Introducing the sequel to Doppelganger Effect: Double Trouble


To say that he looked forward to those few minutes a day when he used the computer to read email would be to concede that he'd fallen into the technology trap of Alice's world, and Hatter was not prepared to admit that.

Actually, he much preferred the telephones, because if he couldn't see the person, at least he could read between the lines of tone and hesitation, the unconscious clues of breath. Unfortunately, Alice had carefully explained that time actually ran differently in other parts of her world, so when his little brother could be expected to be setting down with a nice cuppa after work, Hatter was still handling the Lunch Rush at his shop.

By the time Hatter had closed up shop at seven in the evening, gotten home, had dinner with Alice, and was prepared to relax, he couldn't call Connor, because the younger man ought to be asleep by then. And having listened to Abby's pointed comments about being woken up by the ring of the telephone once, Hatter wasn't inclined to face her ire again.

So he had to give in and use the computer to send instant letters back and forth.

Hey Hatter,

Things are pretty quiet here. Everyone is still pretty grim, like they've been since Stephen died. Professor Cutter has been pissed off at the whole world ever since that day. I think I'm his favorite target. Abby says I shouldn't take it personally.

You should definitely check out 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' if you haven't seen them yet. Just watch the original three films on Star Wars. Also, you might like 'Firefly'. I think you'd find you have a lot in common with the captain.

(Abby is now telling me not to turn you into a sci-fi fan, but I don't think she realizes Alice got there before me…)

[This is Abby – Connor's tastes should not be taken as normal for people on this side of the Glass by any stretch of the imagination. I'm sure you've run across the term 'geek' a couple of times by now.]

This is Connor again – I'll get Abby back for the geek comment eventually.

Anyway, work is as crazy as ever. There haven't been any accidental side-trips, fortunately. You know I can't get more detailed than that.

I'm looking into getting a web-cam, so I can send you video messages too.



Hatter clicked on the reply button and started typing. He was still on what Alice called the 'hunt and peck' method, slowly picking out the words.


Tell Abby I said I've decided 'geek' is a compliment. Being smart isn't a bad thing…

To Be Continued…