Eve and I exchange a long look. Eve turned back to Claire. "Is that true? You got beat up in the dorm?" She nodded and took another big bite of chili looking uncomfortable "Well, that totally blows. No wonder you're looking for the room." She just nodded looking down at my bowl. "You didn't bring much with you."

"I don't have much," Claire said. "Just the books and maybe a couple of things back at my room. But - I do not want to go back there to get stuff. Not tonight." She actually looked scared. Who did this to her? Why is she so scared? Now I was getting mad why would anyone want to hurt Claire it did not make since.

"Why not?" I asked hiding my anger by grabbing my old ratty-looking old baseball from the floor and tossed it up toward the tall ceiling, narrowly missing the spinning blades of the fans. Then caught it without effort. "Somebody still looking to pound you?"

"Yeah," Claire said, and looked down into her almost finished chili "Guess so. It's not just her, its - she has friends. And ... I don't. That place just - well, it's creepy." I saw her shuddered. Was it that bad? I mean when I went there it was terrible I thought it couldn't get any worse. I guess it could.

"Been there," Eve said. "Oh wait, still there." I through the ball at her but she docked just before it hit her in the head. Damn it.

"What time is Michael getting up?" Eve asked me. What did she think I love the guy something? "Hell, Eve, I don't know, I love the guy but I don't love the guy. Go bang on his door and ask. Me, I'm gonna go get ready."

"Ready for what?" Eve asked. "You're not seriously going out again, are you?" Wow. She really went off the deep end. What did she expect me skip my date with Laura? Hell no isn't going to happen.

"Seriously, yeah. Bowling. Her name's Laura. If you want more details, you're gonna have to download the video like everybody else." I joked getting off the couch and talked off toward the wide stairs leading up to the second floor. "See you later, Claire." I I was by half way up the stairs Eve yelled, "Wait a minute! So what do you say? You think she'd do okay here, or what?" I stopped and gave Claire a long look making her look down." Whatever, man. Far as I'm concerned, she's okay." Claire head shot up and for a slit, second our eyes met. I looked in to her shocked big brown eyes and gave her a crooked smile before turning and walking back up the stairs.

Does she have to be sixteen and so cute? I mean why she cannot be ugly. This is going to back hard, I know I just met her but I already like her? Maybe I can talk to mike and he can help me. I open my door and walked to the closet I pulled out a metallic t-shirt and put it on. Then I went to my stereo and turned it so loud it made my ears ring. I plopped down on my bed and was asleep within minutes.

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