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Chapter 15: Into The Death Eater's Den

Lilly's POV

My feet slammed into ground as we arrived. I found myself in the familiar surrounds of the Malfoy Manner. I had to admit that Malfoy Manner would have been the last place I'd look. I thought they were out of commission years ago due to the little scene with Potter and his friends.

Malfoy then threw me to another Death Eater who caught me quite hard. I rubbed my shoulder and gave him a glare.

"Avery, take this little ruffian down to the cellar!" Malfoy said.

Avery nodded and dragged me down a small cold flight of stairs and threw me into a small jail cell.

"Have fun." He snarled while he looked the door and walked back up the stairs, laughing his head off.

"Idiot." I muttered.

I then focused my energy on getting out of here. Obviously apparition was out the question, they wouldn't have made it that easy. Anyway, back to the situation at hand. I remembered when Harry, Ron and Hermione were locked in here. Luna had told me about a nail that could be used. I quickly found it (wow still here after all this time?) and managed to get my bonds off me. Hmmm, how did they get out? Then I released something. But back then it was a little different. For one thing we don't have Dobby to come to rescue us. I'm sure my house elf, Alffie wouldn't come. He doesn't know but wait….

"Alffie." I said into the darkness.

There was a loud CRACK and I was stood facing Alffie.

"Mistress call?" He said cheerfully.

"Keep you voice down!" I warned in a hush voice.

"Mistress call?" Alffie repeated but this time in a smaller voice.

"Yes," I said hurriedly checking to make sure that the Death Eaters didn't hear me talking to my House Elf. "I need your help."

"My help, Mistress?" Alffie asked as though he couldn't believe it.

"Yes, I need you to get me out of here."



Alffie nodded.

"Where to?"

"Out of this cell, just outside." I said.

Alffie grabbed hold of me and there was another loud crack and I was standing outside the jail cell.

"Stay quite and follow me." I muttered as I hurried up the stairs.

I soon found myself in a deserted corridor. Where were all the Death Eaters? I looked around with Alffie following me. Soon we heard voices coming from a locked door. I put my finger to my lips to warn Alffie to stay quite. He nodded his head and we moved towards the door. I slowly leaned my head against it and listened.

"Everything is in place?" I heard Amycus say.

"Yes, the Dark Lord shall rise again!" Malfoy replied.

"How?" Alecto wondered.

"He did last time, now it's just a matter of time." Malfoy said.

I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. They really didn't know! They had no idea about the Horcruxes. I wonder what they had on their minds. Were they just gonna sit back and think that their master will just come back like he did last time? Or did they actually have a plan up their sleeves? Perhaps Malfoy knew something that we didn't. Like maybe a destroyed Horcrux can bring back who made it.

I stopped at that thought. Can they do that?

I turned my attention back to the Death Eaters. I looked through the lock. I could see five Death Eaters, the ones who had escaped Azkaban probably. Malfoy was sitting quite smugly and comfortably in a leather armchair next to Greyback. On a leather sofa sat Amycus and Alecto. The fifth and final Death Eater: Avery was pacing up and down. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was nervous.

"So what's our next move?" Avery asked, shaking.

"Well, I think we should-What was that?" Malfoy said his voice turning from calmness to being alert.

I whipped around, Alffie had accidently tripped. Uh-oh! I could hear movement from the room behind the door. I barely had time to react when the door burst open and slam into me. The five Death Eaters stood over me looking triumphant.

"Well, well, well." Malfoy said shaking his head. "Listening at doors? Surely your Mother taught you better manners."

I didn't say anything. The Death Eaters just sneered. But that's when I saw something, one of the Death Eaters hand twitched. I rolled to my left just as he yelled Stupefy. I quickly jumped to my feet.

Alffie had disappeared. Where did he get to? Did he desert his mistress? Please, oh don't let him have bailed on me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a spell hit me right on and I was blasted right into the bookcase, smashing it. I remained where I was. I was in so much pain. I think my arm snapped or something did. I gingerly got to my feet only to collapse again. The Death Eaters approached me, laughing. Hey, I was at a disadvantage here! I don't have a wand unlike they did!

One of the Death Eaters thought it would be amusing to hoist me up in the air as though I was on invisible wires and throw me across the room. The room was filled with the Death Eaters laughter again.

"Remember he who laughs last, laughs longest." I said.

The laughter stopped.

"Who do you think-"But that's all Amycus had to say before there was a loud CRASH and once again the chandelier came crashing down on the five waiting, unknowing Death Eaters. Wow! I was having a serious case of Déjà vu.

I got to my feet and saw all five Death Eaters sprawled on the ground with the huge chandelier on top of them. Now it was my turn to laugh. As I dusted myself off I noticed Alffie in the corner of the room.

"Did you do that?" I asked him in awe.

"Yes." He squeaked. "Mistress needed help and so Alffie helped her."

"Thank you Alffie! Now let's get out of here!"

Alffie nodded as he took my arm. Just then I noticed a familiar long object poking out of Alffie's table cloth.

"Is that my wand?" I asked, remembering I had lost it as I was shoved from Malfoy to Avery. Cleary one of them grabbed it off me.

Alffie nodded and handed it to me.

"Where too?" Alffie asked.

"Um," I thought for a moment, "Shell Cottage! Let's go!" I said pocketing my wand.

There was a loud CRACK both of us were gone.

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