A scream that could be heard for miles. A brunette teenager kneeled on the ground cradling a lifeless four year old in her arms. The teenager cried over the little girl in her arms as she stood from the ground.

The town crowded around the woods as the teenager came out of the woods. Another screamed was heard when a woman pushed through the crowd and fell to her knees in tears. The woman cried into her hands when she saw her lifeless daughter in the teenagers arms.

Just then two men walked around the woman taking the child from the teenager and carried her into a house. They laid the little girl on the table and started to examine her body. They saw the puncture wounds on her neck.

The teenager helped the woman to her feet as she cried into her shoulders. She helped the woman into the house with her daughter.

The woman calm her cried as she begged the man to let her daughter live.

"Please don't. She's just a baby." The woman cried.

"I'm sorry, but she is one of them now." One of the men grabbed a stake behind a chair.

"No! Please Don't!" She cried.

And without warning the man stabbed the stake into the four year old's chest. The woman screamed and cried out as the teenager held her back.

Alex jumped out of her sleep. She took a deep breath trying to ctach her breath as she turned to Joe in her bed. Whom was wide awake.

"Have a nice dream?" Joe asked.

"Don't you ever sleep?" Alex asked.

"Vampire don't sleep. Well ones without souls."

"You must have bags for days." Alex joked.

"I'm dead!" Joe flashed a grin.

"A smile?" Alex teased.

"Shut up!" His smile dropped. "You have a nice dream?"

"What is your obsession about my dream?" Alex curled under Joe.

"You wanted to know what happened to make me this way." Joe placed a hand on her cheek.

Alex sighed, lying her chin on his chest. "You lost a daughter?" She said softly.

"When it comes to you, you will know."

Alex was confused, what did he mean by that. "So I will be dreaming about the same thing over and over again?"

"Yes, but not exactly." Joe shook his head.

Alex yawned laying her head on his chest. "Well then I guess I will be needing a lot of rest." She closed her eyes.

Joe waited for Alex to fall asleep and he caressed her head as he felt her chest heaving against his. He looked down removing a strand from her forehead. He would have told her his story, but it would be better if she found out for herself.

Theresa laid next to her husband. Thinking about how her family had turned out. Her son dating a vampire and her daughter dated a werewolf and could possibly be dating a vampire. So far the only normal one is her youngest son, Max. She only knew of one girlfriend he had and she was human, well at least she hoped.

She looked to her drooling husband and started to smile. She would have never thought marrying a former wizard would bring this much craziness. Though she would never change a thing.

"I love you Mr. Russo." Theresa kissed her husband.

"I love you too Mrs. Russo." Jerry smiled in his sleep. "You wanna?" He raised a brow and bit his lip.

"No!" Theresa replied as Jerry pouted.

Max walked the grounds of Transylvania, waiting for the wolf to come. It came strutting through the gates walking towards Max. Max stroked his fur as the wolf gazed into his brown eyes.

Max backed away from the wolf and recited a spell. A flash of light shot from his wand turning the wolf into Mason. That Mason, the wolf that nearly killed his sister.

"You came back!" Mason breathed. "How did you...?"

"Around Alex and Justin I pretend to be dumb and uninterested in following the rules, but behind their backs I study like hell." Max chortled twirling his wand. "Pretty good strategy don't you think?"

"Thank you." Mason looked over his human form. "I am so sorry about Alex."

"I know. You acted on impulse. I forgive you." Max was too quick to forgive Alex.

"How's everybody?" Mason hesitated to ask.

Max tucked his hands in his pockets. "Everybody is fine, Justin and Juliet are still together."

"And Alex?" Mason's heart nearly crumbled at the wound of her name. He couldn't believe he lost a love of his life.

"She's doing great, she's a vampire now?" Max said as if he was proud of that fact. "Wanna see her?"

Max cocked a brow at founding out Alex was a vampire. "I don't think your sister would want to see me." He shrugged.

"Oh I know. Come here." Max gesture Max to come by the fountain. He dipped his wand into the fountain causing the water to ripple as it showed a vision of Alex sleeping on Joe's chest.

"That's him?" Mason called out as he pointed to Joe. "That's Joe!" He looked to Max.

"How do you know Alex's boyfriend?" Max turned to Max taking his wand out of the water.

"He's the one who..." Mason stopped before he told on himself. "I met him a few hundred years ago." He lied fixing his shirt.

"Oh." Max shrugged. " It must be a small world in the werewolf vampire community." Max referred to Juliet also knowing Joe.

"Yes!" Mason nodded tucking his hands in his pockets.

Juliet moaned as woke up next to Justin in the morning. She hissed at the sun beaming on her skin and quickly shut the curtains before she turned to her boyfriend.

"Morning sunshine!" Justin smiled.

"Really?" Juliet chuckled.

"Yeah I know." Justin laughed at his joke and propped up on his elbows. "Do you have to leave right now?"

"Yes." She giggled, "I'll be back."

"Hurry." Justin pouted as Juliet bolted out of the window.

He hated it when Juliet would have leave in the mornings. He wished he could wake up to her and cuddle for a while. He took a deep breath and slid out of the bed in his sweatpants. He grabbed a shirt and slid into his slippers.

He went into the basement to check on Alex. When he stepped foot off the last step to see Alex in a pink tank top and matching panties.

"Do you always walk around the house like that?" Justin winked at his sister.

Alex bit her lips and turned to her brother. "Do you like what you see?" Alex flirted with her brothers as she walked over, putting her arms around his neck.

"Oh! Yes I do!" Justin rubbed his hands down her back..

Alex started to laugh and Justin frowned at his sister and pushed her off of him.

"You are so easy!" Alex shook her head and grabbed her pants off the bed. Sliding them on and reached for a shirt.

"Where are you going?" Justin watched as Alex put on her clothes.

She grabbed her necklace off her nightstand and turned to her brother. "Out!" She replied stepping into her shoes, buckling them.

"Where?" Justin crossed his arms.

"I don't know, but Joe told me it would help me get to know him." Alex wiped piece of her hair from her face.

"I don't think you should hang around Joe so much." Justin, wasn't liking the way Alex ditched him for Joe.

"Aw. There you go again being the big brother trying to protect his little sister." Alex chortled lightly. "Hey, I'm a vampire now. I can take care of myself."

"Vampire or not, you'll always need me." Justin pouted.

"And you know it." Alex teased her brother, by pinching his cheeks like an old auntie. Justin gave her a mean glare as she laughed.

Authors Note: Okay I know it took me a long time to update and I apologize for that. I am back and hope to have this story done is a few more chapters. I hope I did right by this chapter. Yes Mason is back, but for how long. Wonder why Joe is letting Alex get in? You will find out soon. I do apologize if this chapter isn't good. I promise a better chapter. Let me know what you think! Sorry for any errors.