"See?" I turned back to the counter and started cracking eggs.

"Traitor," Eve sighed, and poked at the frying bacon with a fork. "Fine. So. How was Linda last night?"


"Whatever. Not like I have to remember a name for more than one date, anyway."

"She bowled a one fifty."

"God, you're such a disappointment. Shane, already!"

I smiled tightly down at the eggs. "Hey, not in front of the kid. You got the note."

"Kid?" Claire dropped plates on the counter with a little too much force. "Note?"

I handed over the folded sheet of paper. She read it quickly. Then she glared up at me. She looked pissed, and to be honest she looked hot too. With her eyebrows pulled to gather, her blue eyes blazing with anger, and her lips pushed out slightly. I just wanted to kis- No Shane. Don't even think like that.

" I'm not a kid!" she told me hotly "I'm only, like, a year younger than Eve!"

"And girls are so much more mature." Eve nodded wisely. "So you're about ten years older than Shane, then."

"Seriously," Claire insisted. "I'm not a kid!"

"Whatever you say, kid," I said blandly. "Cheer up. Just means you don't have to put up with telling you how much sex I didn't get."

"I'm telling Michael," Eve warned.

"About how much sex I didn't get? Go ahead."

"No bacon for you."

"Then no eggs for you. Either of you."

Eve glowered at me. "Prisoner exchange?"

We glared at each other, then swapped pans and started scooping.

Just then, the door bell rang.

Oh no.

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