Chapter 6: Trudging through the Snow

"Did you see me!" I was all like Hataaa!" Jowee was swinging his sword around as the Raposa group walked through the snow approaching Mt Snowy in the distance. Mari knew that Mt. Snowy was far more dangerous than it used to be. It used to be a different story when the world was still alive but now the mountain had parts of it missing with bottomless holes and they could see Wilfre's army of Shadow Walkers as well.

"Keep it down!" Mari hissed.

"What do we have to fear with me and Rapo's skills?"

"Numbers," Mike said. "If we get swarmed by those things we're done for, even with your new skills." He turned to look for a non- dangerous way up the mountain. Finally he gave up.

"Something wrong little bro?" Heather asked.

"This is pointless sis. The only way is if we could jump on the clouds. But as you can see there's nothing. Nothing to help us!" Rapo raised his hand. "What Rapo?" Rapo pointed at some Shadow Walkers who were trying to destroy something. Mike recognized it instantly. "Hey! That's a Paint Easel! There were about five of the things and Mike knew that that easel was their only chance. He desperately wished he could help fight but he'd leave it to Rapo and Jowee for now. Heather who had finally recovered and decided they must be in another coma, looked around and got a big stick she saw lying on the ground and Mari just got depressed at the notion she couldn't help their little group. Mike grinned. His sister was a great gymnast so that stick would be a good weapon for now…he just hoped she still had it. "Okay team we need to save that easel Heather, Rapo and Jowee will be our main fighters. Mari and me will be counting on you guys to keep us safe. Ready? Lets…"

"Hold on!" Jowee interrupted. "If we're going to be a team we should have a name." Mari slapped her head.

"Jowee I don't think this is really the time…"

"He's right! We do need a team name….hmmm…how about Team Genesis?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of Team Super Raposa Heroes of Justice."

"I think Team Geneis is a lovely and clever name," Mari said smiling. "It's a clever idea because 1. We're the new Genesis or Beginning of our world. Our village is called Genesis Village. And finally we're the 'genesis' of Wilfre's end! And Mike's the leader so he gets to decide."

"Alright but I still think Team Super Raposa Heroes of Justice would strike more terror in Wilfre."

"More than likely he couldn't even pronounce that name." They all chuckled minus Jowee.

"Okay Team Genesis! Lets go!"

The Shadow walkers clawed and scratched and kicked at the Painting Easel but despite their effort they couldn't do a blasted thing. The protection around the easel was too strong. However they knew from experience that Master Wilfre would punish them horribly if they failed. Their attention was so preoccupied on their task they never saw Team Genesis charging them. That is until Jowee started shouting. The Shadow Walkers jumped and turned just in time to meet Jowee's sword, Rapo's fists, and Heather's stick. With three gone the other two turned and ran like bats out of hell giving off loud shrieks of terror.

"That's right! You better run! Tell Wilfre that Team Genesis is here to restore the world!" Mike however just sighed and rubbed his head.

"So much for the element of surprise we need to hurry and recreate the clouds…before all those Shadow Walkers swarm us." Mike stared at the Paint Easel. On top it said Cloud. Mike had a hunch how it worked and touched the paper with his Stylus once again entering Creation Space.

Mike saw all the Color, Ink and Paper he could want! But something told him he would not be able to take anything back with him, plus they were in a hurry so he quickly drew in clouds, beautiful cumulonimbus clouds. Wrapping things up he went to leave but not before he could he received something that simply popped into existence in his hand! It was a new Color! The color was Purple. Mike felt discouraged. What could he do with Purple coloring? He sighed and absorbed the paint with his stylus. It was better than nothing he supposed.

Exiting Creation Space Mike saw that the area that had been devoid of clouds, was now filled with beautiful full fluffy clouds. Mari and Jowee stared at him in awe.

"Wow Mike! Those are gorgeous clouds." Heather got up and gave her little brother a noogie.

"If there's one thing you can count on from Mike it's that his art skills are a tier above most. He graduated with top honors in art from Grade 6 at our school." Mari and Jowee looked at her strange. What on earth was honors? Or Grades? Or School? Heather sighed but then shrieked. "Those creatures are after us again!" Everyone turned to see the Shadows swarming down the mountainside ready to tear them apart!

"Quick onto the clouds!" Yelled Jowee. Heather stopped him. Are you insane? You can't actually physically walk on clouds, they're too thin and you'll just fall through!"

"Don't be silly of course you can stand on clouds. Now let go please." Heather wouldn't do so and being bigger than Jowee by an inch was able to sit on him. Meanwhile the Shadows were getting closer.

"Heather we got no choice. We're in a different world now. Physics don't apply here. He took a running start and leaped towards the first cloud!

"MIKE!" Heather screamed but was utterly shocked as Mike kept going jumping from one cloud to the next. "But that's…impossible…"

"Get off me! Jowee threw Heather off him as he and Mari jumped on the cloud as well. The Shadows were surging towards Heather!

"Heather jump!" Mari cried out. Heather brushed herself off and looked doubtfully towards the clouds. Deciding that falling to her death was better than being torn apart by those things she took a running jump just as the Shadows almost grabbed her. She prayed as she leaped, surprisingly high with her staff and landed on the cloud. Heather was surprised as it felt and smelled like jumping into a huge mound of cotton candy. She was stunned. She started jumping up and down on the cloud but without any effort it held all four of them up without any give. This total contradiction to the laws of physics made Heather faint.

Heather's vision opened upon a solid roof and a felt a cozy warmth, and soft mattress beneath her. For a moment she felt as though she were back home until her hands revealed a different story. Getting the covers off her she turned to see Mike, Jowee, and Mari asleep in other beds. Heather smiled seeing her worn out brother sleeping so happily and soundly. How long had it been since she'd seen such a sight. She stroked his hair. She sighed. She was fully awake and half hoped she'd wake up in a hospital but it was obvious to her now. She was in Mike's world. A world she'd believed was only a fantasy and now she and her brother were on their own to survive. Going over to the kitchen she looked into the pantries and found nothing of any real nutritional value just lots of bread wafers smelling strongly of honey and decay, some rotten fruit and of course some chocolate. She was rather curious why nothing good and healthy had survived and closed the pantry and instead opened a small fridge and grinned happily seeing some still ripe eggs. Fishing around for a cooking pan Heather started a fire and began to cook the eggs. She found some spices as well and mixed that in while cooking the eggs. The smell of good cooked eggs soon woke up Jowee followed by Mari who woke up Mike. The smell was heavenly and Heather smiled at them.

"Breakfast is served." Everyone happily ate their eggs in silence. When they were all done Mike spoke.

"Heather thank you for breakfast….but I think we need to have a small talk. Yesterday you put us all in danger of being captured or worse. We barely scraped by getting half way through the Snow Fields while Jowee carried you. I hate to say this to my sister, but you're really slowing us down."

"I know Mike…I was a bit of an air head yesterday but I've come to terms with that. From now on I'll be doing my best to help out."

"Phooey am I glad about that. Because your eggs were delicious and we'll be needing a cook really badly once we get to Genesis Village." Jowee remarked. Mike looked at his sister and then to the floor. Soon it was bright outside again even if there was no sun in the sky. Mari explained that the Shadows mutated in the dark which is why they'd taken cover in this little cottage home, but they should be okay now that the sky was white and bright again.

Sneaking out the back door they dodged a Shadow Walker platoon they soon saw a large blank door imbedded in a mountainside. Heather and Mike just stared at the sheer size of the mountain.

"Mt. Snowy. Man would you look at all those pit falls. It sure has become dangerous huh Mari?"

"Frankly Mike I'm more worried about the door to Genesis Village. Its blank and unusable. We'll need some Creator help if we're gonna go back home." Mike sighed and walked up to the door, only to realize this door needed yellow color and he didn't have any and no Easel's were around either.

"Oh bother! Now what do I do?"

"We need to find something that's already yellow and then absorb the color with the stylus." Everyone instantly looked at Mari's dress.

"Umm can't we try something else?" Mari said fearfully. Mike sighed and looked around. Nothing but white snow surrounded them. Then he got an idea and left the group.

Everyone stared at the rocky boulder Mike had hid behind when suddenly Mike came running around the corner. They saw that his stylus was colored yellow meaning he must have found something…but what?

"Its better we don't talk about it." Mike ran up to the door and began to color it in. Soon the door opened wide revealing a bright white light within. As they entered the brightness faded and the small troupe of 5 soon saw they were standing under a sign with the words reading "Welcome to _ Village" the third word being too faded to read. And standing in a central plaza was a great and beautiful altar which held up nothing in its center. Mike, Mari, and Jowee gasped. The Eternal Flame!

Mike approached the flame and twirling his stylus began to color in the podium but while coloring the flame, making it a beautiful white and light blue its light caused their shadows to grow longer.

Instantly the warmth and light of the flame cleared away the dark clouds perforating all over the village causing them to evaporate and soon everyone could see their own shadows again. But then something really weird began to happen. Their shadows began to shift and warp into one, as a massive Shadow Phantom rose out of their shadows.

"Uh oh." Mari said as the Phantom roared.