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Seul Choix

Alec topped the hill, scanning the ground spread out below him. Down the path he was on now was a narrow white river. There was only one bridge in sight, so it had to be the stone one Magnus had told him to go to.

The Shadowhunter headed down to it, squinting to try and make out the warlock as he walked. Sure enough, Magnus sat on the bridge, legs dangling over the edge. In one hand he held a brightly colored flower. As Alec watched, Magnus plucked the pedals off and dropped them into the water. The bare flower stem followed a heartbeat later. They disappeared the moment the hit the water, torn to pieces and whisked away.

"So what happens now?" Alec asked, approaching and sitting next to Magnus.

Magnus took his hand by way of greeting. "You know why I called you here. This is goodbye, Lightwood."

The bridge the couple sat on was somewhere in the country. Where exactly neither could say. Below them a foaming river ran, the water parting around a boulder that seemed so out of place.

Years and years had passes since that episode in the Hall of Accords, when the couple had first made their love known. During those short years, Alec had aged. He was now thirty four, and Magnus was still frozen at nineteen.

They loved each other, but it had gotten to the point where it was just awkward for them. People stared at the teenage warlock at the older Shadowhunter holding hands in the street. And now that there were fifteen years between them, topics of conversation were falling in number.

When the relationship had first begun, both Alec and Magnus had known it wouldn't last long. Alec had only been using Magnus as a way to keep his mind off Jace. But the one thing neither had counted on was how deeply and quickly they would fall in love.

Now they had to pay the price.

Magnus smiled at Alec, who shrugged back at him as if to say, 'It can't hurt.'

They kissed for one final time. It was a kiss of wistful longing, of sorrow but also of hope, of the years they wanted to spend together, but because of life's cruel laws, couldn't.

"I love you," Alec said, running his hand down Magnus' back as they broke apart.

"If you ever realize how much you need that sparkly headband, just come and see me," Magnus replied with a sly wink.

They both grinned, knowing that another meeting would never happen. It would simply hurt too much, and so this was the last time they would ever see each other.

Magnus wrapped Alec in a hug, whispering in his ear. "You know I love you too."

Alec pulled away and stood, looking down on his lover with a sad smile. "I wish it didn't have to be this way."

"Hey, we both knew that this day would come sooner or later. Seul choix."

Alec frowned questioningly at him.

"Did you never take French?" Magnus teased. "It means 'only choice,' my darling."

He swallowed, blinking rapidly. Only now was it beginning to sink in that he would never see this unconventional warlock again. Never was a very long time.

"Don't you dare cry on me, Alec. I won't be crying over you."

"Goodbye, Magnus."

The warlock nodded in acknowledgement, and Alec turned away from him forever. He strode away, stepping off the stone bridge and back onto the dirt path. Farther and farther, never looking back.

It was a long road home.