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I'm using English names for the Sailor Moon characters.

The sky was bright, clouds white and the sun was high in the sky. The trees swayed in the breeze but not from the wind alone. The explosion from the bombs nearby caused the winds to become forceful. The beauty on the planet Jovian Jupiter was in shambles as the civil war rang on.

Meanwhile in the castle...

"Your Highness! What shall we do? The solders are being taken down too quickly. Please make haste my Queen." one of her generals ran into the throne room. The once pristine throne room became an infirmary for the injured, civilians and solders alike.

Queen Lita busied herself by caring and tending to their wounds. Wearing a simple knee-length green dress and black slacks was not representative of her status but she could care less. Her people needed her. They knew who she was by face alone these days: chestnut hair in a ponytail, a simple gold crown upon her head, emerald eyes and a kind smile. Even when death loomed around her from the soldiers, it was that smile that lifted the spirits of children and adults alike.

"General, make a temporary cease fire with the rebels. This battle has gone on since dawn and it is now dusk. Make sure the cease fire will last at least a week, if not 2."

"Of course you highness." With that he rushed back onto the battle field. A few minutes later, it was quiet outside as the cease fire was made.

A young girl no older than 7 asked, "Queen Lita, why 2 weeks of cease fire?" Her Queen kneeled down, taking off the plastic glove on her right hand before patting the child's head.

"It's about time the prince returned isn't it?" she said with a smile as everything stilled. All eyes turned to her when those words were said.

In another world, a young boy was tossing and turning in his bed as this scene played out in his mind. His bright green eyes snapped open and he muttered the words: "It's time for the war to end. I need to return home."

A little short but it's the prologue. Had this story in my head for a while but finally got a chance to type it up!

Please review, I need some opinions. Is "cease fire" one or two words? Who do you think the prince is?


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