Wizards Vs Werewolves A Wizards Tragedy

Summary: When Alex returned back to Transylvania to see if Mason loved her, things don't go as planned. Mason attacks and it is up to Juliet to save her life, but when she gets news of her new life she isn't too thrilled. Until she meets a vampire that gives her a taste of the night life!

Author's Note: Since everyone else is doing their versions or remakes of Wizards Vs Werewolves. I decided to make my own version with a little bit of a twist.

Rated: T - Tragedy/Drama

She was too busy trying to get the necklace off the ledge. She threw rocks, her shoe, even her brothers wand but no avail. She didn't think of climbing up a few rocks to get it. She just had to get the necklace down to see if he really loved her and not Juliet.

She was completely oblivious to what was going on behind her. Her boyfriend, the werewolf, and best friend and brother's girlfriend, the vampire, Juliet fighting one another. She was focused on getting that stupid necklace.

After hearing her brother yell for Mason to get off of his girlfriend she turned around to see him on top of Justin.

"Get off of him." Juliet bit the werewolf and he stumbled back and fell to the ground.

"You bit me." Mason said in shock.

"You were beating up my boyfriend." Juliet defended her actions.

Mason gave Juliet an evil glare then looked to Alex, as she stood in by the ledge under the necklace. He glanced at Justin. "She is mines forever." He morphed into his werewolf form and charged at Alex.

"NO!" Justin screamed as he watched Mason pounce his sister. He watched as his teeth sunk into his sisters neck as she fell to the ground. He lunged at Mason knocking him off of his, but he was too late.

The gauging hole in his sisters neck assured him his sister was gone. No longer with this world and no longer with him. Juliet stood behind as tears filled in her eyes.

Justin looked over to Mason, he picked up the biggest rock he could find. He started to throw rock after rock after rock after rock, hitting Mason every time. If only he had his wand, Mason would be dead by now.

Mason trotted off into the darkness, away from the pelting. He looked back as Justin gave him a evil glare then continued to run off into the woods.

Justin stood over her lifeless body before he kneeled over her. He scooped her body into his arms, as he stood from the ground. He looked over to his girlfriend. A vampire. She could save his sister before her soul leaves this earth. He walked over to his girlfriend.

"Please tell me there is something you can do." Justin sniffed.

Juliet looked down at Alex and shook her head. "I'm sorry Justin I can't do anything."

"She's not gone yet. I know there is something you can do." He plead.

"Justin the only I can do is turn her into a vampire and you don't want that." Juliet told him, that was something she told him she would never do. Even if it was to save his life.

"I want my sister back." Justin swallowed.

"Not everybody can handle being a vampire." Juliet tried to explain. She had seen what happened when people became vampires. Some have been known to kill themselves or become blood thirsty animals killing everything in sight. Some even try to become to new Dracula using thier powers to seduce the innocent and draining them of all their blood.

"Come on, this is Alex. She can handle anything." Justin contined his plea. He knew Alex could handle it, she was strong and never let anything stop her.

"Justin don't make me do this." She shook her head.

"Juliet I have never asked you to do anything. This one thing I need you to do. Just do this one thing for me." He cried.

Juliet wanted nothing but to make Justin happy, but this was one thing she didn't want to do. She never made anyone a vampire before. She grew up from the blood of stray and some purebred animals and blood banks. Never the blood of a human. If Justin only knew what he was asking her to do.

"Please we don't have much time." He stepped closer.

"I've never drank the blood of a human before." Juliet finally told him.

"You drank blood from blood banks." Justin said questionably.

"Yeah but the blood was always diluted." She explained.

"Juliet please." He held his sister closer to Juliet.

Juliet got a whiff of Alex blood and her senses went wild. Her fangs dropped. "I can't." She stopped herself.

Justin became frustrated with his girlfriend and wiped some blood from Alex neck and stuck his finger into Juliet's mouth.

"Justin!" Juliet shouted as she stepped backed, but it as too late. The taste of her blood was so sweet and smelt so delightful, before she knew it she dove straight for the brunettes neck.

It was hard watch Juliet ravage his sisters neck, but he would do anything to have his sister here with him. He didn't care if she was would be a soul less vampire living in darkness and feasting on blood. He would let her drink his blood just to keep her alive.

Juliet retracted her fang as she lifted her head from Alex's body. She glanced at Justin and wiped her mouth.

Justin laid his sisters body on the platform by the stairs. He stepped back and waited for his sister to come alive. "Nothing's happening."

"It isn't official yet." Juliet said as she snapped Alex neck.

"Juliet!" Justin ran to his sister in shock of what his girlfriend just did.

"Take her home. Give her a day or two. She should arise as a new being." Juliet hung her head, she was ashamed of herself. "No longer a human, no longer a wizard."

Justin wrapped his arms around Juliet holding her tight. "I know you never wanted to become a maker, but you did the right thing." He kissed her forehead.

"Take me home." Juliet sniffed.

A/N: Okay it started off nice, but I think it may have went down a biit. I was kind of rushing, but I hope it is still good enough. Just in case you were wondering. I didn't let Mason scratch Juliet. So that is why she is still a vampire and is able to turn Alex into one. Now I was thinking of spinning off this story to a Alex becomes a vampire, but I don't know. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks in advance.