Rise of the Immortal

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AN Okay, I know it's been a long time. I'll be honest; I'm simply not in a Naruto-mood these days. I've currently gotten into Grim Tales, a webcomic on Snafu, and am making a lot of stories for it. However, to prove that I'm not completely dead in the Naruto areas, I'm updating my oldest Naruto piece.

'...Benatami, I think I have an idea,' Naruto thought as he hid a smirk, everyone else watching Ino Yamanaka to see if she would forfeit before the match even began.

'I'm all ears, My Nushi,' She answered seductively, pouting when she didn't get much of a reaction and cursing his mental tunnel vision.

Ino Yamanaka was frozen stiff as she looked at the board, cursing her luck. Of all the people she had to face in the preliminary matches, it had to be against this monster! There was just no way she could beat this girl and her sand, not at her current level! She felt Shikamaru place a hand on her shoulder in support as she tried to calm her nerves. She heard the proctor call her name again. She took one look at Garia's empty eyes and knew she had to forf-!

Ino blinked before her eyes steeled with determination, her fear evaporating. She spun on her heels and marched down to the arena to most peoples' shock.

"Girl's got a death wish," Kankuro commented, smirked as he leaned on the bars.

"How long you give the fight?" Temari asked, sitting on the railing with a smirk of her own.

"I say five minutes if Garia plays with her. One at most if she doesn't," Kankuro answered.

"I bet you a thousand yen she forfeits in under a minute," Temari offered.

"I'll take that action," Kankuro agreed as their sensei rolled his eye at their inheritance of their mother's gambling habit.

"So...who wants to tell the family if she dies?" Naruto asked as Ino walked into position.

"That's not funny!" Sakura and Shikamaru snapped at him.

"I was serious," He answered evenly.

"What could have possessed her to do something so stupid...," Shikamaru seethed, gripping the railing hard, "Come on Ino, get out of there..."

Naruto suppressed a smirk as the proctor was about to begin, 'The Fool's Bravery Jutsu. An old, minor, and lost genjutsu technique used to make people less afraid of something and give them the belief they can actually beat something, no matter the odds,' Naruto thought, having casted the jutsu on Ino.

'Quiet clever, Naruto. An illusion that effectively turns a person's flight response to fight. If used correctly, this could lead thousands to slaughter or daimyos to fight hopeless wars- not that they don't do that already,' Benatami thought praisingly.

'Best part is that it requires extremely little chakra to use, but has no upper limit. Trouble is that without a very large amount of chakra in it, it only works on those with weaker wills and that haven't been in many life or death situations. Even if I did put a tails worth of your chakra in, once a person has been in so many fights, their brain can logically deduce their relative odds against an enemy. Lucky, the Rookie Nine are mostly still green horns,' Naruto continued, enjoying this little scheme of his.

'And with the little demon chakra added to give her a certain push and boost, your plan is...'

"Begin!" The proctor announced.

"Mind transfer jutsu!" Ino yelled, her hands and mouth moving at speeds that surprised all that knew her as Garia suddenly froze before her sand could even get a foot away from her gourd.

'Flawless,' Benatami purred, licking her fangs.

"W-what just happened?" Temari asked, more than a little surprised.

"The mind transfer jutsu, a family jutsu of the Yamanaka clan. It allows her to temporarily take control of another person's mind," Baki explained grimly, "The fact she was able to make her mind travel that fast though, is something surprising. It's supposed to be much slower, but Garia got hit in under a second."

"Garia's mind...well, that might be worse, if she meets...you know," Kankuro commented, not too worried. Garia might technically lose the match, but this girl would be in for a world of hurt when Garia got free.

"Damn...Ino might actually get lucky with this fight," Sasuke commented, admittedly surprised.

"Guess we were lucky this girl doesn't like to move around a lot," Shikamaru said with a sigh of relief, "I swear, blondes are the most troublesome of the human race."

"Hey, we have a reputation to hold up," Naruto commented with a grin.

"Ha ha ha," Sakura said sarcastically, still worried for her old-friend/now-rival.

"Why isn't Garia moving though?" Sasuke asked, figuring Ino would have made her forfeit by now.

Without any warning, Ino's head slammed backwards, causing her to fall on her back and hit her head. She lay there, moaning and groaning in pain, not noticing the people yelling at her to move as Garia was walking right towards her.

"She's dead," Temari, Kankuro, and several others stated with deadpan expressions.

Ino blinked as she felt the sand pulling her off the ground, holding her arms and legs together, but not fully incasing her. She paled as she looked into Garia's eyes, the demon holder just three feet from her. She had no idea what she had been thinking, trying something like that on someone like this! She was dead, buried, KIA, six feet under, as good as maggot chow! "S-sorry?" She asked pathetically.

Garia stared for a long moment at the blonde...and then she did something very, very, VERY surprising...She hugged her...bone crushingly so.

Everyone was gaping, from genin to jonin to kage! Hell, even Naruto was gaping and he planned this! 'This...this worked out SOOOO much better than I had originally planned!' Naruto thought in his head, and his other head agreed.

'True, but the pet raccoons might go to a different blonde now, ' Bena commented with a giggle.

"Kiss her!" Kiba yelled from the stands, Kurenai glaring at him and Hinata sighing at his behavior while Shino checked to see if there was blood on his coat from his nose. A few more catcalls and the like came from the stands, even one from Anko which was, thankfully, drowned out by the rest.

Garia didn't seem to notice this, too content with hugging Ino with an unseen smile on her face. She blinked though, when she felt the blonde go limp in her arms. She pulled back and found that the leaf genin had passed out with a blush on her face.

"Ummm, Ino Yamanaka is unable to battle. Garia no Subaku is the winner," Hayate Gekko announced, very surprised by this turn of events. Very few people could say they witnesed a legitimate match like this one.

"I won?" Garia asked, momentarily surprised. After a moment, she shrugged...and dropped dead asleep, still hold Ino and her head resting on the blonde's cleavage.

"Hooowwwwllllllll!" Kiba called from the balcony, causing Kurenai to slap him upside the head.

"That...was almost like something straight out of Icha Icha." Kakashi commented with a sweat-drop.

'...Benatami...please tell me you are recording this.' Naruto thought evenly.

'Have been since we used that genjutsu.' She answered smugly.

Kankuro, wanting to snap at all the guys making catcalls at his sister, was helping Temari move their redheaded sibling's body, "Why the hell aren't we dead?!" Kankuro asked in a whisper, fearing Garia's demon would wake up any moment now.

"Hey I'm not complaining! I just hope she doesn't wake up and mistake me for that girl," Temari said, blushing lightly.

"Straight Gentlemen and Bi/Bent Ladies, I think we can all walk away winners with a show like that!" Naruto declared with a massive grin, getting a few chuckles from the others.

"...What is up with these ninjas?" Karui asked, not sure if she should believe this insanity.

"Newbies; we were all crazy at some point when we began," Samui answered with a shrug.

"What do you think, Yugito?" Karui asked the other blonde.

The demon holder didn't answer for a while as she stared at the balcony opposite of them, "...Watch out for the blonde," She answered coldly.

"Why? Don't think that was just luck?" Karui asked curiously.

"Not the girl. The orange one on the balcony," She corrected.

Samui raised an eyebrow at that, "Why?"

"He's watching us," Yugito explained, making them go wide eyed and look back at Naruto...he looked at them out of the corner of his eye and smirked, making them feel cold on the back of their necks...then it was gone, he wasn't looking at them, and no one else seemed to have noticed anything.

"Think he knows we're not real genin?" Karui whispered.

"I think he doesn't care really," Yugito answered, narrowing her eyes, "I think he just wants to play with the second biggest predator in the room."

"...I'm guessing he's the biggest in that statement?" Samui asked, getting a nod.

"He doesn't look that tough," Karui reasoned skeptically.

"Guess we'll find out soon enough," Yugito concluded, folding her arms as they all watched the board.

Tenten Higarashi Vs Neji Hyuuga

End of Chapter

Well, there you go folks. Proof that this thing is not dead. Hope you all enjoyed the funny/semi-pervy match. And yes, Naruto's plan for Ino was not to get her killed, but for her to use her Mind Jutsu on Garia. The exactness of what happened in said demon container's mind is for another time. And Yugito is starting to notice Naruto who has already noticed her. Next fight is not only a Teammate fight, but one between a girl and her crush.

Remaining fighters after the next match are Kankuro, Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru, Lee, Naruto, Sakura, Yugito, Samui, Karui, Stretch, and Leach.(Kabuto's teammates, forgot their names for the moment, will look up later)

Questions to Ponder: Who will when the next fight? Will Tenten go all out against Neji? Is Naruto going to mess with the other demon container in the room? Or any of the other matches? Will anyone take notice of Naruto's hidden actions? What happened in Garia's head? Why didn't Shukaku come out? More importantly, what was Naruto's motive for this? And even more importantly...are there going to be more Garia/Ino scenes?