A/N: I'm new at liking Suju so I'm not such an expert on them yet. I love all of the members but my ace fave right now is Heechul. So here's a fic about him finding his one true love. Hope ya'll enjoy.

Warnings: OOC, maybe slightly just a teeny bit Mary-Sue, language, adult situations, etc.

Kim Heechul was a happy man. He was 27 years old and already he had the world served on a silver platter. It was his for the taking. Well, his and twelve others. You see, Heechul is a member of the popular K-pop 13 member boyband (if you wanna add the two others from China then it'll be 15 members) known to the world as Super Junior. Super Junior had been doing exceedingly well ever since their debut and they've been top in the charts ever since. They had taken the world by storm and conjured up a serious virus for women of all ages, sizes, and races. A virus that demanded a constant feed of medicine which consisted of anything Super Junior related! It made most men want to throw up and bash their heads against the wall calling the Sujus "a bunch of faggots who look like girls". It was truly despair for all men who did not have the privilege of calling themselves Super Junior because women really went gaga over the Sujus. It could not be helped. Just as Heechul couldn't help being prettier than most girls.

Heechul checked himself in the mirror. Wow, he was looking pretty good with his newly dyed flaming red hair. He'd dyed it the same color a couple of years back and he'd had an urge to do so again once their manager allowed it. And it was the right decision. He looked as cute and as pretty and as cool as ever! Giving his reflection his standard rotten smirk he nodded and walked off to find Kibum and Hankyung.

"What're you guys doing this afternoon?" he asked cheerily.

Kibum smiled dreamily and said, "I'm going out with Seeho."

Heechul pulled a face.

"So you're not gonna be here today?"

"Hehehe. Sorry," Kibum smiled sheepishly.

He had been dating Seeho, his girlfriend, for almost seven months now and the relationship was getting serious. Nowadays, Heechul barely ever saw his friend anymore. Sure, he'd met Seeho before and thought that she was nice but he missed his friend.

"Hankyung?" he asked hopefully.

Hankyung blushed slightly and shook his head no. He too was in a relationship and his was even more serious than Kibum's. He was already engaged to the girl; Soomin, who had been his diehard fan. She met him at a Super Junior concert and the two had hit it off instantly. Hankyung liked the fact that he had married a fan instead of a celebrity. Most of the Suju members agreed anyway that it was better to marry a non-famous person than a celebrity. They liked the idea of settling down into a house without talk of "How was your show? Whatever it was, I can tell you mine was way more tiring!".

"You guys are all leaving me alone again…!" Heechul whined as he flopped down onto the sofa, switching on the tv uninterestedly.

"Sorry, Heechul hyung…," Kibum said softly, "But it would be better if you went out and found yourself somebody too!"

Heechul sighed rather loudly at this.

"I wish it were that easy," he moaned, "It's just that it's hard to look for a girl who's truly genuine and wants you for who you are and not because you're Super Junior's flower!"

"You are right there but I don't even see you trying!" Hankyung piped up.

Heechul glared at him and muttered, "That's cuz' I'm not! With a face like this, I could have any of those bitches but it's just not the right time!" Despite all the talk and rumors, Heechul was really a straight guy and he wasn't interested in other men.

"Then when is the right time?" Kibum and Hankyung chorused.

Heechul stared at the tv screen wistfully.

"One day, maybe, never…I dunno…"

"Poor Heechul! You so need to get out and get laid!" Eunhyuk teased suddenly. He had stayed over at their apartment that night just for the fun of it. He had heard the whole thing while he was still in Kibum's room and now he decided it was time he'd butt in.

"No one asked you, you awkward little monkey!" Heechul hissed.

Eunhyuk snickered as he got his favorite strawberry milk carton out of the fridge.

"Well, maybe you should, Heechul hyung!" he elaborated, "I mean, it'll make you feel a lot better and you won't feel so lonely all the time."

"He has a point. But I'd rather you get a real girlfriend than a fling…" Hankyung said.

Heechul just rolled his eyes and continued channel surfing. There was nothing interesting on tv.

"And isn't your mom going on at you cuz' you're not married yet?" Eunhyuk continued, milk dribbling on his chin, "You told me she wants to see her grandkids at least before she hits the big six-oh!"

Heechul looked at Eunhyuk hopelessly. He had been trying to forget how his mother had been pestering him to "settle down!" and "give me grandbabies already!". It was just awful to be reminded of such things this early in the morning.

"She keeps going on about 'How I've found a nice girl for you, Heechul!' and 'Get married already!", Heechul moaned sorrowfully as Eunhyuk sat beside him.

"Tough shit…" Eunhyuk muttered and offered Heechul a whole huge tub of Hagen Daaz ice cream as a gesture of sympathy.

"Thanks!" Heechul cried out gratefully as he devoured large scoops of the chocolate ice cream.

"And guess what you guys? She wants me to go home this weekend!" Heechul said through mouthfuls of ice cream.

"So what's wrong with that?" Kibum asked innocently.

"I dunno but I'm sure she's up to something! That woman is always planning something and I can tell something's up!" Heechul wailed desperately, waving his spoon about in the air.

"Oi, careful there!" Eunhyuk cried as he licked the bit of ice cream that had flew onto the side of his mouth.

"Sorry!" Heechul laughed as he proceeded to smack Eunhyuk with more ice cream.

"Hey!" Eunhyuk cried, laughing as he too smacked Heechul's pretty head with a dollop of ice cream.

The two were then engaged in an ice cream fight amongst each other and they were rolling all over the floor and couch within minutes. Both were panting and laughing once they stopped tackling each other. Heechul and Eunhyuk had never been so close but after the Intimate Note show, they sort of grew on each other.

When they'd finish their little spat, both Hankyung and Kibum had already left the building to find their own love.

"So are you going?" Eunhyuk asked.

Heechul frowned and told him he had no choice but to go. That as their only son, he'd have to oblige them in any way he could. And after all, "how bad could it get, right?".

Little did Heechul knew…That things were about to get worse!

As I've said before, I'm new at liking Suju so I'm no expert. I will write some yaoi of Suju later on but those will be separate from this fic. I'll have to warn you that I am in love with Heechul and since this is a fic about him, it'll focus more on his love life. I'd like to say that for those of you who love Heechul just as much as I do right now, just imagine yourself as the OC of this fic and have fun being romanced by Heechul.

If you guys have any suggestions about the girl's personality, holler at me! I'll try my best not to make her a Mary-Sue. But I have to say that she will have to be extremely beautiful which is a pity because beauty is part of being a Mary-Sue. But you can't seriously think that Heechul should be with an uglier girl than himself, right? Right? Heenim's too pretty to get just some raggedy Ann of the street. He needs a flower lovelier than himself...