Well, folks, this is one of those 'ideas' that I like but don't know if I want to follow through with. You've seen the one shots that are 'might be's eventually' right? Well, this series is much like this. You might just see anything...But the first is "The Goddess of Fate" a HP Norse/Valkyrie Profile Cross. I guess you can say that death is never the end. I've included some notes about the characters and the Dramatis Personae. (Dramatic People) Please be aware that if any of these are turned into something more, then I'll obviously change a few things around to make it so the plot isn't so revealed and so quickly. This is a much condensed version of what would occur over several chapters.

The Goddess of Fate

"Why are you here? Hmm? You want to know about me? I guess that's understandable, everyone does. Where should I start? I am considered a hero, a champion to the populace. Yet to the purebloods I am hated, and reviled. Why? I've disrupted every one of their plans. From the age of one I've somehow interfered with all of their corrupted agendas."

"I really began to become a nuisance when I turned eleven and learned about the wizarding world. I stopped their 'savior' from returning and destroyed his most promising method of revival in one go. Still, the purebloods have power and I learned

about that quickly in my first year at Hogwarts."

"I…I lost my dearest friend. She was a beautiful girl but the worst thing is no one can remember her first name, not even her own parents. Oh my, I'm getting off topic and unloading some problems that aren't really relevant to my history anyways."

"Anyhow, after I defeated ol' Snakeface in first year I realized that he wasn't going to stop coming after me and I buckled down. I quickly mastered defensive magic, and after that I worked on offensive magic too. Yet, Voldemort had too many followers for me to defeat alone, so the summer after my first year I headed to Gringotts, became Lord of the Great and Noble House of Potter."

"I quickly began building a pseudo army. Ron and Ginny Weasley were the first to join me, and I'll never be able to repay them for that. It wasn't long before Gred and Forge joined as my 'Jesters' and Inventors. They might be weird but if it wasn't for them I'd have died a long, long time ago. After Fred and George Weasley joined Bill and Charlie also jumped on."

"By this point the Weasleys and I began to joke that it was the houses of Potter and Weasley against the world. In a way it was. Yet, it wasn't like that forever. During my third year Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang vowed to aid me and became part of the house of Potter. They kept their surnames but they are now also Potters. Please, don't ask for the details, it's a royal headache."

"Katie Bell, Collin and Dennis Creevey, and Susan Bones also became important members of the House of Potter. My closest Supporters were, naturally Ron and the rest of the Weasleys. Still, I haven't listed my other closest friend yet, Neville Longbottom. The remainder of his family was killed by death eaters when he was nearly sixteen years old and after making him a protectorate of the House of Potter he became my chief enforcer for the house. He's a great warrior, and my beloved friend."

"Still, even with such an awesome force we still had to face challenges left and right. For example, I had to kill a basilisk with just a sword in my second year. A sword that was entrusted to me by the Headmaster of Hogwarts because of my victory over that stupid snake. I then began to train with the blade of my ancestor Lord Gryffindor."

"Before I knew it, I had faced Death Eaters galore, knocking out several, and killing many. I had faced giant dogs, snakes and spiders alike. I had tangoed with Dementors, Undead, Werewolves, Giants, and tolls too. It was because of my fierce attacks and brilliant tactics (or so the books say) I became known by a few new titles. Most notably was 'Demon of the Battlefield'. They began to say that I was invincible. That's not true, but I do consider myself to be a tough fighter."

"Yet in the mist of all my battles I still found a family. My godfather, a betrayed man came into my life once he escaped Azkaban prison. Sirius joined me and my brothers in arms in the realm of Potter. There, he was safe from the ministry, and for a few years I had a father figure. Unfortunately, even though I had become a 'demon of the battlefield' I wasn't able to save him from a nutcase of a witch known as Bellatrix."

"It had been a simple raid, just an in and out but there was some disasters that happened. Sirius' group and mine had been separated…It wasn't pretty when I finally found them…I still have nightmares seeing him, Remus, Mike, Dan, and the others there…Bellatrix found out later that killing my beloved Godfather and friends was a very, very bad idea. Don't ask me what I did to her. I apparently blocked out the event and can't remember much of it."

"If it hadn't been for Ron and Neville I'd have broke then. But I healed and later destroyed Voldemort. No matter what people tell you, it wasn't glorious. It was brutal and bloody. It was…hell. I don't want to talk about what exactly occurred. There was so much death…"

"Thankfully I've been able to live relatively peacefully since, and my actions against the pureblood movement have picked up speed. It looks like they might lose all their power in a few more years at this rate and for that I'm relieved."

With that I closed my journal and walked upstairs to my bed. I had had a long day and was looking forward to the comfort of sleep.

"Heading to bed mate?" Ron asked as he passed me in the hall of my castle.

I nodded at my best friend.

"That's right. By the way, I know I'm no match for you but do you want a game of chess tomorrow?"

Ron smiled at me as he nodded, his long bangs falling over his eyes. With an annoyed flick he pushed it out of the way.

"I'll never turn down a chess match mate." Ron laughed.

I laid a hand on my closest friend's shoulder before I spoke.

"You know we do have a barber."

Ron looked appalled at the idea.

"Are you nuts? Cut my beautiful hair?" He emulated a certain blonde ferret we knew.

We both laughed for a moment before Ron spoke again.

"I'll get a haircut sometime tomorrow most likely."

"Great. 'Night Ron."

"'Night Harry." Ron said as I walked towards my bedroom once more.

The 'vassals' of the house of Potter were many now. Susan Bones is an administrator for my house. She didn't agree with the ministry and joined me when she turned Seventeen. When she had requested to join, it was more of an order and because I knew it'd be safer to let her join me than to say no. (Safer for me that is. Susan is one witch I've learned not to cross, me being powerful or not. Nothing is able to keep her down in a fight. Hit her with a reducto and she'd get up as if it was a tickling charm.)

I sighed as I laid down on my bed. It was a pleasant rest. My dreams were faint this time. The souls of those I had killed weren't haunting me tonight as I slept. However, something happened. My dreams suddenly faded to nothing and my consciousness grew stronger, yet I saw nothing but darkness. As I floated there in the abyss I wondered what had happened. Slowly; I heard something. At first it was faint. But constantly the noise rose. It was a chorus of screams and wails. I wasn't easily startled nor was it easy to make me nervous but as I heard the moans of agony and terror, my own heart began to pound. I began to fear for myself. It was coming from my left, and I vowed to stay away from that noise. I began to feel suspicious that something had happened while I slept, and so with a firm voice I spoke.

"Enough." I said and to my relief the wails faded and I was left in the darkness once more.

However, the curtain of darkness began to part slightly. A small blue glowing sphere that could easily fit in the palm of my hand pulsated as it floated in front of me. The light was soothing and peaceful. From that tiny sphere of light an outline of a person began to form. The first things I noticed was that the figure was a woman and the next thing I realized was that she was a warrior.

She wore a pair of blue and gold metal boots that rose to her knees and were surprisingly form fitting. Her legs were bare, her modesty preserved by a white skirt that had several slits in it so that the fabric wouldn't get in her way as she fought. If she were to take a step her thigh would be seen as it passed through the fabric. Her blue body armor was intricate and like her boots, form fitting. Yet, even though her armor was metal she appeared to be able to bend as she needed; a vital asset in battle and in life. Her helm was ornate and only protected her forehead, temples and ears. About the woman's waist was an intricate blade that's beauty surpassed that of even my own weapon. Yet, it wasn't her armaments or body (as beautiful as she was) that drew my attention. But rather I was drawn to her hair, face, and eyes. She seemed familiar. Her slightly wild brown hair fell down to her ankles. Then I paid close attention to her face as she opened her eyes. Almost half of her face was shadowed, but it didn't stop me from peering into her eyes.

Her stunning face suggested that she was indifferent to my plight yet her brown eyes held compassion, sorrow and a small amount of regret.

"Harry James Potter?" She questioned me.

Her voice was rich and vibrant. It was also hauntingly familiar.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Do you know who I am?" The woman asked.

Who hadn't heard the tales? She was a legend in our world. Only the greatest warriors however, could meet her. But most importantly there was a major requirement to be able to see her presence.

"I'm dead aren't I?" I asked wryly.

The woman nodded.

"Indeed. Betrayed by your closest friend. One that you've known since your inception into the wizarding realm." She replied.

Only one man fit that criteria and it tore me apart at the thought that he had killed me.

"Ron…Killed me? But why?" I asked weakly as I dropped to my knees.

The goddess approached me, knelt beside me and place a hand on my now shuddering shoulder.

"His greed and jealousy proved too great. He's the reason Sirius was killed as well."

"No! I saw her kill my godfather! It can't be!" I cried.

The 'emotionless' goddess pulled me close to her gently.

"Harry, he sold you out that day. I only can intervene once death has occurred though."

"What happens now? He gets away with it?" I asked bitterly.

"Sadly, for the most part yes. As to what happens now, you have to make a decision. Either come with me or don't." She added.

"I get to choose?" I asked surprised.

"Although the decision isn't a terribly tough one seeing as for those that spill blood in war have two major choices."

"The valkyrie or hell." I groaned miserably.

"It is a simple choice." She said as she stood.

"Since you are a valkyrie…is Sirius…one of your Einherjar?" I asked at long last.

She gave me a half nod before Sirius stood beside her.

"Harry! It's a little early to have kicked the bucket!" Sirius exclaimed as he pulled me into his arms.

"I didn't have much choice it seems. Betrayals are hard to counter." I responded dryly as I hugged my godfather.

"That's true enough, let me guess you are making your decision." Sirius added.

I nodded at my godfather before I turned to the woman.

"Alright, I'll join you." I said at long last.

It seemed like even in death I was to face war. I didn't know if I could trust her, after all she had accused my dearest friend. He had been by my side since I was eleven years old! Still, at least I'd get to see my godfather again, and who knows, perhaps I'd eventually see my parents as well. As proud as I was, and as arrogant as I can be I still longed to meet them.

Some notes...

Harry is a legendary warrior; he has vanquished even Voldemort in battle. The betrayer Weasley however, was the one thing that he couldn't beat. This traitor killed Harry in his sleep.

When Harry 'awoke' he found that he had been embraced by the arms of the goddess of fate, a beautiful woman named Hermione. Her long brown hair goes to her knees and she wears blue and gold armor.

However, for him; the greatest warrior-wizard to go to Asgard his soul must first be soothed.

So a cold acting goddess who vaguely reminds Harry of someone he met long ago assists him in stopping his betrayer.

Dramatis Personae:

Harry Potter

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior-Wizard

Race: Human/ Einherjar

Harry Potter is powerful magically and physically alike; he wields the sword of Gryffindor as his main physical weapon and is quite skilled at using it. His magical weapon is a thin wand; unusual for combat oriented mages; certainly. However, even though Harry doesn't use a staff his magic skills are quite potent. His closest friend, a girl named Hermione Granger died in their first year at Hogwarts and that's one of the many things that weighs on his soul.

His nicknames are: Genius of Battle, The Boy Who Lived, Demon of the Battlefield, and Chosen One.

Valkyrie Hermione

Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Class: Light Warrior/Magic User

Race: Aesir/goddess

The Valkyrie; known as a death goddess by many, and others call her a chooser of the slain. Valkyrie has been ordered by Odin himself to choose the ideal warrior's for the end war. Valkyrie Hermione acts cold and focused on nothing but her duty, but there is a deep compassion hidden in her soul.

Ron Weasley:

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Class: Wizard/Mage

Race: Human

Ron Weasley is known as the betrayer of Harry Potter, the one who killed him in his sleep. However, due to some aid from some pureblooded wizards Ron now rules the wizarding world as its Minister. Most of the Weasley family now lives in opulence with the exclusions of Bill, Charlie, and the twins. Ron has taken Ginny as one of his assistants. He married Lavender Brown.

Before the betrayal, Harry had named him a friend of the house of Potter.

Ginny Weasley

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Class: Witch/Mage

Race: Human

Ginny is a fire headed youth that still harbor's affection for the 'Chosen One' and resents that Ron killed him. However, she does enjoy the cushy lifestyle that his betrayal garnered for the Weasley family.


Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Class: Divine Lancer/Lord of the Aesir

Race: god

Odin is known as the all father. His powers are immense, and his knowledge great. He wields the sacred treasure known as Gungnir, a weapon of terrible might. Odin attacks with magic and lance alike. He holds a general distain for humans, even if he himself is part mortal. Being half mortal oddly gave Odin the power of growth, something no other god has.


Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Class: Ether Warrior/goddess of life and fertility.

Race: goddess

Divine Assault:

Ether Strike

Freya uses potent magic to deliver vicious damage to any one target.

Freya is Odin's second in command, she has awesome power. No one person can withstand her might, nor can even an entire army do so. However, Freya is on the arrogant side due to her incredible powers.

Cho Chang

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Class: Witch/Mage

Race: Human

Cho was Harry's closest female friend after the final battle against Voldemort. She acts as Harry's assistant and organized meetings for him. She also served as a soldier for the house of Potter. Her magic is respectable, however, her real strength lies in confusing the enemy.

Katie Bell

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Class: Witch/Mage

Race: Human

Katie acted as a strong ally of Harry Potter's, when her parents died when she was 16 Harry offered her a place as a protectorate of the House of Potter. This protected her from unwanted advances from wizards that desired to use her. Later, on the day she turned 18 she swore fealty to the house of Potter, and serves Harry unconditionally. Her combat skills are solid but her abilities reside more in her ability to heal severe injuries and her stamina is nearly on par with Harry himself.

Collin and Dennis Creevey

Age: 18 and 17 (respectively)

Gender: Male

Class: Wizard/Mage/Wizard/Mage

Race: Human

Collin and Dennis when they were younger had already developed their sense of Hero-worship in the Warrior Wizard Harry Potter. However when the war broke out they requested permission to join the house of Potter as vassals. Normally, Harry would have ignored this request. However, because he was low on manpower at the time, necessity made him accept their request.

Collin and Dennis are an excellent team that can't operate as well on their own. Their short stature makes it hard to hit them, and their tag-team fighting style is lethal. However, they typically serve as security and in non-combat oriented positions.

Neville Longbottom

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior-Wizard.

Race: Human

Neville is Harry's number one enforcer. His magic powers are incredibly potent as is his physical side. His physical strength dwarfs even Harry's however, his finesse is less than Harry's.

Magically speaking Neville is a powerhouse. When he was almost sixteen, the house of Longbottom was again attacked by the Lestrange family and the dark Blacks. (The few that had still remained) and killed his last remaining family.

With few options and fewer safe ones, Nevile turned to Harry Potter for assistance. Harry willingly obliged to assist his friend and made Neville his chief enforcer of the House of Potter. Neville handles the most important missions that need to be executed. He also oversees the Potter Properties for his friend's sake.

Susan Bones

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Witch/Mage

Susan is one of the few to have surviving relatives from after the war against Voldemort. The only other living member of the house of Bones is Amelia Bones who serves in the Department of Magical Law enforcement.

Susan, on the other hand disagreed with the ministry's attitude on society and life in general and sought an alternative in the house of Potter. Susan managed to convince Harry to allow her to join- fairly easily as a matter of fact when she was almost 17. She now serves the House of Potter as an administrator.

In combat, she is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Her magic is solid, and her will makes it almost impossible to keep her down.

Charlie Weasley

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Class: Wizard/Mage/Dragon Handler

Charlie is one of the few Weasley's that rejected the wealth that Ron's betrayal gave them. Instead, he continues to reside in Romania handling Dragons.

Bill Weasley

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Class: Wizard/Mage/Cursebreaker

Bill is one of the four Weasley's that rejected the 'glory' handed to them from the traitor's actions. Before the betrayal Bill was the best cursebreaker of Gringotts Bank. However, after Harry's death, Bill has sworn to serve the house of Potter, and while the house's head has died, and there is no heir, he and the other allies of the house of Potter search for a way to save the Potter bloodline.

Fred and George Weasley

Age: 21/21

Gender: Male/Male

Class: Wizard/Mage

Fred and George act as the jesters of the house of Potter as well as Harry's personal inventors. These two Weasley's are loyal to their brother in all but blood and would sacrifice anything for Harry.

They Own WWW (Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes) and invent joke products for it. However, with the loss of Harry Potter they have changed their focus of invention to assist in directly assisting the house of Potter instead of just economically.