I had the idea for this fic while reading another fic of mine, which is weird, because it really has nothing to do with the other fic...

Hiei had no idea who she was. He didn't know her name, or who her friends were. But he knew she sat under his tree every day at 2:15 in the afternoon. He knew she liked to read murder mysteries and manga. He knew she liked sushi, and especially dragon rolls. He knew that at 2:59 exactly, she would get up and leave again, just before the students began to file out of the high school nearby. He never saw her in a uniform, so he knew she didn't go to school. The fox had no idea who she was, and neither did Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber. No, he didn't know who she was.

But today he would find out. Today, he would follow her home.

It's 2:14. He thought. She'll be here soon.

He crouched in the tree, watching curiously, waiting for the one person who came around during the day, the person who had kept him entertained for the past two months by merely sitting and reading. His watch ticked off a minute: 2:15.

And there she was. Her long black hair was pulled into a messy ponytail today, and she was wearing bluejeans and a tanktop, along with boots and a sweatshirt with an american band name on it. She had a novel with her today-The Alienist.

She sat under the tree as she usually did, settling herself down. Hiei dared not move-he knew for a fact she had excellent hearing, due to a close call two weeks ago. She didn't have sushi with her today, so she just went right into reading her book. He knew she'd read it a couple of times, because last time he saw it she was almost done with it. Today, she was only a quarter there. He sat in silence, fascinated by this mysterious person who was not in school or at work like most humans were at this time of day.

The minutes ticked by, and after what seemed so little time, it was 2:59. She got up to leave, and Hiei knew this was his only chance. He waited until she was several meters away, then dropped down silently from the tree. He watched her turn a corner and was swiftly on thr rooftops, following her every move from a higher angle. He stopped when he saw her open a gate to a house, about two blocks from the school. He watched her go in, and then waited patiently until...

Bingo. The light went on in a second story window. He quickly and silently dropped into her backyard and scurried up a tree, where he found a veiwpoint where he could see in her window. He cocked his head to the side slightly, watching her mull about, putting her book away and everything.

No, he didn't know who she was.

But he would find out.

"You did what?" Kurama asked, turning away from the stove for a minute.

"I followed her home," Hiei repeated. Kurama sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Hiei, you can't just stalk people like that. Things are different with humans."

"You don't seem to mind when I show up at YOUR window."

"Yes, but that's me. You don't even know this girl. What if she called the cops on you?"

"This girl is a curiousity. It is merely intrigue, nothing more."

"Somehow I doubt she'll see it that way." Kurama turned back to the stove, where his pasta sauce was beginning to bubble. "But I know I can't stop you. I'm just trying to help."

"I don't need help. I can figure this out on my own." With that, Hiei turned to the front door, and began to leave.

"Just...be careful. Things aren't always as they seem."

Hiei didn't answer, and closed the door behind him.

The night air was chilly, but it didn't bother Hiei. He stood on the branch of the tree by her window, peering into the darkness. She had turned out the lights about an hour ago, but he was holding back to make sure she was asleep. Her curtains blew out her open window in the wind-obviously she had no problem with the cold, either. He stepped onto the windowsill lighly and crouched down, listening intently. All he heard was her steady breathing, slow and quiet. He stepped from the window onto her desk, avoiding the papers he remembered were there. He dropped off the desk and looked around.

It was dark, but he could see the bookcase clearly. Being the biggest thing in the room, it was stuffed full of books-manga and otherwise. Her bed was to his left, her dresser to the right, and the door right in front of him. He could barely make out the posters on the wall-some were from bands, others from plays. He turned his attention to the papers on the desk he had avoided before. He spread them quietly, and squinted at them until he could just make out the name at the top...

Her name was Mariko Kunazaki.

Hiei stopped breathing for a second. This was what he'd come to find out. Who was she? Mariko Kunazaki. Her name was Mariko Kuna zaki.

This was what he was here for.

Why, then, did he feel so...unfullfilled?

There's the first chapter! Hope you liked it. Lots and lots of narrative in this one, not alot of dialogue. I'm trying to get away from my habit of making it all about the dialogue.

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