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Two weeks. She had been on crutches for two weeks. Why? Because she had tripped over her own feet and feel down the stairs resulting in her breaking her ankle.

Now she was stuck at home and not allowed back on base for another week. Meanwhile Jack waited on her hand and foot. Don't get her wrong she loved being waited on, for about a week. After that it just got annoying when he wouldn't let her do anything herself.

Sam loved her husband but sometimes he could be rather irritating to be around.

So now she found her self sitting on the couch with her ankle propped up, waiting for Jack to bring her a soda.

"Well it took you long enough." she said with a smile.

"Sorry there were none in the fridge, so I had to go grab some from the garage."

"That's OK. I forgive you." she then proceeded to give him one of her megawatt smiles.

"How does your ankle feel today?" he asked.

"Same as it did ten minutes ago when you asked me." she paused to look at her husband, "Jack you can stop worrying it's not serious." she told him reassuringly.

"Sorry, I just wanna make sure your OK," he paused, "I've probably drove you crazy this last week haven't I?" he asked with a smile.

"Almost, but it's ok. I still love you." she said and then leaned over and kissed him.

"Good. So how 'bout we watch another episode of The Simpson's?" he asked cheerfully.

She groaned and rolled her eyes. It was going to be another very long week.

The End

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