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Warning: FemNaru, rape, lemons, ECT (T/N: sorry I'm lazy just be warned)

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Summary: Sasuke rapes Narue (Nar-roo-a) after getting home from her "mission". Only Narue just got engaged. Will her newly made fiancée leave her now that she has been defiled by another man? Or will he be out for the blood of a cretin uk- I mean Uchiha. And how will all of this pan out with war on the way, and the rising threat of Akatsuki.

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Chapter one: I'm Sorry

Narue jumped from roof to roof making her way to her apartment. It was a little pass 11:20 and she had just got done telling Tsunade-Obaa-Chan who surprisingly was still awake and at the Hokage tower, that she was back from her "mission". She was told to meet back there tomorrow morning at eight o clock to get a mission with team 7. Witch consisted of Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, and Sai- Sasuke's replacement after he left seven years ago.

The nineteen year old had changed a lot over the years. Gone was the spiky-haired tomboy now was and long haired knock out. She had the body most girls would kill for. Her C-cup, narrow waist, and round ass made her the beauty guys would kill to have as their girl. Her blond hair flowed down her back to her waist, she had shoulder length bangs framing her heart shaped face, and eyes so blue it would make to sky jealous.

She no longer wore all orange. She now wore a tight fitting crimson tank top v-neck shirt. She wore a fishnet shirt under that. She also had on a black trench coat with crimson flame at the bottom. She wore black ANBU pants and black ninja shoes.

She looked down at her right hand. On her ring finger sat a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Although she couldn't wait to tell her obaa-chan and her god father, Jaraiya about the engagement she wanted to wait two day when her husband-to-be would be able to come to the village so they could tell them together.

She made it to her apartment faster than she thought she would. Landing at her door she unlocked it and went in, making sure to close and lock the door behind her.

Leaving her shoes at the door she made her way to her room, throwing her coat on the coach as she passed it.

Once in her room she was about to undress when she felt another presence in the room. She reached for a kunai but was not fast enough as an arm wrapped around her pinning her arms down as another arm held a kunai up to her neck.

There was a dark chuckle that made her stiffen. "You really filled out didn't you… Narue" the man whispered the last part in her ear.

"S-sasuke what're yo-"she didn't finish as he spun her around and smashed his lips to hers. She stood there too shocked to move at first. When she regained her barring she pushed him off backing a few steps away.

Taking out a kunai and sliding into and stance she wiped her mouth. "What the hell are you doing here you bastard?" she all but spat not liking the fact that he just kissed her.

"What dose it look like" he disappeared and reappeared right in front of her so fast that she just barely had time to dodge the punch aimed at her jaw. She didn't have time to gain her footing as he threw a punch at her stomach sending her to her knees. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and threw her to the bed.

She got up and was about run at him kunai drawn only to see that he, at some point yanked her kunai pouch off. He appeared in front of her backhanding her; she fell to the bed with a yelp of pain from getting slapped. Before she could get up again he was on top of her straddling her waist and pinned her arms down over her head with one hand.

She began to struggle "G-get off you bastard!"

"Not until I'm satisfied." He said as he ripped her shirts off.

Panic struck her as she struggled more trying to somehow get him off as he ripped off her chest binding releasing her breast. He leaned down taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

"S-Stop it!" she yelled as he unbuttoned her pants shifting his weight he somehow unfortunately got them off of her. he look up from he breast to see tears had welled up in her eyes as he ripping off her last piece of clothing and begun unbuttoning his own pants. He lowered his boxers enough to revel his erection.

He brought her arms down to her sides as he positioned himself at her entrance. "P-Please S-Sasuke please d-don't do this!" the cried and tears fell from her eyes in rivers. Her pleas went ignored as he trusted into her with out warning. He put a jutsu on her legs making them stay in the position her put them in. her legs where spread apart wildly and drawn close to her chest, giving him full view.

She screamed out in pain as he began to slowly but with forcefully slide in and out of her. He placed his hands on either side of her to get better balance as he sped up his pace. She put her hands on his chest trying to push him away, she began to bang and hit his chest with the little energy she had left to use.

Annoyed Sasuke stills his thrust and grabs her arms. He ties them over her head to the bed frame with some ninja wire. He then continued thrusting in and out, now going faster and harder forcing her to scream out in pain with each thrust.

After what seems like hours for Narue he finally came inside her. By that time she had stopped screaming but drool fell from the corner of her mouth, as her head was tilted to the side some and tears still streamed from her eyes. He pulled out of her and zipped up his pants. He looked down at the still trembling woman under him and wipe away a tear "bye-bye Narue-Chan, that was fun" he smirked down at her before disappearing.

Leaving Narue naked and tied to her bed with cum and blood dripping out of her entrance, her legs now slowly loosening and falling. She cried harder now fully understanding what just happened to her. She began breathing harder almost hyper-ventilating "I'm s-sorry I'm-" she didn't finish as she finally passed out.

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