AN: After watching an episode of Bones- a particularly creepy one at that- I decided that I needed to write something dark.

The darkness does not arrive suddenly. It is not like a knock at the door in the middle of the night. The darkness seeps in, slowly, painfully, sinking into your bones until everything you feel is nothing but heavy. And the darkness does not go away.

It doesn't go away when you tear apart a mutant child limb from limb. It doesn't go away when you fill your senses with the scent of their blood and the sound of their erratically-beating heart. It stays, right on the front of your conscience, reminding you that you enjoy things like this. You enjoy massacring children who were just like you and now they will never be again.

Your days consist of marching through rough terrain in a simulation machine and running on treadmills, designed to withstand your terrifying weight and razor-sharp claws.

Everything you are is terrible and grotesque and when you lie down at night with bits of meaty flesh still covering you, you wonder what it would be like if you had enough self-control to kill yourself. You think about it when you see your reflection in a stainless-steel table or gazing back up at you from the tiles as you trudge through the hallways. You think about what it would be like if you just took a single claw and ran it, hard, across your neck and watched the blood spill onto the floor, out of this body, out of this darkness.

Some of the others try to convince you that this is the way things are supposed to be. We are supposed to be the rulers, the menacing animals of the future. We aren't. We are temporary, I keep telling them, but they just shake their heads and tell me to grow a pair.

Tomorrow you'll be standing in line for food- you prefer the taste of newborns, because someone once told you that they taste just like prime rib- and you'll be wondering where those bird kids are. You'll wonder if Max is choosing middle-aged meat over teenaged, because the kitchen ran out of infants while you were busy staring at your reflection. You'll wonder why she didn't just break you out of here; break you out of the darkness.

But now, here, you receive information that soon, you won't have to choose between newborns or toddlers or molded carrots. You learn that soon, the darkness will be gone, because you will be gone. You'll be erased from the planet and erased from every single person's mind. But there's one mind you realize you don't want to be erased from.

So tomorrow you won't be standing in line for food. You'll be packing what little items you own into a satchel and sneaking out onto the hunting fields, before you take off into the skies.

There, you'll line up with the rising sun, hoping it will drown out some of the darkness inside of you. Only then, will you realize that the light builds up the darkness and presses it against your heart to where you can barely breathe.

This is what you wanted all along, but you won't want it yet, not just yet. The darkness can wait a little longer, because you need to make sure you're not erased completely.

AN: I was always so confused about the Ari deal, anyway. I mean, at first he wants to kill Max, then he loves her and wants her to "run away" with him, then he's all happy-happy-joy-joy and then… clunk. Dead. If JP was to bring someone back, I would like it to be Ari, because I enjoyed his dark character, preferably the evil version, because I liked him that way the best.