This was originally written after a schoolmate I was claose to died during my senior year in highschool. The girl was a great person to be around and always knew how to make others laugh, even when she was crying on the inside.


These tears I cry are tears of Pain.

Of Love and Loss, Sadness and Shame.

Tears of Joy, Happiness, and Surprise,

I leave for you to remember me by.

Sister, Daughter Cousin, Friend.

A loss such as this will never end.

Tears fall in love, sorrow, regret, and pain.

I pray that I will see you again.

Every night I pray for it to be a dream.

Only to remember life IS as it seems.

Maybe we'll meet one day by Heaven's Gate

And till then I hope to be at peace with Fate.

Until that day comes I'll cry my tears

And never forget through endless years.

A life taken in Death's Embrace,

A loving soul time can't erase.