I got dressed into my regular outfit which was a long sleeved bathing suit that was black and I put on my cape that was connected by a single sapphire and my cape was blue. I had aqua blue eyes and long blue that reached my waist but nobody saw my hair because I always kept my hood up. My name is Saffire and here is my story.

When I had finished getting dressed I got everything ready for school. I went to a public school and after my accident the other kids have tried to take off my hood but they never could. I didn't need a backpack because everything that I needed was at school. I left the house that was on school campus. I didn't have any money or parents so the school was always my home. Even though school rules said that I had to have shorts on that at least reached the middle of my thigh and I wasn't supposed to wear my hood but they allowed me. I headed towards my first class and on the way I saw Beast Boy. He lived at school too, he also had an accident and he had green skin, hair, and eyes. I really liked him and I knew he liked me too, but we never talked to each other except when we were all together with our friends. Counting me there were 5 kids that have had an accident and know live at school. Cybourg, Shiningstar, and Hawk were the others that had lost their family. Cybourg was half man, half robot, Shiningstar had red hair that also reached her waist but her eyes were totally green no white, and Hawk lost his parents and he always was like a big brother to everyone, he had jet black hair but nobody ever saw his eyes because he wore sunglasses and only his friends, Beast Boy, Shiningstar, Cybourg, and me, really saw his eye color, he was also an expert at the martial arts. After school every day we would meet at someone's home on school campus and just hang out. We all had something special but we never showed it or talked to each other except for Hawk, Beast Boy, and Cybourg talk to each other and Shiningstar and me talk to each other. The school day went on regularly and afterwards, we all went to my house this time. When we were there we all started practicing our special powers. Hawk would practice martial arts, Cybourg started working out, Shiningstar practiced her shooting, she could shoot star bolt out of her hands, she was very strong, and she could fly, Beast Boy changed into a cheetah and started running on the tread mill, and I started meditating which helped my powers, I first took off my hood and started levitating and then I meditated, I could move things with my mind and I could also fly. After we had done our workout for a while we finally finished and we just played with each other and hung out. I loved to keep my hood down so I kept it down the whole time, after it was 7:30 pm; they left because we all had homework. Beast Boy lived right next door and Shiningstar on my other side. I went into my pajamas, my pajamas were long sleeved top and long pants and they were both blue and the shirt was a little short so it showed my stomach, and started my homework. I finished around 9 pm and after I had finished I went to my room and to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear noise and I got up to see almost half of the 9th grade boys there and they were talking, I quickly sat up and screamed. I grabbed my communicator that Hawk and Cybourg made for all of us and I transported underneath to the bottom floor, I had a two story home and I heard the boys coming down the stairs. I panicked and accidentally transported to Beast Boy's home to find 1/3 of the 9th grade girls there. I knew what was going on, there were ambushing us, then I quickly hit the alarm button and I heard beeping in Beast Boy's room and I heard the others going off and I heard Shiningstar scream. The girls looked at me but I transported again. I went outside to the secret hiding place we had in case for emergencies, I went outside and waited for the other. The others came and we stayed there for a while until the boys and girls where gone then we all went home. I set an alarm on my house so if someone tried to get in it would go off. I didn't go back to sleep instead I just read and I finally dosed off into slumber. I woke up and got dressed to go to class and I put my hood up and then I realized that the 9th grade might have seen my hair. But at school almost all of the 9th grader was silent, except when the boys were trying to get Hawk and Beast Boy to play football or basketball with them but they said no. After about a week they started playing football, baseball, and basketball with them again. I was going to my core class with Shiningstar but just as we were waiting for the teacher to open the door a bunch of guns went off and everybody went to the floor even Shiningstar and me because we were surprised. Since our school was a public school there was a park right next to it and they had forgotten to lock the gate so the bad guys just walked right in. There were five men and they had on black ski masks and they were holding up their guns. As I had ducked my hood almost fell off but I grabbed it just in time. I looked at Shiningstar and she nodded her head yes and then I found the others and they also said yes so I started it. I grabbed the door that was our teachers and threw it at them and it struck one of the guys and he fell over but he quickly got up and when he saw Shiningstar and me, he shot near us but we didn't even make a sound and then he pointed to the others and they smiled and the one that tried to shot us said, "Hey look boys we have us some brave ones. Are you guys in the mood to take some servants today?"

He went over to us and in the corner of my eye I saw Beast Boy starting to get angry and he turned into a rat and started coming towards us. One of the other men answered "Yah, let's have some lady servants."

The one knelt right next to me and lifted my chin and said, "I call this one she will be mine, what is your name my dear?"

At that moment Beast Boy went back to his human form right behind him and answered for me, "Saffire and I would say bye now."