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It has been nearly three months since the wedding. Rogue and Remy are still in bed and for a change, she's awake first. Actually, if she was to be completely honest, she's been awake most of the night with her troubled thoughts. Today is the trial. Mystique had been caught, extradited from Athens and arrested for grand theft, embezzlement and it would seem that someone had tipped-off the DA about her abusing her daughter. The question of whether the 'adoption' was even legal has been presented before the court as well.

The memories of the past rise up, so she instinctively moves closer to Remy, seeking comfort from her slumbering husband. His arm tightens around her protectively as he slowly awakens. Sensing her distress, he tenderly kisses her shoulder.

"It'll be okay, cherie. Y' ain' goin' t'roug' dis alone. I'll be wit' y' de whole time an' s' will Pere. De chaton will be dere t' as a witness t' w'at y' wen' t'roug' an' y' 'ave de pictures fr'm de firs' time Mystique 'it y', so we'll jus' leave de res' in le Bon Dieu's mo' dan capable 'ands. 'E knows 'ow dis'll all turn out." He says in a placating tone as he smooths her hair back.

"I know He does, but jus' tha thought a seein' her is enough ta make me sick, Rems. I mean, what if she somehow gets away with it all again?" The anguish emanating from her is enough to break his heart.

"She ain' goin' t', mon amour. One way o' anot'er, she will ans'r f'r w'at she's done, Marie. S' 'elp me, I wan' t' 'urt 'er f'r 'urtin' y' de way she did, but I also know dat revenge ain' mine t' give. I t'ink dat God can do a bett'r job o' dat, don' y', cherie?" He asks gently with a hint of dark humor.

Rogue chuckles lightly. "Yeah, ya right, sugah. He has ways we can' even begin ta imagine." She grins wickedly and kisses him. "I'm gonna showa an' get ready ta go, hon. Thanks for tha pep talk. I love ya, Remy." She adds softly as she moves toward the bathroom.

"Je t'aime aussui, Marie." He returns with a tender gaze toward his bride. "'Ow 'bout I come in wit' y' an' 'elp y' get dose places y' can' reach? We'll also be cons'rvin' wat'r, Roguey. Y' know we got t' do evry'tin' we c'n f'r de environmen'." Remy looks at her mischievously.

Rogue laughs merrily. "I don' think so, Rems. I plan ta keep it short taday an' I'm pretty sure it's not tha environmen' ya thinkin' about." She teases him as she adds an extra amount of sway to her hips as she enters the bathroom, looking back to see him staring most intently at her, eyes burning brightly. She chuckles to herself as she closes the door.

After they're both ready, they head downstairs for breakfast. Tante notices straightaway that Rogue isn't eating.

"Y' feelin' bon, petit?" She asks, deeply concerned.

Rogue takes a sip of coffee. "I'm jus' not hungry righ' now, Tante. I think it's nerves 'cause a tha trial." Rogue explains to the older woman.

"Mmm...maybe, but y' should still try t' eat somet'in." Tante answers, not completely convinced.

"I don' think I can. I'm afraid it won' stay down, 'cause I'm so worked up righ' now."

"I could make y' some dry toast if y' wan' it, honey." Tante persists gently.

"No, I don' think I betta." Rogue remains steadfast.

Tante sighs with exasperation. "I'll let it go dis time, but y' make sure dat homme o' y'rs takes y' t' get somet'in' t' eat w'en dey break f'r lunch. Y' 'ear me fille?" Tante demands.

"Yes, Tante." Rogue shoots a grin at the older woman.

"Remy, y' keep an eye on 'er, fils. Don' y' let 'er out o' y'r sight 'roun' dat Mystique!" Tante pins him with a piercing gaze.

"Oui, Tante. She'll be wit' me at all times. Y' don' 'ave t' worry." Remy reassures her.

"Y' ready t' go, fils, fille?" Jean-Luc inquires as he strides into the room.

Rogue closes her eyes and takes a steadying breath.

"As ready as I can be." She answers as she grabs Remy's hand. He squeezes it comfortingly and they leave.

Upon arriving at the courthouse, they notice there is an inordinate number of news vans, reporters and cameramen swarming the building. "She must've stolen from the wrong people." Rogue muses to herself as they make their way in. Several reporters attempt to try to question Rogue, but Remy and Jean-Luc stand on either side of her, shielding her with their bodies and saying "No comment." to the reporters.

Inside, it is much quieter since the circus outside isn't allowed to record the proceedings. Mystique waits at her side of the courtroom and glares icily at her former daughter. Rogue stares back with her patented 'death glare' as the three take their seats. She fights the queasy feeling rising up at the sight of the woman. Remy gazes at her worriedly.

"Y' sure y' okay, Rogue?" He asks her in a hushed voice, as the judge enters from his chambers.

"Yeah...I-I think so." She answers quietly, but he is sure that's not the case at all. She looks too pale and he knows she's feeling sick.

The court is called to order and she is the first to testify. Rogue forces herself to go to the stand by sheer will. She recounts every time Mystique abused her and everything from her past with the woman. The pictures are documented and shown to the judge. Then it's the defense attorney's turn to cross-examine her. Of course, he brings up the fact that she stole a rather large sum of money from her mother. He relentlessly chips away at her, while Mystique looks on idly with a small, satisfied smile painted on her lips.

Unable to take any more, Rogue asks the judge if she can speak for a moment. He grants her permission and she begins:

"I'm not sayin' that what I did was righ', but it was done in defense, ta preven' what Ms. Darkholme was gonna do ta me. She was gettin' ready ta get rid a me, 'cause she was tired a livin' with me an' tha way I believe. I guess her ways an' mine are jus' too differen'. I took mattas inta my own hands." Rogue takes a deep breath and continues. "I wen' about it tha wrong way an' I'm sorry." She looks directly at Mystique, who is coldly unmoved by Rogue's apology.

Rogue is excused from the stand and slowly makes her way down. She feels light-headed and stops in front of the stand, clutching it for support.

"Are you alright, Mrs. LeBeau?" The judge queries warily as she attempts to steady herself.

"Y'r Honor, may I go t' 'er? She's m' wife." Remy explains quickly and is granted immediate permission.

"I will take this time to grant a brief recess. We will reconvene at 9:30." The judge bangs his gavel and the courtroom empties.

"C'mon, Marie. We bett'r get y' 'ome, sweet'eart. I knew y' should've eaten somet'in'." He guides her back to their seats for a moment for her to regain her bearings.

Mystique walks up to them. "I should've sold you years ago when I had the chance. I will never forgive you for stealing from me and for daring to preach to me about my life and how I choose to live it!" She whispers harshly as the guards rush over to take her back to her cell.

Remy attempts to surge up from his seat to grab her, but is held back by Jean-Luc.

"Don' do it, fils. She ain' wort' it." Jean-Luc murmurs coldly as he shoots her a scathing glance.

"Get dis blue freak away fr'm m' wife!" Remy orders angrily, noticing the tears in Rogue's eyes.

"Let's go 'ome, mon coeur." He says tenderly to Rogue as he directs her out of the courtroom.

"I feel terrible, Rems." Rogue gazes at him miserably.

"I know, hon. It's fr'm not eatin' an' 'avin' t' go t'roug' all dat stress in dere." He quickly surmises as they wait for Jean-Luc to bring the car.

The minute they enter the front door, Tante takes one look at Rogue as Remy takes her to the couch

"W'at did dey do t' 'er in dat courtroom?" Tante demands, alarmed at Rogue's appearance.

"I t'ink it was jus' seein' dat-dat femme again an' gettin' no sleep las' nigh'." Remy sputters furiously. "Y' woulda been proud o' mon Roguey t'day, dough. She did a tres 'ard t'ing an' apologized t' Mystique on de stan'." Remy smiles at his wife and kisses her temple as he brushes her hair away from her face.

"Thank ya, Remy." Rogue says softly as she lays her head on his shoulder. "I think I'm startin' ta feel a lil' betta now."

"Well, we wan' y' feelin' a lot bett'r, so Remy, I wan' y' t' take our fille t' bed. Rogue, y' need sleep, so y'r goin' t' take a nice, long nap. I'll 'ave Remy bring y' some lunch as soon as it's ready. Remy, I wan' y' t' make sure she stays in dat bed all day an' dat she eats ev'ryt'in' I fix f'r 'er, und'rstan' fils?"

"Oui, Tante. W'et'er y' said so o' not, Marie is goin' t' bed an' stayin dere. I ain' lettin' 'er do anyt'in' else t'day."

"Remy, I thought ya were goin' back ta tha courthouse. Besides, I'm really startin' ta feel stronger." Rogue argues, but it is in vain.

"Non, 'm stayin' 'ere wit' y'! Y' really t'ink 'm goin' t' leave y' alone w'en y' were s' sick in de courtroom, cherie? 'M makin' sure dat y' res' t'day, s' Pere is goin' back t' keep up wit' de proceedin's." Remy informs her firmly as he helps her up to head to their room.

"Y' res' up an' I'll tell y' w'at goes on." Jean-Luc promises as he kisses her cheek.

Seeing that she is outnumbered, Rogue shakes her head ruefully and allows Remy to assist her up the stairs. She changes into her sleep shorts and a tank top and climbs into bed.

"Satisfied?" She asks him with a small grin.

"Non, I won' be til y'r actually sleepin'." He retorts lightly with a grin of his own. He settles in next to her, but sits on top of the covers.

"I ain' gonna be able ta sleep this way." Rogue complains in exasperation.

"Why, y' needin' a bedtime story, cherie?" Remy asks her playfully.

"No, smart-aleck. I'm used ta ya holdin' me when I go ta sleep, but if ya gonna be that way, then forget it." Rogue pouts as she turns her back to him.

"Aww...c'mon, Roguey. Y' know I was jus' teasin' y'. I'd be mo' dan 'appy t' honor y'r request." He purrs smoothly in her ear, causing a shiver to slide down her spine. With little effort, he slips beneath the covers and pulls her back against his chest. "Dis bett'r, amour?" He inquires silkily.

"I'm sorry, sugah. I don' know what's with me taday. I'm jus' not maself." Rogue snuggles closer to her man. "An' yeah, this is much betta." Rogue answers contentedly.

"'S okay, Marie. Y've 'ad a toug' day. Jus' try t' sleep now." He replies quietly as he strokes her hair.

She awakens a few hours later, smelling the food that Remy has just brought up.

"Oh good, I was startin' ta get hungry." She says drowsily as she wipes the sleep from her eyes.

"Bon, den y' won' 'ave any problem eatin' ev'ryt'in' on dis tray." He states lightly as he sets the tray before her.

"Did ya eat yet, Rems?" She questions interestedly as she picks up her spoon and begins eating her soup.

"Oui. I t'oug't I'd give y' some mo' time t' sleep, so I ate firs', den I broug't y'rs."

"Okay. I don' wan' ya doin' without jus' ta watch me eat." Rogue adds with a tone of warning.

"Don' y' worry 'bout me, cherie. I c'n do wit'out food f'r aw'ile t' see t' y'r needs. I know y' would do de same f'r me, so don' ev'n try t' argue de poin'."

"Ya righ', Rems." She sighs, then chuckles slightly. "Ya know me too well, honey."

"Y' feelin' bett'r?" He queries with a loving gaze.

"Yeah, I am. I'm still tired, though." To prove her statement true, she stifles a yawn.

"W'en y'r done, I'll take y'r tray an' leave y' t' let y' sleep some mo'." He informs her gently.

"No. Stay with me. At leas' til I fall asleep again." Rogue requests with a note of pleading.

"W'atev'r y' wan', mon coeur." Remy leans over to brush his lips against her forehead.

Rogue smiles at him and moves the tray aside, signaling that she's finished. He moves it and takes his place by her once again. "I'd do anything for this woman." is his thought as he watches her quickly fall asleep.

A few hours later, Jean-Luc addresses the young woman in the car beside him. "Y' did a tres bon job t'day, Chaton." He smiles as he turns into the driveway.

"Like, thanks. I hope they totally give her the maximum sentence. She deserves it for everything she's put Marie through. Is Marie, like okay?" Kitty asks with deep concern in her blue eyes.

"She'll be fine, petit. Jus' t' many t'ings 'appenin' at once, is all." He reassures the girl kindly.

He retrieves her bag from the trunk and accompanies her to the house. She occupies the room that was Rogue's, before she was married. Walking across the hall, she lightly taps on the door. Remy answers and embraces Rogue's closest friend.

"C'mon in an' get settled. Rogue jus' woke up an' she's been askin' w'en y' were goin' t' get 'ere." Kitty is ushered inside, where she rushes over to Rogue, wrapping her in a warm hug.

"I've been, like so worried about you ever since Mr. LeBeau told me you were sick earlier today." Kitty declares as she looks over Rogue herself.

"I'm fine, Kit. In fact, this is tha bes' I've felt taday." Rogue laughs lightly. "Now tell me about ya testimony an' what happened." Rogue wraps her arms around her legs, her face alight with anticipation.

"I don' know if y' should, Chaton. It jus' doesn' seem like she's excited enoug' t' 'ear w'at y' 'ave t' say." He jests as he passes a wink to Kitty.

"Shut it, Swampy! Go on, Kit." Remy laughs out loud as Kitty begins.

"You should've, like seen Mystique's face when they called me as a witness. It was soooo totally funny! She got, like this horrified expression, but as I kept answering the DA's questions, her face got so totally hateful. I thought she was going to leap over the table and strangle me!" She finishes mirthfully.

"Y' prob'ly jus' made de case f'r de prosecution, chere." Remy surmises between laughs. "B'tween y' an' Rogue, I b'lieve she's goin' t' be put away f'r a long time." He adds as he calms down.

"I hope so." Rogue affirms softly.

The three head down to dinner, since Rogue is feeling better. Jean-Luc fills them in with everything else that occurred, not leaving anything out. He addresses Rogue:

"S' don' y' go worryin' 'bout it, fille. Wit' de way t'ings are goin', I wouldn' be su'prised if she got 'ard time. T'morra, de prosecution is callin' up de femme fr'm de adoption agency an' de las' homme she bilked. 'Pears 'es some Texas oil tycoon an' w'en 'e checked 'is 'idd'n cameras, 'e saw 'er emptyin' 'is safe. Dat's w'en she ran t' Greece."

"Amateur." Remy chuckles darkly.

Henri shoots Remy an amused glance. "S' if she ran t' Greece, den 'ow did she get caug't?"

"Same crime, diff'ren' homme. 'E was smart'r w'ere she was concerned. 'E waited til she was s'pposed t' come ov'r. She didn' know 'e'd 'ave de police waitin' f'r 'er. Dey discov'red she 'as sev'ral outstandin' warrants an' took 'er den an' dere."

"So she will get jail time?" Rogue queries hopefully.

"At leas' dat, if not prison." Remy answers, placing an arm around her shoulders.

"Aww, like aren't they so totally cute together?" Kitty gushes to Mercy, who chortles and nods.

"Hey, Rems. Now that we're married, that means that I can tease her about gettin' tagetha with Pete." Rogue happily states.

"Y' know, y'r righ', cherie!" Remy rubs his chin thoughtfully. "De chaton an' de gian' are de only ones who aren' at leas' engaged. I t'ink we should make ev'ry eff'rt t' get dese deux crazy kids t'get'r." Remy replies emphatically as Kitty's face takes on a scarlet hue.

"Hello! Like, I'm still in school." Kitty points out impatiently.

"So? I was when ya started harpin' on me about goin' with Remy." Rogue rejoins jestingly.

"That's, like because you wanted him so bad." Kitty argues humorously.

"Maybe so, but he knows that, now."

Remy passes his wife a wicked glance. "Y' fin'lly admit it! 'M vindicated at las'!" he shouts joyfully.

Rogue buries her face in her hands. "Ya see what ya did, Kit? I haveta live with this man."

Remy laughs diabolically. "An' y' love ev'ry minute of it, cherie. I know y' do." He replies confidently.

Two days later, on December 23rd, the verdict is in. Rogue sits in the courtroom with Remy, Jean-Luc and Kitty. Rogue is still having a difficult time in the mornings. Remy hopes this will pass after this is over. She refuses to eat breakfast and this has everyone in the house troubled. That, and the marked tiredness have him really concerned.

Rogue squeezes his hand as Mystique is ushered into the room and seated. The judge enters and the verdict is read:

In the case of Darkholme vs. the United States, I find Raven Darkholme guilty of embezzlement, grand-theft, child abuse and falsifying adoption records. She will be remanded to state custody to await sentencing on January 10 at 8:30 am. This session is now adjourned. The gavel is brought down and Rogue fiercely embraces her husband as she cries.

"It's ov'r, Marie. It's ov'r." He murmurs consolingly as he holds her close. She feels his chest rumble with laughter as Mystique shouts:

"You were supposed to get me off, you idiot! What happened to "Oh yes, this case should be no problem, Ms. Darkholme."? Now I may have to serve prison time because you didn't do your job right." She continues to berate the man as she is led out of the courtroom.

Rogue laughs against his chest as he hands her a handkerchief. She looks up to wipe her eyes and blow her nose, then bursts out laughing again.

"Makes me wish I had my camera." Rogue gasps out between giggles.

"C'mon, cherie. Let's go 'ome s' y' can res' befo' y' show t'nigh'." Remy suggests, recalling the shocked expression on Mystique's face when the verdict was read. He smiles as he leads Rogue out of the courtroom.

That night, they perform their set. They perform "You Are Not The End Of Me" and "Not Without A Fight", among the other songs in their set. They return to their table exhausted, but happy. John and Wanda especially so. They were married two weeks ago.

John's jaw did indeed drop at the sight of Wanda in her scarlet wedding gown with black beading. Rogue has to admit that she did look drop-dead gorgeous in that gown. It seemed like it was made with her in mind. Other than Wanda nixing John's suggestion of a flaming heart in the corner of the really nice Mexican restaurant they went to after the ceremony, the wedding was a lot of fun. She giggles at one particular memory.

"W'at y' laughin' at, Roguey?" Remy inquires curiously.

"Oh, I was rememberin' ya darin' me ta eat that habanero whole at John an' Wanda's dinna."
"Y' didn' s' much as tear-up, amour! Remin' me nev'r t' dare y' t' d' anyt'in' again." He tells her ruefully.

"Aww...where's tha fun in that? It's fun provin' ya wrong." Rogue gives him a cheeky grin.

Remy has a retort ready when a squeal erupts at the table in the corner. Kitty is excitedly rushing toward them as the foursome glances at each other wonderingly.

"I'm getting married! Petey asked me and, like we're getting married!" Kitty gushes exuberantly.

"Looks like we spoke somethin' inta existence, didn' we, Rems?" Rogue asks mirthfully as she hugs Kitty.
"Seems like it, cherie." He responds playfully as he gets up to congratulate the groom-to-be.

"So when are you getting married, Kitty?" Wanda queries smilingly.

"Oh, not until I'm, like out of school. We'll have to totally talk about that." Kitty bubbles joyfully.

Remy comes up behind Rogue and wraps his arms around her waist. They share a knowing gaze.

"The two of you knew that he was going to ask Kitty, didn't you?" Wanda guesses slyly.

"Yeah, Pete asked Remy ta go with him ta pick out a ring las' week." Rogue assents cheerfully.

"Oy! I don't recall anybody askin' me ta come along, now." John pouts.

"That's because we were still on our honeymoon. We didn't get back until Wednesday." Wanda explains patiently.
"Oh, I guess I see your logic in that, luv." John replies as Wanda rolls her eyes and growls.

"Ooh...I love it when ya growl like that, sheila." John says coyly to his bride as she smacks a palm to her forehead in annoyance.

Remy chuckles, but silences upon seeing Wanda's glare pointed at him.

"I wonda who that sounds like?" Rogue asks with mild sarcasm directed toward her husband.

"Hmm...I 'ave no idea, mon Roguey." He answers idly as he looks around the room, assuming an innocent look.

Rogue laughs and lightly smacks his arm. "Let's go home, Swampy. I'm wantin' my PJ's."

"'Ey! W'at 'bout me? Don' y' wan' me, ma chere?" He asks with a wounded expression.

"That goes without sayin, sugah." She says in a quiet, flirtatious tone as she winks at him and sashays out of the building. He grins widely and catches up to her.

It's official, Remy is truly worried for his wife. It's Christmas morning and she's sleeping in a bit before having to get up for the special service. Usually, they open gifts as soon as everyone is up, but since they don't want to leave Rogue out, they opt to wait until after the service. Henri, Mercy and Jean-Luc are coming with, since their church doesn't have a special service today.

"Rogue ain' ev'n eatin' breakfas' wit' us?" Tante questions. "Dat's de fifth mornin' now! Dere's somet'in' goin' on 'ere." Tante states suspiciously.

"She says dat she don' t'ink she can." Remy tries to explain.

The entourage head to the church. As Kurt preaches a great sermon on what Christ's birth means for today's world, Rogue smells popcorn being popped in one of the classrooms nearby. She closes her eyes and breathes deeply as the nauseous sensation rises. Remy glances over, catching her obvious distress. Suddenly, her eyes widen as she shoots up out of her seat and runs up the aisle, hand over her mouth. Remy attempts to rise, but Wanda, who is seated behind Rogue speaks up quietly.

"I'll go see to her. It's not like you can go in the ladies room." She grins wryly at him and exits. She finds Rogue sitting in a chair with a damp paper towel to her forehead.

"Hey girl, what happened in there?" She asks gently as she stoops by her.

"I-I think it was tha smell a tha popcorn." Rogue holds her free hand to her stomach at the mention of the snack food.

"How long have you been feeling like this? I mean, I know Remy's been worried. He's told us about how tired you've been and how you don't eat breakfast because you're afraid you can't hold it down, now this."

"It's been close ta a week, now. I thought it was 'cause a tha trial an' all that, but now...I don' know. All I know is that I can' seem ta get rid a it." Rogue states desperately.

Wanda rummages in her purse and pulls out a small bag. "I bought this in the hopes that I would need it in the near future, but I'm thinking that you might need this more right now." Wanda hands her the bag.

Rogue takes the box out of the bag and stares at it dazedly.

"That's not how it works." Wanda jokes as she guides her to one of the stalls.

Several minutes later, Wanda hears Rogue crying softly.
"Rogue, you okay?" She inquires softly.

"I'll be fine." Rogue sniffs as she emerges from the stall, wiping her eyes.

"So, what did it say?" Wanda asks curiously.

A jubilant smile takes over Rogue's face. Wanda gasps happily and clasps Rogue to her. They emerge from the ladies room to find Remy pacing in the foyer. As soon as he sees them, he hurries over.

"Y' okay, Marie?" He takes her hands and guides her to one of the chairs.

"I'll go back in. John's probably wondering what's taking so long." Wanda re-enters the sanctuary.

"Is Rogue okay?" John whispers.

"She'll be just fine." Wanda smiles at her new husband.

"Alrigh' Marie, y' 'aven' been feelin' righ' f'r almos' a week. I wan' t' know w'at's goin' on. D' y' need t' see a docteur?"

"I think that would be a really good idea, Rems, considerin' we have an unexpected Christmas present."

"W'at d' y' mean, cherie?" He queries in confusion.

She takes his hand and presses it against her stomach.

"Ya a daddy, Remy. I'm pregnant." She informs him triumphantly.

Complete and utter shock gives way to unabashed joy as he sweeps her into his arms.

"Dis is amazin'! A bebe. Dis is de bes' Christmas ev'r!" He shouts as the doors to the sanctuary open and the parishioners leave, casting amused glances at the exuberant pair. Kurt, along with the entire entourage emerges to find Remy lovingly kissing his wife.

"W'at did we miss?" Henri inquires jestingly.

"Not'in' much, ot'er dan I jus' foun' out dat Marie's made me a pere." He replies idly while exchanging a mischievous glance with Rogue.

Tante cries out joyfully as she moves over to hug Rogue. "I knew it was somet'in. I jus' knew it!" She exclaims happily.

"W'at d' y' know? I get t' be a gran'pere deux times ov'r!" Jean-Luc announces delightedly as he takes his turn with hugging her.

"This is, like so awesome!" Kitty gushes gleefully as she embraces her dearest friend. "Like, I'm going to throw you the biggest and greatest baby shower. It's gonna be the best!"

"Y' mean dere's goin' t' be a petit runnin' roun' wit' y' DNA? 'Eaven 'elp us all!" Henri taunts as he looks heavenward.

"Yeah? Well let's 'ope dat y'r petit takes aft'r it's mere o' it's goin' t' need all de 'elp it can get." Remy retorts impishly.

"Boys, Boys, dat's enoug'! 'M gettin' 'ungry an' 'm sure Rogue is by now. Y' deux can duke it out lat'r. We wan' t' open our presents. Righ' Rogue?" At Rogue's nod, Remy moves over to help her with her coat. He pulls her aside and kisses her again.

"I love y' Marie. Y' an' our bebe are m' life. I can' wait t' see w'at de future 'olds f'r us. Wit' God in de center o' our marriage, I know we'll be okay." Remy pulls her close.

"I love ya too, Rems. Ya righ'. We need ta rememba ta keep God in tha middle an' not get caught up in how tha world views our marriage. I wanna raise our children up, knowin' that God is tha center of all things.
"Sounds like a bon plan. Let's go 'ome, now. We got a lot o' celebratin t' do!" Remy presses a kiss to the top of her head as they walk to the car.

I know, I know, predictable ending! ;) I wanted it in there. That is my second-favorite scene to write about, next to weddings, so I ran with it. Hope you liked it. 7 pages! Whee!