(A/N: Okay, I know this really should belong on fictionpress or some other website, but I don't care. This is just a random story, not about a book or its characters. I wrote this a while ago, then re-read and re-wrote it. It doesn't really have a title, made up one real quick like, but I was just looking to see if anyone thought it was interesting, or not. So… yeah. Please please pretty please tell me what you think. I'm a very insecure person, you know. I need others approval, I think, otherwise I don't think I'm doing well. I'm sure you understand, seeing as a lot of people are like this, though they don't admit it. So there it is. I really do hope you like it. -Katie)

Title: The Gold Room (lame, I know, but bear with me)

Summary: A girl named Alex has strange visions, of a boy in a gold room. Who is he, and why does he seem so familiar?


I stared ahead. There, right in front of my eyes, yet just out of reach, was a picture, a moving picture, a point of time. It was like I was really there: A golden-walled room, filled with dark brown furniture. A young man, about my age I'd guess, stood in the hindsight of an armchair. He had a mysterious air about him. I could see his face, but it was blurred, like someone had drawn it with chalk and then smudged it with the tip of their finger. I walked closer to try and get a better view, and then- I blinked.

The gold room vanished from my sight, and was replaced with white, my view slowly gaining clarity. I blinked again, and found I was, as usual, the center of attention, though I didn't necessarily like it that way. Everyone in my English class had their eyes fixated on me. I immediately lowered my head, covering my face with my dark hair. Everyone looked away then, clearly uninterested, including my teacher, Mr. Barnes. "Now, as I was saying…" he chattered on.

I thought about the guy from my vision. He seemed familiar, though I was sure we had never met. It wasn't just today I'd seen him, though. For the past month, he was all I had seen. He was always the same- short black hair, casual clothes… and the blurred face.

The bell rang then, but I still couldn't shake the picture in my head. Who was this man, and why was he in my visions?


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