Guy Weekend

Summary: The death of a murdered Marine and Navy judge sends Gibbs and Tony undercover in a place they never would have expected. How will their relationship change? Will they even survive?

Disclaimer: In a perfect world, I own Michael Weatherly as my own personal sex slave, along with David Boreanez and Jesse Spencer (Tell me you wouldn't want to watch THAT threesome?) , TIVA never existed, and the word Homophobia was never introduced into society. However, since none of those are true, I will say that I own nothing but the ideas in my head and this shiny (and broken) laptop... that my dad paid for.

Rating: T for the majority of the story, I guess, but will get up to M. *Smiles*

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo! Yes! I am back writing slash! Oh, how I have missed thee!

Warning: This story will contain hot nekkid action between two men. Yes, my dear readers, this story is slash. However, it is also a case fic. It's complicated, sort of like a romance novel, or a smut novel. You know, where there's really graphic sex, but still a pretty decent plot that actually requires thought instead of just random, 'they started *censored... censored some more* and then they *really big censor*' It's something new, something different. I don't even think I had something this elaborate with my novel. Well, ok that's a lie, I did, but there was no sex, so that's no fun.

Author's Note: This story is dedicated to the very fantastic 88silverkeys, and is a response to a challenge. Also, I hate to say it, but the format is kind of similar to my fic "Slaughter House." More specifically, this first chapter is really just a teaser of what is to come. This is also a writing in progress piece, but because of school and work, I will not be able to post as often as I did with "Slaughter House," so be prepared for about once a week updates or so. Like that fic, I am going to try and get at least three chapters written before I post just one, that seemed to help a lot.

One more note, I know that a lot of my NCIS-ok, just about all of my-slash fics have no sex in them. I lack in smut. Fear not all of my faithful readers! This story will contain at least two pretty darn graphic sex scenes. Maybe more, but I haven't written them yet, so you're going to have to wait a little while. But they will happen! And now I will shut up because this is longer than the actual prologue.


"This is a bad idea, Tony," Said the driver of the dark sedan. He was older, his hair was practically completely gray, but he had a boyish presence about him. He carried himself like a man who served time in the military. He was strong, disciplined, and above all, loyal to those around him.

"Will you relax?" His companion—Tony—said with a smile. He was the exact opposite of the driver. Where the Gray haired military man was clean cut, Tony was more shabby. He had a bit of a scummy look to him, with his disheveled hair and deep tan. Gray Hair was serious, rarely cracked a smile. But Tony always had a grin of some kind plastered on his face. He had a nice smile, and he wasn't humble enough to deny it. He looked good. He knew it, Gray Hair knew it. He also liked to flaunt it. "This week is going to be the greatest fun you've ever had old man."

"It could also very well destroy my career. Yours too." Gray Hair barely took his eyes off the road during their conversation. Even though the pavement was completely straight and he hadn't passed another car in at least twenty miles, he didn't want to risk it.

"It is not going to ruin our careers, think about it; who's going to give us shit while we're out there? Every one of those guys is gonna be there for the exact same reason." Tony slouched against the door. He was completely at ease.

Gray Hair couldn't believe how nonchalant he was about this whole affair. He knew from personal experience that nothing is as discreet as it claimed. This place should have been no exception.

But Tony was adamant about this vacation. It was all he could talk about for the past month. It was actually starting to piss Gray Hair off. A sentiment he shared quite often.

"What if we see someone we know?" Gray Hair asked, only slightly annoyed.

Tony shook his head and put on a pair of sunglasses. They were designer, just like everything else Tony owned. He really didn't know how to discount shop. Gray Hair wondered just how in the hell he wasn't completely broke with all the spending he did. His job didn't exactly pay all that well.

"I'm actually kind of hoping for—"

The windshield shattered. Tony's head slammed into the window before dangling lifeless on his chest. Gray Hair slammed on the breaks and stared completely shocked at his companion. The back of his skull had a whole the size of a grape fruit in it, but his face was still as flawless as ever. Only a small hole between his eyes gave away what just happened to him.

"Tony? Tony!" He leaned over to grab his Sig Saur from the glove compartment. His hand was merely inches away when another bullet broke through the glass. It caught him in the temple. His body jerked at the sudden impact before settling. His head resting on Tony's shoulder. His blood oozed down his cheek and stained the leather interior.