Chapter Fourteen/Epilogue

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Dear Diary,

Today is August eighth, 2010, the last day before school starts. It has been a wonderful, magical, rainbow summer.

First of all, there's Micha, who truly is one of the best people ever. I could go on about him for just about forever, but I'll spare a few trees and recount the magic from two weeks for you.

I had just flown in from North Carolina, drop-dead tired, and had texted Micha, letting him know I was home before falling asleep on the couch. When I woke up, I was in his arms, being carried swiftly upstairs in his arms.

We went out onto the balcony, where there was a CD player. The first song on the CD was "Spring" from a symphony by Vivaldi. That was the first song Micha and I had danced to, this spring, when he first kissed me.

He danced with me in his arms, moving in a basic four-step box. And then it started to rain, which formed a rainbow. Micha pointed the rainbow out to me, told me I was prettier than it, and then kissed me!

Yes, Diary, he really is just that great. Amazing, I would say.

And now that I've had a few weeks to think about this, I realized just how perfect that moment was. I mean, first of all, kissing in the rain under a rainbow; isn't that how every romantic story ends? At least, in the books it ends there. In real life, it would just go on and on forever. Which sounds great, if you ask me.

But, then there's all those different colors in the rainbow. Red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet... There's been so many colors in my life, so many different events and emotions. Hatred, sadness, happiness, even the very rare tranquility. All leading to one point that seems go on forever and forever.

Rainbows are formed by rain and light. Light and rain. It just proves to have something beautiful, you have to have both the good AND the bad. The bad is everything that went down in North Carolina, almost everything that happened before the Flock came to live with Dr. Martinez permanently. The good... that would be having such and awesome family. Biological or not, they are simply amazing.

And, who knows? Maybe the two percent of our DNA that's so different from any other human's all came from the same bird? Or birds that were all related? But, in the case of Max and Fang... that wouldn't be such a good thing.

Then there's the whole promise factor. In the Bible, God used the rainbow to tell Noah that he promised never to completely flood the Earth again. There's an unspoken promise between Micha and I that we will never, ever separate. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but it's so true. You'd just have to be there, and see us interact, and then you'd know.

At least, that's what Ella says.

And, I'll bring you up to speed on the major events of the past few weeks, everything I've learned since coming back to Arizona.

Things worked out with Gazzy, Angel and their parents. They all live in Michigan, and their dad was ecstatic to have them back. Their mom was okay with it, too. After she saw how adorable and lovable they were. So, yeah, I'm going to miss them, but I'm glad their "happily ever after" worked out.

Fang... now there's a tricky story. He found his mom in New York, living under the streets of New York. Her name is Casey, and she was only sixteen when she had Fang. Her parents kicked her out of her home in Vermont, and she ended up in New York. She worked for some newspaper and could afford a small apartment. When Fang told her everything (even the part about the wings) she started to cry. After a few quick phone calls with Dr. Martinez, everything was settled; she would move to Arizona, too, and get an apartment there and find work in the same town as Dr. M. She found another job with the newspaper and gets paid more with this job, too. Fang officially lives with Casey in her apartment, and they're tracking down Fang's father in their free time. It turns out Fang's real name was Devin. Devin Nicholas Harcourt. Since Casey wasn't married to Fang's father, and he left her, she gave him his last name. Casey's absolutely ecstatic to have found her son, Devin, at last and doesn't even care about the wings or that he's been pretty much grown-up since he was twelve; she makes him lunch everyday he's not over here.

Over half of the Flock hit the parent jackpot; that's more than we could ask for. But, I know I still wish things had turned out differently for me. My story could have ended up like Fang's; the whole family coming to live in Arizona. I think Iggy wishes things were different, too. But, whenever I ask him, he just says there's no other place he'd rather be. In a way, I get what he's saying. If you had told me this would happen while we were on the run from the School and Itex, fighting almost everyday, I would have laughed and told you that you were crazy.

It's more than I ever could have hoped for; an education, a totally wonderful family, and an awesome boyfriend. And let's not forget our amazing dogs; Total and Akila, who are expecting soon.

And, Diary, I asked Ella about her dad, and things didn't work out for her, either. He didn't want her. I told her that she shouldn't want him, either. If he didn't think she was good enough for him, well, then, that was his loss.

Somehow all the puzzle pieces of our lives fit together. Mine and Micha's and Fang's and Max's and Casey's and Dr. Martinez's. Ella's, Gazzy's Angel's, Iggy's, Total's and the expecting Akila's. And soo many other people. People who helped put all this in place, though they'll never know it. They'll never though that I thank them so many times everyday, but, Diary, and to whoever reads this, I'm really happy that my puzzle was finally solved, and I hope that someday, yours will be, too.

~Nudge, a.k.a; Monique Cavalier (but mostly Nudge)