The secret baby

Vamp or hum: vamp

Pairing: Nessie and Jacob

Chapter 1:1

Nessie's pov

It was my 16th birthday I don't remember it that well but it still happened. I am 20 now and my baby is 4 years old -it was Jakes birthday present to me, the only part I remember clearly-, my baby boy is so precious to me and Jake; he has electric blue eyes and has dark brown hair like his dad. Our baby is a high-breed he is partly a vampire but is also a werewolf. His heart doesn't beat like my parents, and he can imprint on anyone like his dad did to me.

I am always telling Tony -our baby boy- how me and his dad met. It goes like this, my mom and dad were on their honeymoon and they did something they shouldn't at first it hurt my mom but after a few tries he had enough strength to stop himself. When they finally did get it right, they came home straight away to Carlisle. I was growing really fast inside my mom and I was breaking a few of her bones and once they thought I had broken her spine. Both my parents can't live without the other. I seemed to be the glue to the family, well I was until Jake imprinted on me. My mom went wild she was hitting him and everything. My dad jut sat back and let her do what she wanted. Both my parents hate Jake and I really couldn't care less I love him as well as he loves me so I am happy.

Tony always loves to hear the story of how we met, and I love to tell him the story. Everyday I wake up to Jake's face and my baby boy that is always jumping up and down on his own bed. I love my little Tony I just can't get enough of him, he is cute and adorable, when me and Jake go for a walk with Tony in the pram -even though he can walk- people always turn to me and say "He is really cute I just love him." I just smile and keep walking with Jake by my side.

He was born like me a big baby for his age, but there was a difference he had his dads muscles. For some reason I wanted him to be like that he is perfect. He could walk from the moment he was born. I couldn't believe the power in his legs. He broke a few of my bones when I was having him. Carlisle allowed Jake to be there because he was the dad. If he wasn't he would of told him to go away and to never be caught around me again.

He is at school right now and I have nothing to do. Like Esme when she was first a vampire didn't know what to do with her time. My child grows at a very fast rate.

We tested to see if he sparkles in the light like me, Bella, Edward, Carlisle, Esme and all the other Cullen's. But he just has a tan like his dad, he doesn't glow or anything but I love him the way he is. No one could ever compare to his beauty. Because he is a high-breed no one can ever be the same as him. The name I gave his breed was a vamp-wolf. He is more of a wolf than a vampire, I wish he would find someone to be with because he is just the best thing in the world-besides from my Jacob-if I wasn't him mom I would get my daughter if I had one to try and make him like her.

But being his mom I have no right to try and set him up. I guess he will find love when he finds her. If he doesn't find his imprint when he is about 17 I might have to take him to every girl in the world and see if he falls in love with any of them. At the moment he is the best in his class, the best report every year and h is just the best.

Chapter 1:2

A few years have passed since Tony was 4 and he is so cute still. He is 17 now and is at high school. He meets a lot of people at his school but I guess he hasn't found his match. I think I ill have to do what I told Jake. Take him around the world and find her. He is hurt and I can always see it in his face, I know what it is because Edward was like it before Bella came along. He should be coming home soon. Jake is at work he has started a very successful machine business. He loves Tony just as much as me and he, has put changed his shifts so that he can be at home with me and Tony all the time he can.

'Knock, knock, knock' that's Tony he must have forgotten his key once again. I got up slowly and see his head pop up from the window. I smile at him and he smiles back with his perfect smile-just like Jake's-, I go to the door of out small house and open it slowly. He runs up to me and hugs me.

"Tony, what brought this on?"I asked him with concern.

"Mom where's dad?" he asked frantically back.

"He's still at work he called and told me he was coming back early," I stopped hugging him and shut the door.

"I need to tell you both something but I want to tell you both at the same time," I nodded and went to the kitchen. I started to make some food for me, Jacob and Tony, when I heard some keys. I ran to the door before he could take them out and ran into Jake's arms. He turned me around and kissed me lightly on the lips. We walked into the house to see Tony standing up and looking happier than ever.

"Mom, dad, you might want to sit down for this."

Jake sat down and sat me on his lap and we both asked together "What is it son?"

"I think I have found someone at school that i love."I jumped up off of Jakes lap and ran to my son-even with the short distance-and hugged him. Silent tears were running down my cheeks as my son was rubbing my back.

"Okay son I think your mom just needs a bit of time to digest this, it's all new to her I guess." Jake shrugged at his son not understanding me. Tony smiled that winning smile and I couldn't help it another flood of tears washed over me.

"I'm just so happy," I told them both between tears.

"Its okay mom take all the time you need," Tony turned to his dad, "So dad what do you think? Should i go for it? Or let her come on to me?"

"Son, just do what your heart is telling you to do that's how I got your mother." That's my Jake always giving the best advice but never taking it himself; well apart from that one he did that to get me.

Chapter 1:3

The rest of the day we spent the time talking about this girl that Tony had found someone. She has Silver blond hair, beautiful blue eyes-not matching my sons though-and she was just under him in the class. She sounded perfect for my little boy; well hardly he has taken after his dad with height; over taking me by a mile. I am like my mom short, I am so happy for my boy-man now i guess-I guess it's time Jake told him what he was; or maybe Jake had other plans.

"Son I think it's time you learnt about my side of the family. As you know your mom is a vampire that's why your heart doesn't beat, but the other side to it is that"-Jake took a deep breath before carrying on-"I'm a werewolf and that makes you part werewolf." I sat my son down as he was going through shock. His face made me scared he looked as if he didn't believe his dad and was going to run away.

"That's impossible isn't it? I thought vampires and werewolves were enemies?" He looked shocked.

"Yes Tony but we are different, not even Carlisle your great granddad knows how it happened or why." I told him with precaution, he was easing up but still shocked i think.

"So my mom is a vampire, enemy of the werewolf and my dad is a werewolf. Your supposed to be enemies but dad imprinted on you." I nodded. Jake got up and walked to me and put his arms around my waist. He only held me like this when he knew I would get upset, but this time he was wrong.

"Son would you like me to show you?" Tony nodded and walked slowly to the door. Jake and I followed with Jake never letting go of me. He obviously grabbed an extra pair of cloths. I held his clothes for him; he kissed the top of my head while he ran into the forest to phase-the forest is at the back of our house-. He ran to the forest edge turned to me and winked. All we heard was a ripping sound and my son cringed. I just giggled.

Next all we saw was a wolf emerge from the forest and walk right up to us. I knew at that moment that I would need to go shopping for more cloths because this was going to happen again and again. I walked up to he wolf and my son all of a sudden jumped in front of me in a protective stance. He obviously didn't know it was Jake.

"Jake I think you should phase back." My son looked at me, I nodded in Jakes direction. Jake phased back in a second and Tony fell back and sat on the floor. Cross legged facing Jake.

"So when will I be able to do that?" Jake and I just laughed at Tony. He frowned at us. I told him I was sorry, Jake on the other hand snickered behind me and Tony. I walked back to the house because I remembered the food.

"I'm blaming you Jake if the food is burnt." He laughed loudly this time so that I could hear him from the house. He always did this made me forget about things that are important. My mom and dad never have food in their house because none of them eat food do they?

When I got to the house the food was nearly done and I called to them, "You better hurry unless you want cold food. But at that point I heard a rip and knew it couldn't be my Jake. I looked out the door that was on the latch and saw two big wolves. I dropped the plate I was holding and it broke, my son was a wolf the same as his dad I could tell them apart. Jake had red/brown fur and my son my only child had a deep and rich red coloured coat. I couldn't believe it he had phased like Jake. How the hell had he done that, a moment ago he was just like a normal vampire kid. Well not normal cause vampires can't have kids. I had to think maybe it was the fact that he had imprinted and he couldn't help it. But still my little Tony a wolf already. How did I not see this coming? I stopped staring at them and cleaned up the mess. Next thing I know Jake is running in the house half-naked and putting his arms around my waist and whispers into my ear, "He will be fine, just needs a brush every now and again." He was obviously joking around so i hit him with my towel.