This is the 'Naruto' Story I was telling you I was going to write. I chose this one because hopefully this isn't going to be too long but still long at the same time. I got this idea from another 'Cinderella' based story. I hope you like it.

Tittle: Cherry Blossom Princess

Pairing: Gaara/Sakura

Genre: Adventure, Romance

Rating: T-swearing

Summary: Sakura's father died leaving her in the care of her loving step-mother, NOT. Her step-mother is cruel. Her and her two daughters, Ino and Karin, boss Sakura around making her do their every bidding. When the prince is in need of a bride a ball is held to find a suitor. Ever eligible female is going, except Sakura. What will she do?

The sun shined down of the little village warming the air on that mid spring day. People were walking though the busy streets of the village. The baker was baking, the shop owners were minding their shops and villagers were just going about their business. It was a typical normal day, and the town was peaceful and calm. Everyone was happy and nice,but just outside of the main village there was a fairly large house. It was well built and clean looking. The yard was beautiful with flowers of every kind planted and the smell of tea was in the air. Yes it was truly a perfect house, on the outside. Inside mass trouble and chaos was going on.

"YOU WORTHLESS GIRL GET DOWN HERE NOW! I NEED MY BREAKFAST!" A woman yelled from the bottom of the stairs in the main hall of the house while straightening her deep green gown. The gown was magnificent and beautiful. It had a low neck line with a white flower broach to show off her chest, no sleeves, but it puffed out at her shoulders and pearls all around lining the bottom and top of skirt part. The woman had deep black hair, which contrasted off her tan skin, in a high bun on her head pinned up with the most expensive clip money could buy. Her body held many rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Just by looking at her you could tell she was a wealthy woman but if you looked closer you could see the cold evil glint she had in her eye.

Soon after the yell you heard the fast pattering of small feet on the ground soon followed by a small fragile looking girl running down the stairs. "Yes, madam. Right a way Madam." Replied the small girl. She wore a dirt brown short sleeved dress that hit her knees with a patched up gray apron, old worn out brown flats and a dirty ribbon to tie her long messy locks of hair back from her face. She was small compared to the woman in front of her at a measly 5'1'' while the woman was a striking 5'7''. Her face was clear and pure looking but was hidden by smudges of soot and sweat from the hard work she must do each day. He eyes were a shining emerald green and always held a happy looking feel to them despite the cruelty of the older woman. Her long locks of hair were once lovely and beautiful, flowing with every movement she made but her hair was also quite different from other girl's hair. It held a strange colour to it, pink. Yes the young girl's hair was pink, but even so she was never picked on because of her natural charm and beauty. Unfortunately her hair was dirty and tangled due to her having no time at all to properly tend to it. So all in all the girl was a beauty but it was now hidden under grim, dirt, and sweat. Very unfitting for a eighteen year old girl.

"You uncaring girl. What took you so long? Don't answer I have no time for your pointless excuses. Get to the kitchen and prepare breakfast. It' already past sunrise." The woman snapped at the girl. While taking out a green feather fan to cool herself down. "Then wake up Ino and Karin and prepare them for the day. We are going to head to the village. Ino needs a new dress and Karin is getting her hair done." She ordered the girl. "And while we are gone do your chores and try to make yourself more presentable. I am expecting company later today. You may be my step-daughter but you could never be of any real importance in this world. Your useless and other than your hair you are nothing like your name. Sakura. Cherry blossoms are beautiful and graceful and lovely. You are the complete opposite. Ugly, clumsy, and horrid."

Sakura just looked at the ground holding tears in. Yes the horrible, yet beautiful woman, was her step-mother, Madame Cornelia. Her father married her after her mother died of illness. She had two daughter's equally as cruel as she was, but also and equally as beautiful. Each with their own special physical trait. Karin, with her perfect curves and long legs. Ino with her large bust. Both extremely desired woman in their village. Her step-mother was never was rude to Sakura when her father was around, but when he died of illness as well she took over and pushed her around. He father left everything to Cornelia. Her step-mother and step-sister's controlled everything.

"Well don't just stand there like an idiot, get moving!" Her Step-mother snapped

"Yes Madame." The young girl said scurrying off wiping her eyes. There was no time for crying. I have work to do. So went to the kitchen to put some porridge on the stove and heat some water for the tea. Afterwards running up the stairs to retrieve Ino and Karin, from their rooms.

First was Karin. She was 19 and the oldest of Sakura's step-sisters. She had long red hair which once and a while she brushed only on one side stating that it was 'her look' and no one could pull it off like she could. She wore elegant black frame glasses on her face and had a peach skin tone. She was 5'5'' and had a very small wait and always cakes her makeup on to hide her imperfections. Which she calmed she didn't have and it was just to enhance her beauty, which she would add 'Though I don't really need to. I am already beautiful' afterwards.

Reaching the top of the stairs she went to the right where the girl's room was located. She opened the door to see Karin asleep in her bed, her glasses on her bedside. 'She looks so nice and peaceful asleep, I wish she was like that when she was awake.' Sakura sighed and walked in closing the door behind her not wanting to wake the girl yet. She stood tall and attempted to wake the red head. Key word, attempted "Miss. Karin, it's time to get up. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes." No response was heard. So Sakura spoke louder, "Miss. Karin, you must get up." The red head just rolled over and mumbled. One last try was given to wake her up. The small girl filled her lungs up with air and yelled, "MISS. KARIN! IT IS TIME TO GOT OUT OF BED!"

Almost immanently the red head sprung out of bed and snapped her head at the pink haired girl next to her bed. "SHUT UP YOU STUPID GIRL! I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME! DON'T YOU KNOW I NEED MY BUEATY SLEEP! Not that I really need it. I am already beautiful as it is." She yelled at the Sakura, said girl winced at the tone and harshness in Karin's voice. Not that she wasn't used to it, but it was early in the morning and she wasn't wasn't completely awake.

"Yes I know but Madame said you wake you, breakfast is nearly done and you have an appointment at the salon today." She replied.

"Oh, yes! I almost forgot I have to see Monsieur Larice today! I'm getting a trim. My hair is far to long and I heard that a lot of the richer people preferred short hair." Karin said jumping out of bed and fluffing her long red locks. "He is only the best in all of England so naturally the best should be treated by the best. Am I right?"

"Yes, Miss. Karin absolutely right." Sakura answered barley listening while making Karin's bed. She learned to ignore Karin's consent lectures about herself, but always kept one ear listening just incase she asked her a question about herself. While she would replied usually the same every like she just did.

"Good you understand. Now when you are done go fetch my favorite day gown with shoes from my closet." Karin ordered while sitting in front of her vanity with many mirrors brushing her hair.

"Yes Miss. Karin" Sakura replied with a bow and walked into her step-sister's large closet. As she was looking though the many dress in search of Karin's favorite she was remembering what the room looked like before it was turned into Karin's bedroom. The large room was once a art studio that her father made for her mother. He mother Saki, loved art so her father turned there spare room into her own personal art studio with all thing imaginable. Paints, pencils, colours you could only dream of and most of all her mother's wonderful paintings. But that was then. Karin had threw away everything in the room and filled it with her many accessories and dresses. Sakura would watched in horror as the painting were either sold or burned. Lucky for her, her Step-mother took pity on her and let her keep one of her mother's paintings. The one she saved was a picture of her, her mother, and her father under a cherry blossom tree that was in the backyard. It was her only remembrance of what her mother and father looked like.

"SAKURA! Did you find my dress yet?!" Hollered Karin from her bed. "I would like to get dressed sometime this year please!"

Sakura quickly snapped out of her dazed state and quickly looked for the dress and shoes. Once found she dashed out and handed them to Karin. "Here you go Miss. Karin" Karin just snatched them from her grip and started dressing.

After her shoes and dress was on she turned her back to Sakura. "Well? Make yourself useful and zip me up!"

"Yes Miss. Karin." Sakura replied zipping up her step- sister's dress. Sakura hated the fact that she had to address her step-mother as Madame and her step-sisters as Miss. But her step-mother wanted her to do so because she didn't people to know she was related to 'that ugly piece of trash.'

"Since I am getting my hair cut I have no need for my hair to be fancy, but you can tie it back with this ribbon." Karin said shoving a red silk ribbon into her hands. And be careful." Sakura took the ribbon and tied Karin's long locks of hair up in a high ponytail carefully like she instructed her to. Karin then stood up and admired herself in her full length mirror. "Don't I look stunning?"

Karin's dress was a deep red colour, like her hair, with a spaghetti straps so she could show off her shoulders to be flirtatious. The top was decorated with sparkles and pearls. It reached down to her ankles to show off her red heals. All in all she did look stunning.

"Of cores. Now if you will excuse me I must wake up Miss. Ino. Breakfast will be done shortly." Sakura said

"Yeah, Yeah. Whatever. That pig, always getting up late. Go get her before she makes me late or sleeps through the day." Karin replied still admiring herself. "Well what are you waiting for. Get out of here!" Karin said waving her hand in a pushing manor at Sakura. "Shoo, Shoo!"

Sakura quickly ran out her Karin's room and walked down the hallway to her old bedroom, now Ino's. Ino was eighteen turning nineteen in a week. She had a large bust which she loved to flaunt. Her hair was long and part of her right eye was covered. Her only physical flaw was that she was didn't have the waist her sister did. She was a little 'chunky' as Karin would put it. So Ino would constantly try to lose weight by watching what she ate. Though she still ate like a pig when presented with large amounts of food. Another flaw was that she slept. A lot. She was always tired or over sleeping. Nothing could waker her up. It would take a lot to get her up.

Sakura walked down a long hallway to Ino's room. Once her own. Ino decided to have Sakura's old bedroom was not because it looked over the garden but because she thought it would hurt Sakura more if she used her old bedroom as hers. It did hurt but not much. Ino was furious so she tore it apart and rebuilt it her way. Destroying all traces that Sakura had ever inhabited the room. Sakura's room over looked the garden in the back which she and her mother would spend most hours of the day working on it. Today it was still beautiful because Sakura worked on it when ever she could. Too bad for Ino even with all the medicine she would take and how much she would keep her window closed she still couldn't avoid her allergies to the pollen the wind carried into her room in the spring. Karin would always say she sounded even more like a pig with her nose all stuffed up. Ino would just throw tissues at her when her sister did so.

Ino was called a pig by Karin because that's what her name mean in Japanese. Karin didn't look like it, but she loved to study different languages. Though she never admitted to liking it since she didn't want people to think she liked studying. She always said the main purpose for it was so she could insult people and they wouldn't what she said. Sakura secretly would seek into Karin's books and study one of the language she already learned so she wouldn't know Sakura borrowed it. It was quite fun to do so. she always returned them before Karin would return to her room.

Sakura finally approached a dark wood door at the end of the hall way. She knocked on the door. "Miss. Ino, time to awake the morning is nearly begging." similar to Karin's response. Nothing just the muffling noise of snores. "Sakura knocked louder. Miss. Ino you must awake for the day is begging." Only louder snored were heard. Sakura sighed, Ino was once again fast asleep. Nothing could ever waker her up. At this rate no one will get anything done and the breakfast will over cook, unless... Sakura opened the door just a crack to peek inside the room. Damn. How on earth did she get that room so messy and I just cleaned it yesterday. Sakura though looking at the array of cloths and such on the floor.

"Ino, Karin is wearing your pearls." Sakura whispered then quickly shut the door.

"SHE'S WHAT!?" Ino sprung out of bed and ran to her jewelry box in search of her pearls. Thankfully they were there. "There here. So that means...SAKURA YOU LIEING BITCH! GET YOUR UGLY ASS HERE NOW!" Ino screeched.

Sakura slowly entered the room. "Yes Miss. Ino, You called for me?" Before she had anytime to react Sakura was smacked across her face. Hard. She fell to the ground with tears threatening to fall. Sakura was holding her now red cheek as Ino stood over her scowling.

"You stupid ugly bitch! How dare you lie to me. I should tell mother and have you go without meals!" Ino kicked Sakura to the ground. "Get up. You look pathetic." Sakura slowly stood and faced Ino, her face still red from the slap. "Never do that again or there WILL be consequences. Do you hear me?" The pink haired girl nodded. "Good, now get out of my sight!" Sakura ran out of Ino's room as fast as she could.

Sakura hated Ino with great passion. She hated both her step-sisters. Though Karin was a little nicer to Sakura and didn't cause physical pain to her body. She would hurt her with rude remarks and such. Sakura believed it was because Karin was older,thus a little more mature than Ino. Or Ino was just a spoiled, rotten, cruel brat. She was leaning more towards the second one.

Sakura raced into the kitchen just in time before the kettle over boiled and the porridge burned. She set the table while the food cooled. Shortly after her step sisters came down. Karin had added a few more pieces of jewelry to her outfit so she would seem more fancy and elegant. Ino on the other hand looked like a common street whore. She wore a no-sleeved low cut purple dress. It had a straight looking bottom and was about four inches above her ankles and she wore deep purple heals. To her face she applied heavy make-up and, in Sakura's opinion, too many pears.

"Good morning Miss. Karin. Good morning Miss. Ino" Sakura replied with a bow.

"Good morning, Sakura. " Karin replied with a sarcastic acknowledging tone. Ino just huffed and turned her nose up in the air. Karin rolled her eyes at the way her sister was acting. It reminded her of a small child. Karin walked over to the table and sat down as Sakura pushed her chair in and poured her some tea.

Ino just stood there and waited impatiently for Sakura to finish 'pampering' her before Sakura finished her Step-mother came in the room. She looked and Sakura with a sneer. Then Karin, she smiled slightly and then to Ino. When she saw her second daughter's appearance she was shocked, angered and about ready to bite her head off.

"Ino Vendarano!(Ven-dare-a-no) (1) You change your outfit at once! I will not walk around with someone who looks like she was just picked up from the street like a common whore!" Karin snickered at her sister's misfortune. She knew better than to dress like that, especially in front of mother. Karin smirked as she ate her food and Sakura started to fill the other bowls.

Sakura too was laughing, inside her head, for if she did outside, hell was to pay. In her head was where she would let out all her inner emotions hat she couldn't let out in front of her step- mother and sisters. Ino yelled and argued with her mother but in the end she lost and was forced to change into something else. Her step-mother sat down at the head of the table and started eating the food that was put out for her. After a few minutes Ino came back down in a different outfit. It was a plum purple dress that had puffed shoulder sleeves and went down to the floor. She removed some of her make up but still had the many pearls on. Her step-mother looked at Ino up and down. "Better. Now sit and eat before we leave."

Ino just grumbled at at her porridge. While the three of them at Sakura cleaned the pots and pans. About ten minutes later Karin called her in. Running in Sakura stood next to Karin. "Yes Miss. Karin, You called."

"Mother said we're leaving and she wanted me to remind you to finish all the chores and prepare dinner for eight. Mother is having some people over. Probably some people she wants to marry Ino. That fat pig will never get anyone to marry her. Right Sakura." Karin said with a evil laugh.

"Y-yes Miss. Karin whatever you say." Sakura said stifling a laugh.

"Anyway I'm off to the carriage." Karin said turning away to go out the door.

"Good-bye Miss. Karin and tell Madame that I will have all the chores done and then some and a feast will be prepared when you return." Sakura said with a fake smile and sweetness.

Karin just waved her hand behind her. "Whatever. We should be back at four." With that the door was slammed at the house was empty.

Sakura stood there and listened until the sound of the hovels were gone. Sighing Sakura looked at the mess in the kitchen. "I better get working if I want to get the chores done 'and then some' along with a 'feast' before four. Curse me and my niceness. It'll be the end out me one day." Sakura then cleared the kitchen and started working on her mountain of work not wanting to upset her step-mother for she didn't want to face the consequences.

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Author Notes:
1: Made that name up. Sakura's Step-mother, Karin and Ino kept their last name while Sakura's in Haruno.