This is the sequel to my first Knight Rider/Land Before Time crossover story: Accidental Time Travelers.

In this follow up story, Michael Knight, KITT and friends go back to The Great Valley as part of a controlled time travel experiment. Since the events would take place sometime during the fourth season of the original Knight Rider series, Little Foot and his gang get to see the new and improved KITT in action. I strongly recommend you read the first story in order to get an idea of the backgroud for the sequel.

The original Knight Rider was a series I grew up with and adored; and while I've heard about The Land Before Time back when the first movie came out, I never really took a liking to it until a short time ago. Then these ideas for stories suddenly came to me, seemingly out of nowhere; like this one.

Every time I put out a story like this, I'm always fearful of what kind of reviews I'd get out of it. I don't know if the plot of this story would be worthy of a Pulitzer prize; but I'll you, the readers, decide for yourselves. Try to enjoy this story, and try not to be too harsh with your negative comments.