Hey, guys! Okay, so I have always wanted to try a Sailor Moon fanfiction, because I've always been a fan. But, I've never really known what to write about, so I chose a challenge! Easy way to start. I also have another idea for a story, but this was more of, I got onto the computer, saw a story that was a response to this challenge and went, "Hey, I should do that!" So I did. The thing is, I'm not exactly sure how to enter it. As I said, it was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. So, if anybody could fill me in, that would be great. Anyways, enjoy!


306 words

The sweet smell of Usagi's favorite drink filled her nostrils as she took a sip of the chocolate milkshake.

"Oy, Odango! Keep sipping those fatty-shakes and you'll be reborn as a whale!" a voice from behind her howled.

Usagi turned around slowly to meet her enemy. Yes, that was a little harsh. But he did annoy her to no extent. Everyday, he would find something about her to tease about. But today, he had gone too far. How dare he insult her chocolate?

"Mamoru-baka! Just leave my chocolate and me alone! This is none of your business!" Usagi shrieked.

"Oh, touchy, are we?" The dark-haired blue-eyed college student replied.

In fact, Usagi was touchy; the last youma they had battled with had been particularly hard to deal with. But, of course, Usagi couldn't tell Mamoru that. Instead, she just replied with a curt, " Get out of my face, you baka!" And by curt, I mean the complete opposite, of course.

Usagi jumped up, drained the last bit of her chocolate milkshake, said a quick thank you to Motoki, and stormed out.

As she walked out, she recalled what had started the quarrel in the first place. Chocolate. That's right, he had insulted her precious chocolate. She hmphed and walked home.

Once home, she opened up the mailbox and found a box of the very thing they had fought about. She frowned and opened the note that came with it.




PS. Don't get fat!