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Chapter One


My name's Carter Ace, and I'm cousin to the biggest looser on the face of the planet.

Alright, I have to admit that he wasn't all that bad... but his idea of "fun" was his little chemistry set and homework. I mean really, what normal kid would do that instead of going out to play basket ball or baseball?

But then again, he didn't know how to play.

My mom, Terry Ace, was younger sister to Scott Smalls' mother. When my mom was in high school, she met my dad, and they fell in "love". They were a fling for a while, but then my mom found out she was pregnant with me. Once my dad found out, he packed up and left before I was even born.

So my mom dropped out of high school to raise me. Of course my Aunt didn't approve, but she did everything she could to help. Me and my mom lived in the same state as the Smalls', but we didn't visit often; my mom was too busy with work and me. I grew up to be an O.K. kid; i went to school, got high grades and such. My life was pretty good.

But then my mom got cancer, and was fading fast. Of course we didn't have the money to pay for the operation, and even though my Aunt tried to help, they weren't rich.

So a couple years after my mom was diagnosed, she died, leaving me behind. I was now a twelve year old orphan with no where to go.

Yeah, right. I had the Smalls' didn't I? Unfortunately, yes. Then, only a couple of weeks after moving in with them, we have to move across the country to Los Angeles!

Just perfect. No, I didn't have anything against my family, but... I just wanted to go home. To my real home. I wanted my mom that loved me, a real dad who wouldn't run away...

But no. I got to live with my cousins. My compromise.

So here I was, loading everything out of the red U-haul with Scotty, watching other boys pass.

But I guess moving provided a new life for me.

My mom may have named me Carter, for whatever reason, but I was sadly a girl.

But where we were now... only my Aunt, Uncle and cousin knew that I was.

I had my dark baseball cap on my head backwards, with my long blondish brown hair tied up underneath, giving me the look of a boy. I guess it worked all right.

I wore a baggy white shirt, I hope I don't need to explain why, a faded blue, unbuttoned shirt over it, jeans, and black and white high tops.

Putting my hand up to shield the bright sunlight from my pale blue eyes, I watched some guys pass. Great... I'd have to make new friends.

Not that I had any to begin with, really. People thought it was weird that I dressed up like a guy. All the girls back home teased me, but whatever.

Sighing I shook my head.

Two weeks before school ended. Not too bad.

Grabbing a box I shook my head.

"C'mon Scotty; only a few more boxes."

It was night now, and I was still unpacking some boxes in my room.

My walls were right, and against one of them sat a bed with dark sheets. My walls were bare, and they'd remain that way; I didn't like posters. My book shelf was already on the wall opposite from my window, and I was putting books on it.

Although I wasn't a geek, or whiz, I did like reading. Not on history, or boring things like that... but fiction. It was a pass time when I didn't have anything better to do.

With my bleach white door open, I could here Scotty and Bill in the room next to mine, which was Bills trophy room.

"Uhm... Dad?" I heard Scotty ask in that soft voice of his. Setting my last book on the shelf I sat still, listening.

"I-I mean Bill?" Scotty stuttered. He still had a hard time trying to think of him as his dad. Couldn't really blame him, though; it'd only been a year since Bill and his mom got married.

"Remember you-... you promised to teach me how to play catch?" I heard Scotty ask.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. This again. I was going to offer to teach him, but my aunt stopped me. She told me that Bill and Scotty needed "bonding time".

"Well... can you teach me?"

"Yeah. Sure." I heard Bill answer.

It was silent for a long time, and I wondered if Scotty had left the room.

"Okay." I heard him say. He sounded pretty... sad?



It was silent again before Scotty muttered a "sorry" and left.

Shaking my head, I began unpacking, finishing soon so I could go to bed.

"Come on, Carter! You promised!" I heard Scotty whine from outside my door as I got dressed.

Rolling my eyes, I growled out a "fine!" before I finished tying my shoes. I wore another baggy white t-shirt, long jeans and a green unbuttoned shirt over that.

What? It was my "signature" outfit.

I brushed my hair before I tucked it under my backwards cap and opened my door.

Leaving our pink house (worse color of pink I've seen by far), Scotty began walking me towards the sandlot.

Scotty had told me that he had stalked (not his exact words) some guys home from school to this sandlot where they played baseball, and he had begged me to come, so here I was, pushing through some dead branches with Scotty ahead of me.

While Scotty watched the players from out field, by the back fences, I saw under a shaded tree, watching the players curiously.

They were pretty great; they all seemed to have experience and whatnot, and they looked like they were having fun...

At the red dug out that had whatever nick necks and such, I spotted another figure. Another guy?

Nope. A girl. She was pretty pale, with curly strawberry blond hair and steel blue eyes. But she wore guys clothes too... although she didn't hide the fact that she was a girl.

That's about when Scotty made a complete fool of himself.

"Watch out!" I heard on of the guys scream, and turning my head from where I sat under the shaded tree, I saw Scotty hold that stupid plastic mitt up, and completely miss an easy ball.

Sighing, my brought my palm to my head. This was just so sad that he was my cousin.

The others laughed, and I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. He did scream kind of like a girl.

Getting up off the ground, Scotty put on his ginormous hat and looked back at the laughing boys

"Kay, I'll get it!" He called, then turned to find the ball and started muttering to himself like the little psycho he was.

I watched him search the undergrowth for the ball. He made his way over to a high green fence.

Seeing the ball, he hesitantly started to bend down with the others screaming at him to hurry up.

Now on his hands and knees, I saw Scotty reach for the ball that had rolled under some dead bushes.

A sudden bark/growl shook the fence, and Scotty grabbed the ball springing up like a rabbit and running away from the fence.

"We are waiting!" An annoying, short kid with glasses, a backwards hat and a yellow shirt screamed from where he stood.

Looking at them for a second, Scotty looked at his feet before moving them around.

No. He wasn't doing what I think he was doing... was he?

Bringing his arm back way too far, Scotty chucked the ball... a foot. Maybe a foot and a half. Hmm... good job. I think that's the best he's done.

Laughter erupted from the boys around him, and some even collapsed on the ground.

Sighing, I leaned my head against the wooden fence behind me.

I heard Scotty mumble something about his life being over and then ran away.

Ladies and gentlemen; Scotty Smalls has left the sandlot.

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