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***Been awhile since I've done one of these huh? Some cheating, some sex, some angst...Hopefully you'll love it all ;)

Bleach is Kubo's and the songs belong to the listed artists.

1. Don't Speak- No Doubt

My physical body remains alone, crouched in the corner of a white room, eyes devoid of all emotion staring blankly at nothing at all. While I may seem calm at the moment, it is a pseudo-tranquility, my outward appearance lying on my behalf while my mind rages, trapped by it's own devices.

"An' ya though' we couldn' be t'gether. See King? I told ya I'd make it work!"

"Yes, and look at what it has cost me! Anything and everything I have ever known and loved has been taken away. Everyone I love fears me and the 'insanity' you have forced upon me. How can I live like this?"

"Hush now Aibou. I know wha' yer sayin', no need to 'xplain things when I know wha' yer thinkin'. I'm all ya need an' I don' fear ya." He finished while tightening the binds on my spiritual body and laying his head on my chest. Tears that I would never let fall before filled my eyes when I realize that I may never get out of this.

"Please let me go." The first tear broke confinement and slid down my cheek with tormenting slowness.

"Aw, King...Why would I do that when we can stay like this forever? Like this, I can protect you forever." With each word spoken with precise clarity, the accent dropped, I know that this is not simply another game, and with our unrelenting connection, I am forced to realize that this is what he wanted all along.

The tears flow freely now as I desperately try to think of a way to talk him out of this, having learned weeks ago that fighting him is futile. "No, you can't-"

"Shh, King. Don't speak anymore. I know it hurts now, but one day you will see things my way and learn to love only me, like I love only you." He kissed away my tears while I finally came to the realization that I would never be free.

Ichigo Kurosaki, Male, Age: 18

Height: 6'1, Weight: 160 lbs

Symptoms: Severely violent tendencies, with delusions of another self.

Diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Deemed unfit to be integrated back into society.

2. Gone Forever- Three Days Grace

Staring down into what remained of the blissfully mind numbing liquid substance, I try to once again remember how I ended up here. What exactly was wrong again? Did I start the fight? What were we fighting about?

It has only been a few days since I left, but it feels like it's been a hundred years since the fight. The alcohol I have been drinking daily to erase the pain does it's job well, and for awhile I feel fine.

This time will be different. I won't go back. When I think about it that way, I really do feel better. Having called in sick to work these past few days because I couldn't bear walking into your office, facing the disappointment I am sure to see in your eyes, I solidify my resolve to quit and move away.

I will feel so much better knowing that you are gone forever. That's what I thought earlier. However, the longer I stare into this glass, trying to recall why I am considering life altering changes, the more I second guess that line of thought.

Still deep in thought, the bartender's gruff voice startles me, "Hey buddy, you gonna drink that? You've been starin' at it for over an hour." Over an hour huh? Guess that explains why the pain is returning.

Quickly I down the glass and pass it back over the bar. He laughs, "Want another?"

Before I can answer, an all too familiar voice speaks up from behind me, "No, I think it's time for him to come home."

Whipping around in surprise and ready to tell you that I don't want to go anywhere, the lingering effects of the alcohol cause the room to spin and I end up toppling right into your already awaiting arms. Your hold is firm and your scent is familiar and comforting. I feel my eyes sting as all my hard work of trying to think of the reasons to leave you is washed away, replaced with all the reasons I want to stay.

Not wanting to give in completely, my voice, muffled by your shirt, contradicts my feelings, "I don't miss you at all." My own words cause the captive tears to spring from my eyes and I hold you tighter, digging my face further in your crumpled shirt.

You gently kiss the top of my head while lifting my unstable body in your arms and turn towards the door, "I know Ichi, but I miss you dearly."

3. The Bad Touch- The Bloodhound Gang (lol I have been waiting so long for this song to get shuffled in!)

Of all the things I have taught my hollow since we were separated, showing him how to work the television is probably the one I regret the most...

"Hey King, check this out!"

Walking into the living room, I glance up from my book when I hear a strange noise on the television. "Shiro what the hell are you watching?" I feel heat rise to my face not because of the monkeys rutting on the screen, but because of how intently my lover is watching them do it.

He smirks, then points to the monkey on the receiving end, "This one makes the same faces you do when I-" My book smacks him in the face, stopping him short.

"Finish that sentence and I will never let you cause those 'faces' again."

4. Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi

After tying up my horse, I casually walk up the wooden steps to the local saloon and push trough the swinging doors. Tilting my hat up, I look around, only to find the regulars.

"Hey Shiro! Looks like the Sheriff upped the bounty on your head!" One of the men in the bar yelled when I walked in.

"Yeah? I don't suppose any of ya are stupid enough to try and take it?" I asked a little hopeful. I was excitedly awaiting a good fight, but most are too terrified to approach me. There is a good reason why the price on my head keeps raising, despite already being one of the highest in history.

Some of the men laughed at my question, others simply turned away, scared to bring attention to themselves. I sat next to the one at the bar that yelled when I came in and asked, "What about you?"

He snorted, "Flattered but no thanks. I may be slightly crazy, but I'm not suicidal. But from what I hear, you may get that fight you seem to be itchin' for." He stopped and ordered us both a beer. I looked at him curiously, his statement already causing me to feel excited. Taking a swig of his fresh beer he continued, "Looks like some hot shot bounty hunter was in the next town askin' 'bout ya. They say the guys good, real good."

I feel a maniacal grin overtake my features, "He still there?"

"Far as I know. Reckon everyone there's too scared ta say anythin'."

"Psh, buncha pansies." Finishing my beer I go to stand.

"Can't really blame a man fer wantin' ta live. Where ya goin'?"

"Ya really gotta ask? I gotta date with the devil!" I laugh, walking out. Checking my supplies to make sure I've got enough to reach the next town, I ride out.

Making it to the next town, I easily gathered all the information I needed on the stranger who's been asking about me. Surprisingly, they all say that aside from the coloring, Ichigo looks strikingly like me and has got an attitude to boot. Handsome and an award winning personality? Hope that means he's got some fight in him. I've grown tired of killing all the weak push over bastards that think they can take me. Bringing my hat down to shadow my face, I walk into the saloon he is currently staying at and immediately spot him at the bar. At the sight of him, all previous thoughts of slowly ringing the life out of him are extinguished and all I am left with is 'damn he's pretty'."

For the first time ever, I decide against bringing attention to myself in favor of studying the orange haired beauty and renowned bounty hunter. Finding a shadowed corner, I make myself comfortable and watch him swirl his drink, deep in thought.

About ten minutes into my silent observation, a drunk approaches him slurring his speech. "I donno why 'er so inta tha' Sirosaki guy. Prit'y lit'le thing like ya, lookin' fer some asshole! How boutcha ferget 'bout 'im n' come home wit' me?"

Snorting at the flawlessly delivered speech, I contemplate going over there to make him eat his words when the hunter speaks up, "Not interested, get lost." Oh ho snippy ain't he?

"C'mon now, don' be li'e tha'!" The guy then reached out and grabbed Carrot top's thigh, only to be face planted in the bar a split second later and fall to the floor unconscious. If I had blinked I might have missed it. So the guy is fast too eh? Good to know considering I have been thinking about ways to pin him beneath me ever since I laid eyes on him, entertaining the thought of my predator becoming my prey.

Shortly after knocking out the drunkie, he drops money onto the bar and heads up to his rented room. I lick my lips as I am provided with an excellent view of his ass while he climbs the stairs and I feel my body stirring below the belt. Burning the image into my mind I smirk, looks like I got my work cut out for me. From what I hear about him, and with what I saw tonight, making him mine won't be easy. Good thing I am always up for a challenge.

5. I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab For Cutie

Love of mine,

Someday you will die,

But I'll be close behind,

I'll follow you into the dark.

"Hey Shiro, what do you think it's like to die?" The young orange headed boy asked his friend.

The other looked from the lake they were sitting by, to the tanned hand he was holding, "Donno Ichi, never really thought about it. Why do ya ask?"

After a while of silence, Ichigo tightened his grip on the white hand and responded in a sure tone, "I'm never going to die."

Shiro, having laid back sometime during the silence, looked questioningly up at his friend, "Everyone dies eventually Ichi. People can't live forever. What's this about anyway?"

The sureness in the tan face that was there before vanished, replaced by a look of worry, "I don't want to die Shi. I'm afraid of being all alone."

A look of understanding crossed pale features, and the white haired boy sat up, embracing the other, "Don't worry Ichi, I won't let you go alone."

Teary brown eyes looked into confident gold, "Promise?"

Shiro smiled at his Ichigo, "Promise Ichi. I'll follow you into the dark." 'No matter what.'

If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied,

Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs,

If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks,

Then I'll follow you into the dark.

6. I Got A Feeling- The Black Eyed Peas

I inspect myself in the mirror one last time and let out a sigh. It took me about an hour and twenty different outfits before I finally settled on a simple one that would do. A black graphic tee over washed and torn jeans, complete with black wristbands and my favorite black and white pumas, is satisfactory rock concert wear, right? Before I could once again second guess my outfit, Shiro's ringtone filled the room and I excitedly turned away from the mirror to dash for the phone.

"Hey Shiro."

"Hey good lookin', I'm outside. You ready to go?" Looking out my window, I see Shiro pull up in his new black Camero.

"Yeah, I'll be down in a sec." I hang up and grab my keys, so excited that I no longer care about the clothes. I am so glad that I finally got up the nerve to confess to the man I have been pining for the past two years. I blush remembering the conversation...

"Shiro, the last thing I want is to ruin our friendship but I can't hold this in any longer. I think I'm in love with you." My cheeks uncomfortably hot, I wait for his disgust or rejection with my eyes closed. However, they quickly snap open when I feel his arms wrapped tightly around me and his breath in my ear, "I have been waitin' so long for ya to figure out that you were gay Ichi. Now I don't have to hold back anymore."

Shortly after, he asked me to go with him to this rock concert, officially making this our first date. Finally making it out the door, I jump into the passenger seat of his ride and he leans over for a quick kiss.

"Ya look great Ichi."

I blush and smile with an appreciative "Thanks." I've got a feeling that tonight's going to be a good night.

7. Riot- Three Days Grace (continuation of #6)

"If you feel so empty,

So used up,

So let down.

If you feel so angry,

So ripped off,

So stepped on,

You're not the only one refusing to back down..."

When the beat to the next song started up, I looked around and knew that we would be in the center of a rather large mosh pit. Pulling my orange headed boyfriend's back to my chest I speak over the rising volume of the crowd and the beat of the speakers, "Stay close to me Ichi, it's about to get a little rough." He nods in acknowledgment, while watching the crowd come impossibly closer together.

"...You're not the only one,

So get up!

Let's start a Riot,

A Riot,

Let's start a Riot!

As the members of the crowd began jumping and thrashing in random directions, Ichigo was almost pushed away from me and caught an elbow to the side. I quickly pulled the wincing berry back to me and punched the offending male in the face. He laughed and started pushing back at the crowd while I continued to watch for any stray limbs unlucky enough to make their way towards my Strawberry. After blocking two arms and a foot, I came to the decision that he will never be in a mosh pit again.

8. Your Sex is on Fire- Kings of Leon (continuation of #7- This drabble doesn't really follow the song, but I did put sex in it and used some fire/burning/heat adjectives and metaphors)

It's late when we make it back to your apartment and you immediately pull my shirt over my head, ignoring my embarrassed protests.

"Quiet down Ichigo, I just want to check and make sure ya weren't injured in the mosh pit."

"I told you I was fine, the only time I was hit hard was just that first elbow." As I said that, his fingers lightly trailed the forming bruise from said hit and he scowled.

"Shoulda beat the fucker down."

I laugh at his over protectiveness and wrap my arms around him, "Shiro, we were in a mosh pit. People are going to come out of it beat to hell. The guy was probably pushed into me anyhow."

Verifying that all I had was the one bruise, he visibly relaxed and bent down, kissing the wounded area. When his lips gently touched my bare skin, it was like a spark went through me and I wanted more.

Pulling him back up, I press my body against his and initiate a rather heated kiss. His fingers slowly glide from my hips, up my sides and then down my back, leaving a burning trail in their wake. I break the kiss, my gasps for breath turning into a deep moan as he kneads the flesh from my lower back, down to my upper thighs. Taking the noise for what it is, a plea to continue, his hands tighten on my legs and he bends slightly to lift me up. Once off the ground, my legs automatically lock around his waist and he begins sucking and biting my neck, trailing from my ear to my collarbone and back again. Every spot his mouth touches is set aflame, and I can't help but want that feeling on the rest of my body.

Suddenly falling, I am startled until my back hits the soft surface of his bed. I had been so lost in the feeling of his mouth on me that I hadn't even realized we had been moving. Looking up into burning golden irises, I am given a brief second to wonder why he stopped.

"Do you want me Ichigo?" He asks, voice laced with lust. I can only nod in response, unable to look into those heated eyes and think of anything coherent. He gives me a short kiss before pushing up off the bed and pulling his shirt off in one swift movement. The pants and boxers follow shortly afterward and I am left staring at his amazing physique while he leans forward to work off the rest of my own confining clothing. The second we are both free, he presses his hot body on top of mine and crushes my lips in a blazing kiss. His body moves against mine, brushing our members together, causing another moan to escape and forcing my temperature to rise uncontrollably.

"Shiro...please...so hot." He smirks and backs up, reaching into his bedside drawer to pull out a small bottle. "Turn over Ichi." Wordlessly doing as instructed, I roll over as he approaches me again.

Crawling into position behind me, he pulls my hips up so I am on my knees, and I bury my face into a pillow, waiting for the pain that is sure to come. However, the next sensation I feel isn't the intrusion I expected, but a slick hand encasing my stiff manhood and lips dusting feather light, flickering kisses along my back and shoulders. I give a pleasure filled cry into the pillow and don't even stiffen when he inserts the first finger into my virgin entrance. He thrusts it in and out a few times, most of the feeling blocked out by the intense pleasure of his hand working my aching member.

Adding another finger, there is a slight spark of pain as he scissors them apart, but nothing that could take away from the rising pleasure I am feeling from his other hand.

Unfortunately, I can't help but tense at the third probing finger, my body naturally resisting the painful stretch. The pain is now competing with the pleasure and I shift forward, lowering my hips while subconsciously trying to move away from the pain. However, Shiro moves with me and places his lips behind my ear, "Relax for me Ichi. You've been doing so good and I promise it will feel better in a second." His words reassure me and I try my best to relax around his fingers. "That's it, just like that." I feel him smile before trailing kisses down my back and using the hand not inside me to lift my hips once more. Once repositioned, his hand returned to my forgotten erection, while at the same time the intruding fingers touched something wonderful, "O-oh god Shi-ro."

He chuckled at my reaction, but I didn't care if he found it amusing. I just wanted those fingers to bring back the pleasurable fire that had been suffocated by the pain. A few more brushes to that spot, and I was a panting mess, already wanting more of him inside of me. "More Shi..." I trailed off while thrusting back harshly to meet his pushing fingers.

I heard him groan at the action, removing his fingers, he placed the head of his erection at my entrance. "You're so fuckin' hot Ichi. Got no idea what ya do ta me." With that, he slowly slid inside of me, the pain similar to what I felt earlier, but I didn't dare move away this time knowing what's next. After a moment of letting me adjust to his size, he rolled his hips and began moving slowly, the pleasuring burn returning more and more after each thrust. Soon I was begging him to move faster and thrust harder, my entire body on fire while he complied with each demand, burning hotter and hotter the closer we came to that blissful edge. I knew he was just as close as me when his moans became louder and he began biting at my shoulders, loosing some of his rhythm. Reaching around, he barely touched me and I was suddenly falling off that edge, the flames licking my skin and dragging out the pleasure to inconceivable heights. While enjoying the last of my high, I felt molten liquid fill my body and I knew that Shiro had completed the fall with me. As we both collapse, I realize that his sex is like fire, and I can't help but want to burn over and over again.

9. Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood (probably the most ooc I've ever written)

I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes. Ichigo, my Ichigo, straddling some blue headed bastard in a booth at a bar just outside of town. While the numerous bottles and empty shot glasses tell me that he is probably rather wasted, I know this isn't his first time with the blunette. Ulquiorra said he saw them together here one night when Ichigo said he had to work late, but I didn't believe him...until now.

Pain and rage lanced through me and it was all I could do to not stomp over there, rip Ichigo off the man and beat the stranger senseless. My possessiveness didn't care that there is a good possibility that the man didn't even know about me, or that it was Ichigo's fault for doing it in the first place.

For awhile I watched them, not really sure what to do. Beating the man until he ran off wouldn't do, I still could never trust Ichigo again, and I would never lay a hand on Ichigo, no matter what he did to deserve it. Then I remembered his pride and joy sitting out in the parking lot...unattended.

Unlocking my trunk I pulled out my trusty Louisville Slugger, and made my way over to his pretty little souped up 4-wheel drive. Dragging my key along the side of the perfect paint job, I stopped at the window and busted it in. Unlocking the door, I whipped out my pocket knife and carved my name into the leather seats. Jumping back out, I swung the bat into each headlight, smashing them to pieces. Dropping the bat, I return the pocket knife to my left hand and slash all four tires.

Finally content with the destruction, I step back to admire my work. I laugh and pick up the bat, returning to my car. Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. Too bad for him it won't be on me.

10. Champagne- Cavo (continuation of #9)

Growing hot at feeling the bulge between my straddled legs, I ground down on my secret blue headed lover, making us both moan. "Let's get out of here Ichi."

I nod back at him, the alcohol keeping me from feeling guilty when he uses the same nickname Shiro is so fond of. My Shiro...Despite my actions with the blue headed Adonis beneath me, I really do love Shiro, with all my heart. The only problem is that my dick and ass love Grimmjow and I don't have the self control to say 'No,' or to even keep myself from situations like this. I hate how weak I am, when Shiro was strong enough to give up his vices for me. Drugs, alcohol, hell he even quit smoking to make me happy. With that thought, I push off of Grimmjow and tell him that I am going home.

"What the fuck Ichigo?"

"Sorry Grimm, but I haven't been completely honest with you. I'm with someone else."

"There's another man?"

"No Grimm, actually you're the other man." Not waiting for a response, I turned and walked out of the bar.

"Oh my fucking God!"

I hear a barked laugh from behind me and Grimmjow's rough voice speaks up, "Looks like he caught on." Ignoring him, I briefly mourn for my car and call a cab, thinking of what I am going to say to Shiro when I get home.

Walking in the door, I am immediately assaulted with the smell of cigarette smoke and know things are not going to go well. When I find Shiro, I know it will be the worst case scenario.

An empty bottle of champagne rests at his feet and a white residue trail is left on the table in front of him. Between the champagne, the cocaine, and the way he looked at me when I walked in, I just knew... "We're through Ichigo."

***Not sure I like how these ended but meh...that's how the songs shuffled (One rule that I haven't cheated on). Hope you enjoyed them!