A/N: 1/26/10...The day's here. Matt and Mello's deathday. May they rest in peace and make it to heaven, and may that bitchy whore Takada burn in the deepest depths of hell. . Though we are all saddened by their deaths, they gave their lives to the good of this world, and to the justice they so strongly believe in. They live on in our memories and hearts forever, and continue to live on through us.

I firmly believe that Matt and Mello loved each other, and that their relationship was nothing like this, but I still wanted to write it. I wrote this late last night as what Matt might've said to Mello after they died, if he'd had the chance. Please enjoy, and remember Mail Jeevas and Mihael Keehl today. 3


I bet you never thought it'd end like this.

Never thought that we'd both die, me shot down by that bitch Takada's bodyguards, you murdered by Kira.

Or maybe you did.


All I know is that I didn't expect it. I thought we'd get through all this shit, and that you might finally realize that I love you.

Maybe even that you love me too.

Do you remember back at Wammy's?

Back when the only thing you could think about was beating Near?

Back when you would barely eat or drink, all of your attention focused on him?

I do.

Back when you were all I wanted, the only thing I couldn't live without, and yet was forced to by your relentless obsession.

Back when all I was to you was an outlet for your anger, your own personal punching bag.

I remember, Mello.

I remember.

And I lived my entire life waiting for you, hoping you'd finally give up on Near and come back to me.

Maybe if we'd lived longer, you would've.

Maybe not.

Either way, we're dead now, so it doesn't matter.

I don't know what's waiting for us on the other side.

I don't know if, by some miracle, we'll make it to heaven

I don't know if we'll be damned to hell for the things we've done.

Fuck, I don't even know if either of them exist!

But whatever happens, I do know this, Mello.

I wasted my entire life on you.

And I won't waste my afterlife, too.


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