A/N: Had a fantastic night RPing with my friend-considered my aunt-last night. Thus was this fanfic born. :D It's great to see how much one small action can change everything else. Also, this follows my origin story.

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It all began one quiet night, a group of girls sitting down at a white table in a perfectly white room.

There sit three brunets, each with glasses. One had blue eyes, the others brown.

The blue eyed girl wore a black jacket with a skull on the back that covered her shirt. She grinned as she put down a royal flush on the table. "I win."

The two brown eyed girls stared at her in confusion.

One had tan skin while the other was quite pale. The tan one wore a Kingdom Hearts II shirt and cocked her head to the side in confusion.

The other wore a Zelda shirt, laughing. "Jane, we're playing Blackjack."

Jane, the blue eyed girl, became confused. "We are? Damn it, I fold!"

And then, the Kingdom Hearts girl fell to the floor laughing.

"Sere, get the fuck up!" The Zelda girl ordered, kicking her in the ribs.

"Screw you, Mids! Hey…what's that?" Serenity stopped laughing, looking under the table.

Midna stopped kicking and peeked under the table with Jane. "Huh, it's a Minish."

"I'm gonna kick it!" Serenity crawled under the table and a discomforting squish sounded.

The girls paid no attention to it as Serenity let out a maniacal laugher.

Sere stood up suddenly and started walking out of the room. "I'm hungry. Be right back."

The door closed shut.

Eventually, the two girls had quit their game and gotten into a conversation about a video game. The topic soon turned into an outrageous joke of the main character, Midna's fiancé, being bi-sexual.

It soon took a turn to an epic quest. "HE FUCKED VAATI, LINEBECK, SHAD, DARK LINK, SHADOW LINK, AND ZANT ONCE AT THE SAME TIME! I GOT IT ON TAPE!" Midna shouted at the top of her lungs, producing said tape of a drunken Link doing some things he'd regret at a later date.

She placed it in a television set as Jane watched her in horror.

Suddenly, as the tape was playing, Midna began to sob. "Jane, is something wrong about this scene?"

Jane, being scared of what she was watching, replied meekly. "…You mean, besides the fact that you're watching yaoi porn, right?"

"Jane!" The girl shouted quite epically. "Look at who is missing!"

Jane nodded. "I know whose filming."

"No, my best friend was filming. How else do you think I got the vid?"

"Oooooh….maybe that was when we were…" She drifted off.

Midna sighed. "No, Jane, this isn't the time you charged Vaati for sex. I've watched this before and he was always there. Fuck, pun intended, he started licking Link ad Shad's chests! AND THEN HE STARTED LICKING SHADOW'S EARS! It was scary, but, he was there!"

A look of horror crossed the older girl's face at the information.

"Jane, do you know why he is not there anymore?"

"Why, too many guys?"

"Don't you remember what happened earlier?!"


She bent down to the floor near one of the white walls and pulled off a flat as a pancake Minish Vaati. "Sere kicked Minish Vaati!"

A blank look came over Jane's face.


Jane got an irritated face.


"Yeah, LET'S GO INTO MY TIME MACHINE!" Jane suddenly jumped into a random Time Machine™.


"Let's go!"

Midna hopped off the table, suddenly realizing that Jane had suggested using a Time Machine™. "Damn it, Jane, I was going to suggest that!"

The Time Machine™ suddenly left and came right back, Midna hopping out after Jane, "Damn it, Jane, I told you not to press in a two!"

Jane ignored her and put the porn video back on. Seeing everyone back in their proper place, she smiled smugly. "There, all better."

Midna got to her knees and yelled at the top of her lungs," NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," she took a deep breath. She jumped back into the Time Machine™ without Jane and kicked Minish Vaati herself, hopped back into the Time Machine™, came back, and made sure the tape no longer contained Vaati.

Jane gave her an irritated look.

"We must go on an epic quest, first." Midna shrugged.

Jane continued giving her the irritated look.

She once again stood up on the table heroically and proclaimed-in quite a heroic voice- "NOW, ONTO OUR EPIC QUEST TO SAVE MINISH VAATI'S LIFE!"

Jane stared at her, still with that irritated look, and responded, "Bitch."

She glared at her, continuing. "FINE, YOU CONTROL THE MACHINE!"

Midna jumped off the table and squealed, "Yay!"

Jane sighed, shaking her head. "I fear I may regret those words."

She jumped into the Time Machine™ with Jane, sending them both back ten minutes before the incident.

She began to whisper to her friend, hiding behind a bookshelf in the room. "Now, we mustn't be seen by ANYONE!" She suddenly perked up. "Oh! Look, there's Minish Vaati heading towards his demise!" Midna pointed to the little Minish heading towards the table. "WE MUST SAVE HIM!"

On the final word, she jumped into the air and tackled him.


Past Midna, Jane, and Serenity glanced at the odd scene playing out before them while the Time Machine™ Jane simply sighed at Midna.

"…Damn it." Midna muttered.

Jane dragged her off into the Time Machine™ and sent them five minutes before those five minutes. "Let's try this again!" Jane said in a sing-song voice.

"Okay, so, here's the plan!" Midna began in a very loud voice. "I'll tell him not to go to his demise and then you tackle him."

Jane shrunk down to Minish-size, ignoring Midna.

Midna gave her another option, haven't yet realized that her friend was small. "Or kiss his little cheek. Whichever works best for you."

In a squeaky little voice from the floor, Jane pumped her fist in the air. "Yeah, bitch!"

Without a word, Midna went Minish-size with her. "LET US GLOMP HIM!"

The two glomped him.



Jane looked shocked and replied quietly, "No clue."

"Let's try this AGAIN!" Midna dramatically yelled.

They went back again.

Midna shrunk back to Minish-size…again. Her squeaky voice drifted up to Jane. "Bitchass, get movin'," she ordered.

Jane rolled her eyes and stayed at her normal height. She harshly walked over to Past Serenity, grabbed her by the arm-ignoring the stares she got from Past Midna and Past Jane-opened the door, and tossed her out, slamming the door shut behind her.

A rather loud, "What the fuck" sounded from outside the door.

"Now grab Vaati, bitch!" Jane ordered.

"You moron, I said don't get seen!" Midna shouted in her squeaky voice. "FINE!"

She yanked Minish Vaati by the arm and into the Time Machine™, going back to the present.

Jane, being far too busy erasing memories with the MIB Mind Eraser Thingy™, was left behind. "You will remember nothing. You only tripped on your shoelace while Vaati ran away." She pulled out the button and then pressed it. Jazz stood there for just a second, confused, and then walked right back into the room.

Midna suddenly realized something. "Oh crap, I forgot Jane."

She then broke into laughter. "Aw well! I'm sure she'll be okay."

All of a sudden, Jane walked into the room, furious, "BITCH, YOU LEFT ME TO DIE?!"

Midna held her hands up in defense. "It was an accident, I swear!" Her eyes shifted suspiciously.

Serenity walked into the room just as Midna smiled down sweetly at Minish Vaati. "So, I saved your life. Now you can be in that porn video!"

Minish Vaati gave her a worried and confused look. "What? W-who are you?"

She just shrugged. "Your worst nightmare-at a later date, I swear. Right now, I'm your mommy."

Serenity, not knowing what the hell was going on and who the hell her friend was talking to, sweat dropped.

Minish Vaati gave her a confused look. "My mommy is my mommy. You're not my mommy, Mommy."

"Whoa, that's a lot of mommies…" Midna murmured to herself.

"I'M THE LADY WHO'LL KILL YOU AT A LATER DATE…but right now I'm your sissy." Realization finally fell to Serenity.

"And I'm Jane." Jane greeted.

Midna, having Serenity's words sink in now, shouted quite loudly. "DON'T KILL HIM, DAMN IT! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD TO DO TO SAVE HIM IN THE PAST WHEN YOU KILLED HIM?! I LEFT JANE IN THE PAST-!"

"Yay," Serenity cut her off.


"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay," she cried out, longer this time.

Serenity suddenly kicked Minish Vaati into a wall.

"DAMN IT! FUCKING DAMN IT!" Midna shouted.

"Go back and save him!" Jane commanded.

"DAMN DAMN DAMN IT," she continued as she entered the Time Machine™ and went back in time before Serenity had randomly kicked him.

She tackled Minish Vaati right before Sere could kick him and….


"WHY THE FUCK DO I KEEP TACKLING HIM IN THIS SIZE?!" she shouted in frustration.

She went back again, rescued Minish Vaati by pushing Jazz away and into a trash can and then jumped back into the Time Machine™ to the present.

"Haha," she laughed triumphantly.

Serenity popped out of the trash can and looked at Minish Vaati with eager eyes. "Hey, is that a soccer ball?!" She vanished in a puff of smoke.

She suddenly reappeared and went to kick Vaati when Jane jumped in front of him.

"Bitch, I beat you." Jane gave a smug grin.

"Bitch, I wanted to play soccer!"

Minish Vaati gave a cute smile before speaking. "Thank you, Jane. What were we talking about?"

Serenity shrugged, sitting back down on the table. "We were going to have scones and tea. Would you guys like some?"

"Mmm, yummy," Midna and Jane sat down, placing Minish Vaati on the table.

Sere began to hand out scones and tea as Midna placed a crumb-that would be the size of a regular scone to a Minish-in front of Vaati. She grabbed out a small Barbie cup and filled it with the tea from her cup before handing it to him.

"There you go, sweetie."

"It's hot, be careful." Jane directed as Serenity gave an innocent smile.

Minish Vaati smiled widely at them. "Thank you," he blew on his tea.

"Welcome!" Sere exclaimed.

"He's so adorable!" Midna squealed. "He's like Honi! Look at that cute face!"

He looked up at them with a dirty face.

"Isn't that just adorable?! It makes me want to go Minish-sized and pinch his cute wittle cheeks!" she continued.

"Oh, don't tell anyone, but, we were outta sugar. So, I put this funny smelling spice labeled 'Poison' in the tea and scones." Serenity smiled innocently once more.

Midna was thankful no one had ate the scones or drank any of the tea ye…t…"Oh shit."

Jane was already Minish-sized, hugging Minish Vaati while giving him anti-venom.

He suddenly went limp in her arms.

"DAMN IT!" Midna cried out for the umpteenth time that day.

"I beat that!" Jane sobbed.

"WHAT THE FUCK," she continued to curse.

"He's only unconscious!"

"WHY," she sobbed.

"I gave him Anti-venom!"

Minish Vaati suddenly bolted up and squeezed Jane. "Thank you!"

Maniacal laughter erupted from Midna and lightened flashed in the background, thunder booming as the Song of Storms played. "IT'S ALIVE!"

Serenity cocked her head to the side. "What's poison?"

She was flat out ignored.

"Deadly." Jane answered.

"Is it something BAD?!"

Jane gave her one of the classic irritated looks. "Yes, VERY bad."


"It's okay, sissy. I still love you." Minish Vaati smiled sweetly up at her.

Serenity, her eyes shifting suspiciously, suddenly kicked Minish Vaati…again.


"BITCH," Jane shouted.

"WHY," Midna asked.

"He looks like a soccer ball." Serenity smiled.

On her knees-still in Minish-sized-Jane shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" dramatically.

Midna went into the Time Machine™, went Minish-sized this time, and tackled Vaati before he could get kicked.

Serenity pouted, crossing her arms. "Am I the only one not Minish-sized, now?"

"Yeah, pretty much." Midna shrugged.

Serenity looked down at the tiny people. "Don't stand under me." She ordered bitterly and sat down.

"Fuck this." Midna sighed, grabbing Minish Vaati. She went back to normal size, Minish Vaati next to herr.

"Where's the table," Minish Vaati's eyes widened in shock as he hadn't noticed yet.

"It disappeared. Poof," Serenity made a gesture with her hands.

"Right next to you," Midna groaned.

He glanced next to him, his eyes still wide. "Why is it so small?"

"Cause you're so big."

"We had to grow you to save you." Jane explained.

Serenity nodded. "I'm gonna go make cake!" She left the room to go to the kitchen.

Minish Vaati screamed in terror as Jane pulled out all of the Anti-venom.

At first, the two presumed he was just afraid he'd be poisoned again, but…

"I'M BIG!" He continued to scream.

"When you're out of danger, we'll return you." Jane hurriedly told him as she hugged him-now normal size.

"Man that kid has a strong set of lungs…"

"I'm scared." Minish Vaati sobbed.


"We're here!" Jane promised.

Midna joined in the huge. "Don't worry, sweetie!" She turned to Jane, whispering quietly. "Do you think this will affect his childhood?"

Jane whispered also, "Maybe."

Suddenly, a random lantern from a random Poe fell and broke on an ant, thus setting the ant on fire.

Minish Vaati sobbed harder. "NOT MR. FREDRICKSON!"

Jane covered his eyes. "Shit."

"This is bad."

He squeezed Jane, still crying. "I WANT MY MOMMY, I WANT EZLO, AND I WANT MR. YUMMISON!"

"Mr. Yummison…," Midna would have laughed hadn't it of been for the fact that it was not the proper moment to and the kid was having a mental break down.

Although she did cackle quietly to herself, I'll never let Vaati get away with that one."

He sobbed harder, "MY STUFFED RABBIT!"

Jane held him closer. "It's okay; we'll get you back as soon as possible."

Midna handed him a teddy bear. "Here's my stuffed animal. You can borrow him."

He sniffled and stopped squeezing Jane, looking up at the two of them. "You mean it?"

"Yes." They spoke in unison.

The room got silent and Midna popped in a video in the flat screen TV.

The video came on. "Is that me…?"

"Oh crap, the keyblade, I mean, uh…No, it isn't you, Vaati…?" Midna desperately tried to make him believe.

Another picture popped up in the video. "That IS me! And some other guy was next to me, too!"

Midna chuckled a bit despite the situation.

"READY TO GO HOME, VAATI," Jane called out loudly. It was a desperate attempt to get him to shut up.

"Why am I there and who are those other people…?" Minish Vaati didn't seem to notice her. Another image: "WHY DO I HAVE MASTER EZLO'S CAP?!"

"Cause you're awesome!" Midna exclaimed.

"We can take you home now!" Jane tried once more and covered his eyes. "We can take you home now. Your stuffed rabbit, remember?"

Despite having his eyes covered, he continued to ask questions about pictures he had ALREADY seen. "Why was I screaming and why was that man there again?"

"Whoops…?" Midna smiled innocently at Jane's sinister glare. "Jane, help me out here?"

"HOME, HOME, HOME, HOME!" Jane yelled.

"I don't wanna go home, yet! I wanna know what that was!"


"HOME, what about your bunny?! He's in terrible danger when you're away!"

"He'll be okay!" He desperately tried to get us to answer his questions.

"He needs you to protect him!"

Jane pulled out the MIB Memory Eraser Thingy™ and used it on Vaati.

Minish Vaati sniffled. "Why aren't you guys answering me? I thought you'd listen!"

"Damn it, Jane, don't use it on the kid! You can fuck him up!" Midna ignored him.

"Too late," Jane shrugged. She turned to the boy. "You know of nothing. All you know of is Yoate Yumym Foodu."

Minish Vaati went on as if she hadn't pulled the thing out. "And I thought you guys loved me!" he cried, feeling lonely.

"We DO! Just calm the fuck down!"

Jane's words only made things worse. He broke down into sobs.

The irritated look of doom overcame Jane's face and she walked off, going to kill herself.

"Wait…why the fuck isn't the eraser thingy not working?"

"I don't know!" Minish Vaati sobbed.

"DAMN IT, JANE, DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT ME! I NEED YOUR HELP!" Midna stomped off to where Jane was standing on a chair, grabbing out a rope from her pocket and got ready to tie the noose.

"I'm going off to kill myself, bitch. You made him watch the tribute video."

"I-I," hiccupping, "I thought this was all going so well!" he sobbed harder.

"It was an accident!" Midna's eyes shifted.

Jane started to tie her own noose as Midna grabbed out the MIB Memory Eraser Thingy™ and used it on Jane. "You made him watch the tribute and will never commit suicide. We are now trying to calm down Minish Vaati."

Jane glanced at her with a dry look. "Oh fuck you. I was desensitized on that, YEARS ago!" She finished her own noose.


She flashed it once more. "You made him watch the tribute and will never commit suicide. We are now trying to calm down Minish Vaati."

This time, it worked. She pumped her fist in the air. "Take that, bitches!"

Jane hugged the young Vaati. "It'll be okay."

Minish Vaati walked over to the noose and went to put his head in it, sobbing. "Nobody loves me!"

"Damn it, Vaati!"

"I'm not really sure what you watched, but, don't worry! DAMN IT!" Jane finally realized what he was going to do and took the noose away. "THINK LIKE A VILLAIN!"

The young boy gave her a confused face.

"Damn it, Jane!"

"I just said think like one."

"Why would I do that?" he sniffled.

"Because it makes you stronger," Jane shrugged.

"That's not true! Villains always lose and die lonely! And mommy doesn't like villains." he defended.

Realization dawned on Midna. "Ahhhh, good call, Jane," she winked.

"Cats are villains and they have little baby kittens and a mate." Jane protested.

Minish Vaati shivered at the thought of cats.

"Where the fuck are you going with this? What the fuck about cats?" Midna asked. She let it sink in for a second. "Oh, I get it now."

Jane stood up on the table and got into a heroic pose. "THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF!" she bellowed before lowering her arm and murmuring quietly in a defeated voice, "…and spiders."

"True that, Jane." Midna nodded.

"B-b-but, cats aren't really villains. There are some good cats and even the mean cats are just doing what's in their instincts!"

"Exactly, not all villains are trying to be evil! Just better themselves." Jane declared.

"So villains aren't really villains, either, because it's in their instincts and to some people they're not REALLY villains."

"Yup," Jane nodded along.

"So…there's no such thing as a villain?" he questioned.

"Precisely," the girls spoke in unison with grins on their faces.

It was a very philosophical chat that they both seemed to agree on.

"Cause, even the bad guy is loved by SOMEONE." Midna explained.

"Yup," Jane nodded once more.

"I can't wait to tell Mommy!" He started to skip off and stopped. "Oh…" he broke into sobs. "I'm too big to tell Mommy!"

Jane shrunk him back down to Minish-sized. "Go ahead, little Minish Vaati and tell your Mommy of your new learnings."

"Thank you, big weird lady!" He hugged her toe before skipping off.

"That was awesome." Midna sighed.

Jane grabbed her noose and got back up on the chair. "Well, I'm done!"

Midna pointed a stern finger at her. "NO!"

Jane sighed, getting off her chair, and looked longingly at the noose. "Soon, my pet, soon…." She pets it before putting it back in her pocket.

Suddenly, a look of horror crossed Midna's face. "Oh crap."

Jane, thinking it was about her petting the rope, shrugged.



"Sere brought Vaati to this time, right…?"

"I guess…."

"And we just let Minish Vaati go skip off to his home….in THIS timeline."


"HOW," the girl cried out in distress.




Jane dragged her back in time as Midna continued to ramble on.

"JANE, IN THIS TIME, HIS MOTHER IS ALREADY DEAD!" Midna's eyes widened as she realized something. "Oh…wait…"

"Mommy…" His eyes watered up.

"Oh crap."

"I AM NOT GOING TO DEAL WITH THIS AGAIN!" Jane shouted just as Minish Vaati began to sob.

"No, no, no, she was talking about someone else's mommy! Trust me."

He sniffled, nodding. "Okay."

Midna turned away from Jane's glare. "Min- Vaati, we, er, need to uh…."

"Let's take you back to your timeline, 'kay? Come on."

"Okay…" he followed them to the Time Machine™.

Jane sighed after taking Vaati back to the CORRECT FUCKING TIMELINE.

"Oh, Jane, before we head back, there's something I have to do! Would you care to join me?" Midna hugged her friend.

"Sure." Jane yawned.

The two began walking of the Minish Woods.

"'Kay, so, we gotta go to Castle Town and wait for his Mom there. When she gets there, we gotta step on her. Got it?"


The two skipped the rest of the way and in a few minutes, they were sitting on a bench.

Midna dangled her feet back and forth while singing. "There's a Minish, there's a Minish, everywhere a Minish Minish. Oh, there's Beth!" She pointed to a small female Minish making her way through Castle Town.

Jane stepped on her just as Midna jumped off the bench.

"Damn it, I wanted to do that…"

Jane looked down to see she fell into a crack uncrushed.

"Meh, she'll probably die. She's in a crack, like, how long is she going to survive THAT?" Midna scoffed.

Jane shrugged as the two entered the Time Machine™. "Oh well. Someone else will get her."

The two arrived back in the present of the house they all lived in. Midna flew open the door of the dining room-that being the white room. "VAATI, YA DOUCHE, WHERE ARE YA?!"

"What's the matter, sissy? Are you okay?" A voice called out.

The two glanced back to find a Minish on the table, frowning in concern, and that Minish so happened to be Vaati.

"Oh. Holy. Fucking. Shit." Jane gasped.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!" Midna shouted.

"Kill. Me. Now."

"NO!" Midna grabbed the noose away from Jane. "VAATI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT SMALL, CUTE, AND NICE?! WHY?!"

She checked the porn video. "DAMN IT, HE'S NOT THERE!"

"Why are you guys yelling? Is everything okay?" he asked worriedly.


Jane began to sob. "Why aren't you a douche, WHY, CRUEL WORLD, WHY?!"

He blankly stared at them when the doorbell rang. He jumped off the table, oddly not falling to his cruel demise. "Oh, my Mom's here!" he smiled widely.

Then again, considering he didn't have the Wishing Cap on, he probably had learned everything from Ezlo.

"Beth…Beth's still here? No fucking wonder! That bitch!" Midna shouted and ran to the living room where the door was wide open-how, she'd never find out-and Beth was standing small on the ground. "YOU BITCH, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!"

Beth's eyes widened as she stared up at the girl. "Vaati…what's the matter?"

"Oh, yeah, THAT will turn out good." Jane sarcastically stated.

"Fuck this." Midna growled, setting up the noose and walking over to it.

"BITCH, MY NOOSE!" Jane took the noose away. "Bitch, it's mine." She placed it in her pocket again.


Two seconds later, Jane was glaring at the Minish. "You step on her and we'll make sure she's dead."

Midna did just that….fifty times.

Jane stared at the bloody horror. "Yeah, that's dead."


"WOOT," Jane exclaimed happily.

Midna stomped on her again, hard, "Your turn."

"No, I'm good." Jane looked queasy.

Hylians rushed by the two girls, scared as to why they were stomping absolutely nothing.


"Alrighty," she flinched as Midna stomped on her one last time.

They went back to the present.

"VAATI," Midna called out.

And there, sitting at the table sobbing,was Vaati.

"Okay, what did we do wrong THIS time?"


Midna placed in the porn video to see Vaati sitting in a chair sobbing while the others had sex. "Oh shit."