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Chapter nine

Stevie Rae awoke in the arms of Rephaim. It had been a lovely night and a lovely reunion. She shifted a little, not wanting to wake up the ex-Raven Mocker.

"Good morning," he said, pulling her closer.

"Mornin' starshine. The earth says hello," she replied. "How long have you been up?"

"About five minutes ago. You ready for breakfast? Zoey had it sent up."

At the thought of breakfast, Stevie Rae's stomach rumbled a bit. "Yeah. Did she send up any blood?"

"I think she did. If not, there is some in the mini fridge."

"'Kay." The blonde haired vampyre sat up and stretched. She swung her legs over the bed and reached for her robe. Securing the tie around her waist, she made her way over to the table where there was a huge selection of food. She picked up an orange and made her way to the fridge, grabbing a glass of blood as a beverage. After her breakfast was prepared, she sat back down at the table.

By now, Rephaim had gotten used to Stevie Rae's eating habits, so it didn't bother him as much anymore. And since he was kind of a human, they refrained from feeding as much as possible. While it was normal for a Priestess to have a consort, Stevie Rae felt wired about it. So feeding was kept to a minimum.

"Are classes resuming today?" he asked, grabbing a muffin and joining his girlfriend.

"Yeah. Although I have no clue where my class even is," she replied with a sigh.

"Is there anything I need to do today?"

"Well, Zoey said that Dumbledore pretty much takes care of security around here, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you did a sweep to see if anything followed us here."

The dark skinned man nodded. "I will do so, then."

The little blonde smiled at her boy friend as she got up from her chair and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Sweetie, ya'll are the best!" Stevie Rae glanced at the alarm clock by her bed. "Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln! I have to get ready!" The red vampyre gulped down the rest of her morning beverage and shoved what of the orange she had pealed in her mouth. She rushed into the little bathroom to get ready. Stevie Rae pulled her hair into a pony tail and touched up her make-up. She rushed out of her bathroom to her closet. She pulled on some clothes and grabbed another cup of blood from the fridge. "I'll see ya later hun."

"Love you, my sweet."

"Love ya too!" she said as she rushed out of the door to the teacher's common room.

Zoey's alarm went off and she smacked it with a groan. She had a rough day's worth of sleep and the previous night wasn't the best of her life. After she had talked with Aphrodite, she had gone back to dinner to make the announcements about what she had spoken of with Albus to the students. She didn't figure that there would be any problems, but she could sense the Red Fledglings were a little nervous about the new rule.

All in all, it had been a long night, and she couldn't get to sleep. Thoughts of everything went through her head. Neferet, Voldemort, Severus, Heath, Erik, Stark, everyone else. She hadn't got to sleep until around 11 a.m. It was a long past couple days, and now she had to resume teaching on top of all this. If there was such thing as a week from hell, this would be a prime example.

She hauled herself out of bed, only to be tackled down again from a flying ball of orange fur. "Nala! You scared the poop outta me!" she exclaimed. "It's like the first day all over again," she said to her little fat cat. "Well, no need to prolong the inevitable. Let's get ready."

"MEL! EZZY! WAKE UP!" -knock knock knock- shouted a very annoyed Anabelle.

Someone was banging on the door of Melodie and Esmeralda's dorm. Esmerelda grumbled and rolled out of bed. She walked over to Melodie's bed and pushed her, almost knocking her out of bed. "Up. School," she said heading towards the bathroom. She quickly showered and dressed in her uniform. Seeing that Melodie was still half asleep, she pushed her off the bed all the way.

"HEY!" she roared at Esmerelda.

"Wake up. School starts in 45 minutes."

After a little more mumbling, she convinced the auburn haired girl to get up and get ready. Melodie got up and made her way to the bathroom. Half an hour later, they were emerging from the dorm practically sprint to the great hall.

"I swear if we get lost-" Melodie began.

"We won't get lost. Just come on we have to hurry or we won't get any break-" she was cut off as she ran into a couple of people making their way down the hall. "Jasmine? Where are you going?"

"Oh, well...um...Draco was just showing me around."

"Blondie? What the hell? I thought you were in deep shit with Zoey." Melodie said.

"Turns out, I got off easy. She must've forgotten to tell Snape, or he just didn't care."

"Oh, I'm sure you didn't get off that easy. I've never seen Erik or the other professor's that mad at a student."

"Hate to cut it short, but Dumbledore said to make you lot feel welcome, so I was just showing little Jasmine around," he said pulling her closer and wrapping an arm around her waist. She giggled and the two manoeuvred around Melodie and Esmerelda and down the dark corridor.

Melodie stared at Esmerelda for a couple seconds. "Well, we all knew she was easy, but I didn't know pretty boy was her type."

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