted the yellow mech, though he tried to hide it, steal a touched grin and stroke of the girls backside. They were definitely going to be hanging around each other much more often. Optimus just hoped it wasn't like Sari and Bumblebee's "legendary" old times. He didn't know if his processor could take it.

A soft content laugh turned his attentions to his left. Huntress was walking with in tune to his. Optimus enjoyed seeing her like this. Sari was clearly making a comeback. He switched on his hologram mode, still making sure his robot mode could function. Optimus wrapped his left arm around her shoulder. He gave her face a light kiss whispering "So you think this is truly over."

Huntress stopped her light hearted mood. She grinned softly, a far look on her face. Huntress gazed into his pure blue eyes replying seriously "Not yet, there is one last thing I have to do."

Optimus gazed at her curiously, moving his head away from her face. He stopped moving and Huntress did too. She put her hand delicately on his hair, stroking it. Huntress then kissed his lips softly. A giggle could be heard as Abigail watched both her parents kiss. She laughed harder as both turned a slight red and Bumblebee playfully whistled. This teasing went on back and forth till a hush fell. Home was in sights. They waited patiently as their beds called to them.

*The Caverns Near Lake Eerie, One Week Later, 7:00pm*

Sari wrapped her arms tighter around her chest as the chill in the dark caves sent a shiver down her spine. However, she would not turn back. Sari had to do this.

She lifted the old cardboard box out from where she had placed it. Sari partly opened it and looked at the objects inside.

What was held inside contained things she thought deserved to be buried along with the past. It held her old tattered outfit she wore when first facing the Pack and after the great battle. She felt no sentimental ties to the clothe. To her, it was a reminder of what she allowed herself to become. It no longer was needed. It lay folded neatly on the bottom.

On top were her two Adamantium blades. They too were not needed any longer. Those two weapons had served their purpose, protecting a race from the hands of a cruel and twisted enemy. Sari thought the tired old metal deserved an honorable place than to be thrown out as trash.

Beside those were the clippers she had used to transform her face into a monster. Sari no longer wanted to see those and be reminded of how much hate she had allowed into her spark. They lay alongside the upper part of the box, alongside the clothing. She thought it fit.

Finally was the single snapshot of the old team before they had left Earth for Cybertron. Sari had debated long and hard about placing it in here. She had thought maybe it didn't belong there. I mean, it was her family. They had not caused this. However Sari also knew, if not for that picture, she wouldn't have turned into the Huntress. That this war, may have never been over. Sari also realized that the picture no longer showed her family. That had grown in size, and in love. She had planned to take a recent picture very soon. Sari felt it was right.

Sari lastly thought what the picture truly held, was her innocence. She had lost it when the Pack had showed the ugly faces. Sari, with a heavy heart found herself thinking, that her innocence could never be returned. It had been lost along the way. She too had changed. The half smiling girl in the picture was no longer here. A woman had replaced her, walking away from girlhood for the last time. So it made sense that the innocence had been slowly taken away. Finally, with a feeling of understanding she had placed the picture among the other memorabilia. Sari knew in that picture, her innocence, would be safe. It was locked away forever in that picture. Where it belonged.

Sari closed the box, having one last look at her past. She walked over to the good size hole she had dug amongst the rock. Slowly Sari placed the box inside the hole.

Her thoughts drifted to the recent days as Sari contemplated of how to bury the memories contained inside. Sari, along with the others, had searched high and low for remaining Pack. What they found was three maybe four bodies. Ratchet and Eric, with careful detail, had taken them for study, declaring it as they originally thought. Chemical poisoning. Though many still weren't convinced, nary a Pack had been seen. Nor had their familiar howls in symphony echoed out of the night. They were gone.

Nothing besides that had happened much among the group. They were too busy picking up the pieces of their old lives. Rebuilding had begun; a slow process at first. Then when Canada got wind of what really had been going on with its sistering state, they whole heartily agreed to help. Sari was touched of the outpouring of love as more Countries got wind and volunteered to help the struggling nation as much as it could. Sari felt her melt knowing, though countries had their differences, when one was in trouble the others came running. Optimus had even alerted the others on Cybertron of what had transpired and even THEY were coming later on to aid America. Sari was overwhelmed by their compassion.

She had meant to do this a week ago but the outpouring of people to Base had kept her in a whirl wind. People came out from the hiding spots after Sari was able to convince the few that the Pack was no more. Adding on to that was the other countries coming in large numbers, equipped with supplies and papers to sign. Sari only slipped out today because Rachel had told her that she could handle it. She told her to spend time with her family. Sari, in confidence, had told Optimus her plan and though hesitant he had agreed to come. He now stood outside watching their daughter with a protective eye.

Sari walked back and transformed her arm to her blasters. She fired one low to the upper rocks. Sari watched in silence as the small boulders covered up her past from view. It was now buried along with the memories in her mind. Sari reached up to her left cheek absentmindedly as her thoughts drifted.

She thought how ironic it was her outward appearance had changed before her inward. Ratchet, after having a rip snorting fit over the "idiotic, lazy, surgeons" from years past who had patched up her scar, took it upon himself to repair the tissue. After much extensive reshaping, he had successfully blended the skin back to its normal color. The deep red scar was now a faded line. Sari though, could still feel it upon a firm touch. But she kept quiet about it because…she liked it. It reminded Sari to never, ever, think revenge could win out against a foe. Revenge only led to pain and death. The faded scar also showed her to never let her brothers of Cybertron's technology fall into the wrong hands. She smirked as the old fabled "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" quote fitted at the moment. Sari tenderly slipped her hand off her face.

Sari turned away from the buried objects and began to walk out of the caverns. She only faltered a moment while leaving, taking one last look back. Sari use to seeing the Pack as a formable force, now saw them as a history in the books. A nightmare that she and the rest of her species awoke from; never wanting to return. A history that Sari believed none of her race would forget about for a long, long, time. With one last sigh Sari turned away from her dark past. She didn't look back.

Sari walked out to see the calm of evening fall upon the land. She grinned pleasingly to see blades of grass poking out in thick clumps where once there lay dust. Sari remembered an old quote she heard once from a movie that had been proven to her this past week. It was this, nature always finds a way. Prowl had always said that and told it meant nature never took the answer no, never was contained. It found ways to break free and come back. Sari was happy that he had been proven right.

Sari looked up and stood staring at the first stars peeking out the evening sky. Not so long ago she was staring at these same sets of stars with a child she learned to love. Consumed by anger at herself and confused of what she need to do next. Back then Sari had been lost. The only escape was dreaming of once was and hiding behind an animalistic mask. But now, she was free.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Optimus smooth holograms voice asked. Sari smiled his way, shaking her head. Abigail came running past him as he stood warm and understanding. She giggled and collided with her mother, hugging around her waist tightly. Sari laughed lightly stroking her head.

"I saw a green ugly looking bug with six legs! What is it?" Abigail asked excitedly. Sari chuckled replying "It's a grasshopper."

"Cool!" Abigail exclaimed, her smile wide. She unhooked her body off her mother, settling for holding one of her right finger tightly. Sari began to guide the child home as she began asking questions about grasshoppers. She mischievously smirked down at her daughter stating "I guess you'll have to ask your teacher tomorrow. Or did you forget I signed you up for the new school in the Base?"

Abigail pouted slightly but then shrugged contently. She said firmly

"I don't mind. I think I'm gonna like school."

She swung Sari's hand wide then wrapped her other hand in Optimus' hologram who walked beside her on the left. Abigail didn't see Sari grin at Optimus as he glanced down at the finger Abigail was holding. A bright shining engagement ring sparkled softly in the dim light. Sari reached over and kissed him tenderly. Optimus returned the grin counting out the days till their wedding. He also was counting the hours for as of tomorrow he, Optimus Prime, would be given a sweet, laughing, eight year old girl to call his own. Give you a hint; it's the one holding his hand.

Optimus and Sari both smirk as Abigail giggled at their show of love. They both took her hand and then in unison, swung her upward! Abby gave out a shrill, squeal in delight and laughed as both her parents swung her safely back down on the ground. They went to do it again but this time Abigail pulled them downward, they almost falling face first. She giggled then gave another shriek as Optimus lifted her above his head, placing her belly down on his shoulder. Abigail playfully kicked him in the backside and Sari dove in to sherbet her exposed face. Her red face began laughing hard as Abigail fought off the attacks of sherbets. Optimus then gently let her down and Abigail resumed her position in the middle. The loving family continued on. Home was waiting.

*End Narration*

Sari learned a lot during those four years. She learned what happens when someone is pushed into a corner long enough. She witnessed what happens when revenge is allowed to fester in your heart. It is much like a poison, killing you off slowly without the slightest clue. Sari also experience hate in its rawest form. She felt the pain of losing someone close, then the shock of seeing them return. Sari battled with her resentment of being left behind and her responsibility her family. Then finally, Sari learned how to love. She became a mother.

The others of the team trying going on with business as usually. Sadly, a lot of things had to change before "normal" could be said for the town. It took a lot of years but finally, with the guided hand of Isaac Sumdac, the city was built back to its former glory. Then it appeared as if the Pack had never happened. Though, they still remained in the back of everyone's mind, never letting them forget of their nightmarish existence. Slowly their time was given as a legend, a page in the history books.

Sari and her family will never forget the Pack. Or that though they were monsters, one, had been willing to change. It showed hope that if the most venomous monster could change, there was hope for peace. That and knowing that the Pack had done at least one thing right. In their struggle for power they united a species. Created what four young men and women had needed most.

A family.

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