Hey guys. This is my first Fanfic so be nice!

Life's not fair. That's the story of my life. My parents died when I was four. And since that horrific day, ill never be the same. Some call me Emo and some Goth. When I went to my first foster home, the kids and parents treated me dreadful. Now I was on my way to my new foster home. Maybe I could beat my record-two months. Most of the foster homes I've been to got tired of me in one or two weeks but some even four days. But now I've learned never to get my hopes up anymore.

The tires squealed as we crossed the borderline between the boundary of Forks and La Push reservation. The sound of the gravel drive way could be heard as we pulled up to my new home. Mrs. Klass, my social worker. A plump blue hired woman with glasses that look like they are from the 80`s, opened my door and I hopped out of the car, my sandals crunching on the gravel as the name on the mailbox sunk in-The Clearwaters.

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Love Alix (and that is my real name)