Today was the day. The day me and the love of my life Jasper where to make our family complete. Mine and Jaspers relationship to some people wouldn't be exactly normal to some people but our family and friends support us and thats all that matters, But because of our sexuality we obviously can't bare children and we had thought about surrogacy but we didn't like the fact that only one of us could be parents to a child, so adoption was the only way really. We wouldn't be biological the childs biological parents but if we get a child at the end of it, were happy, and with Jasper being adopted it made us more apposed to the surrogacy idea. Jasper was adopted when he was 9 with his twin sister Rosalie by my mother and father but what we didn't expect was that me and Jasper would fall madly and deeply in love with each other when we get older.

We couldn't hold in our excitement as we left the house, we travelled the long, winding roads down to the orphanage that coincedently Jasper and Rosalie were adopted from. We soon pulled up to the old familiar building with the same sign that read 'Washington, Orphanage'. We parked the car and rushed to get to the building, we calmed ourselves down as we stepped through the old white door. Straight ahead of us was a young lady with firey orange hair, her name tag as we got closer read 'Victoria'. I cleared my throat to get her attention and noticed her eyes widen as she took us both in. She stood up shakily and held out her hand for us to shake while asking for our name.

"Cullen" I answered, she pointed her head down and turned a page over in her book.

"Ah, yes" She walked round the desk and and asked us to follow her, we were shown to an office, Victoria knocked on the door and pocked her head in and from what we could hear she was announcing our arrival. She turned back to us and opened the door wider allowing us in. She tried to make eyes at both of us but she saw our joined hands and her lips pouted slightly. I had to laugh at her internally, I found it annoying how girls found it dissapointing that we were taken, by each other. We carried on into the office and sat down an elderly women in her 50's stood and shook our hands.

"Hello, its nice to meet you and it's lovely to see you again Jasper"She said. His response was a smile and a nod of the head and with that we sat down. The woman sat infront of us 'Vicki' passed us paper work that we had to sign with our home address and details like that. Soon enough we were allowed to go observe the children. We walked out of the office and into the other room where all the children were playing. Vicki walked with us but soon left as she saw a child attempt to eat something other than food. A few children came up to us and we played with them for a second but none of them stood out, I was beginning to think this was hopeless until I saw a little girl sat in a corner alone playing with a little doll. I nudged Jasper and nodded towards the little girl, I got a nod from Jasper as we went over there. She was wearing a pink velour jogging suit and had clips in the side of her brown hair. We both knelt down infront of her and watched as she looked up. She saw us smiling and looked down blushing.

"Hello" Jasper cooed to her and she lookied back up and smiled.

"Whats your name sweetheart ?" I asked, I could tell already that we had fallen in love with this little girl.

"Bella" She said in a small voice. "Would you like to play with me ?" She asked us while holding out the doll she had rested in her lap. We declined the offer and told her we would be back in a little bit, as we said this she stood up and latched onto Jaspers leg refusing to let go, Jasper bent down to pick her up and we carried her to Vicki's office to talk about adopting Bella. We walked into the office with Bella feeling her way through Jaspers hair. Vicki looked up and the shock and suprise written on her face confused me. We sat down in the chairs again and signed the papers for Bella, Vicki passed me a folder that had all of Bella's details in it explaining about why she was put in their care etc, She said we were to take it home to read through. After the papers were signed we were free to take her home. We took her out to the car and I sat in the back of the car with Bella on my lap, playing with the fingers on my hand. On the way we had to make a stop to the baby shops to pick up things for Bella.

We got into Mothercare and ordered for a Toddler bed and wardrobe to be delivered to the house and we had to pay extra to have it done now. With that Jasper phoned Rosalie and my sister Alice to go wait at the house for the stuff to be delivered. We walked around mothercare and got 10 dresses, 10 tops, 8 pairs of pyjamas, 5 nighties, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 jeans, 5 leggings, 1 raincoat, 2 normal coats, a pair of dungarees, 2 sleepsuits and 1 night-gown. We also got a baby monitor, a pushchair, high chair, Sippy cups, a car seat and a potty. I think that was everything we needed. We paid for it all and went back to the car We had the pushchair and car seat delivered too and the rest went in the back of the car. I sat in the back with Bella again, for a two year old she wasn't very talkative but who knows what happened to her before hand. It didn't take us long to get back to the house and as we pulled into the drive we saw Emmets car in the drive. Emmet is Rosalie's Husband and follows her everywhere, he can't bare to be without her. We pulled into a space next to Emmets jeep and climbed out the car, they must have heard us because out came, Alice,Rosalie,Emmet, My dad Carlisle and my Mother Esme. I was still holding Bella when they all came rushing over cooing at her. Jasper got everyone to help with the stuff as I walked in with Bella in one arm resting on my hip and a bag full of clothes in the other. I got inside and went to put down Bella but she latched onto me like her life depended on it. I put down the bag instead and walked into the living room. I told her were we'd gone to and she looked around shyly. Jasper and everyone came in with the stuff. Once they had put the most of it upstairs all the girls and emmet came rushing to Bella. She hid her face in my neck as they rushed over and her grip on me tightened again.

"Um kids, Esme, if you crowd her like that when she doesn't know you she will most likely be scared of the lot of you" Dad said. Thank God someone is thinking properly. They all took steps backwards and sat down on the sofa's, Jasper sat next to me and stroked Bella's hair. She looked his way and climbed into his lap. We took this time to introduce people.

"This is your nanny Esme and Granddad Carlisle" I said pointing towards them.

"This is your Auntie Rose and Auntie Alice" Again pointing.

"And this is your Uncle Emmet"

"Hey squirt" he boomed, making Bella laugh and turn around in Jaspers lap so she was facing everyone. Emmet was making funny faces at her making her laugh even more. Esme had a look of awe on her face as she wathced us all Play with Bella.