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Midnight Wishes

Dan grumbled. Again.

"Amy..." he moaned. "Why do we have to go? They'll probably just murder us!"

Amy glared at her younger brother. "Dan, Mr. McIntyre promised we wouldn't get hurt. We promised not to hurt anyone else, too, remember? No using your fake ninja skills."

Now it was Dan's turn to glare. "They aren't fake!"

Amy rolled her eyes. "Dan, we're still going. Look, there's the limo Mr. McIntyre promised to send!"

Dan sighed. "I still think it's a bad idea."

Amy paused. "I...I do, too. I'm not to excited about this meeting, but...What harm can it do?"

Dan made a face. "You just want to see Ian again!"

Amy pursed her lips. "I do not!"

Dan was about to retort when the limo's car horn beeped.

Amy grabbed her bag, and Dan stuck his hands in his pockets, reluctantly following his sister out of the hotel room.

"Where's Nellie going again?" Dan asked as they stepped into the elevator.

Amy sighed. It was the third time he'd asked, which showed how nervous he was. "I told you, she's going to have a night out. I wasn't sure she'd accept it, but when she saw what restaurant Mr. McIntyre hooked up for her–She couldn't refuse."

Dan nodded. He and Amy were still suspicious of Nellie and her 'email friend', so this made it easier for them.

When Amy and Dan came out of the lobby door, they gasped at the sight in front of them.

Not just the limo, which was a pretty sweet car. But it was the man who was holding the door open for them.

It was the Man in Black.

Dan gulped. "Told you!" he whispered.

Amy bit her lip. She wasn't sure what to do. How...how had...?

The Man in Black spoke. His voice was rough, and it seemed like he hadn't talked to anyone in a very long time. "Amy, Dan, just get in the limo. I'm short on schedule, and Mr. McIntyre doesn't want to waste anymore time. Especially on this night."

Dan raised his eyebrows, but then dove into the limo. There had to be some pretty awesome stuff in there, and even though he was still kind of suspicious...Well, he'd just handle that later.

Amy followed Dan in. Strange how they had reversed roles so suddenly–all in the blink of an eye, she was the reluctant one.

The Man in Black shut the door, climbed into the drivers seat, and drove off.

Amy had a feeling that this was going to be a very long drive...

Natalie glared. At what, she really didn't care. But she glared, and she glared like that was the only thing keeping her alive. It was certainly the only thing keeping her from losing her head and screaming out curses that her parents didn't know she knew.

She stalked down the halls of the Kabra Mansion, trying to control her breathing, trying to look calm, before...


Oh, just wonderful! Natalie thought. Of course, everything just has to go wrong today...

Natalie slowly turned around, and faced her father, Vikram Kabra. He, of course, was his usual handsome self. Natalie already knew she was absolutely gorgeous, angry as she was.

"Natalie, would you mind taking off your heels and changing into flats?" Vikram asked.

Natalie raised an eyebrow, confused. "Why on Earth do I have a need to do that, father?" she asked sweetly.

Vikram gave a weak smile. "Because you are stomping around, and you are making quite a ruckus."

Natalie's mouth became an 'O'. What...?

Vikram's smile grew. "Either that, or you could stop being so loud."

Natalie closed her mouth, and tried not to glare at the head of her family. She knew he was tired, and he was trying to be nicer today, even though he was under so much stress, but she also knew he was going to crack soon.

She hoped she didn't crack first.

"Natalie, come here, please," Vikram said soothingly. Which didn't exactly sooth his daughter. It take more than his gentle tone to do that.

Natalie took a few steps closer to her father, careful not to make to much noise with her heels. At this, her father chuckled. He led Natalie into his study, and let her sit down in front of his desk in a very soft chair. But, instead of being formal and strict, like he usually was, he didn't sit behind his desk, but sat beside Natalie in another soft chair nearby. Natalie raised her eyebrow again, but didn't say anything.

Vikram took one of Natalie's hands in his own. "Natalie, please, listen to me," he began earnestly. "I know you are very angry and disturbed that so many...guests...are coming here for the night. But please, be patient, and try to have some manners. Remember what Mr. McIntyre told us? We cannot harm anyone that comes for this...meeting. I would be very pleased if you would respect Mr. McIntyre's wishes. It would make it far easier for me. Who knows, maybe you'll even have fun?"

Natalie narrowed her eyes. "Father, they are Cahills! And not all of them are from our branch! Hardly any of them are! Father, please!"

Vikram stood. "Natalie, I cannot just dismiss them. I made an agreement with Mr. McIntyre, and...Natalie, this night is very important. Have you never considered the fact that we could get valuable information on this night? So many powerful people are coming, and for once, we are expected to act like a real family that loves each other."

Natalie's eyes widened. Her father wasn't suggesting...?

"My daughter," Vikram continued, sitting back down, "I know this hard for you to consort with these people. But we must, and there will most likely be more good than bad that comes from it. Don't hurt anyone, please, and maybe, these people will seem like more than meets the eye. Promise me, won't you, Nat?"

Natalie pursed her lips, but she couldn't help giving her consent. "Alright, Father. I will try. I realize you are under much stress."

Vikram smiled thankfully. "Thank you, Natalie."

Natalie knew she was being dismissed. She stood up, and quietly left her father's study.

Vikram sat in the seat for a moment, and listened. He didn't hear so much as a footstep as Natalie left to prepare for the night's events.

Mr. McIntyre sighed. This was certainly going to be something. He wasn't sure he'd made the right choice, but...

They had all agreed. Well, some had taken more convincing then others, but still.

And it was to happen tonight.

Mr. McIntyre ran through his speech in his head again. It should all go smoothly, he told himself. No one was too opposed, and I'm sure everyone will have a swell time. Besides, I am curious...

Mr. McIntyre cleaned his glasses, then placed them back on his nose. Tonight would really be something...

Ian gazed out his window. There weren't too many Cahills here yet. The Starlings, who were finally out of the hospital, had arrived. They were shown to the Ball Room, where Ivan Kliester, the leader of the Tomas branch, stood, chatting with his mother, Isabel Kabra. There was also Alistair Oh, who seemed to be rather nervous, but was talking with Yasmeen Badawi and Victor Wood, both fellow Ekaterinas. Paul Addison was talking with Charlie Wallace, but Ivan was keeping a close eye on them, not wanting the Ekat to harm or trick one of his own. Ophir Dupham, a renowned actor, was chatting with Lan Nguyen and Maria Marapao, who were also Janus. He was no doubt bragging about his latest movie about the Taj Mahal.

There were still plenty left to arrive, of course, such as the Wizards, who would show up fashionably late, as usual. Natalie hadn't gone down stairs yet, but she would soon, Ian was certain.

Mr. McIntyre was in the Grand Hall with Vikram, greeting guests as they came and directing them towards the Ball Room.

And how did Ian know all of this? Well, he had cameras set up in the Ball Room and Grand Hall to do a little looking around. He wouldn't go down stairs until he was comfortable with the situation. And he wasn't very comfortable yet.

Ian knew he was really just waiting for Amy. He was rather nervous, though. He had continued to betray her trust, over and over again...He wanted to make things right, but for one of the first times in his life, he didn't have a plan.

Ian glanced at the clock. 10 after 7. More Cahills should definitely be arriving.

Ian turned back to the window. There was a sleek limousine, and out stepped a beautiful girl that Ian knew was Lilya Chernova, who was an Ekat from Russia. He had never trusted her family, but he new she was powerful in her own right. Her parents came in a separate car, and Ian turned to his computer screen to watch them enter the Ball Room. Lilya glanced around the room, and decided hardly anyone was worth talking to. She decided to join Alistair, Yasmeen, and Victor in their chat.

Ian also noticed Chrissy Collins enter the room. He was a little surprised. He thought she would be a little busy...er...evading...certain things. Apparently, her parents had cleared it up...

Mateo Sanchez came shortly afterwards, and went over to Ivan, urgently telling him something about Jonah Wizard...

Ian turned back to the window. This was dangerous. Well, at least Alana wasn't here yet...he didn't want to see her. She'd see right through him in a minute. Or less.

A van pulled up, and out jumped the Holts. Ian cringed. At least they weren't wearing their matching purple work out suits, but they still didn't look very...er, formal.

Ian suddenly thought about Amy. What would she be wearing? He knew she and Dan didn't have very much money...hopefully Natalie wouldn't scoff too much at whatever they chose to wear.

Leslie D. Mill, a friend of Cora Wizard, soon came upon the scene, smiling and ready to talk about his new movie that he was producing. Soon after came George McClain, who looked a little out of his comfort zone.

Ian smirked. Just about all of them were.

Bae Oh came, a stern look on his face. Alistair wouldn't be too happy. Well, Ian mused, Mr. McIntyre wouldn't let him come unless he agreed not to hurt anyone. So Alistair should be safe, if uncomfortable...

Now three branch leaders had already arrived. There weren't too many people left to come...

Oh, one of the moments Ian had been dreading...Alana Flores had arrived. And not far behind her was that idiot, Gordon Klose, who was gazing at Alana like she was an angel straight from Heaven.

And Ian knew she was anything but that.

Ian started pacing. Great, almost everyone he hated was here, and Amy wasn't.

Ian heard a care pull up, and he raced to the window. But, of course, it was just the Wizards. Ian sighed. Where was Amy?

After a few minutes of pacing and worrying, Ian heard a knock on his door. He quickly shut his laptops with the video of the Ball Room and Grand Hall, and then crossed the room and opened his door.

There stood Natalie, looking beautiful, as she always did.

Ian rolled his eyes. "What is it, Natalie?"

Natalie took a deep breath. "I really...really don't want to go down there..."

Ian nodded. "I understand. Alana's here..."

Natalie sighed. "I know...And a lot of others are, too...Including that idiot, Klose..."

Ian smirked. "He was following Alana in Hong Kong, right? And he fell madly in love with her?"

Natalie nodded. "Father told me all about it."

Another car pulled up. Ian rushed to the window. He heard Natalie snicker behind him, but he didn't care.

He saw a man dressed all in black get out of the drivers seat and walk to open the car door.

It had to be Dan and Amy.

Mr. McIntyre came out, and greeted the man. The man opened the door, and out stepped Dan.

Amy had to be next...

Amy was nervous, to say the least.

She was lucky she wasn't going insane!

Dan grabbed another fistful of popcorn.

"Dan, would you stop stuffing yourself!" she hissed desperately.

Dan turned to look at his sister. "Wof?" he asked.

Amy narrowed her eyes.

Dan swallowed then asked, "What?"

Amy slapped his arm.

"Ow!" Dan cried. "I'm just eating! What's wrong with that?"

Amy threw her hands up in the air. "You're acting like a pig! Do you know how nervous I am, Dan?"

Dan shrugged. "Look at it this way. If I eat something now, I won't seem like such a 'pig' at the meeting! They're bound to have treats!"

Amy rolled her eyes. "How can you eat at all?!"

Dan shrugged. "I hungry. I eat. I happy."

Amy moaned. He was bound to ruin the suit that the Man in Black had picked out for him. Yes, the gathering was formal. After the Man in Black had picked them up, he had taken them to a mall to get some formal clothes. Amy had found a nice dress her size. Well, nice was an understatement. Amy found it breath taking. It was nearly the same green as her eyes, and the fabric shimmered when it moved. It was very elegant–And as expensive as it was, the Man in Black had told her it was alright to purchase it.

Dan had snorted when he saw it, and mumbled something about her wanting to impress Ian. She had blushed, but she ignored him.

They had gotten a flight to London, and now the Man in Black was taking them to the Kabra's Mansion.

Dan slurped a Sprite. Amy groaned.

Amy tried not to think about who they were about to meet...Amy wasn't sure how many Cahills would be at the Kabra's. But it didn't matter how many...If there were a couple from every branch, chaos was sure to take hold.

"Whoa," Dan said around his mouthful of M&Ms. "Thath a bik houth."

Amy hit Dan on the back, causing him to spit out his M&Ms.

"Hey!" He yelled.

But before he could say anything else, the Man in Black opened the door. Dan stepped out, thinking about how big the pool had to be here.

Amy took a deep breath. Ian was in there. And she did not want to see him. At all. But did she have a choice? There would be plenty of other Cahills there that she didn't want to see, either. Ian was just someone she'd rather not see more than just about anyone she could think of.

Amy scooted across the car seats, and stepped out of the limo. Dan hadn't been lying. This was one big house.

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