Warning: FemNaru, rape, lemons, ECT (T/N: sorry I'm lazy just be warned)

Summary: Sasuke rapes Narue (Nar-roo-a) after getting home from her "mission". Only Narue just got engaged. Will her newly made fiancée leave her now that she has been defiled by another man? Or will he be out for the blood of a cretin uk- I mean Uchiha. And how will all of this pan out with war on the way, and the rising threat of Akatsuki.

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Chapter 9: Kumo

The team had traveled for another day and after taking one last break reached kumo.

"Halt" Kumo guard # 1 said as they reached the gate "Show your passes and state your business here."

Narue taking on the role of diplomat stepped forward and the guard a scroll which he opened a read "I am the diplomat from Konoha and these are my guards. The Raikage-sama should know we're coming."

"Oh I see, yes Lord Raikage-sama is indeed expecting you now if you'd just follow me I'll take you to the Raikage tower." The Team followed as the Chunnin next to the guard # 1 lead them in.

They notices that many of the villagers stared at the group as they walked past, it's not every day they see other ninja in their village. Kumo was different that Konoha. Here buildings were made out of non-conduction material. And things where taller and closer together (T/N: think New York just more organized and not so dirty). They reached the tower where there were shown to the waiting room.

"Someone will be here to show you in shortly." With that the Chunnin disappeared.

The group sat well the girls and the three lazier boys sat and the rest stood. Not some much at attention as to not draw attention to them there was enough of that already but still standing casually yet on guard should something happen. Itachi was in front of Narue just in case.

"How do you feel Narue, we did a lot of travelling." Sakura asked who by the way was sitting next to her.

"Other than my feet hurting I'm fine Sakura-chan." Narue said with a sigh as Sakura put a green glowing hand on her stomach checking on the fetus.

After about ten minutes the receptionist came over to them "Lord Raikage will see you now." The girls stood, Itachi offering Naure a hand which she excepted. "As a safety measure only the diplomat will be allowed in." The konoha nin where about to protest wanted to send at least one guard in with Narue but Narue spook first.

"That will be find we can have no alliances if there is no trust right." Her easiness put the team at ease.

She walked past the group she gave Itachi one last reassuring glance before following the receptionist to the Raikage office out of the view of the team as they had turn the corner. After knocking she was let in to the office.

Upon entering she saw the dark skinned, Blonde haired, mustached Raikage sitting behind his desk. A dark skinned man with blonde hair and eight swords on his back he was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses he was standing on the right side of the Raikage on the outside of his desk. On the other side was a blonde haired women maybe about three year older than Narue. Her hair was pulled back into a long breaded pony tail that went down her back.

Once in front of the Raikage she bowed "Lord Raikage." She said using the manners that were drilled into her head when she was younger just never used.

"Raise and speak." The Raikage commanded, which she followed

"My Name is Uzumaki, Narue, from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, My Hokage has sent me to discuss a possible treaty between our two villages."

The Raikage appeared to be thinking about it "Give me one good reason as to way I should make a treaty with Konoha of all places."

Narue inwardly smiled this would be easier that she thought "I can give you two Lord Raikage." This time she did smile "Your Niece and your younger brother."

The Raikage got an angered look on his face "Are you threatining my family little girl?" his KI rising a bit

"No Raikage-Sama," she said as if the KI didn't even faze her "I would never wish ill on my brothers and sisters, I'm simply saying that the threat of a group called Akatsuki is becoming more and more of a red alert with each passing day." A look of concern crossed her face as she saw that the Raikage seemed ignorant to the Akatsuki's existence. "The Akatsuki is an origination composed of, as far as we know, nine S-rank missing nin whose goal is the capture and extract the Bijuu from their hosts."

"We had no knowledge that such a group even existed." The Raikage said glancing at the man standing on his right side then the women on his left both of whom looked back at him the at Narue. The same thought had dawned on all three of them, that she, Narue somehow knew that the two standing where host.

"I figured as much, but would you alliance with us for the sake of your family and village?"

The Raikage decided to test her to see if she really was aware of the two host "What would the Akatsuki have to do with Kumo?"

Narue face went neutral "Please do not insult my intelligence Lord Raikage you know full well it does, the proof is standing on either side of you."

'So she not only Knows who they are but what they look like'

"oh? And what proof is that?"

'Damn annoying old man, he's testing me.' She sighed "Niibi-nee-chan on the left and Hachibi- nii-san on your right, please Lord Raikage can we end these games and get to the point?"

"Who told you about these two?" the Raikage all but demanded.

"You can get your answer from the two on either side of you that is unless they have forgotten the youngest of the nine?" she let another smile cross her face.

"Narue it that you?" the women asked.

"Who else?" Narue said a second before she was hug attacked by one Yugito Nii.

"It's good to see you too." Narue said as she hugged the older girl back. She had meet the two a few years ago on a mission to the Country of Honey. It was a brief encounter and years ago so its no wonder it took them a minute to recognize her.

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"Yo long time no see brat, what are you doing here, popin' out of now where and all that?" the tall white haired jinchuuriki said (… ok sorry I'll never try to rhyme in this story again I promise T~T…)

"Hey bee-nii-san." Narue said as Yugito released her from the hug. "I see his rhyming is as impulsive as ever."

"Jeez yes, if only we could get him to stop." Yugito said with a teasing smile on her face.

"Yah, Yah what eve little sista."… do I really need to say…

"So Lord Rikikage about that alliance?" Narue skillfully directed the conversation back to the matter at hand.

"I don't see why an alliance can't be reached, I'm glad konoha has put the Hyuga incedent cause by my predessor behind them." The Rikikaze said resting his elbow's on the desk before him with his hands clasped in the classic buessiness poise "What are the terms of the Alliance?"

"The Lady Hokage has laid out a few guidelines of a pending Alliance but nothing will be finalized until Rikikaze-sama would do us the honor of coming to Konoha for a meeting in person with Lady Hokage." Narue turned her manners back on.

"Fine. We will meet two week from now."

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