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Chapter 1


Mac turned around to see Stella walking towards him, and she didn't look happy. "What is this about you handing my case over to the Fed's?"

"Stella, we have a lot of cases that need to be solved might as well let the Fed's have it."

"Mac, this was my case you should have at least asked first."

"Stella. This is my lab. Last time I checked you didn't run it. Just drop the case and get a new one." Mac realized that that was the wrong thing to say to Stella.

Stella took off in the opposite direction and went to her office. Danny came out of the locker room. "Stella's mad at you Mac."

"Yeah I noticed." Mac walked into his office and noticed that he had a pounding headache now. He took out his case file and looked over it. It was an old case from three years ago. The DNA hadn't been a match and the leads had disappeared. It was a cold case for now. That's when his cell phone rang and he looked to see who it was. It was Hawkes so he picked it up. "Taylor."

"Mac there's a situation outside."

"What's going on?"

"The parents of the dead girl want to talk to you. They don't like the fact the case was given to the Feds."

"Well there's nothing I can do about it." Mac hung up and sighed 'this is going to be a long day' he thought. He wondered how long Stella would be mad. He realized that he should probably give her a while. Mac was working on a case that he had randomly picked from the corner of his desk and decided to try to solve it. He looked at the details in the case file and realized something that they had overlooked. He took off to get the suspect and came back later with a guy who was now in custody for murder. The suspect had confessed, because the case had really taken a toll on him. It was now three in the evening and he hadn't seen Stella all day, and that worried him. He tried calling her but it went straight to voicemail, so he left a message. He called the team into his office; they all assembled, and looked at him curiously. "Has anyone seen or heard from Stella?"

They all looked at him and said "no."

Mac looked at Lindsey "so you don't know where she's at?"

"No, I haven't seen her since she stormed out this morning."

"Okay, get back to work everyone."

They filed out of the conference room. Mac tried Stella's number again, but he got nothing. Mac headed to his computer to try to triangulate Stella's phone. If Stella knew that he did this she would get even angrier with him, but he needed to know. It showed that she was over at the federal building. Mac decided to pay her a visit, and went to get her. When Mac got there he asked for the agent who took over the case, a guy named John Geno. He introduced himself and Mac asked "have you seen my partner? Det. Bonasera?"

"Not since this morning, she stopped by to see if we had any new evidence."

"Did you?"

"Yeah, we figured out who killed the girl. We didn't disclose that information though. We sent two agents to retrieve him, but they haven't returned."

"Give me the address." John handed it over to Mac and then he called Flack and told him to meet him at the address.

"Detective. Miss Bonasera forgot her phone."

"Thank you" Mac said as he took it. Once Mac got there Flack pulled in behind him a few seconds later.

"What's going on Mac?"

"I handed Stella's case over to the Feds."


"Yeah, I got chewed out already by Stella. The point is no one at the lab has seen her, and the guy at the Fed building sent two agents to retrieve the suspect. I think Stella might have followed them."

"Well then let's go." They saw the door was ajar, so they entered the house cautiously and heard nothing.

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