Rise of the Immortal

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Summary: When Orochimaru sealed off Kyuubi, he awakened a gift given to Naruto by someone that believed Naruto deserved it more than him. Naruto Harem and Badass Naruto (I think I never really tried it before)

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Naruto was angry. Sasuke had just about given their scroll to the weird snake-summoning ninja, Orochimaru. Naruto stopped him, but ended up getting a strange seal that seemed to be blocking Kyuubi's chakra. He had nearly passed out when a memory came to him.


An eight-year old Naruto was backed up against a wall, cornered by a mob of villagers, along with some of the lower ranked ninjas.

"Kill the demon!" "Make it suffer!" "Let's finish what the Fourth started!" were amongst the cries of the vicious mob.

They were about to attack when a voice yelled "Amaterasu!" Black flames killed and vaporized the front members of the mob.

They looked and saw a man in front of them now that looked like an Anbu, except the mask was an orange spiral with a hole at the right eye.

"Who are you?" "Get out of the way!" "Why are you protecting him?" "Demon lover!" rang out of the mob.

The masked man said not a word. Faster than the eyes could see, he made several hand seals and launched a huge fireball at them, vaporizing all of them.(1)

Naruto looked at the man with a mixture of fear, hope, and awe as he came toward him. Naruto peered into the hole and saw a strange eye. "Who are you?" he asked.

The man sighed, "I'm someone that has tried hard to accomplish great things, but all my attempts end in death, destruction, and suffering. I've come, Naruto, to give you something that I hope you'll have a better use for than I." as he finished, his eye started spinning and Naruto blacked out.

The man did a quick jutsu to clean up the burned wall and ground. "So ends Madara Uchiha." and with that, he turned to dust.

Flashback Ends

Naruto felt a headache as knowledge of all kinds rushed through his head. He opened his eyes to see that Sasuke was covered in black markings. He was currently fighting, and winning, against one of the three sound ninjas. He smirked, "Well this should be interesting."


Dosu was about to attack when he heard a whistling sound. He brought up his gauntlet to block a kunai. He looked and saw the orange-wearing Leaf Genin that was asleep a minute ago, leaning against the tree. Naruto said two words, "Bad move." and with that the explosive tag wrapped around the kunai went off. Dosu, whose arm was now severely injured, managed to dodge the next kunai that came at him, but not the one with another explosive tag aimed where he would land after. The smoke cleared to show Dosu's burned and mangled corpse.

Naruto looked over and saw Sakura and Sasuke, who no longer had the black markings(2), looking at him warily. Behind him was Zaku, beaten and both arms broken, but alive. Naruto sighed, annoyed, as he shot a kunai right between his eyes. "Make sure your enemies are dead before leaving them Sasuke. They have a knack for coming back even more of an annoyance if you don't." Naruto said. This surprised many of the assembled crowd. Naruto, the dead-last, had just killed two genin without second thought and was actually chastising Sasuke for letting one live after breaking both his arms.

Naruto looked over at Kin, who was currently possessed by Ino, "Ino, that you?"

'Thank God! I thought he was going to kill me for a second' Ino thought before answering, "Ye-yes, it's me. How'd you know?"

"These genin were more battle hardened then you, I doubt their last teammate would have the same panicked look you did when I looked at you." He said this all with a bored smirk. "Now could you get out that body, we need to have a little chat with her."

Ino wasn't sure if she should be insulted or not, but complied since she was running low on chakra. Before anyone could ask anything, Naruto appeared in front of Kin and disappeared with her.

These were the thoughts on this new development.

Neji; 'Hmph, he's still a failure.'

Tenten; 'I wonder if he's any good with a sword?'

Lee was knocked out.

Shikamaru; 'Troublesome, you always were an unpredictable one Naruto. Wonder what you're up to this time.'

Choji; 'Wow, what has Naruto been learning? Hmmm, I wonder if he'd be up to a Ramen eating competition?'

Ino; 'That look on Naruto's face; cold, merciless, uncaring...kinda hot. Wait, WHAT!'

Sasuke; 'Why does his aura seem so different? It's wasn't the same erratic and happy one he always had. Now it's still erratic, but ...cold, no, like ice. Just like...Itachi.'

Sakura; 'Since when is Naruto so serious? And why did he kill that guy, he couldn't have done anything without his arms?'

The teams went their separate ways. Sasuke and Sakura waited a few minutes before Naruto came back. He held up a Heaven and Earth scroll. He didn't say where he got them and they didn't ask.

At the tower

Anko looked at the tied up girl in front of her. She arrived about half an hour before most of the teams got there. She was bound, passed out, and had a note on her

Orochimaru is the leader of sound. This girl and her team were sent after Sasuke Uchiha. Interrogate her if you want, but don't kill her. I'll speak to the Hokage after this stage of the exam is done.


Maelstrom of the Tricky Wave Breeze

Anko had an Anbu take the note to the Hokage. She had the girl looked over and was surprised that she wasn't in that bad of shape. A few bruises, but she was fine...and she wasn't raped. That alone spoke something high of this 'Maelstrom'. Most would have had their way with her, regardless of who they were. 'Things are getting interesting.' Anko though with a smirk as the girl started to stir.

End of Chapter

1. You really think he of all people would need to call out a jutsu he's done who knows how many times to make it work?

2. He started fighting Dosu around the time Sasuke was about to kill Zaku.

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