Aaand this is where the story starts to fall apart, which is why I stopped writing where I did. I'm really sorry this took so long, so, I'm just going to finish the whole thing here. Then I can finally say that it's done and it'll stop bugging me. :P

Another giant thank you to everyone for continuing to read, favorite, follow, etc. I really do appreciate it! :) If you enjoy my writing and would be interested in hearing about my original work then please PM me, I'd love to hear from you! :)

Toshiro is forced into his inner world where there is a hollow/Dark Side version of himself (the "change" Hyorinmaru told him about earlier). The Dark Side version just wants power, and claims that Toshiro's compassion is holding him back from being stronger. The two fight as Sidious continues to torture Toshiro. As they continue to fight, Toshiro's soul starts to turn into a hollow & physically transform. Sidious thinks this is amazing & continues to torture him.

Meanwhile in Soul Society, Momo starts feeling the same electric shocks as Toshiro. The Force has essentially leaked over to Soul Society and allows Momo & Matsumoto to sense that something's wrong with Toshiro. They both race to the research division & demand that they work faster to open the gate, to which the researchers reply that they're already working as fast as they can. Momo & Rangiku are extremely frustrated. Fortunately, Yaddle has learned how to open the gate from the other side and does so after (basically) the Force told her to. Momo & Rangiku rush through without a second thought, and this time Council members are waiting to catch them in a speeder & explain the situation to them. (Yaddle figured out how to open the portal during Momo & Rangiku's phone conversation with Yoda.)

While this is going on, Yoda is using his Battle Meditation to help Toshiro in his internal battle (not sure if Battle Meditation can be used that way, but whatever, creative license). Toshiro, while in his inner world and losing to his Dark Side self, has a vision of the pain that Momo is going through & finds the strength to overcome his Dark Side self because he understands now why she cares about him & he wants to see her happy. He comes out of his inner world and somehow breaks the restraints and stops Sidious from shocking him anymore. Then he uses Kido to bind and destroy Sidious. Then he passes out.

When Toshiro wakes up, he's in the medic center at the Jedi temple. Momo, Rangiku, and Yoda are there. Yoda tells Toshiro that he was successful and explains that Yaddle had to use Force Light to purge the Dark Side from him & undo the hollow transformation. It was very draining for her, so she's resting nearby. Yoda then explains that, after hearing about the war in Soul Society from Momo & Rangiku, the Jedi Council has decided that they're going to help. Yoda, Yaddle, Saesee Tiin, Mace Windu, Oppo Rancisis, and Yarael Poof will all be going to Soul Society to help with the war there. (Don't ask me how they can move in Soul Society, I never had a decent explanation for that.)

Once Toshiro and Yaddle recover, everyone sets off to Soul Society. Once there, all the Jedi - especially Yoda - are overwhelmed with how "dense" the Force is there, and comment that not only are they extremely powerful in Soul Society, but that there's no distinguishable Light or Dark sides there. The Jedi split up to the different dimensions: Mace battles Ichimaru, Saesee Tiin battles Kaname, Yoda battles Yammi, and the remaining three Jedi set out with Toshiro to fight Aizen. (No idea what Momo & Rangiku do at this point.)

A very brief excerpt I happen to already have written from Yoda's fight with Yammi (this occurs just as Renji and Ishida are about to die):

"Leave them alone, you will."

Yammi sneered at his pint-sized challenger. "HA! HA HA!" he scoffed. "You can't be serious! Whaddya think you're gonna do, huh? I could crush you like a bug! I'm not afraid of you!"

The green little gnome looked up at him, an almost devious smile on his face. "Judge me by my size, do you?"

Yoda proceeds to mop the desert floor with Yammi, being able to manipulate the Ceros and even lifting Yammi himself at one point. Yoda has pretty much become an uber confident showoff (since he doesn't have to worry about the Dark Side) and thoroughly curbstomps Yammi before healing Ishida and Renji. Also, during the fight Yoda makes a comment or two about how Yammi's power comes from his anger, but Yoda's power comes from his serenity and inner peace. "Which one is stronger, I wonder, hm?"

Meanwhile, Kaname's bankai (which he uses in the fight with Saesee Tiin) does cut off Tiin's connection to the Force, but it has no effect on Tiin's natural telepathic abilities. So it effectively does nothing to hinder Tiin in combat. Come to think of it, it actually helps Tiin because it isolates Kaname's thoughts from everyone else's. Of course, Tiin never reveals this during the battle (maybe he talks to Komamura after?). So there's that. Tiin wins.

Mace defeats Ichimaru. Sorry, I don't have any details.

Meanwhile, Toshiro encounters Aizen. The scenes from his nightmarish vision start to play out and Toshiro recognizes it. He implements the training that he had with Yarael about anchoring his senses and temporarily breaks out of the hypnosis. As soon as he can "see" past the hypnosis, he rushes to Hinamori's side and grabs her hand, telling her to bind her had to his with kido and to not let go no matter what. That way he'll always know where she is and won't hurt her by mistake. Aizen is surprised by this and drops the hypnosis, thinking that Toshiro's break from it is permanent, or at least can be reused. Aizen starts to blab villainy things when Toshiro gets a telepathic message from Yaddle saying that she & Oppo & Yarael are in place to take out Aizen, but they need an opening. Toshiro sheaths Hyorinmaru & uses the Force techniques he learned to push Aizen away from him while pulling Aizen's zanpakuto towards him. Toshiro takes Aizen's zanpakuto (so Aizen can't use its ability anymore) and runs for his life, dragging Hinamori with him.

The only reason Aizen doesn't immediately follow them is because Yaddle & crew have already struck: Yarael with powerful illusions, Oppo with Malacia, and Yaddle with Morichro. Of course they are all super powered up because of the massive density of the Force there, so this takes almost no effort on their part, and that combined with their surprise attack completely overwhelms Aizen. Yaddle brings Aizen's vitals almost to the point of death, and as she does so, she notices the Hogyoku. She says it would be a powerful Dark Side item if it was in their world, so the three of them have to be extremely careful. Yaddle picks up the Hogyoku and follows Toshiro, telling the other two to keep watch over Aizen.

Toshiro & Momo run into Baraggan in "skull form". Toshiro throws Aizen's zanpakuto in the black stuff & Yaddle does the same thing with the Hogyoku. Yaddle, again thanks to how dense the Force is there, can use Force Light a lot more freely than she could previously, & it turns out that Force Light can counter whatever Baraggan's "old-age" ability is. (Artistic license, yay!) Yaddle of course doesn't explain this to Baraggan, and surprises him by shielding herself in Force Light and slicing his skull open with her lightsaber while traveling impossibly fast.

And that's how the war against Aizen was won! Yay. (The other espada were beaten by… someone. I don't know, you guys pick.)

Everyone meets up in Seretei to celebrate. Kenpachi heard about/saw Yoda taking on Yammi & challenges him to a fight. Yoda replies with a casual wave of the hand and this line:

"Out-spar me on occasion, Master Windu can. More fun fighting him, you will have."

Kenpachi then asks Mace if this is true & Mace confirms it. He then accepts the challenge due to his native warrior culture, but says that he'll only fight in an open space with no one else around so they don't accidentally kill anyone. Kenpachi agrees, and the two of them dash away and have an epic battle of epicness. Nobody dies, but I'll let you decide who wins.

Everyone agrees that the two worlds are too dangerous to each other if the wrong kind of people get through the portal, and decide to close it permanently and purge it from all records. The Jedi request that Toshiro return with them to the Jedi temple for one quick "order of business" before the portal is closed. Once they're all in the council room, the Jedi surprise Toshiro by making him an honorary Jedi Knight. They give him special white Jedi robes and a blue lightsaber and everything. Yoda then tells him that they're doing this not because of his skill in combat, but because he has the "heart of a Jedi". Yoda admonishes Toshiro to always remember that. Toshiro thanks Yoda, and then everyone else, for all they did to help him. The Jedi send him back to Soul Society and the portal is closed forever.

Sometime later, Hinamori meets with Toshiro and realizes how much he means to her and they have some adorable HitsuHina moment.

Aaaaaaaaand that's it! The End!

Thank you everyone, once again, for sticking with this story for so long. I hope you can understand why I dropped the story when I did, and I hope you enjoyed seeing where the story was going. If any of you want to pick this up and flesh it out, please let me know, I'd love that!

Take care everyone! May the Force be with you!