Disclaimer: I own neither Chuck nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This story takes place anytime during season 2 of Chuck and anytime after season 1 of Buffy the vampire Slayer. There is also a minor reference to Firefly (which I also do not own).

Chuck vs. the Assassin

Chuck Bartowski meandered into the Castle and spotted his NSA handler, John Casey, sitting on the steps cleaning his gun with a look of childish reverence and glee on his face. Chuck slowly and cautiously made his way past Casey and down the stairs. If Chuck had learned anything since working with Major Casey, it was that one did not interrupt the man when he was fawning over his guns – bad things could happen.

At the bottom of the stairs, Chuck saw his CIA handler and fake-girlfriend, Sarah Walker, sitting at the conference table staring at the empty chair opposite her with a strained look on her face.

"Hey, Sarah," exclaimed Chuck with a goofy wave as he made his way over to her. "How's your staring contest with that chair going? Well, I hope?"

Sarah didn't respond but continued to stare straight ahead.

Chuck tried again to get her attention by waving again…and failed again. He only managed to get her attention when he tripped on a chair, sending both the chair and himself crashing to the ground. He quickly righted himself and looked around to see who had seen his clumsiness. Seeing both Casey and Sarah staring at him, he chuckled nervously and asked, "Who put that chair there? Who would put a chair there?"

"You mean, at the table, Bartowski?" asked Casey, clearing irked that Chuck had taken his valuable concentration from his weapon, a gun he liked to call Vera.

"Uh, yeah, right," responded Chuck, praying that Casey would turn back to his gun soon and stop glaring at him. As much as he trusted the man, he didn't trust the man's impulse control.

"So, Sarah," said Chuck, turning back to the CIA agent, "did you contact General Beckman yet and tell her I flashed? 'Cause that guy I flashed on, he's a really bad guy. I mean, he kills people and I don't even think he feels bad about it. Which, I mean, most professional killers probably don't feel bad about it."

"Yeah, Chuck, I did," said Sarah without glancing at Chuck as she had already returned her focus to the empty chair across the way from her.

Chuck began to shift nervously. Although after tripping he would have given anything not to have anyone looking at him, he now wanted Sarah to look at him and stop ignoring him. He decided to try conversation with her one more time and if that were unsuccessful he would just leave. "And…" prompted Chuck, "what's our mission? What does the general want us to do?"

"Nothing," said Sarah. "An assassin has been dispatched to take care of it. Chuck, I would like you to meet Marcie Ross – the assassin."

"Well, I would like to meet Marcie Ross too," joked Chuck, glad that if Sarah was joking with him, she probably wasn't angry with him. "But I guess I'll just have to wait until she gets here."

"She is here, Bartowski," growled Casey.

"Where?" asked Chuck, spinning around in circles, making himself quite dizzy. He decided to stop before he made himself fall over again.

"Hey," said a female voice Chuck didn't recognize.

"Where are you?" he asked, becoming more than a little paranoid.

"Here," he heard again, and a folder floated off the conference table and dangled in the air in front of the chair Sarah was staring at.

Barely a second later Chuck flashed. As images flashed through his mind, his eyes crossed slightly and his mouth opened partially. A couple of seconds later, it stopped and Chuck turned to Sarah, shouting, "Are you kidding me? The U.S. government has invisible people working as assassins for them! I am never going to feel safe again!"