Set 7 ½ years after the Christmas fiasco, 6 ½ years after Oogie's Revenge and immediately after the ministry battle. Everyone knows what happened to Sirius when he fell through the veil but what is something different happened to Harry? After Sirius falls through, Harry chases after him and is forced through by a death eater. Rather than dying, Harry ends up in Halloween town's graveyard. Harry passes out from shock and is discovered by none other than Jack Skellington. What happens afterward sets off Harry's greatest adventure and things in Halloween town will change forever.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. Wish I did though. Thanks a million, J.K. and Tim Burton.


Double Trouble


'Twas a long time ago

Yet maybe not as long as it seems

In two places that perhaps you've seen in your wildest dreams

For the story you are about to be told

Took place in the Pumpkin King's realm of Halloween

And in the wizarding world through the eyes of a teen.

Hhm, what's that you say?

You've never head of the wizarding world before?

Not until this very day?

Ah, now I see why. You're a muggle

So that would explain why you look so puzzled.

Well – oh, I'm sorry. Muggle is the term

For non-magic folk, dear.

Now, no more interruptions

And as I tell you this story, do not make any assumptions.

For in this tale, things are not as they first appear.

Sit down and I'll tell you the story

A story of an adventure ever so great

When the worlds of Harry Potter and Jack Skellington

Met by mistake.


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