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Chapter 7

Mac looked up at Stella and saw she was nervous so he decided to break the tension. "I love you too Stella."

Stella saw that Mac meant it and smiled at his words. "Really Mac?"

"Yes, and it's more than just a brotherly sisterly love. It's love you know?" "Yeah Mac I do."

"I just have to ask. What made you decide to do this now?"

"I realized that life is short. I almost died so that was kind of a rude awakening. It's just all my life I've focused on my career and have denied myself true happiness. I couldn't take it anymore and because on Valentines Day when other couples are all lovey dovey we will have each other."

Mac smiled at Stella. "Yeah. We will." They ate in silence and thought until Mac broke the silence. "How will we tell the others?"

"That's easy Mac."

"Do you care to elaborate?"

"We tell them the truth silly."

"Ahh the infamous truth."

"Yes, because they have a bet going on."

"Really who's involved?"

"Almost everybody in the lab. You're just going to have to face it for a while we are going to be an item."

"What's an item?"

"You know like something that people look up to and want themselves, but they can't have it for whatever reason."

"That makes sense, but why are we an item?"

"I really don't know Mac. I think we will be."

As if by divine intervention Danny and Lindsey walked in the restaurant and saw them. They walked over towards them with Danny carrying Lucy in his arms.

"So are you two an item now?"

Mac looked at Stella. "I guess we are now."

Lindsey was happy for her colleagues, and especially for Stella. Stella deserved someone special because her last choice, Frankie Mala was not a good one. Lindsey disregarded Drew because Stella technically didn't go out with him and because he was secretly crazy, and tried to kill Mac. Mac also deserved someone special after Peyton, because they were good at first but they had one thing that pulled them apart. The distance. Mac couldn't leave the US and he needed someone who could bring him back from a state of depression. Lindsey didn't know much about Claire, but she knew Stella had helped Mac after her death and knew that they were meant to be. They already knew so much about the other it was like they were already married. They went their separate ways and returned to the office holding hands all the way to Mac's office causing technicians to stop and stare in amazement and happiness. Like any good co workers they had felt the world righted when they walked by. "Mac?"

"Yeah Stella?"

"Why are they looking at us funny?"

"I think it's because they've never seen a couple as good as us."

Stella laughed. "Yeah. I guess that's true Mac."

Mac gently enclosed Stella in a hug. "So does this mean we sleep at your place tonight?"

Stella smiled fiendishly. "Yep, and if you're good you can sneak a peek." Stella walked off towards her office leaving Mac wishing work was over already.

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