Crap, this is probably one of my most emotional fanfiction one-shot yet because I had almost cried when I wrote this. This is definitely a XionxRoxas entry though I can argue that this is a poem despite it technically being a journal entry.

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts, Roxas, Sora or Xion does not belong to me. They belong to Disney and Square Enix.

Xion, I do not understand.

Why is it that you have to leave?

To leave me in the dark?

I have never ever wanted to fight you.

To hurt you.

Even when you demanded it of me so you can become Sora's true clone (A secret you should have told me once you found out from the start!), I would have refused if you had given me a choice.

But now the deed is done.

And we cannot turn back the hourglass to change it even if we wanted to.

You're dying (If I can call a Nobody's fate this.) with your limbs turning to crystal that is fragile as glass and floating into the air like angel's feathers.

With their light casting rainbows on your face and oceanic eyes so beautifully.

You had asked me to release Kingdom Hearts after I had almost forgotten you.

(I am so afraid when I realized that my memories of you were fading so fast.)

You had me promise to.

(My dearest promise in my nonexistent Heart.)

I apologize if my tears stain this journal entry beyond reading comprehension.

(Has a Nobody ever cried before after losing their best friend?)

I'm so sorry, Xion, for not being able to tell you this.

I love you.

I'm going to keep your promise.

I will release Kingdom Hearts for you.

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