Copy X sighed as the two guardians left the castle, giving the door a swift kick shut. Never had he felt so insulted, so…angry. He could still hear them both-criticizing and mocking him like he was some kind of fool. "Copy X is no f-fool!" But Fefnir was the worst. It wasn't anything he said-actually, he had said nothing. But it was his silence that bothered Copy the most. Silence after all those nights he'd made him scream… But, nevertheless, Leviathan and Fefnir had left him, and there at Dr. Weil's lair wasn't the first place he wanted to be. Still, Weil seemed to know what he was doing. And it was Zero who had broken up the four guardians… Zero who Fefnir and Leviathan were blindly following. Copy X was royally pissed.

He sat in his room, brooding over the way things were going, yelling at no one in particular. Better, he thought, to feel foolish bitching to no one than to be proved foolish by bitching to Weil. Besides, it was ten. Now Dr. Weil would be having what he called his "Special Alone Time". Copy X didn't want to know what that was, and he didn't intend to find out what would happen if he were to interrupt it. So instead, he yelled at the emptiness that filled the castle. "W-why have the g-guardians turned against Weil and me? Have we d-d-done something to make them thi-ink either of us is untrustworthy? Ha-have I not proven myself superior? Those ungrateful little-"

"Talking to yourself again?"

Copy X turned to see Fefnir standing in his doorway, arms crossed, leaning against the stone frame. "W-what are you doing here? How d-did you get in in?"

"You left the front door unlocked." Fefnir smirked. "And I thought you were supposed to be some kind of genius."

"How d-dare you! Leaving me and then coming b-b-back to insult me further!"

"But I did come back."

Copy X felt the anger dissipate some. He had a point. But-"W-why?"

"What do you mean 'w-why'?"

"Why did you come back h-here?

Fefnir looked deep into the other reploid's eyes. "I love you, you stuttering buffoon!" Copy X's ruby red eyes widened, and he let himself fall onto the bed. "Does it come as that much of a surprise to you?" Fefnir asked. "Well, you have b-been kind of an a-asshole." His head didn't need to be raised to know just how pissed the other of the four guardians was: he could feel the glare burning holes into him. "If that's how you feel, then I'll just leave your sorry ass here! I'm sure Zero wouldn't mind a good fucking." Copy's head snapped up, the horror written clearly on his face. "You b-bitch!" And then when Fefnir turned to go: "W-wait, Feffy, please! I-I don't know what's h-hap-happening to me. I just feel so angry all-all the time. I'm sorry. I d-don't want you to g-go."

"You really need to stop whining." Copy X opened his eyes as Fef Joined him on the bed. "You're pretty stupid if you think that I would ever leave you. I just want you to leave Weil. He's no good for you. Only bad things can come from staying with him, Copy." He was the only one, Copy X realized, that had never called him Master X. "I will do it for you." He said, staring shyly back into Fef's eyes. "I'll leave Dr. Weil." This was a lie. Uke as he was, the reploid wouldn't-couldn't-leave him. He was the one, after all, who had rebuilt the replica of X. But, of course, Fefnir was satisfied with that answer. And, more than anything else, he just wanted to sex Copy up.

"Good. Now be a good little uke and hold still."

"W-what are you going to do?"

Fefnir smirked. "I'm going to fuck you. Not just up the ass but in every hole you own. I'll fuck you until you'll wish you were dead, and then I'll rub vinegar in the parts that are bleeding. Now hold still."


"Relax, "Fefnir laughed. "I'm just going to invite Zero over here and get him to hold you down while I rub vinegar in places you don't want it." Copy X's jaw dropped. "You really are too gullible," Fef said, closing the blue reploid's mouth shut and pressing his lips to it. "No vinegar. Although I should soak your sores in that after what you said to me. 'Asshole'. Honestly, where the hell did you ever hear such language?"

"Certainly not from you."

"Certainly not," he agreed. "Now can we do this without your incessant stuttering, or am I going to have to gag you?"


But Fefnir already had his answer, taking off one of his own gloves and stuffing it into his mouth. "You ready for me to fill your other hole, Red-eyes?" Spurred on by the fervent nodding from his lover, the red and white guardian spaz-stripped out of his clothes-save the one white glove on his left hand-before pulling off Copy's suit, teasingly slow. He stood above Copy X, taking in fully the sight of him naked. That's when he noticed the new addition to the repaired reploid-about four inches of new addition.

"Oh, my. It seems as if this really is the new and improved Copy X."

"Mm?" It suddenly dawned on Fefnir what this new addition to Copy meant; what had to be done to get it. "Dr. Weil…I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him for touching my uke's penis! He's gonna wish he never even thought of enlarging it a single damn inch!"


"Shut up!" Fury flashed in his eyes as he dropped to his knees in front of a gagged, wide-eyed Copy X. "This is mine." Copy X blushed a shade of red, just one hue lighter than that of his eyes. He was beginning to realize that his partner wasn't kidding about the bleeding part of his threat. There was definitely going to be blood.

Fefnir's gloved hand never lightened its grip while his right hand clawed the letter 'F' into Copy's chest, ignoring the wriggling reploid making the letter jagged. All that mattered was that it was there-his mark on property rightfully his; property that, at the moment, made his prick stand stiff. He surveyed his work, using his free, ungloved hand to take hold of his hard-on-a grip not nearly as hard as the one he had on the red guardian's. Copy X bit down on the glove in his mouth to keep from screaming as his psychotic other half yanked up and down as if trying to start a fire. It hurt like hell. He tried to move his hands-was going to pry Fef's grip loose-but Copy's palms went straight to his chest instead, rubbing the toned muscles so invitingly in his reach. It made his blood pump faster and faster still until, finally, Fefnir let go, flexing his fingers like a writer that's held a pencil too long.

Both peckers throbbed with the pleasure of being able to breathe again-and Copy X believed his would have smiled had it a face. He pulled Fefnir to him before he had a chance to grab any other part of his small body and slipped his finger into Fef's open mouth. It was a lame distraction, though. Fefnir wanted action. Copy had barely thirty seconds of pleasant relief before he was flipped to his stomach. That's when the pain and the blood really started to flow.

There was no lubrication of any kind, no warning. Just a fullness that hadn't been there a second before. And pain. And-though Copy could scarcely believe he was feeling it-a strange, warped sense of ecstasy. He felt surer with each thrust that he was going to be pounded straight through the bed; felt sure that his very insides were bleeding. Yet it was only a sticky red stream of blood that flowed out of his rectum, which he welcomed with open arms. It was his only source of lessening the friction between his tight ass hole and the massive dick grating in and out of it. It actually wasn't long before the whole insertion was running smoothly, Copy X trying to ignore that this was thanks to his own blood. And Fefnir had finally calmed down. It was still spaz-sex they were having; spaz-sex-with less torture.

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that." Fefnir laughed a bit sadistically and pulled out of the relieved guardian. "I feel like I haven't even touched-" Feffy flipped him onto his back again and moved down so that he was speaking to Copy's crotch-"your poor, hardening member."

"You've touched it plenty," is what Copy tried to say, but of course, it came out as no more than mumbling and grunts.

Fefnir was kneeling on the floor and had his pole in his mouth before Copy X tried to speak again. Whatever he was going to say came out in moans. And the red reploid was back to teasing again. His tongue would swirl around first the tip, then the base, and then flick lightly, tantalizingly over the top. Then repeat. And repeat. And then Copy X had had enough. His annoyance had reached its end, shocking Fefnir and himself by what he did next. Copy shoved his mostly unattended cock to the back of Fefnir's throat. Fef coughed and choked in surprise, sending amazing vibrations throughout the uke's body. He expected to get dry ass-fucked again-maybe with vinegar this time-as a punishment, or perhaps something creatively worse. But, alas, no. Copy X peeked through shut eyes and saw that Fefnir was-much to his utter amazement and relief-still deep-throating his stiff one. He felt himself reaching his peak with each movement of the other's tongue. His breaths came short and fast. Shorter and faster. He could feel his body preparing for a release and-

And Dr. Weil stepped through the door just in time to see Copy X shoot his load.

Fefnir pushed away from him, scrambling to redress. Copy had just sat up by the time he was putting his helmet on. Weil stared, speechless, as Fef tossed Copy X his clothes and he redressed.

"How disgusting." Weil was looking at the bed. "How can you even stand to sleep there after that?" Copy's red eyes ignited with indignation. "Considering what you probably do during your 'Special Alone Time', you shouldn't be so disgusted." Fefnir stared at Copy X, unsure if he liked this side of the reploid. But he had to admit: it was kind of endearing. "Well, aren't you cute when you're defensive?" he said, loving the blush he got in return. "Yes," Weil agreed, eyeing his loyal guardian, "he is." Fefnir's eyes narrowed, the old man returning the look. "You know," he said, keeping his contemptuous gaze on the red reploid, "I'm going to have to kill him."


"You can't t-touch him!" Copy X stood up off the bed and stepped protectively in front of Fefnir. "Master X, he defiled you. He must pay!"

"If anything I should be paying him!" Fefnir would have laughed were he not in shock at the outburst. "I know your l-lit-little secret, Dr. Weil!" Copy had no true knowledge of any secret the doctor might have had, but he figured it was worth a shot. Fefnir was always saying how much of a sneaky bitch he was…

Dr. Weil stopped. His eyes widened and color flew to his cheeks. "That's right," Copy X said, gaining confidence, "I know what you do at night." Actually, Copy had never wanted to know what he did at night, and he'd always avoided finding out-until now, of course.

"I-I can explain." Cold sweat stood out on Dr. Weil's forehead. "I was, uh, holding it for a friend."

"Dr. Weil," Fefnir smirked, "you have no friends."

"Fine!" The doctor's entire wrinkly, decrepit face was red. "So I have a moderately large collection of gay pornography. So what? I'm an old man; I'm lonely. It's not like any certain reploid was putting out for me." He looked at Copy. "After all I've done for you, what have you given me?" But neither of them could reply; both were laughing too hard to speak. "Stop laughing, you assholes!"

"What was that?" Fefnir said, hiccupping through dieing laughter. "You wanna do what to our ass holes?

"I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill all the reploids! I'll-"

"You can't touch us." Fefnir was looking dead at Weil. "If you so much as lay a finger on either of us, your secret's gonna spread faster than wildfire." Dr. Weil closed his eyes. "Is that the way you feel, Master X?"

"Y-y-y-y-" Fefnir wrapped his arm around Copy X. "That's the way he feels."

"Please just exit my castle." Weil's eyebrow's creased. "Thanks for everything, Feffy." Copy X looked at his love with tears in his eyes. The blood red-colored reploid planted a kiss on his stuttering lover's lips and patted the top of his helmet. "You did good, Master X." Copy beamed and blushed a deep pink. "We should do this again sometime." Sarcasm dripped off each of Weil's words. "I bet you'd like that." Fefnir flashed the newly outed doctor a sickening smile as he pushed past him out the door. "Oh-and if you touch my uke's penis again, I'll cut off what's left of yours. Bye-bye, faggot."

And just like that, Copy X's Feffy was gone. "I'll be in my room for the remainder of the night," Weil said in his usual cold, grated voice, and he left without another word. Copy gathered just enough energy to wash up, shedding his dirtied clothes when he crawled afterwards under the covers of his bed. His fingers caressed the scar of the new 'F' mark in his chest and just for a second, he flashed back to the moment it had been etched into his skin. Weil, meanwhile, stood in his lab-carefully planning out the destruction of every reploid; the easy betrayal of Copy and an even easier death of Fefnir. Yet Copy X slept peacefully; the Maverick virus-induced anger he'd been feeling settled and a big, tired smile stretched across his lips as he dreamed of him and his red reploid semme making love. This time, there was no queer old man to interrupt.