Rival Love


Rated T for some langauge.

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1. Reminiscing Thirty-thousand Feet In The Air.

Percy's POV

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. We will be landing at San Francisco International Airport in about six hours. Please stay seated until the seatbelt sign is off. We hope you enjoy the flight. Thank you."


I have to sit in this plane for six hours!

Ok, Percy. Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

"Excuse me sir? Are you okay?" A worried voice said

I looked up to see a flight attendant looking at me with a concern expression.

"I'm… fine… thank you… just my first time on a plane" I stuttered out.

"Oh, don't worry. Everyone's nervous of their first flight. Well, if you need anything just ask."

I nodded and gripped my seat so hard that my knuckles turned white.

This was my first time on an airplane. Ever.

And I was terrified. I always feel like this when I am in high places. What do you call it?

Acornphobia. No. Acrophobia. That's it.

Then why am I, a sixteen year-old guy with acrophobia sitting on a plane about thirty-thousand feet above the ground on my way to San Francisco?

The answer is simple. I am going to live with my dad, Poseidon Atlantis and his family for a year. Hooray!

Okay, I know what you guys are thinking. Are his parents divorced? Or does his dad hates him so much that he left him with his mother? The answers are no and no.

You see, my mom and dad are not technically married. My mom was a normal ordinary woman whom parents died in an airplane accident when she was young, so she went to live with her uncle. Unfortunately, her uncle passed away too leaving her alone. So she had to work day and night just to pay for her apartment. She met my dad, Poseidon, at Montauk which they fell in love immediately and decide to have a one night stand. My mom already knows that Poseidon already has a family. Yes, a family but she still had something with him anyway. I don't get why should someone as good as my mom would go and fall in love with some random guy.

When my mom got pregnant, she didn't tell my dad and guess why?

Poseidon Atlantis was the owner of the Atlantis Cruise which was basically the biggest cruising line in America! And also because that Poseidon already has a family so she didn't want to ruin it. See how nice my mom is.

Well after sixteen years, Poseidon had just decide that he could not just forget about me so he decided that he would make up for the past sixteen years and invite me to go live with him in San Francisco , where his kingdom is. Yes, a kingdom if you actually seen the place you'll be surprised as I am when I saw it, in pictures of said that this is at least he could do for my mom whom has been raising his son alone for sixteen years. Of course, my mom had to agree to it. Why, you ask? Well, deep, deep down in her heart she stills loves Poseidon even though she doesn't want to admit it. But I know she still does. Poseidon promised that I would be treated well and attended a great school there in San Francisco.

Of course, when my mom told me about this I wasn't very thrilled.

"I'm WHAT !" I yelled shocked.

"You're moving to San Francisco to live with your father and his family, dear" Mom repeated calmly

"You're not serious, are you?"

"Your father just called me and offered you to go stay with him for a year."

"And you just had to say yes. Didn't you?" I said while running a hand through my untidy black hair.

"No, I told him that I'll ask you and will call him back if we get an answer… Think about it, Percy. This is Poseidon Atlantis, your father, inviting you to live with him. I know that you've wanted to know your father better Percy. I've known since I told you about him. Now this is your chance." Mom said looking at me in the eyes. I could clearly see her emotions: sadness, loneliness and a little bit of an emotion that I didn't quite know.

She spoke again, lowering her gaze from me.

"Ever since I knew that I was pregnant with you. I was the happiest person on Earth. I never expected to be a mother this fast, but things happen when you're least expected"

She gave a small laugh and continues.

"I told you that I didn't tell Poseidon about you right?" She didn't wait for my answer. "Well, I lied. After I found out, Poseidon was already with his family. I called him and told him that I was pregnant. He was shocked at first but then he calmed down. He actually asked me to go live with him at his home in San Francisco. He promised that he would build another house just for me. I said no. It wasn't that I didn't love him. It was that I couldn't move in and break up his family. I promised him that if I needed help than I would tell him immediately." She then raised her eyes to look at me again." She took a deep breath.

"We didn't keep in touch that much… when he called me yesterday I was really surprised, and he asked me if you would want to go and live there with him for a year. This time I couldn't say no anymore so… I decide to ask you. So please Percy." She silently begs me to answer her.

I stood there shocked.

My mom lied to me.

My thoughts were all jumbled up in my mind.

My dad, Poseidon who I really want to meet or my mom who had raised me on her own for sixteen years.

I would have never thought that this day would come that I would have to choose between my own mom and dad…

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the horrible shaking of the plane.

"Oh my god" I muttered under my breath.

I squeeze my eyes tightly and grip the seat even harder than before.

"Please stop shaking. Please stop shaking…"

After a few minutes of shaking, the plane became calm again.

I released a breath that I have been holding for so long.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently passing through a storm and might encounter some turbulence. We are sorry for the inconvenient."


At that moment, I found myself wondering why I even agreed to come in the first place. I could have just said no and stayed with my mom. The thing is I wanted my mom to be happy. By coming to stay with my dad would probably be the best option to make her feel that way. At first, I was worried about her because I would be leaving her alone but she just smiled and said "Don't worry, Paul will take care of me." Paul Blofis was my mom's boyfriend. He is an English teacher at Goode High school which happens to be my old school. Paul's a good guy, a better boyfriend than some of my mom's old ones. So I trusted him to take good care of her.

Soon my thoughts wondered to the person who started all this: Poseidon Atlantis.

A part of me really wanted to know him, to have a normal father and son relationship with him, to make him proud of me but another part of me hates him so much for abandoning my mom and me even though she told him she didn't need his help. At least, he should visit them sometimes and not just left us to wonder about him.

All of a sudden the plane plunged down, making me feel a little bit nausea.

I groaned.

I asked a flight attendance how long before landing.

"About five hours sir."

I thanked him and tried to relax. However I failed and started to panic again whenever the plane shook.

This is going to be the longest five hours in my entire life…

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