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Chapter 1: The Secret


She had a secret.

But she didn't know how to tell anyone.

Sure others had their secret. Sure her best friend Miley was secretly Hannah Montana and her other best was diagnosed with Diabetes a couple years back.

But her secret was bigger than any of them.

Lilly lay on her bed, twiderling her wand around her fingers levitating objects in room.

If you haven't figured Lillys' secret out yet, re-read the last sentence.

Lilly Truscott is a witch.

She wanted to go Hogwarts with the rest of her wizard friends but her parents for some reason wanted to home school her. But she had made Muggle friends and she was happy with them.

The Stewarts and Okens we're nice families and she thoroughly enjoyed them. She had even looked up their families to make sure they weren't wizards themselves but she was right.

Lilly was a half-blood. Her Dad was a Pure-Blood from a long line of Pure-Bloods and her Mum was a Muggle-Born.

Lately Lilly had wanted to tell her friends her secret. She had wanted to tell Miley ever since the 'Hannah Incident' and Oliver since she found out about his Diabetes.

But Lilly couldn't summon up the courage. How do you tell your best friend you're actually not human? That you're a witch.

She guess she could give it a try.

Hey Miley, hey Oliver! In case you didn't know I'm a witch!

She shook her head. Even in her head it sounded stupid.

What about: Hey guys do you believe in Magic? Well you should cos I'm a witch!

She shook her head again. She'll just have to tell her friends at the right time.

She heard footsteps on the stairs.

Oh shoot! She thought.

She quickly magiced away everything in her room that had to do with magic. Books, potions ingredients, even her owl Odin.

She just managed to shove her wand under her pillow just when the door opened and her best friend Oliver came in.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Yeah meet you outside." She replied.


He quickly left the room. Lilly quickly grabbed her wand and shoved in into a secret compartment in her bag because you never know

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