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It was another year at Hogwarts, but this year would change the lives of many forever. It would be a year of new friendships, new romances, and new enemies. A time of great change. Yes, this would be the year that nobody forgot.

After addressing the change in falculty, Dumbledore announced the Tri-Wizard Tournment would be held here at Hogwarts this year. "It is a tournment that has not been held in over a century, due to the high death toll. And, on top of that, Hogwarts will also be home to another school this year. I have spoken to their headmistress, or in their terms, High Priestess, and they were currently having a hard time in their town. So, I have agreed that they come here. Please welcome, the House of Night, and their High Priestess, Zoey Redbird!"

The massive doors to the Great Hall opened to reveal a bunch of teenagers with saphire blue and blood red cressent moon outlines on their foreheads. They were lead by a very exotic looking, dark skinned woman, with saphire blue tattoos framing her face, arms, and legs which were visable due to her short, sleeveless dress. She had 5 other adults with tattoos following close behind her. One was a very tall and skinny blone (who lacked a cresent moon tattoo, but had some sort of marking still) that stood straight with confidence and was wearing designer clothes. Another blone with a red tattoo and curly blonde hair, wearing cowboy boots, skinny jeans, and striped top tied at the bellybutton. Two girls, one mocha colored with raven black hair and one fair skinned with long blonde hair, whose tattoos, clothes, and faces matched perfectly. The last one, was a tall, boy-ish man who had that look of authority to him.

All the students were dressed alike, but differently. They all wore black sweaters with some sort of insiginia on the breast, but had different bottoms. And they were all pretty. They all wore the cresent moon on their forehead, and Hermione whispered to Harry "I wonder if it's some sort of fashion statement.."

Harry shrugged and went back to studying the students and professors. He assumend the professors were those with filled in and expanded tattoos, but wasn't quite sure. Some of the students looked nervous, others excited. But they all had some sort of tattoo, whether it be red or blue.

Dumbledore broke the silence with a "Welcome High Priestess Zoey!" She smiled and hugged the old man.

"Thank you for your kindness. I feared that we wouldn't have a place for school this year, and that we would be forced to relocate. I'm sure this little problem back home will be cleared up soon enough, and we will be gone before you know it." she said, very properly and formally.

"Take all the time you need, I happen to find your kind very interesting, and I look forward to talking with you." he said with a smile.

"Well, I'll be here for a few months before I have to go to a few meetings regarding the matter, but after words, Stevie Rae will take over and I'm sure she'll be happy to talk to you." she said, gesturing to the curly blond with red tattos. "With your premission, I would like to explain ourselves a bit."

"Of course! Go right ahead!" replied Dumbledore.

Zoey appreached the Owl Poduim and looked around at all the young witches and wizards. "Hello, My name is Zoey Redbird. I'm from the small town Tusla, Oaklahoma. And these are my fledglings." she said, gesturing to the younger students with cresent moon outlines all looking up at her. "And we," she continued, "are vampyres."

The many students of Hogwarts all gasped at the same time, and started to shout about one thing or another.