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Hermione Granger was a witch. A witch in the very real, magical sense of the word. As were many others. However Hermione's story was more unusual, more painful, much more sorrowful and yet in some ways her story was also more loving than most. Our story begins 8 months before our witch was even born on the 24th of December.

Sirius Black was a player. He allowed none of his many girlfriends to enter his heart, though it was not for lack of trying on their part. Sirius had learned at a very young age to be very careful about who he let himself care about. Growing up in a family obsessed with pureblood ideals who tried to force him to believe in their preaching's taught Sirius this. In fact when our story begins Sirius only cared for a total of 4 people, these he loved and protected fiercely, he would gladly lay down his life for any of them. These 4 were of course James and Lily Potter, their son Harry Potter who was only 6 months from birth and Remus Lupin.

James, Sirius and Remus were the best of friends, all being quite clever they left many a pranking legacy behind them at school. They had one other close friend being Peter Pettigrew; however James and Sirius who were aurors, along with their team, has caught him giving information at a Death Eater meeting that they burst into not 1 month ago. Unfortunately for them he had escaped by transforming into his animagus form of a rat, something only the Marauders knew about. James, Sirius and Peter all became animagi to help Remus on his transformation once a month into a werewolf as they were safe as animals. Even if they had been bitten, it was well known that werewolf bites were not poisonous on animals.

Our story began when Sirius rushed to the Potters house in Godric's Hallow late that evening. On arriving he found James, Lily and Remus all gathered in the kitchen. No one even looked up at his entry though he was late to their weekly dinner. However when he dropped into his seat at the table everyone, noticing his lack of an exuberant greeting immediately looked at each other worried before noticing the combined look of anger, fear and shock on his face. James was the first to ask.

"Padfoot mate, what's wrong? Is this about your meeting with Angelica?"

Angelica was one of Sirius' recent ex girlfriends, she was a pureblood who seemed to have no prejudices, however when Sirius had discovered that this was a lie he immediately ended their 3 month relationship not too long ago. She had not taken it well, her resulting tantrum proved this, and her letter asking to meet him today was more than unexpected.

Sirius was reluctant to meet her. Even more so because it was Christmas Eve and Sirius had plans with the Potters and Remus, but when Lily read the letter stating that Angelica had something important to tell him, she had insisted that he go, if only to make sure that Angelica knew that there was no chance of reconciliation. Sirius opened his mouth to answer but nothing came out, he tried again and again before finally looking up at his now very worried friends and stating "Angelica is pregnant, it's mine!" before slumping back down in the chair.

James, Remus and Lily could only stare in shock before they too slumped in their respective chairs. It fell to Remus to ask the obvious question.

"Are you sure it's yours mate?"

This got Sirius' attention and he quickly nodded and told them of his entire afternoon. He had met with Angelica as requested and she had informed him that she thought she was pregnant and had an appointment in St Mungo's in half an hour and that he should come too. If only to make sure he was the father. He was so shocked that he just followed along with no complaints as she led him off. When he learned that she was indeed pregnant and that Sirius was indeed the father by the conception date he was shocked. Sirius finished his story there. Remus again asked the obvious question.

"Why do you look so angry then? This is great news Sirius, you're going to be a dad and you always wanted your own family!"

Sirius looked up and nodded his agreement that he always wanted his own family but his features soon dissolved into pure fury, such fury that even his own friends were beginning to fear him a little, before he explained.

"Angelica doesn't want to keep it, she wants to get a termination, I tired everything I could think of to stop her but she said her mind is made up, I broke her heart and now she wants to break mine. How could she do this? Killing her own child just to spite me?"

Sirius' rant continued while his friends could only offer their sympathy when they saw his real pain and tried to hide their shock that someone could be as callous as to want to kill their own child. The rest of the night was spent trying to calm Sirius down while simultaneously offering ideas that could stop her. Eventually they were all so exhausted that they fell asleep where they sat, too drained to even make it up the stairs to the bedrooms.

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