"Puckett, Samantha," McGonagall called from the sorting list.

Sam scowled. She hated when people called her that. It made her want to break something.

"Good luck," Melanie called. "I hope you'll get in Ravenclaw like me!"

It didn't take long for the hat to decide. It had barely touched her head when it shouted "SLYTHERIN!"

The table at the far end cheered.

Sam groaned. "I have to walk ALL the way over there?"

McGonagall continued to call out names.

"Ugh!" she moaned, "how long has it been?" she demanded.

A second year glanced at his wristwatch. "About twenty seconds."

"I'm not used to going this long without food! I'll starve! I want meat! When's the stupid old lady gonna be done already?"

A couple Slytherins snickered.

"Well, well, well, Samantha Puckett," said a voice, she knew only too well.

"Neville," she growled.

The other Slytherins crowded around them, hoping for a fight.

"You're a wizard?" she laughed.

"Where did you think I spent most of the year?"

"I always thought you locked yourself up in that nerd closet of yours."

"Techichal equitment room," he corrected.

Sam blinked. "This is why you will never get dates."

"Hmm...who does that remind me of?"

Sam growled like a rabid dog. "Shut up, Paperman," she snapped.

"Now, now. We all know you have temper management problems. But could you try to control them here?"

Sam clentched her hands into fists. "I'll show you temper management problems," she snarled, throwing herself at him.

Sam punched him hard, pinned him to the ground, and then gave him a wedggie.

"Somebody, get this crazy girl off of me!" he screamed.

Some teachers came. It took ten of them to pulled Sam away from him.

"Ms. Puckett, this may be new to you, but we have rules here at this school."

Sam shook her head. "Nope, it's not new to me."

"Good, so then I believe you are able to control yourself, am I correct?"

"Sure I can. I just choose not to."

"Well you better. Twenty points from Slytherin."

"But the year hasn't even started!" complained one kid.

"What are house points?" asked Sam.

"Something you would understand if you had paid attention to Professor Dumbledore's speech."

Over at the Ravenclaw table, the buzz was on.

"Is that your sister, Melanie?" asked one girl.

"No," she said. "I don't know her at all."

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